Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 66

Houjou Kokoro Snap Decision Act-Arc

Upon listening to the sounds of machinery, I could smell the scent of home.

After saying farewell to Rein’s grandfather’s tropical zoo, I arrived at the Japanese Airport.

Finally having come all this way, the awareness that I had returned alive struck me. Although it wasn’t dangerous, the sense of security that the country of Japan gives really can only be experienced in Japan.

“I’m touched just by stepping on Japanese soil. It’s still only asphalt, though.”

“What are you saying?”

The word crisis didn’t exist in Rein’s dictionary. What an easy-going fellow. Her beautiful skin that was strangely untanned was a symbol of her ability to be able to live anywhere.

Even if endeavoured to stay in the shade, I occassionally got burned. Also, the scent of animals still clung to me.

Upon picking up the baggage that was entrusted to the airport and arriving at the entrance hall, I could confirm a figure that gave me a sense of deja vu.


It’s Kokoro. As though she were a dog who had spotted her master who had returned home, she came to my side with a quick pace.

Just like that without stopping even once, she flew into my chest.

“Welcome back. I’ve been eagerly looking forward to your return.”

“I contacted you via email, right?”

Kokoro hugged my body tightly so as to not separate from it. Her swinging long hair also looked like a rejoicing dog’s tail.

Receiving an American welcome made me concerned about the gazes of outsiders, albeit only slightly.

Yet, while realising that I had returned back to Japan, I simultaneously savoured the fact that I was assured of Kokoro being with me.

For the time being, I tried to pat her head. I spun it around and around.

“You guys……”

Rein was amazed, but we didn’t stop. You wouldn’t understand this deep emotion.

Kokoro was in such a good mood that it seemed as though she would start dancing in a field of flowers. It’s likely because she was savouring the happiness of being together with me. That’s only because of the suggestion, though.

“My apologies. I ended up too excited, and have done such a rude thing-“

“It’s fine sometimes. It’s troublesome that it stands out, though.”

We’re at the airport, after all. It might be rare, but this sort of thing probably won’t make people feel strange.

Even while she was apologising, Kokoro didn’t look like she was going to let go of my hand. Even though I suppressed the suggestion while I was in the tropics. It seems that I made a mistake somewhere.

“Ah, welcome back, Rein-san. Did you have fun in the tropics?”

“Y……yes. A moderate amount.”

“Is that so? That’s great.”

Perhaps because she was flustered by the late greeting that came her way, Rein was slightly frightened by Kokoro.

Perhaps because she had let herself go wild, Kokoro began to walk while clinging to my arm.

“Master, I have prepared a car, so let’s go home together. Of course, Rein-san as well.”

“As long as you drive safely.”

“Of course!”

Since I’m also tired today, I want to hurry up and return to my home as soon as possible.

“Before that, I gotta go toilet.”


“That’s why, let go of me.”

“M-My apologies!!”

“Me as well.”

It’s common for humans to want to go to the toilet when they calm down.

Kokoro stiffened as she watched me and Rein off while beaming a smile.



“Isn’t today’s Kokoro-san angry?”

“She’s not angry.”

Rather, she’s in a good mood.

However, Rein who has wild instincts asked me in a whisper, so it doesn’t seem to be wrong, though.

As expected, I’m not a person who worries about things so soon after returning back to my home country.

Swayed by Kokoro’s car, I would appear that I had fallen asleep before I had even noticed it.

However, I knew very well where I was right now. It was the apartment’s parking lot.

Unlike the usual Lancer Evolution, she came in a van, so I should say my appreciation to Kokoro who prioritised riding comfort.

In any case, I’ve finally returned to my home.


I slowly opened my eyes and examined my body. I remember getting into the passenger seat before sleeping, so there’s no mistake with me being here.

Kokoro was crouching on the driver’s seat, sucking my penis that had been undressed before I realised it.

“Goo’ ‘orning.”

“What happened to Rein?”

“I hab’ alfea’y sen’ her ‘ome.”

“I see.”

Don’t tell me I was constantly sleeping while I was riding in the car?

Upon looking at the time, it was about three o’clock in the afternoon. It hasn’t been that long since I’ve arrived here.

Kokoro was running her tongue all over my penis. After the tip of her tongue pushed against my urethra, she slowly crammed my penis into her mouth as though jerking it off.


Holding the back of Kokoro’s head, I pushed deep into the back of her throat with a jerk.

Kokoro became teary-eyed, but even so she gladly accepted my assault.

