Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 72

Academy Pregnant Lecture-Arc

Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door.

“Please come in.”

The one who entered was a female student in the same grade as me. Her face was a little mature for her age, giving off an elegant impression. If memory serves, her personality was exactly like that of a demure Yamato Nadeshiko, which matched her appearance. Incidentally, she was a student who attended the Friendship Ethics class.

The girl surveyed the surroundings restlessly, perhaps perplexed by this place which she had come to for the first time. She was also quite cautious.

“Please allow me to introduce myself. Today, I am the instructor who will be giving you counsel today. In saying that, please don’t be so tense and comfortably accept my instructions.”

“Ah, yes. I am the one who made a reservation for counselling today, Mitsuki. Please take care of me.”

Mitsuki well-manneredly bowed. That was it.

She couldn’t quite intrude further into the counselling room. She was probably wary. Her counselor is a male, after all.

However, it’s likely that she also thought it would be rude to put an end to it here.

“I have taken up the reservation. Here, please come here and sit on this sofa. Shall I get you something to drink?”

I majestically asserted the fact that I was the owner of this space. Since there was no error in that, it was only natural.

At that, Mitsuki finally closed the door to the counselling room and approached this way. Upon taking a seat, a sigh leaked out from those small lips.

“Please. I am not well informed, but I believe I have prepared something nice, so-“

“Thank you very much.”

I handed the other party the black tea that Kokoro had prepared.

I drank the beverage that had been poured from the same pot first. After that, Mitsuki placed the cup to her mouth.

After that, a slight silence fell.

“This school building is nice and quiet, is it not? It is a little cold right now, so it is ill-suited for taking a walk, though.”

I first brought up the subject. The fact that she came for counselling means that Mitsuki has some troubles.

However, that is not something for me to ask. Consultations is not a place to find solutions, but a place for people to talk about things that they want to discuss.

“That’s right.”

“I also, enjoy it……but-“


After hanging her head with a distressed expression, Mitsuki opened her mouth as though to expel it.

“Lately, there is something that I am unconvinced by.”

“Something that you are unconvinced about, is it?”

“Are you aware of the subject called Friendship Ethics?”

“Indeed, I know of it. It is where the women who reside in this school receive classes in receiving a man’s seed so as to elevate themselves, yes?”

“Yes, I also support the notion that we should receive a man’s seed in order to improve ourselves. However, I am unsure as to how I feel about pregnancy.”

“Hou, pregnancy, is it?”

As though ashamed, Mitsuki turned her head away and became silent.

In other words, this was like a scandalous event that had arisen due to the hypnosis. It’s likely that Mitsuki is much more fastidious than ordinary people.

“If I become pregnant, then the surroundings will surely be pleased. However, I just cannot help but remain unconvinced of the matter.”

From my perspective, a person’s common sense is the same as hypnosis.

It’s ok to do something, it’s not ok to do something. Having such implied during childhood is how a person learns common sense. For example, the reason why it’s not good to eat curry with hands is because Japanese adults suggested such to the children.

Perhaps Mitsuki may have had the idea of keeping oneself pure placed on her during childhood.

“I see, there is no particular reason, but you think that it is not a good thing.”

“I apologise for not being able to explain it well.”

“Not at all, thank you very much for discussing it.”

The Hypnotic Test has a suggestion where one will absolutely report any discontent towards the school. That’s why a system has been set up where the school director will hear about it as soon as something happens.

Things like this will innately occur. Actually, even if left alone, this girl doesn’t have enough ego to resist the hypnosis.

If there was any danger, then we should just deal with it as soon as possible.

“What, please do not worry. From now on, let us try and resolve such troubles together.”

If the other party’s a beauty, then I should enjoy myself a little bit.

It’s also necessary to investigate into this deviation directly.

“Earlier, you said that you thought that pregnancy was not something good, correct? Then how about Friendship Ethics?”

“I believe that Friendship Ethics is a wonderful class. It is a class where we can develop our female special skills, in which is only held at this school.”

“In fact, I have a just a little expertise in that subject. Would you like to try a little lesson right now?”

“Right now, is it?”

“Yes. Of course, we won’t proceed up until pregnancy.”

Even though Mitsuki made a strange expression, she did not display any disgusted behaviour.

Of course, to her, it was as though I was suggesting that we were going to study the national language. To her, who dislikes Kanji, I was just trying to teach her the wonderfulness of the national language.

“Well then, please sit yourself on that sofa.”

I started the lesson somewhat forcefully.

Even while feeling lost, Mitsuki ended up following those instructions, no longer able to refuse. She removed the buttons of her blazer, rendering all but a single Y-shirt remaining on her torso.

Although they were modest, I could see the body lines of the lying girl through her uniform. They were beautiful contours that would not put that personality of hers to shame.

“First, I will place place my hand inside of your skirt. I shall remove only the underwear.”

“Ah, yes. Only the underwear, yes?”

“That’s right. Rather than taking everything off, doing it this way makes it more enriching.”

If it becomes a Friendship Ethics lesson, then women will not resist me in the slightest. It’s just that sort of thing.

I first removed the panties from under Mitsuki’s skirt. I had her lift her legs as though I were replacing a baby’s diaper. And then, this time I inserted my hands into the hem of her clothes, moving them as I fumbled around for her bra.

“Ah…, sir?”

“My apologies. Which removal method does this underwear have?”

“It’s a hook type, at the back.”

As I was groping around inside of her clothing, Mitsuki’s cheeks blushed as her body began fidgeting.

Even though we’re doing something quite vulgar, the fact that the elegance did not disappear from her was quite a pleasant miscalculation.

I temporarily took out my hands and passed them through her sleeves. After that, I plucked the bra from her sides and took it out.


