Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 76

Touhou Sunou Accompanied Rape-Arc

Today I made myself at home in Sunou’s place.

It was a situation where I was along with Sunou in the game room.

Sunou’s exclusive game room was comfort itself, even just looking at it made one’s heart dance.

It’s just that there are only a few analogue games that can be played with only one person. Eventually, we settled on a Retro TV game.


Since a while ago, the only sounds the flowed through the surroundings were the beeping noises coming from the TV.

While fidgeting with both of her legs which had sunk to the floor, Sunou was unable to calm down from Kokoro not being here.

Since the start of today, there was a situation unrelated to peace that persisted in Sunou.

“Aren’t you gonna play as well?”

“I won’t.”

Sunou absentmindedly stared at the TV footage.

Normally, this girl would point at my extremely clumsy play and demand that she, as well, participate.

And she would endlessly spout complaints regarding the fact that I was here.

However, today was different.

That’s because Sunou’s mother was returning home after a long time.

Suddenly, the intercom of this house rang. Because of Sunou’s silence, it echoed awfully loudly in this room.

“She’s here.”

Since Sunou said it, it must be so. Despite raising her head with a meek countenance, she never got up onto her knees.

I waited for auntie’s footsteps. I suppose that they were chatting at the entrance, though they couldn’t be open.

“Sunou-chan, your mother has arrived.”

“Let her come here.”

Despite having other choices, Sunou dared to choose this game room. Well, it’s probably much better than talking in an exceptionally nice room.

“Yuki-san, please.”

“I’ll be intruding.”

With a profusely business-like tone, that woman appeared.

Touhou Yuki. The aura of her face was similar to Sunou’s, but this one looked more like a foreigner. Her cold gaze struck the room, and her stylish body pass the threshold of beauty while walking with a gait that seemed like she was putting on a fashion show.

It could be said that she was an even thornier person than Sunou was during the time when I had first met her.


“Hello. You are the person that Kokoro spoke of, correct?”

I stood up and gave a temporary greeting.

Yuki first looked at my feet and examined my socks.

Don’t tell me that she’s a person who looks at people’s feet when meeting them? These types evaluate their first impression of an individual through their shoes. In the worst case scenario, one might be judged to be someone not worth talking to.

Well, a judgement can’t be made from socks.

It’s likely that she’s the type who holds an absolute set of values.

“Please, this space might be a bit narrow, but it is Sunou’s request.”

“……it’s been a while, yes?”

After she sat down as per my words, Yuki gave a greeting to Sunou.

Sunou returned to the same terrifed feeling she had when we first met this woman. Perhaps she had become confused, having no idea how to interact with her mother.

Seeing Sunou in such a state, Yuki averted her gaze after heaving a sigh.

“You’re still dragging it with you, yes?”

“Still, you say……what do you mean, still!? It’s about my brother, you know!!”

Sunou finally opened her mouth. Her hands shook, and she was a bit hysterical, but it couldn’t be helped.

This girl had yet to overcome the matter.

“It couldn’t be be helped, yes? What should I have done at that time? Even if I was there, nothing would have changed.”

“That’s not what……I mean……”

“……[The Rule is Easy].”

As things seemed as though it would develop into a fight, I immediately spoke the Hypnotic Keywords and sounded the Hypnotic Test Tone.

Apparently Kokoro had done a good job. Yuki also fell into a hypnotic trance.

“I don’t like those sorts of farces.”

Seeing the state of the mother and daughter, I laughed.

“This woman’s hair is smooth as well, huh.”

While combing the two’s hair, Yuki’s with my right hand and Sunou’s with my left, I confirmed their sensations.

The two powerlessly tilted their heads, entrusting their faces to my hands. Their empty eyes that weren’t looking at anything were very enchanting, and the drool that spilled from their lips spread to my hand.

I thought about it from a while ago, but this woman is so young that I wouldn’t think she had given birth to two children.

“That’s right, parent and child should get along like this. Because they’re similar, they look like they’re in a painting. Even if they quarrel, I’ve got the time to spare.”


“Now then, a question for Yuki-san. Are you still dragging the incident where Sunou’s brother died with you?”

“……yes……I……regret it, very much.”

Well, of course she does.

It was when Sunou’s age was still in the single digits that the incident where her brother died occurred.

Apparently she was still living abroad together with her parents during that time. Both of her parents were working people and so didn’t come home often, but even so the family was properly living by themselves.

However, at that time, an incident wher her brother was abducted occurred.

Somehow or other, Sunou was acknowledged as a person with good fortune. Her brother, who was normal and did not possess such luck, was unfortunately abducted while playing outside.

The perpetrator’s motive was unknown, but Sunou was the only one in the house at that time. It seemed that she had contacted her father late at night and got the police to handle the matter.

As a result, the kidnappers were caught.

And as a result, the older brother had died.

