Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 71

Academy Falling Into Ruin Experience-Arc

Since it seemed that Sunou brought her friends home to play a game, I also decided to play.

Having the others be unable to recognise me at the current time with hypnosis, I was in a position akin to that of a god looking over them.

The girls haven’t noticed it, but the game they are playing was the one I picked.

“○ of Life?”

“That’s acceptable!”

It was the most popular amongst board games, and probably the most famous Sugoroku game in Japan.

It’s a game where life-like events occur, and its participants compete with their assets upon reaching the goal.

Sitting on the most expensive-looking sofa, I wrote down things for what would happen from now on in the notepad that was placed nearby.

“At first, I intended to select one that wasn’t in everyone else’s house.”

“Is it hard?”

“That’s right, it’s very hard.”

Placing the board box in front of her chest, Sunou showed it to the trio.

What I chose was one that everyone could play without difficulty, while being one that seemed like they could only play while they were here.

Amazingly, the very-hard Life-Hell mode-like thing actually existed, huh?

“Pardon me.”

Setsuna-san entered the room. Of course, since she wouldn’t come here without being instructed, I had commanded her.

I had happening cards that were in a certain private site created, the knowledge of which I obtained at that resort I went to during that summer. Copying what those rich people used for their fun, I placed them in a lottery box.

“From boxes to anything else, Setsuna-san’s handcrafts are really quick.”

“Sunou-chan, I will leave the drinks here.”

“Thank you very much, I’ll put this over here, so……”

“Is this fun, Sunou?”

Chihaya pointed at the board game while her brows made a ハ-shape. This girl, don’t go saying everything so directly.

Upon laying down the board, the four people crouched down and made their own preparations.

The fact that four charming girls were playing a simple board game was quite surreal.

“Umu! The signal for departure has been arranged.”

“Sunou-chan, let’s start.”

Reika was constantly folding her arms, and so didn’t make any preparations. I was as well.

Nao and Sunou silently kept working and completed their preparations. Every time Nao overlapped her hands with Sunou’s, she drew her hand back with a jerk. What a strange fellow.

The turn order was decided through a number roulette. The turn order came out as Nao, Sunou, Chihaya, and Reika.

Along with Sunou’s shout, the game started.

“The four lambs who descended into the blue sky of the round table will race across the world!”

“T-Then, I’ll start off, ok?”

“Nao, go go! Go for the goal, the goal!”

“Eh, but it’s impossible to get there from the start……”

When Nao spun the roulette with her dainty fingers, a six came up, How normal.

Upon advancing 6 spaces, everyone gathered and read what was on the space that she stopped at.

“I see, I see. [You were dragged into a friend’s fight. You are asked to pay a consolation fee of 1,000,000 for injuring the party during that dispute.]”

“You took a stray blow……”

“The end of a fool who made a mistake in choosing their fighting opponent, yes?”

“How come it’s 1,000,000? Did they get cancer or something?”

This game only has a hard mode, and putting it bluntly no one had any assets. Or rather, they would only decrease.

It was an unspeakable mode devoid of salvation, in which one would see how little debt they could owe by the time they reached the goal.

Sunou began looking for a debt card for 1,000,000. Well, normally that would be a necessary item.

“Hahah, there’s no need for that here.”

“Well then, since it’s 1,000,000 yen, it’ll be one debt card, right?”



The three people other than Sunou took out that lottery box without holding any particular doubts.

It was only Sunou who, with her eyes still blinking, directed a dubious look at that box.

“Erm, what’s that?”

“Sunou, why do you not know this? Even though Sunou is this game’s owner-“


Sunou picked up the instruction manual inside of the board’s box. Well, normally that would be the right thing to do.

In actuality, I hadn’t written such things in there, but-

“No way……”

Due to the suggestions, Sunou ended up obtaining confirmation that convinced her of it.

Sunou’s suggestion was different than the ones that were given to the quartet this time.

People other than Sunou would accept the rules that I set exactly without holding any doubts.

Sunou would obey the rules while retaining her common sense. In other words, only her body would accept them.

And my existence wouldn’t be able to reach either of their mind’s.