“Don’t raise your face. After all, outside the window is just a normal parking lot.”

“Yesh!! Mashta!!”

Just like that, I treated Kokoro’s head like it was a sex sleeve. Rocking the penis to the sides, I pressed against the back of Kokoro’s cheeks from the inside. As though I were brushing her teeth, I used the insides of Kokoro’s mouth without leaving any part to spare.

Even so, Kokoro accepted my actions while making sure that her teeth wouldn’t stick out. I guess she knows what’ll happen if she makes me uncomfortable even once. What a skillful fellow.

Coupled with the erection of waking up, my penis trembled as it began to convulse. It would seem that, after coming here, I had also slept for a considerable amount of time.

Letting loose along with my awakened consciousness, my penis discharged.

“Ngh! Gogh!!”

“Look now, drink it properly. I don’t care if if the car smells, after all.”

“Bbbgh, bbgggggghhh!!!”

Kokoro shut her eyes and strived to make sure that the overflowing semen wouldn’t come out of her mouth. While seeming as though she had a coughing fit from having the back of her throat pierced, the surroundings was filled with the vulgar splurting sound that came from inside her mouth.

Firmly holding down Kokoro’s head, I felt a sense of release returning to me, along with the feeling of conquering Kokoro.

“Ah, it really feels like I’ve returned.”


The interior of Kokoro’s mouth was filled with the scent of male. Perhaps her tongue was still seeking semen despite this, but she licked all over the non-sticky penis.

Of course, Kokoro’s body, which had the horny suggestion implanted in it, already made me feel that her female scent was even stronger than that.

“Now then, let’s go home.”

“M-Master……I’m already-“

“Don’t be stupid. I don’t mind that you licked it with your tongue, but any more than that is impossible.”

When I tried to get up, Kokoro begged me with longing eyes.

However, something like car sex from my perspective is an extremely dangerous act that doesn’t consider the consquences.

To make matters worse, there is also the fear of being discovered by having sexual intercourse in this place where there’s a possibility of someone passing by.

That’s right—–

“So that’s why you got this car, huh……”

“Yes, I thought it was a bit narrow, but I believed it to be suitable for that much-“

Kokoro immediately acted in order to induce a change in my mind.

Apparently the already prepared window frame’s curtains had been closed all at once. Moreover, they were of the types that were connected tightly so that it was impossible for a gap to be created between them.


“Master, pardon me.”

When Kokoro got on top of my body and pulled the lever behind the seat, the backrest dropped and, although narrow, a simple bedroom had been completed.

I figured out right now as to what I should say.

This woman had carefully piled up her preparations so that we would be able to have sex the instant I got into the car.

I intended to keep the suggestion suppressed, but perhaps, conversely, the part of her that was self-aware of the suppressed suggestion had repressed it?

Perhaps Kokoro might have been waiting for me to assault her while she was driving.

The outcome was that I, who was tired, ended up falling asleep, though.

“I’ve constantly been enduring it. I tried so hard so that it wouldn’t become a hindrance to my work. That’s why I continued to think so that, when Master came back, I could be fucked even a second sooner.”

While still collapsed together with me on the passenger seat, Kokoro fortunately hung over me from above.

And then she grabbed the hem of my top with her mouth and slowly raised it up. She ended up carefully licking me from my exposed belly to my chest.

Although she was going out of control, she gave the impression that she was just barely holding on with the last of her reason.

“Aah, Master’s sweat is tasty.”

With a glazed stare, Kokoro continued to suck my skin as though she was drinking her loving mother’s breast milk.

As expected, after having come to this point, I also lost my will to oppose it.

For such elaborate preparations, I shall show the appropriate courtesy.

“……suppress your voice.”

“Yes! Aah……!”

I promptly held Kokoro’s waist and strongly grabbed both sides of her butt.

Upon lifting her just like that, Kokoro, as though guessing what I was doing, also got on her knees and concentrated her gaze on my crotch.

We were in an arrangement where we could barely see each other’s genitals. Because it was just as narrow, I wasn’t able able to grasp the distance between my penis and her vagina.

“Aah……Master’s member that I haven’t seen after a long time……is inside of me-“

It seems that Kokoro couldn”t wait any longer. As though urging me with impatient movements, she firmly gripped my penis with her right hand and applied it against her own vagina.

However, perhaps because she was completely flustered, Kokoro couldn’t insert it easily, and the surface of her vagina licked the tip of my penis countless times.

“aAh……hyah, why!?”

