Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 57

East-West-South-North Cultural Festival Daily Life-Arc

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This time there is no ero.

During the public holidays, there was a day in which one needed to go to school.

I spent the morning of the Cultural Festival’s appointed day in the counselling room, not knowing what do with my free time.

Although school attendance on a public holiday was fundamentally a dull thing, there were those who were cheerful only because it was the Cultural Festival. I was also considerably in a good mood.

“Master, would you like another?”


“Apple juice, yes?”

The opening time hasn’t arrived yet. It was probably about the time when each of the classrooms were conducting home room.

Just like those whose clubs were holding an attraction, I was allowed to stand by in my exclusive locations.

It’s thanks to this that I’m able to relax in this air-conditioned Counselling Room amongst this heat.

“Master, you really like it, don’t you?”

“100% is the best. The thing that’s the best is that it has the spirit of the genuine article.”

Today is a day to get fired up about. It’s not the time to be swayed by drinks.

I want to avoid being the first to arrive, but I should go at a time when there is as least amount of people gathered as possible.

“Are you really looking forward to it so much?”

“It’s not up to point. But I’m curious as to just how good this new version that Simulation Club has raised is, see. More importantly, you’ve asked for a leave of absence, right?”

“Yes, I will properly take care of the house.”

For some unspecified reason, Kokoro has asked for a leave of absence from this place. I promised to go around together with her, but it just can’t be helped.

“We’ll do it later, then.”

“Yes! Thank you very much! If it’s for that, then I will wait forever for you, Master!”

“I see.”

Home room time has already long passed. Perhaps the main gates had been opened to the public.

I guess now should be fine, huh?

“Book, y’here? Y’here!!”

“Don’t tell me the door wasn’t locked again……”

Mai entered the Counselling Room without knocking.

Upon seeing me, Mai frolicked as though she had seen an animal in a forest.

Sensing troublesome signs, I overtly frowned. I always keep forgetting to lock the door whenever I’m not fucking someone.


“Le’s go round together?”

She cunningly murmured and cocked her head.

I feel as though I’ve seen this trend before. This girl is always forceful.

Mai looked at my displeased face, and contrarily laughed back as though expecting it.

“What happened to Shion and Mikumo?”

“Mana and them are still on-duty all through the morning, and everyone’s worn out. That’s why we’re gonna go together in the afternoon when everyone has free time!”

“Don’t you have your duties during the afternoon?”

“That’s why I came here first thing!! Let’s quickly look around!”

As though shaking my shoulder due to muscle pains, my eyes met Kokoro’s with dull movements.

Kokoro looked from Mai to myself, smiling as though troubled.

“It’s a little frustrating.”

“That’s not it.”

“OK, GET!!”

Without letting me say either yes or no, Mai entwined herself around my arm and made me stand up from the sofa.

I was worried about what I should do, but I guess time will pass by even while I do this.

“Well, I’m just gonna go wherever I want, so don’t complain.”

“Eh, Book has somewhere you want to go?”

I really ought to punch this girl later.

Mai has still not untied her hand, so I walked as though to pull her along.

However, when I tried to leave the Counselling Room, I ended up stumbling.


“……eh, Mai?”

The one who appeared there was none other than Rein. Wearing that poster’s military uniform, she was standing before my eyes.

Perhaps because of her attire, her posture seems better than usual.

“Huh, what’s wrong, Rei-Rei?”

“……nothing really.”

Rein’s expression itself didn’t change, but her eyes were swimming.

I knew. She was likely unsure of what to say in the face of such unexpected trouble. Let’s sneer at her.


Rein became slightly sullen. She quick-sightedly discerned my expression.

Perhaps her nerves were relieved by this, but she heaved a tired sigh and calmed down.

“……I was thinking, of going together.”


I see, so Mai called her here and invited her to go looking around together, huh?

Isn’t this just perfect? I want to go around by myself. They want to go around with someone.

“Then how about everyone go together!? Kokoron as well!”

“My apologies, but I have some business to take care of, so-“

“Just a bit?”

“No can do.”

Kokoro’s tone was quiet, but there was a part of it that was obstinate and had no intention of yielding.

She was the strongest and most steadfast woman. I am also proud of her.

“Well we’ll bring you some souvenirs later, then! Book’ll carry them!!”

“Really, hurry it up.”

“Then let’s go! Rei-Rei too!”

“Y-Yeah. Mai is really spirited, huh?”

It seems that Mai also didn’t think she could win over the unbudging Kokoro, and so she tightly held Rein and myself before walking out.

“So, where are we going, Book?”

“……Computer Simulation Club’s Station Model.”

“Whazzat? Were they doing such a thing?”

“This is also the first time I’ve heard of it. It’s definitely in the pamphlet.”

These guys.

