Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 64

Seibu Rein Childhood Rape-arc

Being pulled by the hand by Rein, we arrived at the insides of the forest.

I could not express it with any other word but a forest. Rein seemed to know a certain route, but from my perspective, I simply had no clue.

I still haven’t released Rein’s hypnosis. I was walking together with her while her mind was still that of when she was a little girl.

What was it that the child-minded Rein was trying to get me to do after having played around that much? I moved while being swept along by my curiosity.


Rein was firmly glued to me, turning around several times despite holding my hand. Since she walked quickly during childhood, there were many times where she ended up straying away from me.

Come to think of it, Rein is not the type of person to walk in front of others. I can see why.

While pulling and jerking my body that wanted to stop and stand still several times, she brought me to an unknown place.

“Great……it’s there.”

“What is?”

Rein stopped at a place that had no markings in particular.

“Say, Rein. Why don’t we go back together and have a shower?”


Disregarding me, Rein pulled my hand. She’s really a forceful fellow.

If I don’t choose the proper time to remove the hypnosis, then I feel as though I would meet a painful fate.

“Uwoh, a bush.”


No, even if you pull my arm, I’ll still hesitate.

I hate bushes. There are definitely strange insects in there.

The sea-swept clothes that clung to me felt really disgusting. I might end up catching a cold from this.

Perhaps upset because of my slow walking, her mouth made an へ shape.

“Ok, ok.”


Upon pushing the bush aside, I could see that a hut made of wood was there.

Even among huts, it was one of most gritty types. How should I say it, the lumber was arranged like a cage, and the roofs and walls had been made to look like something that resembled such. It was a hollow hut.

“A secret base?”

“Wrong. It’s MY HOME.”

(TL Note: MY HOME is in English)

“Even if you say it so natively-“

So it’s that. This is Rein’s secret base-like place when she came to play in this forest.

Creeping in through the door-less entrance, we entered inside the narrow-looking hut.

I can’t enter without crouching. And besides that, it was impossible to stand once inside. It was that low and narrow.

“It’s surprisingly clean, huh.”

“Gramps said he’d do it for me……it’s cramped.”

Rein got on all fours and moved inside. Since she entered first, I ended up scoring because I could see her butt sticking out this way.

The interior was unexpectedly refreshing. Only the weeds on the inside had been cleanly plucked, to the point where one would be able to tell immediately if there was even a single insect inside. As Rein laid the wrapped up vinyl rug, she created a very simple resting place.

“This place is surprisingly comfortable, huh?I don’t dislike these sorts of narrow spaces.”

“Really? Great!”

I see, Rein’s grandfather had kept it clean for her as though to say that she’s welcome to come back any time, huh?

If that was the case, then he had cleanly washed and prepared this carpet before Rein had arrived, come here on a daily basis so that the weeds wouldn’t be overgrown, all for the sake of his grandchild that may or may not come once a year.

Or rather, once she’s gotten to this age, she probably wouldn’t even come to her secret base any more.

I really have to respect her gramps’s touching efforts.

“Found it!”

With a cheerful face, Rein brought out a reasonably dirty box that had remained there.

Upon opening the box, there were several pieces of tableware that one could obviously tell where good items. It’s a wonder that they were inside of this worn-out box.

“This, here.”

“Hm? Ah, here, right?”

A teacup for each of us had been placed in front of Rein and myself. I more or less understood what was happening.

It’s Playing House. Even I who had no memories with a childhood friend understood that much.

To think that this cool beauty would be so stuck on playing house. I ended up imagining a very surreal image. And that is something that we would be doing in the future.

“It’s playing house, right? What role am I playing?”

“My neighbour!”

“Heeh, so you are the mother, and who’s the father?”


There was that big turtle at the place that Rein pointed out. Jeanne’s a female name, right?

“Son, daughter, roasted sweet potatoes, sweet bean buns.”

