Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 74

South-North Interview Rules-Arc

In order to get a part-time job, I was told that I had to practice participating in an interview, but it became tiresome and so I painted over the very concept with hypnosis.

In the counselling room, Kokoro and Mai were interacting with me while under the misconception that an interview was sexual intercourse.

“Then let’s do it. Please tell us your reason for applying for this job.”

While sitting on the sofa on the opposite side as an interview, Mai grinned as she looked this way.

Why in the world does she find something on the level of an interview so interesting like that? Even though it should just be an interview for her.

I have a premonition that, thanks to the hypnosis, I’m the only one who’ll have a very fun time.

“Let’s see, saying that I want money as my reason not-?”

“Of course it’s not good. There’s not even any respectful language. If you did that during the real thing, you’d fail.”

“I think it’s wonderful as it is very much like Master, but……certainly, that might be quite difficult.”

Kokoro attempted to follow up after me with a bitter smile.

Of course, I wil properly use formal language during the real thing. This was just messing around.

That’s why, I playfully conducted the interview in my own way.

“Then, I shall change my attitude. Interviewer Kokoro.”


I stood up and thrust my bare lower body in front of Kokoro’s eyes.

While emitting the smell of man, my penis asserted its existance at the tip of Kokoro’s nose.

“……that’s right, exposing the genitalia to the interviewers is an indication of respect, after all.”

“Oh, Book, that’s a good attitude!”

These two currently recognise sexual acts themselves as good manners. If I was to be bashful in doing so, then just that would be treated as impoilte.

“Aren’t you going to ask the next question?”

“Eh, ah-yes! Let’s see, then. Master, are there any women that have piqued your interest lately?”

“Hah? What’s with that question?”

While questioning me, Kokoro removed her shirt and bra, exposing her large breasts.

Properly displaying the same courtesy to each other, she exposed her nudity.

“Um……as interviewers may suddenly ask various questions, I thought that I would try asking these sorts of questions.”

“Is that how it works?”

“Nngh……ah……yes, that is how I believe it to be……faaah!!”

I pushed my penis against Kokoro’s chest. Like a finger being inserted into a balloon, my penis was buried inside of those big breasts.

Even though Kokoro wasn’t fully aware, she ended up going into heat from being pressed against my penis. I caught her fidgeting as though to catch my penis with both hands.

“I’m also kinda curious.”

“Is that necessary for the interview? ……well, whatever. Let’s see. As expected, talking about my current interests, they would be Kokoro and Mai, I guess.”

“Eh, me……hiyaah!!”

As Mai undressed her uniform and exposed her breast, I observed etiquette and pressed them with my fingers. In the face of the sudden sensation, she raised a cute scream.

Incidentally, to be completely accurate, I was interested in Mai and Kokoro’s chests.

I can’t get tired of fiddling with them both.

“Is this fine?”

“Yes, it……is. In what area has your interest been taken?”

“How should I say it? You’re both soft.”


“Say, Book……give us more specifics.”

“Let’s see, then I guess I’ll do this.”

Placing my penis between Kokoro and Mai, I crushed the two’s breasts from both sides.

The chests crushed against each other, softly shaking with a sway.

That swaying became stimulation for the penis. The sense of pressure was also just right.

“H-Hasn’t it gotten kinda hot? Ah, kyah!”

“It’s hot……verily so, somehow…..!”

Both Kokoro and Mai became horny just from having my penis rubbing against their chests.

Of course, the duo politely lifted their own chests with both hands and jerked off the rod of the penis with their breasts.

While enveloped by the warm two bulges, my penis stockpiled its carnal desires and became erect.

“S-Say, Book! Ultimately, what does soft–hyaaaaaahh!!!”

“How should I say it? It’s the impression I get from the two of you. Since I’m pretty stiff, see.”

I pistoned the erect and trembling penis. It was warm being sandwiched by the duo’s chests.

“Certainly, Book might be a bit stiff……”

“……what was that?”

“Fufu…..excuse me!”

Suddenly, while still horny, Mai pointed out the hardness of my head. In saying that, Mai’s fingers poked my forehead.

Kokoro also held her mouth back and laughed elegantly. Despite being elegant, a laugh was a laugh.

No, certainly it may be a just argument. I should pay attention to that point.

“How should I say this, Book kinda looks down on everyone, see.”

