Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 55

Academy Fertilisation Photo-shoot-Arc

While heading to the next classroom, I could also see the decorations for the Cultural Festival that haven’t been used yet.

“Over there, huh……”

While walking through the corridor, I headed to the next destination.

Cultural Festivals have a lot of variety. As it stands, this school has fulfilled this thanks to the suggestions, but even so, there are places where it pales in comparison to the others.

At any rate, the events can’t run without the academy giving their approval. As it was first come, first serve, there were many events that naturally appeared due to being the only choice after a process of elimination.

Speaking in terms of events, the photo studio I was going to right now was exactly that.

For the Photo Studio, it was sufficient enough if costumes for taking photos and a camera that could immediately develop pictures were prepared. Worst case, it would be fine for the shooting to be done through the customers’ cell phones.

Basically, there are events for people that are troublesome to participate in.

“Welcome-come! We’ve been waiting!!”


A glasses-wearing girl spread both arms out and welcomed me.

Stopping in front of the Photo Studio’s door, I took one sweep over the exterior that was visible from the corridor.

For a Photo Studio, it was way too flamboyant.

It’s a failure when speaking from an event perspective, but in terms of spirit, this might be Number 2. Number 1 is probably the space station model making place.

Upon entering inside, the interior also had a weird structure. There were several boards used for the purpose of changing the background, likely used in the theatre, placed there, and the changing and dressing rooms were arranged in a way that even a western clothes shop wouldn’t be able to object to it.

The room was atmospherically fanciful in some places, likely because they were conscious of their primary customers being women.

In the fist place, there was no need for me to change into costumes or get my picture taken so it didn’t matter to me.


Several female students greeted my visit. Because everyone’s bodies were wrapped in ordinary student uniforms, I contrarily ended up thinking that it was unusual.

“Sir, which girl would you like?”

“Let’s see, first off, I’d like that short girl with her hair tied up in the back.”

I appropriately chose a girl that caught my eye. A girl with a single knot in her hair trotted up to me.

“Which attire is to your liking?”

“Isn’t that one fine?”

As there were many clothes that haven’t been taken down, I pointed out one of them for the time being. It was frilly dress-like item. The mini-skirt was fluffy and adorable.

“That Gingham Check, is it? Are you perhaps a fan?”


“Oh, did you not know? That’s a replica that resembles the dress that an idol wears.”


I barely knew nothing about clothes. It seems that I’ll regret it if I choose too arbitrarily.

According to my instructions, the single-knot girl began to change her clothes. With this, the preparations as a whole would end.

“For now, I’ll do the shooting once with that girl, so have the other girls prepare. As for who will be selected and their attire, I’ll let you decide.”

“Certainly. Then I shall decide for you, yes?”

After moving her gaze to the girls in the surroundings, the glasses girl bowed once to me.

“Then, please enjoy the Fertilisation Photo-shoot.”

“Yeah, I’ll have you entertain me.”

After the single-knot girl finished changing, she came out of the changing room.

The Gingham Check’s frills shook with her shyness.

So that she wouldn’t fall, I firmly grasped her shoulders and drew her body close.

“Well then, shall we start on the bed?”

“U-Um, please take care of me!”

Perhaps because she was nervous, the single-knot girl couldn’t move that well, even though I pulled her to the bed.

Her downcast face also didn’t meet mine. Was it bad for me to have chosen her first?

For now, I opened my mouth in order to relieve her tension.

“You, your name?”

“Ah, erm, it’s Kana—“

Waiting for the instant Kana raised her face, I bit her lip.


Kana widened her eyes due to surprise, and her heart beat throbbed violently.

As though enjoying that, I glued my entire body to her, further sucking up her lower lip into the insides of my mouth.


Making Kana’s lips sticky with saliva, I used my tongue to lick all over her teeth as well. Just like the first impression I saw, they were beautiful teeth with a sense of cleanliness.

“Ngh, nngh! Mghhhhh!!!”

Like that, I inserted my tongue into her mouth, entwining it together with Kana’s own. I rampaged further inside of her mouth, whose tongue turned due to nerves.

Raising her light body, I pushed her onto the bed while our lips were still overlapped.

Almost as though I were plundering the vitality from Kana’s lips, I pushed down her face and poured saliva while making a vulgar squelching sound. Because Kana was on the bottom, the saliva inevitably flowed down her throat.

Timing it when her slightly struggling body became quiet, I separated my lips.


Her face covered in saliva, Kana panted with cheeks dyed red.

Without waiting for her to calm down, I placed my hand inside her skirt.


Naturally, I ignored her.

Clutching the underwear inside of her skirt with my right hand, I stripped it from Kana’s skin as though I were pulling off gum.

Because I was forcibly trying to tear it off, her body rolled over, falling on to its stomach. Her underwear was removed halfway down to her knees, but she ended up in a posture with her butt thrust out, changing into just the perfect position.

“Eh, eh, wai-!?”

‘Wait’ or ‘no’ were some of the shameful things that Kana continued to say.

Without mercy, I took out my penis and wordlessly inserted it.

“Oww!! Aahh!!”

As per my lack of memory of having raped her before, it appears that she didn’t have experience. The tight interior of her vagina tried to push back my penis, as though it was a foreign object.

Conversely rejoicing over such feeble resistance, I forcibly stabbed her.

“Igigh!! AaAAAH!!”

Kana raised a scream and shed tears. Even though it was temporarily her job, she was quite the pitiable fellow.

That’s why my sadistic heart swelled further, and I continued to pump her.


