Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 77

Touhou Sunou Parents Imitation-Arc

It seems that Sunou had regained consciousness. Her body was crawling on all fours as she tried to take distance away from me.

It s a good thing that she has the fighting spirit to try and move even though her legs were trembling. The semen that spilled from her vagina fell to the floor with a pitter patter like foot steps.

I was trying to spell things out clearly to this Sunou.

Even though a relationship of mutual trust is necessary, one musn’t use others beyond a certain point.

No matter who is in the wrong, trouble will occur. A human that could encounter such trouble and cope with the situation is a person who would first think about what they, themselves, should do.

This girl, who had continued to drag out her obstinancy until even now, was still simply relying on others.

“Well then, Yuki-san. What does being an adult mean to you?”

“……being able to live by yourself, yes? Also, having a family to raise as well.”

Yuki’s lines, rather than being subjective, were more of a stastical opinion, huh?

Certainly, it was the easiest guideline to understand. Self-sufficiency and marriage, looking from society’s perspective, labels someone as having reached adulthood.

The appearance and gestures of these two are similar, but their characters are quite different.

“Well……family, is it?”

While snickering, I looked down upon Sunou, who was even now still on all fours.

“Well, if she makes a family, or in other words a child, here, then that would make her an adult, right?”

“Yes, indeed it would.”

Yuki was under a hypnosis where she wouldn’t hold any doubts towards my words. She did not object my proposal.

The important thing was that this proposal originated from her mother.

“Yuki-san, would you please help Sunou become an adult?”

“Of course, I do not mind.”

“……eh, ah……no!!”

Yuki stood before Sunou’s eyes and blocked her way. Without hesitating, she grabbed Sunou’s sides and lifted her up.

Due to this, Sunou turned this way with a pale face. I was able to clearly understand that her body was limp, in part because Yuki had raised her up.

“De……mon! Demon!”

“What, so you’re still energetic, huh?”

“Well then, I shall offer my assistance.”

Perhaps because Yuki was under the suggestion of not holding any doubts, she sat down on a chair, placed Sunou’s knees on top of her and performed some sort of action.

She had Sunou hold the back of her knees with both hands and widely spread her legs out to the sides in an M-shape.

How should I say this, it looks like the pose that one would have a baby take when having them pee.

“Well then, if you please.”

“If I please, is it?”

“My husband likes it when I take this pose. They say that men like this sort of thing, after all.”


Sunou ashamedly swayed her body. It was amazing how she wasn’t able to resist strongly.

Because she swayed her body, the semen that still remained inside her vagina fell onto the underside of her skirt.

“Haha, that’s an interesting way of doing it.”

“My husband dislikes me moving. He always brings something to tie me up.”

“That’s also quite……”

“Well, I also don’t dislike it so it’s fine.”

Yuki incessantly spoke about her love affair with her husband. She seemed very happy, so I guess their prioritisation of work unexpectedly made their married couple relationship good, huh?

Sunou was making an expression as though several doubts had surfaced within her head. It was probably difficult for her to ascertain whether or not she should be pleased with being able to see this side of her mother, or whether she should despair in the face of this story.

While watching the abnormal contrast of this duo, I continued to snigger.

“Ah, that’s right. Since we’re doing this anyway, shall we have the sex that you had when you conceived Sunou? Call it my own brand of respect, if you will.”

“Indeed, I do not mind.”

“Mother!! Nnggh!!”

Without listening to Sunou, Yuki briskly made her arrangements.

Placing Sunou’s waist on the desk, she raised both of her legs straight up. How to say this, it felt like both of her legs were raised up in a cheer while displaying her vagina towards me.

Both hands were bound behind her head, and her mouth was even gagged. As she was even blindfolded, Sunou was now in a state of being completely restrained.

“It’s good that you had such a cloth that could tie her up, isn’t it?”

“Yes, I’m glad that it came in time.”

“Ffuuu!! Nngh!”

Perhaps because her blind state caused her to feel uneasy, Sunou shook her head several times.

Having thought of something, Yuki took out her phone and turned the lens towards Sunou.

With a click click, the sound of the camera’s shutter echoed.

“What are you doing?”

“My husband did it quite often. Like this, it aroused me when I was recorded. It was thrilling. Please be at ease, it’s because of this that I blindfolded her.”



It appears that Sunou raised a scream towards the sounds of the shutter she could hear. But of course she did. Nothing changes when you are being photographed, even if the eyes were concealed.

Yuki clicked the shutter countless times, as though recording her daughter’s growth.

Just in case, I intend on examining and deleting it later. Let’s have Sunou cry for now.

“Nnngh!! Nnnggh!”

“Look, her pussy is wet. She’s similar to me. I have to properly photograph her. I wonder if her butt also needs to be seen?”

The figure of Yuki happily photographing her daughter’s genitals was also quite surreal.

Sunou struggled desperately, managing to remove only the cloth that was stuck to her mouth.

“S-Stop! Don’t photograph me!”

“Haha, since it looks like you’ve become energetic, shall we do it?”

“Yes, if you please.”

Yuki circled around behind Sunou and supported her in holding her posture.

I turned to the front so that I was facing Sunou, who was still blindfolded.

With her good intuition, Sunou spat at me the instant I stood in front of her.

“Coward! Coward! One day you will be tormented by the hellfire of the underworld!”

“Then right now it’s Sunou’s turn to fall into hell, huh?”

I pushed against Sunou’s abdomen with my ecstatically erect penis.

Sunou grit her teeth when my penis was applied against her skin, which had become even more sensitive due to being blindfolded.

“W-What’s wrong, have you lost your nerve so much that you can’t put it in? Serves you right!”