Well, whatever. I don’t think that you lot will be able to understand that model. I’ll just enjoy myself as I please and these guys can go cool off as they please.

When I tried to take a step with a large stride, the cuff of my sleeve was pulled back by Mai. I was stopped once again.

“What is it?”

“Erm, see, Book will be in the middle.”


“It’s equality, see. I want to be as moderate as possible, after all.”

“Wait, Mai! I’m not like that!”

Because of Mai’s absurd remark, I was in the centre, and Mai and Rein were lined up on both of my sides.

Even though we’d just be a hindrance in the corridor if we lined up in threes.

“This Mai is on the right arm!”

Mai linked her arms with mine on my right side. It was the skin ship that had happened often lately.

As she cleverly did this to an extent that it wasn’t too eye-catching, I no longer felt the need to worry or resist.

She really is intelligent, to make sure that she didn’t do things I disliked.

“But it’s not bad, right?”

Heheeh. Mai grinned as though seeing through my heart.

It’s because she does this sort of thing that she’s annoying.

Rein fixatedly watched the exchange between Mai and me, not doing anything besides walking at my side.

“What about you, Rei-Rei?”


“It’s alright, there’s not many people around at this time, and I don’t think we’ll meet any acquaintances if we use this route. If we do meet them, then……hmm, well, I think it’ll be fine.”

“No, I’m-“

“Welp, whatev.”

When Mai said that, Rein followed one step back from me. That appearance was almost like she was an attendant.

“Hey, wait here.”



What Rein held out was a sword she was carrying for decoration. Even though it’s not that heavy.

Following her instructions tried my nerves, but thinking of not holding it would affect my good name.

Extending my hand, I took the imitation sword’s sheath. Even so-


“What is it?”

Rein did not let go of the hand she stretched out. Rein was touching the handle and I was touching the sheath so it seemed as though it would come off if we took too much of a distance. In this state, the sheath would fall if I released my hand.

Even though I protested, Rein did not release her hand, nor did she stop walking.

We were in a state where we were both holding onto the edges of the sword.



Rein glanced repeatedly this way, but while it may be true that she didn’t let go of the handle, she walked so that a distance which wouldn’t cause the sword to become unsheathed was maintained.

Without making any comment in particular, Mai persistently clung to me.

It truly was a strange position.

Having one hand entwined around and another holding the sword, it was very difficult to walk. This is why I was against walking together.

In a single word, the latest type of Space Station model made by the Simulation Club was splendid.

The detailed, elaborate Miniature gave birth to the cosmos inside of this classroom, giving us the illusion that we were in the universe, so to speak.

It was to the extent that apparently they even placed their hands in places that couldn’t be seen, and it seemed as though you could tear down the walls and peek into the interior.

There were still no people inside of the exhibition room yet. The ones there were only the three of us, as well as two of the members who would be displaying it. For the time being, I should greet them.

“Say, Book, what’s this?”

“This is a buggy, a vehicle necessary when working outside in space.”


Mai was listening to me in detail, but I could clearly tell that she had no interest. The evidence of that was how she profusely met eyes with me.

Rein was also looking at this model, but she wasn’t concentrating that much and she constantly watched Mai and me.

To think that both of these two couldn’t understand the splendour of this.

It seems that understanding this modelling is really beyond you lot’s power, huh?


“What is it?”

“Nothing, it’s just interesting to look at.”

“Aah, I know, I know.”

For some reason, Rein placed her hand against her mouth and laughed.

Mai also did the same, grinning as she flashed a smile.

“What’s so funny? Which station are you interested in?”

“No, no, we’re talking about Book.”

“So you, too, can make such a face, huh?”

I cocked my head without thinking. I have no clue what’s going on.

“Pff, you know, that’s the first time I’ve heard Book say something like ‘Good Morning’, right?”

“I also feel like he’s never said that to me before.”

“It’s only natural to pay respect to our seniors, you know.”

I respected these club members. It’s only natural to interact with them appropriately.

These guys, what do they find so funny? Laughing about things other than models.

Someday I’ll punch them until they cry. Remember this.

“But I also think that this model is well-made.”

“Right, that’s right!”


As though finding something about that funny, Mai held her stomach and laughed. It’s fine since there’s no one here right now, but normally this is a place where you should be quiet.

“Oi, Mai.”

“S-Sorry, it was just so funny……haha!!”

“Don’t bother. I’m just gonna look at it alone and satisfy myself.”

Even if Mai leaked it now, and begged to stop, I won’t forgive you, after all.

I’ll focus and burn this work into my eyes.

“Aaah!! Demon!”

Just when I thought this, I was annoyed by a Sunou-like character’s voice.

Upon furrowing my brow and looking at the entrance, it really was Sunou.

Because Sunou was dressed in the Middle-School Section’s school uniform, she had probably attended school. Even though she was in her uniform, the black lace hair decorations firmly possessed the Gothic aura.

