Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 60

Academy Love God-Arc

I couldn’t turn the Counselling Room’s door knob. It would seem that Kokoro has locked the door.

Without paying any particular attention to it, I took out my own key from my bag and unlocked it.


In the room was Kokoro and a woman who was lovely in her own way sitting face-to-face with each other.

Both of the were stunned upon seeing me who suddenly came in.

“Aah, [It’s an Amoeba, so don’t worry about it].”

There, I stated the hypnotic keyword that was prepared in advance.

I prepared this for the people who received the Hypnotic Test, a keyword that would take effect immediately.

It was the type of thing used in an emergency, when I’m spotted by students accidentally while in the midst of doing something.

“Ah yes, that’s right.”

When stating this, the people who have taken the Hypnotic Test will not concern themselves with the person who spoke these words for about one hour.

As it was the type that anyone could activate just by speaking these lines, there were other useful keywords that had been instilled.


“What, you haven’t lost her trust, right?”

Kokoro furrowed her brow as though slightly troubled. Well, as a counsellor, it can’t be called a very good practice, after all.

Nonetheless, it’s also annoying for me, myself, to be waiting outside. It’s not like I’m in a good mood right now, either.

“Erm, can I continue talking?”

“Indeed……please go ahead, Yuri-san.”

Apparently the woman who came for counselling was called Yuri.

She was a 2nd year based from her name tag. Her pig tails were quite adorable, and her breasts, while moderate, were rather shapely.

(TL Note: This is the hair style.ツーサイドアップ)

Taking out a book and a drink, I sat beside Kokoro.

“Like I said before, my childhood friend doesn’t listen to what I say at all. Ah, but he’s always properly nearby whenever I’m in distress, and he’d hug me without saying anything when I cry.”

“But you still cannot say your feelings?”

“Yes……I’m scared that our current relationship will break because of it……”

Apparently she came to have a love consultation.

She probably had this place recommended to her by the likes of Mai or Rein. Rein surprisingly associates more with the senior girls.

“Even though I commute to and from school with Atari-kun every day, we have never held hands……”

From listening, it seems that she loves her childhood friend who she gets along with, but is getting frustrated at not being able to advance into a relationship that is more than just friends.

However, Yuri’s face when she’s talking about the man is red with shame, and she really loves being together with and talking about him.

“But when I talk to other guys, Atari-kun suddenly pulls my hand away……”

Yuri is the very definition of a maiden in love. Because she said they were childhood friends, she will probably continuing loving that man for the rest of her life.

Although I just happened to overhear it earlier, it wouldn’t be strange even if she were to go out with that childhood friend.

“Just a moment ago, when I asked whether he had someone he liked as a little joke, he only responded with ‘Y’. Perhaps this is a surname, or a first name?”

“Did he not tell you which one it was?”

“Yes, no matter how much I asked, he averted his gaze and ignored me.”

Yuri continued to speak while fidgeting. She’s probably embarrassed, rubbing her thighs like that. Her legs were very sexy.

Frankly, there’s no need to resolve this sort of consultation.

If it’s a problem that can be resolved after consultation, then one shouldn’t have been troubled about it in the first place.

Kokoro’s duty is to listen to such people and to ease up their stress.

Actually, the talking was pretty much all done from Yuri’s side. Kokoro was skilfully listening to Yuri’s story, but that was all.

It is not essential in life to solve one’s troubles. Continuing to be troubled in itself is its gratification.

That being said-

“How frustrating.”

“Ah, Master……!”

I sounded the buzzer that I carried around, causing Yuri to fall into a hypnotic trance.

Kokoro was surprised, but after sighing she smiled at me as though it couldn’t be helped.

“What, I don’t have any intent of bullying her. She took the Hypnotic Test, so I thought that I should give her a bit of happiness, see.”

“Master is really……I believe that you are whimsical.”

“Is that bad?”

“No, I became a Counsellor because I wanted to be the strength of troubled people, more than I wanted to save people. Even though I’m a slave, you should not take this lightly, Master.”

“I see, so I did a bad thing, huh?”

As an apology, I locked lips with Kokoro.

Kokoro also accepted that, intertwining her tongue as we exchanged saliva. Right now, she was craving the happiness that she wanted the most.

Even though Yuri was in a hypnotic trance before our eyes, that didn’t matter.