The breasts that maintained their beautiful shape shook within her shirt from losing the bra.

Mitsuki tried to place both of her hands in front of her chest, but I obstructed that and spread both of her hands to the sides.

Through her stretched shirt, I could see her pink nipples showing through.

“Is something the matter?”

“I-It’s rubbing and itchy.”

Mitsuki fidgeted with her armpits and rubbed her thighs together. I guessed that this was originally out of nervouseness, which caused her to taste the discomfort of having no underwear twofold.

“That’s good. In order to entice men, your very own body should also become sensitive.”

“That’s……that’s right, isn’t it?”

It would seem that this girl, as per the suggestions, doesn’t feel that much resistance towards sexual activity itself. Rather, she was more on the aggressive side. Perhaps there is some sort of filter placed upon pregnancy itself?

While combing up Mitsuki’s bangs, I traced her cheeks with my fingertips.


“Well then, this time we shall have you experience sex without insertion.”

At first, I placed my hand inside of Mitsuki’s skirt and stroked her vagina with the ball of my middle finger.

While confirming the sensation of her crevice and clitoris, I observed Mitsuki’s expression.


“That’s a very good reaction. How is the state of your body?”

“Somehow, my entire body is hot……Aaahh!! My heart is pounding……”

Mitsuki was aroused due to the influence of the lesson. Just from me brushing against her vagina, her cheeks grew flushed and love juice spilled forth.

From the outset, since it’d be troublesom to make preparations for insertion each time, I had set it so they would be easily sent into heat.

She had me, who was her partner, brushing against her body directly. Her body’s preparations were soon completed.

“I see, that’s very good.”


“Is something the matter?”

Mitsuki strongly shut her mouth and turned away.

It’s likely that the image of insertion that was caused by the suggestions spun around in her head.

Her body should be feeling an itch. The itch was a series of small pains, and trying to cover up such with an even greater pain is human instinct.

Frustration is the best spice for making one lose their calm.

“U-Um. Would you please touch it a little more strongly?”

“Where, may I ask?”

“……my pussy, please. It’s somehow hot, and my body doesn’t seem as though it can endure it. Kyah!?!”

Without obeying Mitsuki’s instructions, I grabbed her chest from over her shirt. The feeling of her soft breasts were transmitted to me through the single piece of cloth.

Mitsuki jerked her body in the face of the sudden stimulus, arching backwards as she accepted the pleasure.

“That is not permissable.”

“Wha, aah!!”

“It must be a penis that is inserted inside of a vagina. As a man, that would be impolite to you, see.”

“N-No way! Kyaah!!”

Mitsuki headed towards climax several times, but the hot flashes did not settle down.

Gradually, her line of sight was directed towards my crotch.

“Once inserted, there is a possibility of pregnancy. That is because there are no condoms in Friendship Ethics.”

Removing my pants, I displayed my already prepared penis.

I placed my penis against the base of Mitsuki’s thighs. As it dug into them, she was made even more strongly aware of her genitals.

“How is it?”

“……it is warm.”

“That’s right. Feeling each other’s warmth is important in the sense of deepening our bonds. One of the aims of Friendship Ethics is to be in harmony with others, after all. But then, what about you who can not have such warmth applied to her?”


Mitsuki closed her own thighs and sandwiched my penis. Almost as if she hated being separated from it, she moved so that it couldn’t escape.

Just one more push, I guess.

“What, it’s just pregnancy. Certainly, it may be scary at first, but it is not good to criticise the practice without experiencing it for yourself.”

“That……right. Even though I haven’t even once been pregnant, I……”

“Well then, I will put it in.”


Finding it bothersome to wait, I inserted my penis alongside her words of acknowledgement.

Mitsuki was attacked all at once in the moment she let her guard down, gently heading towards climax.

Of course, this wasn’t the end of it.

“Ih……kyaaaAAhh!! Ahahh……”

“This is proper sex. People’s bodies react to each other in order to reach pregnancy. How is it?”

“Yess……it feels……good, ah!!”

“That it should. That is tied to pregnancy. Are you now willing to do your best from now on as well?”

Unable to reply, Mitsuki started panting.

Pinching Mitsuki’s nipples from over her shirt, I continued to piston my lower body strongly so as to press it against her.

Convincing this girl, who saw pregnancy in such a negative way, into becoming pregnant filled me with an amazing sense of immorality. It was such a good feeling.

“You will do your best in the lessons from now on, yes?”

“AAh, hah, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhn!!!!”

“But, you seee, this school only has up to 7 women who can become pregnant, so you, who has denied sex, have fallen behind. You must devote yourself more.”

I decided upon the rule that only seven people at this school will become pregnant.

The dorms can harbor 20 people, but I don’t know whether or not the number of pregnancies will grow after confirming the first 7. The number of doctors had already been decided.

Also, it is troublesome to obtain the understanding of their parents.

“Hahah, how lewd.”

“Ih, aah!!”

Unsure of what she thought upon hearing this, Mitsuki placed both of her hands against my hips and gripped it strongly.

It made it difficult to piston, but it’s likely that this was a sign that she was forcing me to cum inside of her.

Of course, I responded to her desires.

“Well then, please firmly accept it.”


A hot, pulsating flow gushed as it flowed into Mitsuki’s insides. She raised her hips as though to suppress her own vagina’s interior and climaxed.

I pushed that Mitsuki’s waist onto the sofa with a force that seemed as though it would break, and spurted out semen.

“It would be good if you became pregnant.”


Mitsuki’s expression, after being creampied, was peaceful even in tears, with not a single indication of any reactions of refusal.

I would like people to admire my efforts in making this school life one where everyone could be happily without complaints.

For the time being, I will ejaculate several more times into this girl’s vagina and take that as my payment.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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