Without permission, she unreservedly approached us.

“Why are you in this place!?”

“Be quiet. I came to observe.”

“It is beyond your ability to understand this spectacular modelling.”

“Hah, what is this girl talking about?”

Belittling others like that with worthless words is the height of folly.

I reached out as though to grab Sunou’s head with my hand.

However, perhaps because Sunou read it, but she grabbed it back as we pushed against each other.


“After all, that is the strength of a woman. Look, if you strain too much, it’ll be like last Sunday wh……”

“You! Are you going to say it!? We exchanged a pact to never speak of it, right!? That’s your way of doing things, isn’t it!?”

I keep my promises. There’s no way I’d say it.

However, there was no promise about speaking about it halfway. Even though she can see through lies, she’s weak against this sort of thing.

As I was laughing in good humour, a merciless hand chop struck my flank with a bang.


“You, is bullying Sunou fun?”


She wasn’t serious because of the suggestions, but it hurts. Those movements were so beautiful that I ended up falling to my knees.

Sunou got away from me during that opening, and hid behind Rein’s shadow.

“This is……Sunou’s the one who picked the fight.”

“Nah, that’s Book’s fault. Sunono’s a good girl. Even I can tell.”

“Aah, Sunou-chan’s heere!”

With a clamour, a voice unbecoming of this room entered.

About three girls around the same age as Sunou approached.

“You ended up going off by yourself, you know. We were looking for you.”

“An act such as moving without my permission should be punished.”

The trio, in their own ways, had cute appearances, huh? I think I should violate them someday.

Personally, the most self-important girl’s appearance was to my liking. Only the appearance.

“Sunou-chan, even though we said we’d go together-“

One of them looked familiar. It was the girl who I first fucked at the play of last night’s Cultural Festival.

She had a timid outward appearance, and she was a little awkward when walking, perhaps due to an after effect of the day before.

“Sunono’s friends?”

“Erm, from the right is Chihaya, Reika, and Nao……”

“This Reika is her academic friend. I invited her to accompany me on this occasion, but before that she headed off by herself, and so I searched for her as so. You should be grateful.”

“Alrighty, alrighty! First is food, food……ah? Who’re you?”

How should I say this? All of them are probably people who are of the same type as Sunou.

They’re probably a group of friends that were a gathering of idiosyncrasies, or egotistical types. I feel bad for her image, but the timid girl Nao is probably also perverse somewhere.

Sunou is also blessed. Just from coming to school for a bit, she’s already made friends.

“Aah, I see! So this guy is Sunou’s boyfriend!?”

“I’m certain she said he’s a dull crybaby, yes? Even so, he’s unexpectedly-“

“I don’t think he’s that bad.”

How noisy.

Since the label of transfer student still hasn’t come out yet, I guess they don’t have a bad impression of me, huh?

Even so, don’t tell me Sunou’s been bragging about having a boyfriend again?

“T-That’s not!”

“Rather, the person on the right is so cool!! Unlike Sunou, she has a bang and boom coolness!”

“So beautiful……”

The topic changes quickly, huh?

The girl called Chihaya saw Rein and suddenly praised her. Well, I understand.

It’s said that women basically don’t praise women who are prettier than themselves, but when they’ve headed to the summit to the extent that Rein has, it’s like they’re in a completely different dimension.

In that sense, Sunou is also at the apex, but that doesn’t matter right now.

“Anyway, all of you be quiet. This isn’t a place to talk.”


I lowered my voice, and nevertheless clearly scolded them.

Rather than admonishing these sorts of younger girls, they should be intimidated. You can’t have them looking down on you.

Consciously making a fierce look and scorning them from above, the trio expectedly sank into silence. Alright, with this-

“Book, that’s a little……kyah!?”

Appearing in front of me as though to mediate, Mai lost her footing.

Panicking, I drew Mai close, firmly grasping Mai who was about to fall down.


“Thank goodness.”

The exhibit is safe.

It seems that Mai unconsciously shut her eyes, but upon gradually opening her eyelids, she restlessly moved her neck to look around.


“Be careful.”

“U-Um……aaaah!!! No way!!”

When Mai suddenly raised a strange voice, her mouth quivered as she separated as though shoving me away.

Thanks to these series of disturbances, the surroundings somehow became quiet. How convenient.

“U-Um, see, I’m thankful for just now, but……”

While using her fingers as a comb to fiddle with her forelocks, Mai thanked me. If you want to thank me, then you shouldn’t have shoved me away.

“That lady right now is the more beautiful one.”

The one called Reika or whatever settled this with a smug face.

It’s about time for the other spectators to start becoming interested this place.

I should enjoy this scene and burn it into my eyes before it’s too late. It’s a beautiful model.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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