“Even so, what a ridiculous childhood friend. To not notice even though he has received such good favour to this extent, I haven’t seen him before, but it wouldn’t be an overstatement to call him blind.”

“…………yes, that is indeed so.”

He’s a worthless guy.

You should at least properly understand the good will people hold towards you. Well, not that it’s got anything to do with me.

Before hypnotising her, I looked at Kokoro.

Kokoro immediately returned a smile at me, using her own hands to place mine against her left breast. If she’s seducing me, then it can’t be helped that it has to be later.

After school the next day, I was with Yuri behind the school building.

Thanks to the students’ cleaning activities, there was a lawn devoid of a single weed growing abundantly. I’m really helped that even the unseen places have become beautiful.

Due to nervousness, Yuri held both of her hands together in front of her chest and fidgeted.

“This is quite nerve-wracking.”

“What, I’ll properly cooperate.”

“Thank you very much. For getting you involved in all of this, I-“

“I’m also something like Kokoro’s assistant, so please don’t mind it. Ah, look, someone’s coming.”


Kokoro was watching the surroundings for us, so the one who arrived at this place was my assumed person.

Upon seeing the body hidden in the shadows, one could see that it was a man.

“Huh, Yuri?”

“Ah, Atari-kun……”

The man called Atari-kun was Yuri’s childhood friend. I heard that he’s in the soccer club, and seemed to be quite an energetic boy.

As per the setting, I gathered the two childhood friends together in this place.

“Erm, so you over there is the one that called me?”

“Yes, that’s right. However, the one who wants to speak is her.”

“U-Um, you see, Atari-kun. I want you to watch without saying anything.”

Yuri first took a deep breath, trying to hold back the trembling in her hands. However, the tremors did not settle down.

Even so, she desperately resolved herself, firmly stretching her spine and moved.

First off, she took off the blouse of her uniform, shedding it onto the lawn.


Atari-kun became confused. Well, but of course he was.

Meanwhile, Yuri took off her top before his eyes, removing the buttons of her Y-shirt one by one. Exposing the front, her pink bra was completely visible.


“Leave it to me.”

After that, Yuri resolutely asked me, who was behind her.

Trying to answer that determination, I wrapped my hands around her from behind and clutched Yuri’s breasts.


“Please watch……nngh……”

In front of Atari-kun’s eyes, I began to knead Yuri’s breasts as though displaying it to him.

Rubbing them from underneath as though rowing a boat, I inserted my hands into the bra. Like that, I buried my hands into her chest from below as though taking hold of oranges. The nipples between my index and middle finger were sometimes touched.


Because the horny suggestion was firmly instilled into Yuri, she was able to be sufficiently turned on just by having her breasts groped while being a virgin. She was rubbing her thighs, and sweat poured down her neck.

While licking up her sweat, I gazed at Atari-kun, who was standing stock still before my eyes.

Atari-kun was surprised with trembling hands, but he did not shout or jump at me.

“How……is it, Atari-kun!?”

“Yuri……I, I-“

Atari-kun ended up overenthusiastically averting his gaze.

“Aah……look, why won’t you look at me……?”


“Am I really not that charming? As I thought……hyaaaah!!!”


I roughly moved both of her breasts, as though kneading them. Flicking her nipples with my nails, I continued to tease her chest with strength that could lift up her entire body.

Atari-kun vexedly averted his eyes, but he opened his mouth, perhaps having finally resigned himself.

“I-I think you’re……beautiful.”



So one push is still not enough, huh?

Right now, Atari-kun was like a man seeing a sensationalist woman as beautiful. If it was sexual, then he would just prioritise his good will over his reason.

In other words, the more Yuri does things sexual, then she would be seen as attractive.

The strategy was to use this in order to make him confess.

Well, I guess I’m soft-hearted enough that I even ended up playing love cupid.




Yuri once again climaxed just from her breasts. While panting, she exhaustedly entrusted her back to me.

Atari-kun definitely thinks that Yuri is attractive. They probably had mutual love from the start.

However, they were childhood friends, hence they had reservations, as well as fear towards moving further in their relationship.

“Yuri-san, this can’t be helped, yes?”

“……please continue.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m also serious, after all.”

“……is that so? Then I’ll have to cooperate.”

