Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 63

Seibu Rein Regression Play-Arc

While Japan was in the wonderful season of Autumn, it was hard to return to this country’s summer.

Laying down in this house without air-conditioning or electric fans, I had the squirrel riding on top of my belly.

Normally, something like a wild animal riding on top of my belly would be quite alarming in and of itself. Also, sometimes I even see a hideous bug.

It felt as though the fatigue from walking all the way here on foot had came at me all at once.

“I can’t resist any more.”


Perhaps having finished examining the baggage I brought, Rein showed her bare feet around the area before my head.

She was looking down at me, who was lying down, from above. With the bare minimum attire of hot pants and a short shirt, her long hair was also tied behind her.

While gazing at the lines of her chest from her thighs, I fell into a daze.

“Aren’t you hot, Rein?”

“It’s obvious that I’m hot! How pathetic.”

Rein snorted as she peered into my face.

Of course, I couldn’t fight back even when told such a thing.

“Since, in the end I finished it all by myself, there wasn’t any reason for you to come here, was there?”

“That’s cause you’re used to it.”

Shit, this was a miscalculation.

Who was it that said that the tropics are more comfortable than Japan? I’m weak to both heat and cold, after all.

“For now, there’s nothing else to do. Even if you did things suitably later, that won’t change. Even though I said to manage the animals here, it’s fine if you just stay together with them.”

“I see, I see.”

Rein sat down beside me and gazed at the forest.

The animals here were more united than a bad organisation. In particular, their alertness towards outsiders even made me open my eyes wide.

That’s exactly why I knew that Rein’s grandfather wanted to leave her in this forest with someone who was not an outsider.

“Are you going to bathe? You’ll upset your stomach if you stay too long, though.”

“Yeah, that water’s a little too cold, see. More importantly……”

Raising my torso, I examined my own body.

If I sleep, then I’ll recover somehow or another. Even though I’m a clean freak, being able to sleep in an unfamiliar place is one of my very few strong points. This time it was probably because Rein was nearby, though.

“[Defeat is Yours].”

What’s left is free time.

In that case, then I should live it out as I please.

“Rein, can you hear me?”

“Yes……I can, hear you.”

“Is there anything else that you must do in this place?”

“Yes……there is nothing, I need to do in particular……”

We had food, and insect repellent had also been made in the bedroom.

Those beasts were monitoring us, but they won’t harm me, who is Rein’s friend.

In a certain sense, it is my kingdom other than school.

While combing Rein’s hair, I placed my hand against her cheek. Because of the heat, I could feel sweat sticking to my hand.

“Have you ever come here before? In your memories, when was it that you were the youngest?”

“Yes……about 10……years ago, I think.”

“Then, please recall. The you of that time. Look, you can see a clock that represents your time before your eyes. Put your finger there, and slowly turn the clock backwards, and go back in time.”

“Go back……in time……”

There is a phenomenon of regression among humans.

There is a thing known as Regression Hypnosis, but that is a little different. This is the regression of those who, regardless of will, have their mentality return to that of their own childhood due to stress or something.

This is also a mystery, and even now they were able to retain their memories up until now while in regression.

In other words, it was the type of thing where one things that their act is true. Since the person themselves who know their past selves the most was imitating them, it just appears as though they had regressed.

“There, you will turn the clock back until the next time you had played in this forest. IN doing so, you will think that the clock has become a door. Ahead of that is a staircase. Please slowly walk down it, one step at a time.”

“Yes……walk down……”

Rein’s lethargic body shook unstably, perhaps due to the image.

While supporting the hypnotised Rein, I completed the regression.

“If you go through the door in front of you, your body will become younger, to that of long ago. Rein has returned to the past.”


“Now then, let’s wake up……from here on……”

Rein’s mouth opened wide. Originally she was expressionless and without strength, but she had become even more miserable.

While grasping Rein’s shoulder, I hit them with a pat as though feeling the rhythm, releasing her from her trance.



