Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 68

West-South Russian Roulette-Arc

Without any particularly brand-new changes, the academy rushed into the lunch break.

While still seated at my desk, I intended to pass lunch in the classroom as per usual.

Even though I had gotten a long holiday, the reactions from the surroundings did not change. It’s only natural since, from the outset, I didn’t have any friends that would have idle chatter with me.

“Let’s eat toge-ther!”

Perhaps because of that, this voice awfully echoed to the current me.

Mai approached me while grinning, placing a bento box on top of myhead.

“Book? Booook. Book is the type that likes lunch boxes, right?”

“What about Shion and the others?”

“Today is Book. Look, you were on vacation just a while ago, right? I don’t know what you were doing, though.”

Naturally, no one knew what I was doing when I was on vacation.

Even if I took the same days off as Rein, they wouldn’t think that it was for the same reason.

I felt that Mai was sharp-sighted with regards to that area. No, one would be able to tell even without being sharp-sighted, huh?

“Having one’s meal is best done in quiet.”

“Aah, you said that? You suuure?”

Mai switched out the bento box on my head, and placed something like a bundle of paper in its place.

After initially furrowing my brow overtly, I took the paper that was placed on top of me. It wasn’t a bundle of paper, but a notebook.



It was there that my displeasure, whether willing or not, retracted.

Amazingly, it was a notebook. It was the content of the school’s lessons that had been written down: a crystallisation of the pursuit of knowledge.

“Does Book have anyone else who would show you their notebook? If you don’t, then I don’t mind showing you, though~”

“This girl……”

Certainly, this notebook is necessary in order to fill the two-day hole.

I had the idea that studying itself is something that should be done by yourself, and, before using hypnosis and abilities, should be done by one’s own will.

I dislike memorisation, but I don’t want to deny memorisation itself or be negligent in my studies.

Now, whether or not I should use hypnosis to take those notes by force.

“Lookie, lookie!”

“To be making a fool out of me-“

Mai was tactful. She was smugly looking down on me, but she was doing such an act with sympathy or something for me.

I looked down and thought for a bit, but I concluded that this scenario is where I could make a concession.

“I got it, then let’s eat lunch together.”

“I guess it’s come down to this, huh……!? Ok, ok!!”

When Mai took a peek at my face and smiled, she grabbed my right hand and didn’t let go.

It’s probably an indication of her will to not let me escape. She doesn’t intend to forgive me if I change my mind.

“Are we gonna eat here?”

“There’s a good place, y’know. Come, come!”

Mai showed her teeth a laughed maliciously, pulling me as though to hurry my up.

The place we arrived at was amazingly Rein’s private room.

Certainly Mai also knew about it, but choosing this place changes the situation slightly.


“Welcome, Mai.”

Rein greeted us while still seated on the chair in the room.

Her glance flickered my way for a moment, but just from that Rein’s expression did not change. Had she sensed what was going on, or had they talked about it previously?

“Because the two of you were coincidentally absent during the same period. I thought that, if I was gonna let you copy my notes, that doing it together would be better, see.”

“Yeah, I get it.”

Mai is sharp, so she probably already noticed that Rein and I were together.

No, but she wouldn’t have the slightest idea about such a reason, and I tend to be overly self-conscious.

Either way, it’s not like it has much influence, huh?

“Now now, let’s circle around the desk!”

“We’re already surrounding it.”

“That’s cause we sat down ourselves.”

“The both of you really go at your own pace, huh?”

For the time being, I opened the bento box and began to eat lunch. Even if I’m copying notes, it’ll be after this.

For the time being, Rein waited for Mai, but upon seeing me begin to eat, she sighed and opened her bento box.

Without finding fault with my conduct, Mai assiduously imitated me.

The good thing about these guys is that, all in all, they don’t disturb the pace of others. Being criticised at this time would be the most troublesome.

I don’t feel as though I am being forced to follow the other party, or in other words to act according to the general selfish trend.