“Eh, what is this!?”

“Sunou, quit yappin’. What’s with you?”

Sunou was greatly troubled by the instruction manula that she held in her hands. She was desperately trying to understand what was going on.


Meanwhile, Nao pulled out a debt card. As though hiding her mouth, she showed everyone the contents of that card.

“I see, [Embarrassing pose, piledriver], it says. I don’t know what this pile-whatever is, but there are detailed instructions for making that pose.”


“Eh, Nao, wait-“

“But, please look……because if you don’t, then the game can’t go on, after all.”

Nao approached the sofa, placing her waist down beside me.

First she spread her legs, then brought them straight upwards as she locked her arms around the back of her knees, fixing it so that she was in a state with her feet raised.

As a result, since Nao was wearing a skirt, the underwear underneath could be seen clearly. However-

“Nao, why aren’t you wearing any panties!?”

“Erm, erm……”

Amazingly, Nao wasn’t wearing any panties.

Even though she was wearing a mini-skirt that fell above the knees, she ended up going through her day without wearing underwear. Her beautiful skin-coloured butt and vaginal lines were clearly visible.

I ended up becoming surprised at the unexpected reality. This quiet girl is quite bold.

With her cheeks dyed red, Nao became aware of the fact that she was being seen.

“Don’t go forgetting to wear it.”

“I have heard that it is a hygiene regulation.”

“Awa, wawa, wa, w-wha……?!”

Even though they aren’t related to the rules or suggestions, these guys are essential.

Only Sunou was agitated, shivering as her mouth trembled.

Being bathed in everyone’s gazes, Nao’s crotch quivered with a twitch.

“P-Please don’t look at it so much. It’s embarrassing.”

“Those are the rules. It cannot be helped. While burdened with debt, you must constantly stay in that state. Well then, Sunou, it’s your turn.”


Sunou probably couldn’t see a way to breakthrough this helpless situation. The game ended up continuing.

The number that came up was 3, something rare for Sunou.

“Erm……[Your bike collapsed on the road you were riding on. You met with a traffic accident and took a holiday. The car’s driver is the person in last place, and receives a loss of 1,000,000.]”

“I see, last place meaning Nao, right? In place of you, who can’t draw a card-“

“I’ll draw it! Nao, wait for me!”

Chihaya immediately drew the debt card.

The card’s contents was [Hold semen in your mouth].

Thinking that my turn had finally come around, I lifted my waist. Unafraid of the public eyes, I took off my pants and exposed my penis.


“Eh, this is-“

“Fugogh!! Ooogh!!”

I slammed my penis into Nao’s mouth, who couldn’t move in her embarrassing state. Although her mouth was small, her tongue skillfully licked the tip of the penis in a good way.

In this game, I am also merely one of the game’s tools along with this lottery. That’s why I can’t play with these guys unless I obey the rules.

“It would seem that she’s ok, huh?”

“Hey!? What’s happening there!?!”

“Welp, I’m next. Let’s do it!”

“Ngogh! Nbugh!!”

As it’s not like semen comes out immediately, Chihaya, who had the next turn, tried to move her piece.

While holding down Nao’s head, I moved it back and forth as though to jerk off my penis.

Nao tried to use her lips and tongue to push back against my penis without baring her teeth. However, that instead bestowed my penis with a rather itchy stimulus.

“Erm, oh, I’m the same as Nao! 6!”

“It’s not like it’s that bad of a move.”

“For now, 1,000,000!”

“You’re on the decline.”


“H-Hey, Nao!? Are you really alright?”

“Hogogh! Nnngh!”

Even though Sunou knew that something was abnormal, she didn’t know what to do about it. Her consciousness that ended up obeying the rules had clouded her normal intent.

“Le’see le’see, [use your breasts to rub the guest’s skin], it says. Hmm-“

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t really have much of a chest, though. Is it doable”

It’s doable.

Chihaya took action quickly. Without holding any doubts, she tentatively took off her shirt and bra, approaching my body as I was predescribed as the guest.

Removing my jacket, Chihaya rubbed that lacklustre chest–or rather her torso against my body.