Statistically speaking, the longer it takes to resolve a kidnapping the lower the change of survival.

His luck was bad, that was all. Sunou likely received a big shock.

However, on top of this, Sunou held some misgivings towards her mother.

During this series of events, Yuki had not made contact with her even once.

It might be unavoidable since she was busy with work, but there was no work that was more important than her family’s life. It couldn’t be helped that Sunou held distrust due to this.

The clincher was that both parents, due to being uneasy about leaving Sunou alone, entrusted her to her Japanese uncle.

Sunou interpreted this as them choosing work over family.

“Work……my children……I wanted to……protect, both.”

“Well, well. How selfish.”

I understand the desire of wanting to take hold of both, but that’s like trying to have your cake and eat it too.

“With things being distorted up to this point, you feel guilty, is that it?”

“Yes……I do.”

So she does, huh? Even under a hypnotic trance, her personality would show when saying something apologetic or the like. This woman still thinks that this response is the best one to take.

I raised the duo’s chins with my fingers. The expressions of the two facing upwards were like dolls who were treated as children.

“Well, since I’ve also made a promise with Kokoro, I need to help out to a certain extent.”

The reason I met Sunou was to do something about this complex circumstance.

How about I solve the request of my one and only slave in a manner befitting of me?

Sunou and Yuki woke up from their hypnotic trance.

Both of them jerked as they placed strength into their shoulders. I ended up laughing as their behaviours were exactly the same.


“What’s wrong, Sunou?”

The instant Sunou awoke, her mouth trembled as a confused expression surfaced upon her face.

The reason being, since before releasing the hypnosis, I had instructed her to take up a certain position.

With her hands on the table, Sunou showed me her butt while on all fours.


“Since you’re confused from the start, isn’t it worse for your health if you hide it?”

While grinning, I hiked up Sunou’s frilly skirt. It’s fun flipping over a long skirt that wouldn’t flutter in the wind.

“Aaaaaaaaaaah, Demon!”


“Please do not mind her.”

“Is that so?”

Yuki was still calm, not comprehending our exchange. That’s because I had placed a hypnosis upon her so she wouldn’t hold any misgivings towards this situation.

Other than that, I haven’t particularly messed with her.

That’s because this will suffice for this time, after all.

“Release me!”

“Do you think I’ll listen to what you say?”

“But this is-!?”

“Isn’t it the worst? You’re in front of your mother who you haven’t seen in a long time. Wouldn’t it be nice to show her how your body’s matured a little bit?”


It was there, at last, that Sunou became conscious of her mother’s existence.

Of course, Yuki was calm even though their eyes met.

“And that’s that. Yuki-san, Sunou and I are going to have an adult exchange, so please bear witness to her mature figure.”

“Very well, I don’t mind.”

Yuki did not have any doubts.That’s why, no matter what proposal I made to her, she would accept it without any particular objection.

“Eh, no way. Demon, you laid your hands on her?!”

“Surely not. As expected, Yuki-san is out of my strike range.”

“Not that! You used it again, didn’t you!? You have no discretion! Don’t you understand the greatness of the power you have…..iih!?”

“Hey now, Sunou, you need to properly show your mature appearance to Yuki-san. See, she’s looking this way.”

Sunou noticed that her surroundings had already been corroded by my hand. She was watching Yuki with a pale face.

As I thought, huh?

Even after saying all that, this girl is still expecting something of her mother.

Even her pouting as she gravitated towards Goth Kids culture was Sunou’s selfishness of wanting to be talked to. This girl, ever since the incident of her brother’s death, has kept up the obstinancy of a pouting child.

How optimistic.

“Come, please look. Sunou makes a great reaction when I stroke her with my fingers like this.”

“Hyaaah, ah, De……mon!”

“It’s really wet around the vagina, isn’t it?”


I firmly made her understand that Yuki had fallen.

The reason Sunou wasn’t able to grow was because that naivety still remained inside of her heart. She didn’t have an adult to scold her for her tantrums which no one denied.

As for me, I don’t intend to harmoniously resolve such things.

I want to, in my own way, smash Sunou’s idea of relying on someone and expecting things of them only when it suits her.

That’s why I am showing her off to Yuki, who was practically of no help at all.


Although slight, Sunou became teary-eyed. It was an expression that made me want to torment her.

After greatly flipping Sunou’s skirt so that it was upside down, I removed her panties. Her beautiful, well-shapped butt ended up in a position where it was thrusting out this way.

Perhaps because of the gothic costume, the large skirt ended up hiding Sunou’s expression.

“Hahah, it’s like your butt is poking out from a black wall, huh?”

“How beautiful……”

“Don’t look, don’t look!”

“That’s no good. Yuki-san, please watch closely.”

“Yes, I shall do just that.”

I inserted my finger into Sunou’s vagina that Yuki was fixedly looking at.

