Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 78

Minami Mai Semen Order-Arc

Today I ended up working at my part-time job until closing time. It was about midnight when I punched my time card and headed towards the changing room.

“I’ll be leaving first.”


After greeting Yanagi-san, who was in the kitchen, I became conscious of the fact that it was over and sighed.



Mai’s figure popped in from the side, as though ambushing me.

This girl probably also just finished a moment ago. She was still wearing the uniform unique to this restaurant. It should be quite difficult going outside like that at this time, as it had a lot of exposure.

“Aah, g’work.”

“Book’s also done, right? Let’s go together!”


Mai stood beside me without waiting for a reply. She looks so energetic, hopping around like that despite having just finished work.

“Book’s still tired, right? Even though you haven’t been like that lately-“

“No, I just don’t like memorisation.”

This part-job job’s previous work wasn’t bad in and of itself. As long as I remembered the general gist then I could endlessly continue to work until finish.

However, this month was Christmas. This restraunt also, without exception, had all employees working on a special course menu.

For that reason, the people in the kitchen also had so many dedicated procedures that one needed to make a memo of them all. In some cases, they might be asked to perform customer service, so there was a need to remember enough so that one could answer when asked.

“What, what~? Book’s bad with these sorts of things, huh~”

“I’m not bad with them. I just don’t like them.”

“But you were also having a hard time during the tests, right?”

Mai smirked as she found a topic to tease me with. I want to punch her.

The end of term exams near the start of December were quite relentless.

Because things had fallen into the present state of affairs, where it was required to be on the same level as the students who obtained ultimate concentration due to hypnosism, I ended up in a situation where my scores had dropped to below the average in my grade.

Although it wasn’t a bad score, the memorisation which I had no motivation for since the beginning echoed in my results.

Because she brazenly acted as my partner, she quick-sightedly remembered my tests and results.

“Say, say! How about I help you then?”


“It’s not time for the owner or Yanagin to lock up yet, so let’s borrow this place and learn together? It’s decided!”

“Decided, you say……”

I’m not good at doing work outside of working hours.

Without knowing this, Mai rushed to the office where the owner should be in.

“Well……that way is quicker, I guess……ah-“

Since we’re doing it anyway, this might be a good change of pace for me.

When Mai came back from the office, she approached me with a cheerful face. This girl, even though she’s learning things for work, she looks like she’s having fun, huh?

“The owner said it’s fine!! Let’s quickly change!”

“[Over there is fun]. It’d be a waste to go and change.”

I immediately used the hypnotic keyword and had Mai fall into a hypnotic trance.

While still standing upright, Mai’s eyes became glazed as she stopped moving like a doll.

I reached my hand out and stroked her thighs. While tracing her smooth legs, I placed my hand on her skirt and it higher and higher.

Suddenly, the owner opened the door and ended up seeing this.

“Mai-san, about the place I mentioned earlier, the time……oh?”

“Hello, is it time?”

“Yes, for the time being we’re going to close up, so if it seems like it’ll take a while, then-“

“I don’t mind, so long as it’s convenient for you.”

While saying this, I brushed against the panties under Mai’s skirt. I pulled the elastic of the panties with my hand, as though fiddling with it.

Everyone here has already completed the Hypnotic Test. Of course, I didn’t use it during work. Like this, I set suggestions on them so that I can immerse myself in my hobbies.

“Well then, good luck.”

“Sure, this is also work, after all.”

“That’s not what I meant, though……”

The owner laughed, seemingly troubled. I didn’t intend on saying anything strange, though.

For the time being, she seems to have returned to the office again. Let’s place the suggestions in the restaurant.

“Well then, Mai. Let’s walk together.”


While pushing Mai’s butt, I guided her to the study location.

Although there’s a certain romance in sexually harrassing a clerk in a cute uniform, it also reeks of old men.

This store’s restaurant and selling of sweets are separated by levels, the restaurant being on the second floor.

I hardly have a use for this second floor. Customer service is the job of the female sales clerks, after all.

However, this time what needs to be learned is how to respond when incidentally being questioned by a customer.

“Then, first let’s review, kay~”

Sitting in the customer seats in an affable manner, Mai read the manual.

Because she was swaying her legs too and fro, it seemed that I could see her underwear if I crouched a little.

“Well then, first of all, what would you do if you were asked by a customer what kind of cuisine this is?”

“Let’s see.”

Mai slouched forwards, looking this way with an upturned gaze. Because this uniform had an opening in the chest, her cleavage could be seen.

It’s unlike her. It was an act of little wariness. I wonder if her condition is bad?

Well, whatever.

“Let’s see, this is an order for juice, yes? First, I will remove my pants and take out the tap.”

Moving exactly as I said, I exposed my penis.

“There is a certain way to drink this, first please hold the tap.”

“Oooh, Book, you remembered it from the manual, right~? I’ll grabby grab it for now. It has a strange smell, doesn’t it?”

“This scent contains ingredients that activates the hormones in women. The more you stroke it, the stronger the smell will become.”

“Then I guess I’ll try hard, huh~”

Mai pretended to be a customer partly for the fun. As per the suggestions, she began to jerk the penis with her finger tips.

Her fingertips were warm even during this season, her the strength of her grip was just right. The soft flesh of her fingers granted the penis a feeling of resistance to a certain extent, almost as though it was being wrapped in bread.

“You’re very good. You have good arms.”

“You’re such a smooth talker~. Right?”