“……I see, so my attitude still isn’t good enough, huh?”


I pushed Mai, who was sitting on the sofa, down. Placing my hand under her skirt, I pulled at her underwear.

“B-Book! Doing that’s bad manners!”

“Such an impression will only be at the start, you know.”

Mai collapsed at where Kokoro was, lying on her back precisely in a manner where Kokoro’s breasts had become her pillow.

I messily took off the underwear that was underneath her skirt, making it so she pretty much wasn’t wearing anything except her skirt.

Just like that, I buried my erect penis inside of he skirt and began to rub the tip against Mai’s vagina.

“HYaaaaahh!! T-This is-!?”

“Good manners, right?”

“You should have prepared a bit mor–kyaah!!”

We were already familiar with each other, so even if I couldn’t see the place where we’re connecting, I was able to pull off an insertion. I conveniently hit upon the entrance, and so I pried open the insides of her vagina.

With regards to Mai, I had intercourse with her both when she was and wasn’t in heat, so I was thoroughly familiar with her. I was aware of where and how she would move.

“Master……that is showing extraordinarily good manners, I’m impressed!”

“Haha, isn’t it?”

“Ah ah, hyaah, AaaAaah!!”

Kokoro properly held Mai down for me. She was probably supporting my good manners.

Mai was being pumped in a situation where she couldn’t run away, and so the sensation of my penis should be transmitted to her directly as the stimulus was unable to escape.

“Master, is it permissable if I were to ask a question of you?”

“Yeah, what is it?”

“If you were to perhaps make someone you know into your girlfriend, who would you choose?”

“I-I’m also curio–ah, aaaaaaahhh!!”

“Girlfriend, is it……that’s another strange question-“

I never thought about it.

Putting aside whether or not such would be asked in an interview, I tried imagining it for the time being.

I looked at Kokoro who was before my eyes. I wonder what would happen if I got into a relationship with this woman, who was returning a smile.

With her clothes disturbed, my eyes stopped at her large breasts rather than her smile. The gap between her ordinary expression and this disgracefulness wasn’t bad.

“Nothing really changes, huh……?”


“……all that’s left is-“

“Hyahn, aaah, kyah, kyaaaaaahh!!”

Mai’s cheeks were dyed red as she continued to be helplessly ravaged. As I was smashing her at my own pace, she appeared to be short of breath due to fatigue.

What about this girl? Even if she’s laughing on the surface as always, she’s pretty dry on the inside.

Perhaps, if this girl were to become my girlfriend, then will she change again? Unlike the Mai who would take her distance from me, she might become aware of how close our relationship is.

Either way, it wasn’t something that had anything to do with me.


“Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!! Aaagghaah…….”

Upon thinking such, semen suddenly leaped out from my penis.

Without any particularly big stimulus, I let myself loose inside of Mai’s vagina before I even noticed it. The pulsating penis corroded Mai’s depths irrespective of my will.

I can’t deny that I feel a sense of conquest from ravaging this unrelated girl.

To a certain extent, I might think of it as being enjoyable.

“Well, I guess this is fine sometimes.”


Mai gasped, her conscious being somewhat unstable. I guess she’s been one-sidedly fucked too much, huh?

“Well, isn’t that good manners?”

“Yes! You were wonderful, Master!”

“Wif dish……itsh ah passh……”

I got the duo’s approval. It should be enough with this.

I was being introduced by Mai, anyway. As long as there aren’t any major developments, then I should be fine.


“Nn, what’s wrong?”

“Would it be alright if we could continue the interview? Furthermore, I have yet to hear your response to the previous question.”

“Come to think of it, I was just mulling it over so I didn’t give an answer, huh?”

“Indeed, there’s a lot more that I would like to question you about.”

“You’re not the interviewer, you know?”

Generally, even if the interviewer wants to ask a question doesn’t mean they necessarily will.

Kokoro concealed a slightly teasing yet triumphant face as she displayed a smile towards me. What does she want to do?

“……well, whatever.”

While looking at Kokoro, I recalled the earlier girlfriend case.

On top of being my slave, this woman probably doesn’t desire to have such a relationship with someone. In that sense, I crushed one of her possible lives.

The reality that I had done such a thing roused my sexual desire, causing my lower body to surge with blood once again.

In order to ravage this happy woman as I pleased, my hands moved.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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