I also couldn’t quite get tired of the Kokoro whose eyes had become moist in panic. It was so good that my lips trembled, so it was only fair.

As I didn’t feel like lending her a hand, I laughed as I watched this situation.


Kokoro shut her mouth and closed her eyes.

Even from the penis, the sensation of the tip being wrapped in something warm was transmitted to me. It would seem that she finally inserted it.

“Aah……it’s finally here!”

“You’ve done well. There!”

“Gigh! Aaahhhhh!”

I moved my waist up and down in good form. Although it’s only been for a few days, Kokoro’s vagina that I haven’t touched for a while hasn’t changed a bit as it accepted me.

Perhaps because her her impatiently waiting arousal had been released all at once, Kokoro also jerked her chin up and ended up climaxing.

Since it couldn’t be helped, I overlapped my lips over her own before she could shriek, sealing them.

Although they were the same lips that had drank my semen just before, I’ll forgive her for it this time.

“Ngigh, gh smooch……nnnnnnnnnnnggghhh!!”

With a twitch, Kokoro’s convulsions that seemed as though they would even spread over here continued.

In the place of Kokoro, who was unable to move, I began to piston.

Kokoro’s nose started bleeding due to the excessive excitement. Without being able to hold back her drool, water flowed from the holes both above and below.

“Ah’m ‘oweee!!!”

Kokoro could no longer articulate properly. In addition, because her mouth was blocked, she couldn’t converse either.

Being able to mercilessly ravage a horny female, I was also able to get her to accept any sort of act. A slave is really such a convenient and wonderful partner.

“Nngh Nngh!!”

Like that, Kokoro pushed her whole body against me, shaking the car. It was almost as though the two of us had become tied together into a single life form.

So as to not let my penis go, her vagina tightened around it while the insides gave off an intricate, finger-like stimulus. It was to the point where it seemed that even blood, much less sperm, was being sucked out.

Kokoro was just that familiar with me that she demonstrated her skills to the fullest.

slurp, nngh!”

Even though Kokoro herself barely had any consciousness left in her, she did not forget her respect towards me. Her flesh firmly moved for my sake.

That’s why I found this slave so very lovable, and wanted to roughly ravage her.

I became conscious of the fact that the wave of her body would soon reach its highest peak.

“Come on, Kokoro, don’t let go.”

“Nnngh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!”

In that moment, I seperated my lips and released Kokoro’s cries. Kokoro kept her shoulders down so that she wouldn’t hit the car’s ceiling, causing the penis to deeply collide against the dead-end of her vagina.

After screaming, Kokoro unsteadily shook her head with a stagger, fainting.


“What a sloppy face, huh?”

While still listless, Kokoro collapsed towards me.

Accepting this, I stared at Kokoro’s face that had become miserable by tears and the like. After combing up her bangs, I put my fingers into her mouth and played around with it.

“Ma……st, er-“

As though muttering in delirium, Kokoro whispered about me. Even though she’s not conscious, she wrapped both hands around this way and hugged me.

Since I found waiting to be troublesome, I slapped Kokoro’s cheek several times and forcefully woke her up.

“My apologies! My apologies!”

Kokoro’s ability to wake up was on the good side. With a quick start, she remembered what she did to me and cried as she came crawling.

It seems that her obstinacy doesn’t intend to let go of our current hugging state.

“No, let’s go back. To our home.”

“My apologies, but just a bit longer-“

From having had sexual intercourse, Kokoro probably gained the sense that I had come back.

I don’t know if that sensation is happiness or not, but she remained like this for a long time.

“Like Master, it was so manly and ruthless and wonderful……”

“You wanna go home, right?”

“I have been cleaning the room everyday. Please be at ease.”

“Why did you have to do it every day?”

“Your scent had decreased day by day, and I missed you.”

I’m bad at getting up. That’s why, to tell the truth, I wasn’t in a good mood.

Let’s go back now. Back home.

“Oi, Kokoro.”


“Put me in a good mood.”

“Yes! I’ll do it as many times as you wish!”

Of course, I didn’t tell her to have sexual intercourse with me.

Kokoro probably understood such and said it anyway. I half-expected her to once again hug my body.

“Master’s figure when reading a book is so wonderful. Also, there are times when you drool while sleeping. It’s very nice to wipe it. The morning after you’ve stayed up late, Master’s consciousness is really hazy, and the fact that you wouldn’t notice even if I kissed your cheek is wonderful.”

In a cheerful mood, Kokoro sung my praises. She happily squeezed me.

My mood worsened ever so slightly.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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