Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 81

Minami Mai Diverging Branch-Arc

I continued to give hypnotic suggestions inside of Mai’s room.

In retaliation to being jokingly confessed to, I schemed to play around with that very confession.

Mai recited my suggestions one by one while unsteadily swaying side to side on top of the bed.

Everything has been confirmed.


In order to invoke the suggestion, I stated the key word.

Upon hearing that word, Mai’s awareness suddenly rose to the surface.



Towards Mai, who had yet to fully regain consciousness-


-I started talking as though to strike her.

At first, it seemed that Mai did not immediately comprehend what I had said to her. She stared at me, forgetting to even blink.

“I can’t go out with you, Mai.”


Before long, words spilled from Mai’s mouth, as though they had been squeezed out. Her expression stiffened and she couldn’t close her gaping mouth.

Placing my hand on such a Mai’s chest, I massaged it as though toying with it.

“Yeah, that’s right, isn’t it!? What the heck am I saying?”

Mai did not notice my actions. Because I had made it so with suggestions. The pleasure that approached her skin was also suppressed.

With just that feeling alone, I played with Mai who was on the verge of trembling, starting to violently ravage her as though handling a doll.

“Erm, say, I kind of knew it already. But I thought that I just had to say it, see. That’s why, yup, I get it.”

I inserted my finger into Mai’s vagina. It was strange that it was trembling even though there wasn’t any pleasure.

As though noticing that her eyes were dry, Mai started blinking, which had been suppressed up until now. Like a gear that had no breaks, she shut her eyelids several times.

“That’s why……don’t worry about it……see, you……”

It would seem that Mai was holding back her tears.

Even though it was a confession she had come up with in the past day, she shouldn’t be so shocked.

Well, if her emotions were simply kicking into over drive, then I could also enjoy myself as well, though.

“See, you……iijigh……”

As I had been naked since the time of the confession, I once again inserted myself into Mai’s unclosed vagina.

While rubbing her eyes with both hands countless times, Mai held back her tears.

Even so, perhaps she wasn’t able to stand it as tears began to flow down her cheeks in big droplets.


I continued to pump Mai who was crying like a baby.

The insides of her vagina strangely could not stop quivering. It nicely granted me with a fresh sensation.

And above all, the fact that I was fucking a crying woman allowed me to indulge in a sense of superiority.

It means that she did not confess to me with light feelings.



“Shday away! We’re just strangers, after all!”

Mai tried to push me away with both hands. However, she didn’t use any strength so there was barely any resistance.

Rather, because she took both hands away from her face, she was in a position were I was able to clearly see her crying face.


“What, I’m…….already fine, there’s nothing else to say, so……you can just go home……”

I was honestly surprised.

Has this girl ever broken into tears to this extent before?

While hiccuping several times, Mai desperately tried to gather up the tears that couldn’t be stopped in her eyes.

Even though she was desperate to protect her last bastion—her own pride—she was left unable to do even that.

“……I see.”


I further strengthened my pistons and continued to ravage Mai’s body.

Although Mai didn’t feel anything, she kept on enduring something. Without being able to thrust me away, who was not separating from her at all, she continued to stand still.

My penis continued to dance crazily in such a Mai’s vagina, being able to feel the reality of fucking and breaking her.

Just from that thought alone, my penis already seemed as though it would spontaneously explode.


And so, without holding back, Mai ended up raising a loud voice as she cried.

Enticed by that voice, my penis ejaculated semen.

I poured semen into the vagina that felt good to a surprising extent, as the joy I felt almost caused me to drool.



Although I was in the middle of ejaculating, I recited the key word.

Mai’s expression changed completely from what it was before, no longer projecting emotions as her hollow pupils roamed.

“This sort of thing is also pretty good, huh?”

While shaking my hips and pouring the remaining semen inside of Mai, I pulled out my penis.

Mai’s tears continued to flow endlessly while she was still expressionless, and semen also spilled from her vagina.

“Hahah, such a heavy flood, huh?”


“Well, things won’t end today with just this.”

She confessed to me with shallow feelings.

I also made a suitable counterattack. I’m satisfied.

But, for just a little longer, I’ll have her go along with my amusement.

She won’t cry anymore, so this girl will also probably forgive me.

For now, I guess I’ll at least wipe her tears.


The suggestion I made was a save and load command, following a game-like system.

Memories from a certain period of time were fixed, and upon saying load, the suggestion will cause her memory to return to that time.

In other words, I wanted to have fun with both answers.



I stated the earlier line as though repeating it, while changing just the ending.

“I also like you. Let’s go out.”


I triumphantly accepted Mai’s confession.

In the next instant, Mai shed tears for some reason.

What’s going on!?

“What’s wrong, Mai?”

“Ah……s-sorry. Somehow, I just can’t believe it-“

Mai’s eyes still had remnants of tears remaining from when she was rejected, but that was unrelated.