I wasn’t sure of what Mai was thinking as she shook her body and winked at me. Her arms hit her chest, pressing against her soft breasts as though to emphasise her cleavage.

This wasn’t included in the suggestions. It seemed almost as though she was seducing me, but she’s probably still drunk.

Whatever the case, it was a circumstance that was preferable to me.

“Hey, the clerk needs to focus on customer service. Got it?”

“Aah, I get it.”

Mai admonished me, who was thinking of indecent things, but doing so while jerking off my penis made her persuasive power no different than shit.

Or rather, if she knows then she should be a bit more cautious.

Blood flow accumulated in my penis, the hardened pole looking as though it may discharge accidentally.

“It’ll come out soon.”

“Oh, then I’ll open my mouth, kay?”

Mai opened her mouth agape in front of my penis as she waited for it. Although faint, her breath hit the tip of my penis.

Just like this, I began to ejaculate. The semen that leapt out immediately entered inside of Mai’s mouth that was right close by. However, the ejaculation was intermittent, and every time it lost power the ejaculate ended up spilling on Mai’s breasts without reaching her mouth.

The penis convulsed for a while, aiming at Mai’s mouth as it continued covering her. However, the shaking penis often couldn’t get the semen into the mouth well, and so it also covered her face and hair.

“Uhyah……it’s out, it’s out. If this was the reception, then I’d be angry, y’know~”

“Haha, that’s true.”

Even if this wasn’t the reception, this would probably turn into a big problem.

Mai brought her nose closer to the semen that got on her uniform and began to smell it with a sniff.

“Geez, it’s fine because it’s me, though.”

“Yeah, I have to try harder during the real thing, huh?”

“Let’s resume practice. Like this, Book makes me super uneasy.”

Saying this, Mai suddenly planted her waist on top of the table. There was nothing more lacking in manners than this.

“This time should be even easier. We’ll do the one where you inject it directly into my p*ssy.”

“Aah, I see. If it’s that, then I don’t think I’ll spill any.”

Mai raised her right knee, taking up a position where her crotch could be clearly seen from over here.

I inserted my hand inside of that skirt, as though escorting her, and removed Mai’s panties.

In just the right way, we ended up in a position where the vagina could be seen above the desk.

“Well then, I’ll order it, kay?”


How should I say this? In this situation, I’m the one who looks like they’re receiving something, huh?

Mai removed just the right side of her tights and her right shoe, placing her bare foot on top of the table. She placed her head on top of her knee and awaited for my service.

“Clerk, please give me a baby.”


Clinging to Mai’s body, I inserted my penis into the vagina on the tabletop.

“Hyah……aah, somehow, Book’s member’s warm.”

“Well, that’s because it’s a product popular in the winter, after all.”

Just like that, I wrapped my hands around her back and hugged Mai.

Mai broke the pose she had been doing up until then, now lying flat on the table. The tables in this restraunt were not on the large side, so her hands and feet were just barely spilling over the edges.

Upon fucking Mai who was riding atop the desk, I ended up thinking even more that I was actually the one who was the customer.

“Hyaaaah! Kyaaaaaahn!!!”

“I’m pretty sure I need to warm the customer like this, right?”

“T-That’s right! You do know your stuff, Book–hyaaaaaah!!”

The chest of Mai, who was lying face up on the table, swayed.

I plunged my hand into Mai’s cleavage and twisted it, enjoying the sensation from my hand as though stirring bath water.

Unable to win against that strength, Mai’s chest shook, looking as though it would fall out of her high-exposure uniform.

“aaaaAAAH!! T-This, ah, hyaaah!!”

“This is a service. I need to warm your body and properly make it easy to fertilise.”

Mai’s love juice flowed onto the desk. Having sexual misconduct inside this shop with its elegant interior wasn’t bad.

“Hyaah, ah, ah, kyaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!”

I continued to fuck Mai with forceful pistons, as though I wasn’t even thinking about something like customer service.

Mai’s cheeks were dyed red, both elbows closed together as she trembled atop the desk like a child.

The rattle of the swaying desk echoed. I felt that Mai’s vagina clung to my penis, as though desperately trying not to fall from there.

The chore of tearing away from that and once again connecting deep inside bestowed upon me the sense of superiority that I was supporting this girl.

“I’m about to let it out soon. Please be fertilised properly.”

“K-Kyaay!! A-Ai’ll be fertilised! My womb is-ah, ah, ah……aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!”

Mai’s vagina shook in the face of climax. Even so, her vagina did not release my penis as it accepted my semen.

Like that, I placed my hands against the table and implanted my semen into Mai’s uterus as though pressing her down.

It really was the correct choice to hypnotise her after the part time job ended. Fucking someone after work was amazingly refreshing.

“That being said, I guess I have to do the memorisation by myself, huh?”


“Oh, you’re doing well.”

Suddenly the store’s owner came to check on how we were doing. Upon looking this way, she smiled and waved her hand.

“Good luck. We’re gonna get busier from now on, after all.”

“Sure, I will do my best while I still can.”


Mai called out to me with damp eyes that wouldn’t wake from the lingering memory of the climax.

“Nngh, what’s wrong?”

“Again……it spilled……”

Upon tracing the meanings of her words, I reached Mai’s vagina.

On the table was Mai’s love juice and my pungent semen, spilt on top of it.

“Aah, that’s right, huh?”

“You’ve still got a long way to go……”

“Then I guess I’ll have to try harder, huh?”

Saying this, I once again forcefully bore down on Mai, who was on top of the desk, as though trying to give her a second helping.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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