Sunou’s body sensitively responded, her buttocks shuddering with a start.


“What’s wrong, Sunou. Like that, aren’t we just playing with your butt? Yuki-san, you want to see Sunou’s figure, right?”

“What, are you……?”

“Properly commentate on how it feels. Look, if you don’t, then Yuki-san might just wake up.”

I threatened Sunou more mercilessly than ever before, to the point of ruthlessness.

The insides of the vagina which I had inserted my finger into tightened with a squeak.

“So you don’t mind even if she sees it? How boresome. Ah, that’s right. Then Yuki-san will-“

“Right now, my vagina is filled by the Demon’s finger. It feels disgusting, and it tingles with a weird feeling.”

Resigning herself, Sunou gave a detailed report of her current situation.

I laughed. It was the real thing from here on out.

“Yuki-san, please go over there to Sunou’s side. Please look at her eyes.”

“Yes, I shall.”

I sent Yuki to Sunou’s side.

I’ll firmly let her meet her incompetent mother who would do nothing when her daughter was in a pinch.

I set the stage up so that Sunou could properly confirm this.

“Now then, though it’s a shame that I can’t see her expression from here, I guess I’ll just enjoy this succulent butt?”

“AaaAah, the Demon’s finger is moving back and forth inside me countless times, and the sensation of rubbing is transmitted to me in throbs……hyaaaaah!!”

With my free hand, I slapped Sunou’s buttocks. Sunou’s stiffened lower body strongly squeezed my finger.

It should be good now.

Removing my pants and taking out my penis, I applied it against that wet vagina.

“Now then, it’s about time for insertion, so Yuki-san should also watch carefully.”


“……aaah, somehow the tip of something big is rubbing my vagina……giaah, it’s scooping, my insides……!!”

As per usual, it was a tight vagina without any deterioration

Penetrating deep with my penis, as though to pry open Sunou’s belly, I tasted the sensation of her tightening.


“Igigh!! M-My butt is being hit. Iigh, hyah!! It hurts, it hurts!”

“Well, that’s because I’ve gotten used to the insides of your vagina. It’s also important to have some sort of stimulation like this.”

“Heeh, is that so?”

I slapped Sunou’s buttocks while my penis was still deeply inserted inside of her.

Each time I did so, Sunou’s muscles would stiffen and tremble. The vagina tightened with a squeak, and love juice flowed.

Sunou’s once beautiful buttocks had become red and throbbing with pain.

“Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, ahah, the finger, to my butt-!”

I used the pad of my finger to stroke Sunou’s sensitive skin, which was stinging with pain.


And then, seizing the opportunity, I made a large swing and slapped her butt.

I wonder what sensation Sunou feels from being sandwiched between that pain and the pleasure that came from the inside of her vagina.

“Pyah! Pyah!”

“Haha, does having your butt slapped feel good?”

“I-I don’t knowww!! But, it tingles, and the inside of my p*ssy has started twitching, igh!!’

Even while Sunou was talking, I relentlessly continued to piston inside of her. Sunou, who raised screams while in the midst of her words, was so cute that it couldn’t be helped.

Perhaps the part of her that uprightly kept her promise was as important as her mother? Or perhaps she wants to keep her pride only in front of her mother?

“But, your d*ck is scooping out my insides, aaah!! My body, is strange!! My, stomach, my womb is being piersheed!!”



Sunou regained herself at once from a single word from Yuki.

Sunou strained the last vestiges of her will and smiled at Yuki. She was probably doing her utmost, as tears and drool spilled down her red face.

That’s why, as though to deliver the final blow to such a situation, I let Sunou’s butt taste my merciless open palm.

And, simultaneously, I released the desire accumulated inside of my penis.


Sunou’s vagina, as though finding an escape route from the strong pressure, steadily gobbled up the expelled semen. Sperm was accepted into the womb, as though to make the penis as small as possible so that she could save herself from the pain.


Sunou’s will, due to the hypnotic suggestion, treated the received semen as a key and reached climax. Her shoulders trembled as though receiving an electric shock, and her pose of thrusting her butt out, due to the suggestions, ended up crumbling.


Before Sunou’s head hit the desk, I raised her body up.

Sunou was limp like a drowning dog lifted out of water, and semen overflowed from the insides of her relaxed vagina.

“How was it?”

While swaying Sunou’s figure, I asked Yuki for her impression.

“That couldn’t really be called mature, can it?”


Because of the hypnotic suggestion, Yuki was unable to notice this horribe scene.

I wonder what Sunou, who received that fact up close, thought?

This isn’t the end.

At this rate, not only will I not be satisfied, but Sunou will end up keeping her half-hearted hope.

If I’m doing it, then I should thoroughly make Sunou understand.

Sunou also had yet to say anything. I want her to show me her guts just a little bit more.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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