“Yeah, I got it. I’ve got the general idea.”

Every time Rein spoke, unknown animals would steadily start springing up. I don’t hate animal houses, but I’d like to refrain from the wild ones.

Since I was pointed outside, I tentatively left the hut. And then, I once again entered.

“Welcome, let’s have tea.”

“Yeah, sorry for the trouble.”

Sitting on top of the sheets, I looked over the interior of the narrow hut. Since I couldn’t stand up, I probably won’t be able to escape if something happens, huh?

Rein arranged the tea cups and dishes with elegant movements. As expected, this girl was also adorable when she was young, as suitable for her age.

For the time being, the dishes have been lined up, but I wonder if I have to move?

“T-Thank you for the food!”

“There’s still nothing there.”

No, I know that, but. That’s the part where you play pretend, right?

When I stopped my hands and waited, before long the squirrel-like little creature invaded the insides of this hut.

After getting on top of the plates and curling its body up into a ball, the brown squirrel stopped moving.

“Ok, there you go.”

“Aah, so that’s what you meant by sweet bean buns.”

These guys have also been trained.

Rein is a champions who is not just respected by humans, but even amongst animals as well.

For now, I pretended to eat it.

In doing so, Rein gave a big smile, and gazed at my figure.

Well, I know that she likes this sort of thing, but I’m getting bored.

Let’s create a new development for this play house.



While I was in a stooped position, I crawled to Rein.

Rein drew back her body somewhat, but this place was not wide enough to let her escape.

“Ma’am, you’re cute.”

“You’re such a flatterer.”

“No, I seriously would like to try and get together once.”

I acted as a slightly adult neighbour as a part of our playing house.

As though to press our relationship further, I placed my hand against Rein’s chin and gazed at her face.

Rein tried to turn her face away, but it wouldn’t move due to my hand. Since there’s the lust suggestions, it created a not-at-all-bad atmosphere.



“I’ll be noticed by the dad.”

Having been told this, I turned. The female tortoise that was her current husband lengthened her neck and looked at the sky.

As expected, it seems that they hadn’t been trained for this sort of situation.

“What, we won’t be noticed.”

“No, no-hnn……”

Like that, I stole Rein’s lips.

From the atmosphere, apparently Rein was a graceful married woman in this play house. She even called the neighbour and invited them to their teatime.

Entrusting her body to me even when playing house was quite the unfavourable circumstance.


“You’ll soon feel good, you know?”

I further hanged over Rein’s body, pushing her down.

Inside of the narrow hut, it would already become quite filled just from one person lying down in it. Since the two of us were spreading our bodies in such a place, we could hardly move.


When I overenthusiastically placed my hands against the wall, the hut swayed with a clatter. It was more sturdy than it first looked. Rein’s grandfather had probably crafted it carefully.

Rein’s fidgety thighs shook as though they were itchy.


“Look now, please be more honest. It’s not like I’m going to harm you, after all.”

Placing my hands on Rein’s trousers, I lowered it along with her panties. They were once again caught on her legs, but it will not be a hindrance for insertion.

“No more, nnmmgh!! Nnnnghh!!”

Upon sealing her mouth with my own, Rein’s eyes opened wide and her body shook. She struggled, but it was a resistance that only seemed like it but actually wasn’t.

I leaned over her from above, using my entire body to hold her down. During that time, I also clutched Rein’s chest with one hand and used the other to firmly hold her down so that our lips wouldn’t separate.

The hut shook, and the neatly arranged dishes were pushed into a corner.


“I’m putting it in.”

After a while, Rein’s body convulsed before becoming docile. It should be fine soon.

I also stopped the pretence of pretend and took out my penis. After confirming it only with my mouth, I inserted inside of Rein’s vagina.


“T-The father should also watch it properly, huh? Isn’t it great, the family doesn’t seem like it’ll fall apart.”

The animals were waiting for Rein to give them instructions. In other words, they were constantly looking this way.