“Haha, that might be right, y’know? It’s become hard to tell where the vagina is.”

“Iigh! That’s my navel!”

I dared to rub my penis against Sunou’s skin as though teasing her. I purposefully moved round and round Sunou’s navel region.

Sunou raised a cute scream as her shoulders jumped several times. It seems that she’s finally come to understand the fear of the unseen.

“Hyah, hahyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhn!!”

“Ooh, this is good.”

I used my thumb to pick at Sunou’s ear. Being able to tease her without insertion was the joy of the blindfold.

While pitifully feeling resentment towards my actions, Sunou became aroused. Love juice began to overflow from her vagina.

“H-Hurry up and do it! This is why–affuhh!! Why!”

“Why what, I wonder?”


Sunou’s fearful voice was incredibly cute. A child akin to a small animal would probably be like this.

As though to appease such a Sunou, Yuki whispered in her ear.



“You should be ravaged. This play feels pretty good, you know?”


As though waiting for that instant, my penis pierced Sunou’s crotch.

Sunou convulsed with her mouth still open, a hoarse voice leaking from her throat.

“Ah……aaaaah, agaggh……aaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!”

“What, aren’t you doing better than usual?”

“No, noooooooooooooo!!!”

I stroked the back of Sunou’s head.

I could tell that Sunou got goosebumps due to that influence. She probably wasn’t paitent enough to bear this endlessly continuing situation.

“Help, help me, mother! It hurts, i-, kyaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!”

“How nice. It seems that sex between you and this boy is going well.”

“Indeed, it’s very fun.”


Sunou began to struggle wildly.

“That’s no good, Sunou. Going around throwing a tantrum like a child-“

Yuki forcefully held down such a Sunou, as though she were discplining a cute child.

I wonder if she was slightly smiling because she felt satisfaction at performing a paternal act?

Sunou should have firmly become aware of the fact that she was being fucked by me as she was being held down by her mother.

“Stop, hey, stop it!!”

“Haha, hey now, you’re putting a lot more strength in it than usual. It feels good, you know?”

The vagina tightened so as to reject my penis. That sensation came in waves, transmitting the feeling akin to that of my penis being jerked off. Apparently, despite it looking like it was rejecting my penis, it was actually swallowing it.

Perhaps her body has learned what it should do. While unwilling, her function as a female had properly grown into adulthood.

While smiling, I shook my hips and fucked Sunou.


It was at that time. The awfully quiet voice of Sunou echoed towards me.

Perhaps she has already prepared herself for the worst? Mustering the last of her strength, she called out to me.

“Why, are you doing this? Do you……hate me?”

“I was wondering just what you were gonna say.”

Sunou stopped asking her mother for help and also stopped resisting me.

However, she called out to me. Without expecting another’s mercy, she tried to gain an understanding.

I guess I should talk to her for a bit?

“I’ve taken quite the liking to this body of yours. That also includes your perrsonality that thinks like that, see.”

“That’s……iih, hyaaaaaaaahh!!!”

Even if I spoke straight-out how I want Sunou to grow, there was no point.

That’s why, I simply stated my honest impressions of Sunou’s body.

I don’t know how this girl would take that. However, it’s certain that she’s becoming someone who I can recognise, even if only just a little.

“Heyy! Hey!”

“What? I’m not gonna stop, y’know?”

“If you’re gonna do it, then at least say when you’re letting it out! Aah, togetherrrr!!”

I guess she’s talking about ejaculation when she says ‘letting it out’, huh?

If that’s all she’s asking for, then I guess I don’t mind.

The inside of her vagina sucked my penis even stronger, its folds moving back and forth as though to squeeze it. The strong stimulus made the entirety of my penis numb.

It should be fine soon.

“Well then, I’m gonna let it out, so try hard in your own way to firmly swallow it up.”

“I got it, soooo, hyah!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Sunou raised a loud voice as though to match my ejaculation. Apparently she reached her peak as her whole body trembled.

My penis emitted the pulsating semen without leaving a single drop to spare, viscously flowing into Sunou’s vagina, which was unable to fit all of it.


Sunou’s body was still restrained by Yuki. Even as her raised legs convulsed, she did not collapse.

Upon pulling out my penis from her vagina, which had become like a hose which had a hole opened in it, semen overflowed as though she was leaking urine.


Unusually, Sunou had maintained consciousness despite being short of breath. Perhaps I was a bit too soft?

“A lot is coming out. I don’t really know, as the only one I have for comparison is my husband, but I believe it’s amazing.”

“Is that so?”


Yuki happily patted Sunou’s belly.

Perhaps having become stimulus to the womb which was filled to the brim with semen, sperm flowed out from her vagina once again.


“You called for me, Sunou?”

“It’s……all over, so please, could you……let me rest?”

“Ah, that’s true.”

It was there that Yuki finally released Sunou from her restraints.

When the blindfold and other things were removed, Sunou limply collapsed onto the floor.

She did not completely lose consciousness as she usually would, nor did she display hostility towards me.

She had an exhausted expression that resembled resignation.

“Sunou, would you like me to bring you anything?”

“I’m fine……after I rest, I’ll get it myself……”

I couldn’t make a judgement. Did she abandon the expectations she had of her mother?

It was just that her tone had become softer than before. She might just be simply tired, though.

“Say, Demon.”


“What do you want from me?”

“That’s something you have to think about yourself, isn’t it?”

Sunou looked up at the ceiling and hid her eyes with her arms.

“That’s right, I’ll do that.”

She did not cry, and she did not make a fuss. It was a rare response for Sunou.

Yuki, who did not notice anything nor held any doubts, simply stared at the space between Sunou and myself.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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