This is more like marking rather than stroking.

“This is pretty difficult, huh~”

“Nbgh, nnnnnnnggh!!”

I was just able to spurt out the accumulated semen into Nao’s mouth.

The ire that was raised by Sunou was cleared up in a good way, huh? So the thing I should’ve taken was her friends, I guess.

“Nao! Keep it together, Nao!”


“Now then, it has become my turn. I have a 10.”

“Uwoh, isn’t that the highest number!?”

“Houhou, [You have become a joint guarantor. Everyone other than the one with the most debts will lose 1,000,000, and the one in last place will obtain 1,000,000].”

“Why is it that 3,000,000 is lost but only 1,000,000 is gained?”

“I suppose that interest was taken out from that. For the time being, allow me to take possession of it.”

Reika drew out only one debt card. The contents were [Remove your panties. Wearing anything besides a skirt is prohibited so as to clearly confirm it], huh? I feel as though she keeps getting things with low damage rather often.

For Reika, who was wearing denim, she superbly threw off her bottoms, pants and all. What she was wearing was a luxurious-looking red panties.

Upon undressing, the beautiful shape of the vagina without a single blemish surfaced. It doesn’t seem as though she’s fiddled with it, huh?

Since Chihaya was wearing short pants, she also exposed her lower body at the same time. Since the upper body was originally naked, she was completely nude.

Her skin was healthy, seeming as though it would smile even if she were to go play outside just like that. Having that entire body rubbing against me was such an amazingly pleasant experience.


“Sunou, what’s wrong?”

While an expression of doubt surfaced oon her face numerous times, Sunou placed her own hands inside of her frilly gothic skirt. It’s ironic how only the root of all these crimes had suffered the least damage.

What fell by her feet were white pantsu with a pureness that was far removed from her gothic style. She cuts corners in the strangest of places.

“Erm, this is ok……right?”

“All that’s left is that Nao needs to take out one of the debt cards, but……”

Everyone directed their eyes towards the pitiful Nao’s foolishness.

While Nao tilted her head to the side with a lethargic face, semen spilled out from her mouth, agape after being used and thrown away.

“You’re not holding the semen in your mouth. That’s a rule violation.”

“I-In this case, what happens……?”

“Something suitable should be fine, ya? Right, right!”

When wondering what Chihaya had thought up, she took the panties that was in her hand and placed it on Nao’s raised leg.

I see. If one can’t throw out the debt card, then send the risk of debt to one’s opponent instead, huh?

“I shall acknowledge this.”

Reika also followed this, placing her panties on her other raised foot.

Even though Sunou understood this, she couldn’t move that well, failing to keep up.

“Erm, this……”

“Sunou, what are you doing, we’ve placed it on both her legs. Both of Nao’s hands are sealed as well.”

“Honou-chan……’heah.” (Sunou-chan……here.)

Unable to speak with the semen remaining in her mouth, Nao’s jerked with her chin.

Although it was unbelievable, but was this girl speaking while holding that in her mouth?

“Eh, Nao!? But-“

“That’s fine, isn’t it? Oof-!!”

“Fugogh! Gogogh!!”

Chihaya dumped Sunou’s panties into Nao’s mouth.

Struggling with a choke, Nao flapped her sealed mouth open and closed like a carp. The panties that protruded from her lips moved painfully.

It had become quite the surreal spectale.

“Alright, Nao. It’s your turn.”

“At least don’t lose in the roulette!”

Chihaya sensibly brought the roulette to Nao.

Using her barely movable fingertips, she got a 2.

“Erm, [The policeman who was finding fault in your actions suddenly bumped your own hand and fell on purpose. You are charged with a fine of 1,000,000 for obstructing his duties]. What is this saying?”

“It means that you should not let your guard down against public servants.”

“……since it doesn’t seem like Nao can draw, I’ll draw for her……[cover your eyes with underwear].”



It was another of the strange hobbies that was possessed by the wealthy.

In the opening where Sunou was flustered, Chihaya moved.