Rein woke up. Her eyes opened wider than usual, nimbly looking left and right restlessly like a bird.

I don’t know how old Rein was when she played here, but it was certain that she was young.

Now then, while snickering, I waited for Rein to act.



In doing so, Rein opened her mouth wide all of a sudden and raised a shout.

Looking upwards as though howling, her voice resonated throughout the forest.

Having my ears slightly done in, I shook my head sharply.

“Let’s go!”

Speaking in a higher voice than usual, Rein grabbed my hand and swept me away.

Having been swept away, I ran through the forest together with Rein.

“Rein, what’s wrong!?”


Rein is quick. The scenery of the forest flowed past like the wind as we delved deeper and deeper.

I already don’t know where to go to get back any more. This hypnosis might have been very careless to do.

Just as I thought so, the forest opened up.

“W-What is this place!?”

“We came to play, right?”

Up ahead after exiting the forest was a sea. Come to think of it, they said it was here, huh?

Having been released from Rein’s hands, I rearranged my breathing so as to soften the burden from having run through the forest in one stretch.

The tone of Rein’s voice was higher than usual. Directing a carefree smile at me, she stood firm with her feet set apart.

“Really, first is this!”

“Is that so? What is?”

“Yup. C’mon, hurry up!”

I wonder if she means we’ll be entering the sea?

Rein was moving her body hurriedly even while she was talking as she urged me.

How should I say this, she’s taking the initiative more than usual.

I knew that she originally had a forceful side to her, but she might not have needed to suppress that when she was younger.


Perhaps because Rein couldn’t wait for me, she turned to the sea and ran after sucking in a big breath.

I was wondering what I should do. I remembered that I couldn’t go back if I didn’t follow Rein.

“I’ll also go in only up to my feet.”

For now, I decided to watch over Rein at the water’s edge so that I wouldn’t lose sight of her.

While still wearing her clothes, Rein excitingly decided to use a crawl, and was energetically swimming.

“The sea isn’t gonna be strange at this time of year, right……?”


Rein called to me from the open seas. She’s quite the dextrous fellow to be able to shout while swimming.

While I was thinking this, Rein’s shadow approached me. She turned here and came swimming over—



Quickly closing in on me as though she were a shark swimming in shallow waters, Rein leaped out of the ocean.

Being pushed down as such by Rein as her prey, my clothes became wet due to the sea.


“You’re-, mmogh?!”

Rein straddled me and, after pushing me down, suddenly covered my lips with her own.

“I’ve taken it!”

“The waves, my face, my face!?!”

No matter what Rein did, she was smiling happily. She was acting selfishly.

It’s likely that this was her early childhood.

She amply demonstrated her unique physical abilities, to the point where she could run all by herself without anyone catching up to her. She would abuse her partner with what she wants to do as the first priority.

Even this kiss didn’t have any deep meaning.

“Say, let’s do it!”

“Do it, you say–owah!?”

Rein was a person of few words. She really moved freely.

As I was constantly thrown around by such a Rein, I had no opportunity to fight back.

My pants were suddenly removed, and my trunks were also cast away into the ocean.

“Oi, wait! If that’s gone, then I can’t go ba-“


While her eyes sparkled, Rein inverted herself on top of me 180 degrees. We were in a state where Rein and I were both in each other’s nethe regions.

As I was wondering what she was doing, Rein stared at my penis as though looking at something incredibly delicious.

Perhaps her horny suggestion was working in this situation?

Why? Why did this girl, who did not seem to have even a shred of guilt, go into heat?

“You, what are-uwooh!!”


Rein started to suck my penis without warning.

Because the normal Rein had knowledge regarding sex, she began to give me a blow job as though she were familiar with it.

Rein’s roughly moving tongue undulated like a foreign creature as though to squeeze out semen from my penis inside her mouth.



My will was ignored. Without pause, she treated my penis as though it were ice cream or something.

How humiliating.