If it’s for the sake of the hesitating duo, then it can’t be helped. I guess I’ll also pitch in and help out.

Placing my pants and trunks on top of the lawn, I exposed my penis to the wind.

Placing my hand inside the skirt of Yuri’s uniform, I removed her panties in front of Atari-kun’s eyes.

“Erm, from here what should I do……?”

“Let’s see, at any rate, could you get on all fours and point your butt towards me?”

So that Atari-kun who was just right in front of her couldn’t see, I decided to fuck Yuri from the back.

Yuri placed her forefeet on the ground like a dog, pushing her skirt against me as she shook her butt. She was probably striving to be as lewd as possible.

“Atari-kun……please watch me properly, ok? From here on, this person is going to put his penis inside of me. I’ll show you that I can skilfully have sex, so……”

Yuri looked at Atari-kun with moist eyes. Coordinating with the fact that she’s going to get ravaged, she showed her sexuality even more.

It appears that Atari-kun still hasn’t hardened his resolve yet. Even though he can’t take his eyes off her, he wasn’t able to move from that spot.

Sepearte from the duo who were staring at each other, I rolled up Yuri’s skirt. I could get a good view of her well-shaped vagina that still had little sexual experience.

Like this, I took my own penis in my hand and applied it against Yuri’s vagina.

“Aah……ah, it’s coming……!”

My penis gradually pried open Yuri’s vagina. My penis was scooping out an irreparable scar.

Without putting on airs, nor cherishing it, I pierced her in one stroke. After all, we’re strangers.


Yuri trembled with pain, unable to close her opened mouth. The uniform-wearing dog was being fucked there.

Without seeking acknowledgement, I began to pump her.


“Atari-kun……Atari-kun! I, I’mmmmmmm!!!!”

“Wait, no! Don’t say it!”

Yuri’s vagina tightened from the shock. It really helps that she’s able to move once in heat, even though she’s a woman with little experience, huh.

“No way……”

“No! That’s not what I meant!”

“Then what!?”

“I-I’m the one who has to say it!”

I slightly raised Yuri’s butt, trying to make my penis, that couldn’t fit, reach even deeper inside.

Perhaps having received a shock in that instant, Yuri raised a groan as though having been hit by a blunt instrument.

“This is nice, it feels good.”

“Ugh……Adari, gu……n……”

“You know, before I could tell what was going on, I was always together with Yuri. That’s why I thought it was a given that you’d always be by my side, and that it would continue forever.”

I dug around a few places where the tip of my penis couldn’t fit. The resistance that came from the vagina that was trying to hold that back was pleasant.

Yuri was already convulsing and twitching from the pain and pleasure, and could no longer articulate properly.

Well, the opportune time should be around here.

In order to finish early, I hastened my pistons.

“Aah aah……giaah……”

“But just that is not enough any more. Not just being together, I, I-!”


“I love you, Yuri! I’ve always had these feelings and thoughts! I want to stay together with you, Yuri!”

Just before Atari-kun’s confession, I ejaculated and Yuri climaxed.

While raising a moan, Yuri seemingly smiled.


“Yuri! Yuri!”

“Phew, I guess I’ll have this cleaned up.”

Upon taking my penis out of Yuri’s vagina, I placed my sticky penis as it was against Yuri’s mouth and rubbed it.

In any case, it should be fine to make her look a little more attractive. It’s my own brand of kindness.

“Ata……ri……ku, n.”


When I separated, Yuri and Atari-kun stared at each other. Many years of love bore fruit, that is what I thought. I silently watched over them.

After a while, Atari-kun brought his face close to Yuri, who was collapsed and couldn’t get up.

Perhaps because she couldn’t move, Yuri simply closed her eyes and continued to wait.

The two exchanged a kiss of their vows.

“……heheh, first kiss……”

“It’s mine, as well.”

Because of their faces touching, the two ended up being covered in my semen.

So that was their first kiss, huh? I guess putting my penis against her mouth was meddling, huh?

Well, whatever.

“I wish the both of you happiness.”

I quietly muttered so that the two wouldn’t hear me. It’s likely that, even if I spoke loudly, it wouldn’t reach the duo who were in their own world.

While receiving a slight sense of accomplishment and a sense of conquest from my back, I departed from the back of the school building with a fresh sentiment.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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