Having already removed the 2 panties that were covereding her legs, she covered Nao’s head with both of them. The part for the crotch had precisely touched the eyes, turning it into something like a blindfold.

“Well, let’s use the stuff she has! Nice, isn’t it?”


With panties on her mouth and head, Nao had taken an embarrassing pose that completely exposed her vagina while blindfolded.

It was such a rare spectacle.

“Well then……next—is me, right?”

Sunou had pulled back a little. I guess the part of her that rejected common sense disappeared a bit, huh?

“Sorry, Nao.”


Sunou moved the roulette with her finger full of guilt. She has begun to realise her sins, huh?

The number she got was 10.

Sunou’s expression that was right in front of my eyes hardened.

“……say, are we still going to play?”

“What’s with you, Sunou? You’re the one who chose this.”

“That’s right, but-“

“I’ll read it! [Public order has deteriorated due to disasters. The owed sum of the person with the most debt doubles].”

“Double……the person with the most-“

The trio all stared at Nao in unison.

Because Nao, herself, was in a state where she couldn’t see, she tilted her head in the face of this space that had become silent.

As expected, Sunou is good at playing games. She reached a space where she would be free of damage.

“For the time being, let’s try pulling out a debt card. [Creampie].”

“What happens here?”

“Fugogh! Nnnnnnnnggh!!!”

Such a simple card. And there wasn’t a need to draw it many times.

After seeing that card, I immediately moved my body and applied it against Nao’s snatch.

Since it’s been arranged to be so easy to enter, there’s no need to dawdle about. Without leaving any words or making any preparations, I inserted myself.

“Ngh, nnngh!! Mo-!!”

“Oooh, oooh! It’s moving, it’s moving!”

Chihaya, who was rubbing her body against me, muttered happily while looking at the point of union between my penis and her vagina.

Nao arched her body backwards in the face of the suddenly inserted foreign object, but because she was blocked by the sofa’s backrest, there was no place for her to escape.

Since the girl’s vagina had yet to become accustomed to it, its interior was fairly narrow. However, just putting it in wasn’t that difficult, and it felt like a part of that burden was moving towards Nao.


“Nao, are you alright!? Say, there’s something strange here!”

“Well, she’ll be fine, right? Next is my turn anyways, so here I go!”

Everyone apart from Nao and Sunou were unruffled. It’s only natural, since it’s a game.

This, this is great.

Sunou was able to grasp that the current state of affairs was hopelessly abnormal. And yet, she should be tormented by the helplessnes of being unable to understand, nor do anything.

Upon pumping in and out, my penis one-sidedly tried to spurt out inside of Nao’s vagina. Her intense tightness, coupled with the narrowness, made it feel not that bad.

As if to pulverous such empty resistance, my penis gouged deeper with great force countless times.

“Nbgh, gugh!! Nngh!”

Together with that voice of anguish, tears and foamy saliva dribbled from the edge of Nao’s mouth, perhaps due to the pain.

Both of the underwears sucked up the moisture, and so all that was left was mostly her blurred voice.

Thanks to that, I could hardly hear her pain. Even without doing such a thing, no one could stop me from fucking her, though.

“Now then, the rules say I have to let it out twice, huh? Let’s finish the first one quickly.”

“Nghnh!! Gigh……ah-“

The penis which couldn’t fit, while being pushed into the deepest part as though to pry open her vagina, began ejacluating.

The spreading insides of her vagina were further packed with semen. The vagina that had muddy liquids poured inside it was plugged up by the penis, and so it stirred the insides of Nao’s snatch.

“Now then, one more, right?”

“Isn’t it over yet?”

Unexpectedly, Chihaya, who was sticking to my body, was covered in water from the sex.

It would seem that she had pulled out a debt card, and the contents had something to do with me.

There’s still more to come. Games get grander the closer you get to the end.

“Naooo? Naaao?”


I resumed my pistoning.

Nao suddenly started to suffer again, and so apparently had fainted up until now.

In any case, I need to finish this quickly.

Somehow or another, today’s irritations have just about settled down.

While looking at Sunou’s still-agitated expression, I felt relief from everything up until now.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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