To Rein’s friends whom she knew from a young age, I exposed her grown-up figure. Applying my penis against her vagina, each of our familiar genitals intersected.


“Why don’t we properly show the place that we’re connected?”

I began to pump intensely inside of the narrow hut. It no doubt felt like it, but it was a selfish act, violent like an animal.

Thinking about it, I believe that Rein’s grandfather is also a poor fellow.

The cherishingly maintained hut had been violently ravaged this much, and the unused dishes that were taken out had been driven into a corner. And his greatest treasure, Rein, was being fucked in front of her animal comrades.

“Kyah, ah, aah……!”


Because of the narrowness, our bodies were barely able to separate from each other. While still hugging each other, I hurriedly continued to give her short pistons.

Inside such a closed space, Rein displayed her released flesh and opened her heart to the suggestion. She opened her tongue in disarray, leaking out an animal-like panting within the forest.

Before one noticed, both of Rein’s arms wrapped around my back, accepting my pumping.

Like that, I pumped Rein’s vagina downwards and downwards, almost as though I were pushing it against the forest floor.

“That’s a good smell.”

Rein’s sweet feminine scent drifted within the hut.

Perhaps because we had stayed a long time inside the forest, I had become sensitive to the smell unique to humans. In the face of the human-like male-female presence of each other, I felt a little bit relieved.

This is probably what it feels like to be a dog marking their own territory.

“Aah, aahaahh!!”

Simulated by the smell of sex that I possessed, Rein’s body became further flushed. With sweat flowing down her forehead, she secreted the remnants of humans from all over her body.

Her genitals also followed accordingly, as love juice flowed from her vagina. Her instincts also became eager in trying to squeeze out semen from my penis, seeking its smell.

“It’s fine. Look, let me show you.”

“Aah!! Aaaaaaaaahhh!!!”

After rounding my waist and burying my face into Rein’s breasts, I thrusted up until I reached the dead end of her vagina and ejaculated.

As her mouth was being held with my fingers, Rein’s lips simply trembled. Thrusting her chin and back backwards, she stretched her body’s muscles more than ever before.


It was there that I suddenly dropped Rein’s body to the floor.

In that beat, I pulled out my penis from her vagina and splashed semen all over Rein’s body.

As a result, Rein’s sexual male-female aroma further dyed this room in the scent of humans.


“Look now, you need to show that figure to everyone more. The figure of you having grown into an adult.”

Having had her body covered in sperm, Rein tried to arrange her breath as her chest bounced up and down.

This erotic, humiliating appearance was fully watched by the animals.


“How was it?”

Since we were here anyway, I asked for the pure impression of Rein who had the mentality of a young girl.

“I’m tired.”

However, what came back was not disgrace, but a truly pure impression.

Well, it can’t be helped. This Rein is not a person with such appearances, after all.

“What, the fun will be after this, after all.”

“Nap time.”

Upon muttering such all of a sudden, Rein closed her eyes and began sleeping soundly.

Really, she was a woman who lived as she pleased. This is exactly why her original figure could also be said to be her personality without any decorations.


“I see, so you’re sleeping, huh?”

Although I had thoroughly thrashed someone’s hut, I probably should have thought about what happens next.

Not knowing particularly what to do, I watched the sleeping Rein.

Contrary to her disordered figure moments prior, her calm adorable sleeping face could be said to be precious.

The fact that I fucked and defiled this adorable Rein with sexual intercourse amazingly filled me fully with a sense of accomplishment.

However, this hut still remained dirty.

It’s narrow, and even if I tried to rest, my own dirty stuff clung to my body.


“What should I do?”

I wonder if I could have the animals take care of the clean up for me?

“Clean, clean.”

I tried ordering the dog as though I were telling it to return home, but of course such a thing wouldn’t reach it. The turtle stretched its neck, merely waiting for the instructions to playing house that had been abandoned long ago.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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