“Say, what did the two of you do during the break?”

“I mentioned it before as well, but I was acting as a caretaker for my gramps who was hospitalised.”

“I was travelling.”

“Travelling where?”

“The tropics.”

“So vague~ Then, did you do anything fun?”

“Went to the zoo.”

Even if there wasn’t any particular meaning to it, I didn’t feel like telling Mai everything.

For the most part, explaining things from the beginning would be troublesome. It’s not something to do during meals.

Perhaps because Rein was also that sort, she drank tea with a composed face without correcting or explaining anything.

However, considering all that, she sent questioning glances this way. From Rein’s perspective, it appears to be a subject of much concern.

Oh, I see. Rein was being concerned since she thought that Mai and I are in a relationship, huh?

Upon thinking that, things had started to become a little fun.

“That’s right, actually I had gone there in the capacity of going along with someone, see. It was also my first time overseas, so I’m really thankful that they were there.”

“Heeh~ Who was it?”

“I think Mai should know them, though?”

Oh, Rein’s expression rapidly stiffened. The hand that was moving her chopsticks stopped.

“Say, tell me who it was?”

“For the time being, I’ll eat first.”

“C’mon, tell me.”

Today’s Mai’s expression is a little stiff. Her eyes aren’t smiling.

This is your punishment for obstructing me from eating by myself. I guess I should say that she was frustrated by the tantalising conversation.

“Say, Mai.”

“Rei-Rei, wait a sec. I’m questioning Book.”

Upon watching the two’s reaction, I also gradually found interest in this conversation.

“Oh, that’s right. [Over there is fun]. [Defeat is Yours].”

I recited the Hypnotic Keywords in that situation which had such a good mood.

Just at that moment, Mai and Rein fell into a hypnotic state, and the tense atmosphere stopped as though it was a lie. With blank eyes, they ended up dropping the chopsticks they held.

It would seem that Mai wanted to worm the information out of me. WIthout any particular reason, she probably wanted to use it as a conversation subject.

Rein thought that, were I to tell her, she might have once again done something bad to the relationship between Mai and me.

From my point of view, it’s a trivial story, but for the sake of the two who want to play, I’ll respect the duo’s will.

Finishing the main hypnotic suggestion, I released the two from their hypnotic state.

A firm consciousness returned to the duo’s eyes. Strength filled their bodies and they woke up.

The first to move was Mai.

“Say, Book. Take out your dick.”

“Ngh, why?”

“We won’t make any progress with things as they are now, so I’m gonna have a match against Rei-Rei so I can have a proper discussion, see.”

The subject of the suggestion came out from Mai, who was quick to get up. Because I guided her into such a flow, it might be just a matter of course, though.

Making them recognise that each of their intents collided with the other, I presented a fair and square method of setting things straight without sowing any seeds for further trouble.

“……that’s right, there might be no other choice except for what Mai’s saying.”

Perhaps having prepared herself for the worst, Rein also glared at me, who was a prop. Her cheeks reddened, apparently aware of the fact that the match they were going to have right now, despite being such, was an embarrassing thing.

Without showing a shred of such a sentiment, Mai suddenly pulled my pants down. She’s way to used to lowering my zipper.

My penis was exposed to the public eye. It was already towering, simultaneously striking Mai’s cheeks as it leaped out.

“Hya-woah! Now, let’s compete with Russian Roulette.”

“Yup, I got it.”

Rein also crouched down before my penis in the same position as Mai.

The two fixedly looked up at that towering thing as they placed their hands against my thighs.

Mai once gulped and swaloed her saliva.

“You know the rules, right?”

“The one that makes him ejaculate loses.”

Well, it’s the same rule as oridnary Russian Roulette. Just that the bullet has instead become semen.

Each side must without fail give fellatio for 10 seconds. From there one can separate at any time, but if the man ejaculates before the next person can put it in her mouth then you lose, or so is the rule.