Unlike just a while ago, she didn’t actively try to hide it from me. It doesn’t look like she’s trying to endure it, either.

“S-Say, Book.”


“Say it again.”


“Just cause. I really want to make sure it’s true.”

I don’t like saying that very much, though. I guess it can’t be helped.

“Mai, I also like you. Let’s go o—“

Mai suddenly jumped into my chest.

Rubbing her head against me several times, she wiped her tears on my shirt.

Upon raising her face, she directed a true smile that had never been shown before this way as she laughed.

“Thanks. I also love you.”

Mai gradually brought her face close and placed her lips over mine.

I couldn’t return any words towards the sudden assertiveness.


“What’s with you?”

“Sorry, I’m just a little happy. But, you see, this is my first kiss.”

Mai embarrassingly furrowed her brow into a ハ-shape and averted her eyes.

“I’m happy, so I’ll give it to you.”

Mai pursed her lips just to say that in a whisper.

Sorry to say, but this is not your first time doing that with me.

It was there that I finally noticed that I haven’t done anything to her yet.

I’ve already gone to the trouble of arranging things to this extent. What am I gonna do if I don’t fuck her?

“You know, I thought that I might have failed.”

“You mean your confession?”

“I’m talking about possibly being rejected. I thought that Book would hate this sort of thing.”

After rubbing my penis against Mai’s open crotch, I once again inserted it inside of her vagina.

Although it was quivering this time as well, rather than rejecting me, her vagina tightly gripped my penis as though pulsating.

“Let’s also keep doing lots of fun things from now on, kay?”

Mai whispered to me as an embarrassed smile different to her usual expression surfaced.

Even though I was still doing fun things right at this moment, what with fucking the unaware Mai while thrusting my hips upwards countless times.

Her entire body moved up and down whislt making a pure-hearted expression that was unlike her. I’ll undo the buttons of her shirt.

She’s wearing a pretty adorable bra, huh? As expected, she probaly thought that she should wear good underwear for this sort of time.


Even while I was fucking Mai, she strongly hugged me so that she wouldn’t be separated from me.

Pushing her away, I removed her bra.

In doing so, Mai’s chest would softly shake up and down every time my penis thrust upward.

“Letting go is no good.”


“Just cause.”

Even though I was enjoyably gazing at her swaying chest, I was hugged and so was unable to see it.

Although the sensation of her soft chest overlapped with my own, I felt like enjoying it visually.

Not only her arms but Mai’s legs also wrapped around my body, perhaps unconsciously as though not to separate from me. It couldn’t be helped that it became harder to pump her.

“You’re not letting go, huh?”

“Naaturally. At least understand my feelings.”


Mai’s vagina tightened more than usual around the head of my penis, suppressing my waist that tried to pull back. It was an inefficient act of her body that wouldn’t let go while still gobbling up my penis.

“Take care of me from now on, okay!”

“Yeah, sure.”

Well, I guess now should be fine, huh?

I released the hypnosis that stopped her from feeling pleasure.

The intercouse that was conducted while she was unaware up until now, just the sensations of it would all be restored.


The face that was smiling up until awhile ago suddenly changed, abruptly raising a loud voice with eyes opened wide.

The vagina suddenly squirted, her hips convulsing strangely with a clatter.

My penis received a strange clamping along with love juice. My penis, that was stroked as though hit by a wave, ejaculated without resisting said movements.


Mai, who was laughing with an adorable voice until moments prior, was now making a stiff expression in the face of this sensation whose true nature she did not know.

This time’s hypnosis had the theme of playing around with her emotions like this. The results were excellent.

With a glug, I, who was satisfied after mercilessly pouring my semen out, threw the fainted Mai on top of the bed.

“Phew, you’re as expressive and fun as always, huh?”


Upon seeing Mai’s cheeks twitching, one could see that she had been given too many emotional changes within a short time as expected.

Her expression after finally fainting was a truly slovenly and terrible state.

“Well, I had fun. Although it was unpleasant at first, that also became a good spice.”

While arranging my own clothes, I thanked the unresponsive Mai.

Now then, so as to make it so that today’s confession never happened from here on, I guess I’ll apply some hypnosis.

“Over there is fu—“


Mai whispered, as though in delirium.

Even though she wasn’t in a conscious state, does she think about me to the extent that she believes I’m her boyfriend?

Even though she chose me due to being carried away by that location.

“……well, whatever.”

I abandoned the post-aftermath hypnosis.

In any case, the memories that remained are the ones where she had confessed to me and succeeded. I’ll just break up with her soon after and make it so that it never happened.

At that time, it’ll be fine if I simply use hypnosis under the pretext of saying goodbye once again.

“Only for now, got it?”

While brushing Mai’s cheeks with my fingers, I imagined a little bit of the fun to have in the future and finished up for the day.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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