Even so, Rein’s power was so strong that I couldn’t even get up.

“You, you know what you’re doing, don’t you!?”

“Nngh? MMm!!”

That’s why I rolled up Rein’s skirt that was just before my eyes and pulled down her panties, facing the vagina that was revealed before me and sinking my teeth into it. I then inserted my tongue.

The situation changed from being one-sidedly given a blow job to sixty-nine-ing each other from above and below.

If its the opponent’s arena, then I can compete with them. If I do so, then I should win.

“I will clear away my humiliation!”



Rein shook her head from left to right while her cheeks were still stuffed with my penis. The tip of the penis hit the back of her cheeks, and the soft, damp sensation bestowed a new stimulation to my penis.

I wrapped both hands around Rein’s butt, and dared to press her vagina against my face. After play-biting her erect clitoris, I licked it as though sucking candy.

“Ngh, nnhmmgh!!”

Rein’s legs began to flail about with a struggle. She’s really a dangerous woman.

Perceiving that Rein’s restraint had weakened because of that, I vigorously raised my body and flipped her over.

“Damn it!”


A large splash rose.

This time I was on top, changing into a position where I was thrusting inside of Rein’s mouth. My penis stabbed into the back of her throat, and my lips were pressed down against her vagina.

The fact that I’d be letting out is fine. The issue is that being made to let it out was humiliating.

As though saying that right now was a good opportunity, I placed strength into both of my arms. As though maying a note on Rein’s butt, I made noise as I sucked her vagina.

“I’m cumming!”

“Bbghbgh……mmmmmmmmmmmmmmgh!!! Goghogh!?!”

And then, like that, I spewed out semen from my penis without holding back.

Perhaps because the horny suggestion made her reach the peak because of being bathed in my bodily fluids, Rein squirted from her vagina.

My face was covered in the love juice, but Rein, who was below me, was likely unable to spit out my semen.

The act that was as though we were throwing our bodily fluids at each other had finally settled down.

After that, the only thing that reached our ears were the sounds of the calm waves.

“……how was it, Rein……I’m, tired……”

I stood up with a feeling of exhaustion, as though I had almost ran a full marathon in this short period of time.

While dazed with her mouth open, Rein collapsed with her arms and legs sprawled outwards.


The semen accumulated in her mouth flowed down Rein’s mouth as she sighed comfortable.

“What a stupid face.”

“……I’m not stupid……idiot.”

Rein finally calmed down. Without moving suddenly like earlier, she powerlessly gazed at the sky.

While scratching my head, I crouched down at the shoreline. The waves came at my feet, but it didn’t matter since they were already wet.

“Why did we come here?”

“Because I wanted, to play together with you.”

Without trying to cover things up or lie, she placed her thoughts directly into words.

She wants to play. Since it was the first time she came here with someone of the same age, it seems that such an emotion surfaced within her.

“Then why did you suddenly undress me?”

Just that couldn’t be used as a reason for this.

Towards my question, Rein responded with a pure smile.

“Because it feels good!”

Rein got up and once again took my hand.

“Hey, let’s play more. Being together with you is a lot of fun, after all.”

I wonder if the Rein of her childhood was a child who would want to play with someone until she collapsed like this?

Even so, I have never heard of the young Rein’s friends, so I don’t actually know.

While looking at Rein’s strongly linked hand, I returned a bitter smile.

“I’d like it if you could grab me a little softer, though.”

“No way. I mean, this way is the happiest!”

If this is the young Rein, then how did the current Rein become like that?

For the time being, I listened to Rein’s will and got up.

In doing so, Rein showed a satisfied smile.

“Then, where are we going next?”

“The forest!”

“No, I don’t know what you mean if you just say ‘the forest’.”

Now then, how should I enjoy Rein from here on?

Upon having had sexual intercourse so obediently like this, I was conversely lost about how I should play with her.

For now, let’s store this smile away in my brain. If the current Rein made this face, I wouldn’t know what to do.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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