“Well then, I’ll start, so-“

Rein quickly made up her mind with great force. Without any questions, she opened her mouth wide and stuffed it with my penis.

Without any time to protest, Mai gingerly gazed at the figure of Rein who was giving a blowjob.


“S-Somehow it’s making a strange sound-“

I guess it was only natural, but it didn’t end after 10 seconds. In order to bring this to an end sonner rather than later, it appears that she intended to wait until I was just on the verge of ejaculating.

Rein’s tongue was as good as ever. Her tongue crawled, as though licking the very blood that streamed through the insides of my penis. It seems that the people who know of my blood circulation have grasped just what to do where in order to make me explode.

Her expression was desperate, probably because she wanted to avoid an investigation about my holidays at all costs.

Looking down upon such a desperate Rein from above was such an amazingly pleasant thing.

“……I’m done.”

Rein seperated her mouth, having continued to constantly service my penis during the time when my thoughts had become drawn-out. There was a string of saliva that had stretched out from her mouth.

Thanks to that, the penis began to trembled with a twitch as it was presented before Mai’s eyes.


Mai also opened her mouth with an exceedingly serious expression.

The desperation of the duo were pretty adorable. Not matter which era it is, there’s a charm in being able to become so earnest about such pointless matters.


Mai’s ability was not as high as Rein’s. However, it’s not like she was inferior either.

She used the entirety of her mouth to serve my penis. Upon rubbing the tip with the back of her cheeks, an exceedingly tickling sensation was transmitted to my penis.

And then, upon looking up and meeting her eyes with mine, she sent back a smile. She was able to firmly service me in the areas outside of the technical.

Moreover, this girl firmly knew that I was yet to ejaculate in my previous condition. Even though she was ravaged whilst unaware, it appears that such wisdom has firmly taken root inside of Mai herself.

“Fuei……next, Rei-Rei!”


My penis had already begun to overflow with precum. Even though it’s like this, Mai had sucked up a moderate amount of it.

In other words, my penis on the verge of ejaculate was right in front of Rein’s nose.

Rein was sharp in intellect-based competitions. In other words, she was at a loss as to what to do in this sort of situation.

“Rei-Rei, you’re slow!”

“……I know that. Aah……”

Perhaps because she was trying to delay it by even a little, even though her mouth was open and my penis was inside it, she did not stuff it against her cheeks.

Only Rein’s warm breath granted stimulation to my penis.

“Ok, unfair!”


Perhaps because she, as expected, judged it to be a violation of the rules, Mai pushed Rein’s head and made her suck it by force.

My penis strongly pushed Rein’s tongue into her throat. Crushing the rough sensation of her tongue, the precum rubbed against her tongue and throat.

At the next moment, my penis reached its limit, and ended up spitting out semen.

“Nggh……bugh, nnnnnnnnnnnghh!!”

While chewing thoroughly on her own defeat, Rein was choked by the uncontrollably muddy stream.

As though not shaken by defeat, Mai pressed down Rein’s head with sadistic eyes.

Without holding back in the slightest, I poured my semen deep into Rein’s throat as though I were marking her.

“Bgh, bbghbbgh……! Nngh!”

Even when Rein’s eyes teared up, she was becoming horny from the scent of semen. Being able to enjoy herself, the suggestions I put in her are so gentle.

Mai also savoured her victory with a wretched smile. I feel like this part of her resembles me.

“Alright, winner! It’s my victory!”

“That’s right, this is Rein’s defeat, isn’t it?”


Mai spread both hands and coiled them around my neck.

While I was haughtily sitting on a seat, I gazed at the two meat toilets like a king.

“Now then, a winner requires a suitable prize, don’t they?”

However, I’m a little worried about giving Mai the information she wants just like this.

Of course, countermeasures for such have already been baked into the suggestions, so from here on out is the true match.

I simply raised my body that I had entrusted to the service, my penis confronting her as a single man.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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