I heard sobbing coming from Kana. She buried her face into the bed, as though attempting to quickly escape from this situation.

Although it was the fault of the customer, she probably didn’t think that her first job would be this painful of an experience. Even still, since she was properly wet, the suggestions were working so it was actually on the gentle side.

It was so gentle that, when this girl eventually gets a boyfriend, she’ll want to praise me, saying that it was the right choice for her being able to have an easy experience with me.


Kana’s blurred voice was also adorable. I one-sidedly fucked her body, which had given up on resisting.

My hand slipped even into Kana’s jacket, and found the breasts inside. While rampaging to the extent that her clothes seemed like it would tear, I clenched them violently.

Placing my lips against Kana, who was crouched over, I sucked it so strongly that a mark would remain.

After unreservedly treating her like such as though she were a toy, I immersed the insides of her vagina with my first ejaculation.


Because the suggestions were also working for Kana, it appears that she was able to taste a certain level of pleasure. While both of her legs trembled with a *wobble*, the insides of her vagina convulsed.

After I firmly finished releasing my semen, I dropped her waist onto the bed, as though casting her aside.


Kana didn’t raise her body that was still lying face-down, nor did I try to close both of her legs that were spread apart. Semen sloppily overflowed from inside of her vagina.

“Well then, I’ll be taking the photo, ok~”

“Don’t put me in the frame.”

“Yeah, I said I got it. Aah, but then it’s a little hard to see it like this, huh~”

“Got it.”


Lifting both of Kana’s ankles, I opened them to the sides with a jerk. While making it so that both the semen and her vagina could be properly seen, I raised her face-down body so that it was upside down.

Putting her face below and her crotch above, I showed consideration so that the photographer could capture her entire body in the frame.

“That’s good! OKAY!”

The photographer girl used a flash. This academy’s student who wore an Idol Cosplay attire had her figure after being cream-pied firmly captured.

All of these pictures should be preserved in a suitable place within the school. Because I’m not reflected in the pictures, it wouldn’t be thought of as anything but a simple sex shoot.

“If Kana gives birth to a child from this, then this would be the moment, huh~”

“Who’s next?”

“We are. Please take good care of us!”

A serious-looking girl came forward and bowed.

This girl’s attire had frills of a similar type to Kana’s, huh.

“As we have them here, we decided to unify ourselves with the idol theme!”

“Is that so, I don’t really know much about it, but they’re cute costumes.”

“Well then, everyone, we shall do it as according to the previous arrangement!”

Arranging themselves next to the serious girl, several female students also formed a line.

Every girl’s level was quite high, and it was likely that those frills were idol costumes.

Everyone at the same time dropped their waists on the mat that had been prepared who-knows when, sitting on the floor while grasping their knees. Upon looking from the front, the insides of their skirts were completely exposed, and naturally they weren’t wearing panties.

From there, it had become quite diverse. There were girls who immediately spread their legs, and others whose trembling hands slowly parted them, reflecting a lack of unity.

And then, finally, the prepared girls on the mat, while still pantyless, spread their legs into an M shape, and-

“Please give us your ejaculate!”



As though saying they were completely prepared, they spread their vaginas with their fingers and waited for my penis.

Pleased by this scheme, I raised the corner of my mouth. Towards the abnormality of them lining up and waiting for my ejaculation like this, I was filled with wonder.

The photographer girl adjusted her camera while waiting for me to move.

“You can start from whichever girl you like. Please do as many or as little of them as you’d like.”

“As many as I like? Naturally, you won’t mind if I do it with everyone, right?”

After confirming rather than asking a question, I first inserted my enraged penis into the girl in front of me.

All of the female students on top of the mat were short of breath due to the horniness brought about by the suggestions.




Filled with a sense of accomplishment from fucking all of the members, I leaked out a sigh.

“Okaaay! Well then, everyone, I’m going to take the picture now, okaay! I just did it for everyone one by one earlier, but since we’re all gathered together, then everyone has to be in the Fertilisation Photo-shoot!”

The photographer girl was in high spirits, pushing the shutter every time I finished a cream-pie. Although it could be said that it was due to the suggestions, the way she was so spirited was something that would cause one’s eyes to open wide in wonder.

The girls, while being completely exhausted, moved their bodies in order to fulfil that mission.

“Hey, over there! Properly spread your vagina! Only the semen can be seen, you know!? Spirit! Put in enough spirit to at least show the womb!”


“Hey, smile more, smile!”

The photographer girl, while rousing the dead-tired members, did not take her hands off the camera.

“Do it as though you were showing the children you give birth to that this was the moment that they were born, see!? Shape up, keep it together!”

Even if they were born, these pictures wouldn’t be shown to the children. It was just for the atmosphere.

The girls were also doing their best. The girls whose legs were trembling also became desperate as though not to hide their vaginas.

“Tomorrow’s Cultural Festival, is it gonna be alright?”

“Ok, cheese!”

With a click, the sound of the shutter echoed through the interior of this classroom.

Starting from that, the girls who spread their legs into an M shape entrusted their backs to the mat.

“Alright, everyone, good work! I got some good Fertilisation Photos!”

“Good work.”

“It’s not digital so it can’t be confirmed, but it’s certain that there were some good ones taken. Our Photo Committee will take the responsibility of developing them, so please look forward to it!”

“Sure, I can’t wait.”

The Photo Committee was originally there to perform related activities for the Graduation Album. Normally, even the development would be left to the photo shops, but this time that’s not going to happen.

It was because there was someone who could do the development of pictures all by himself that this event was established.

I am truly looking forward to it.

All of the members lined up and were captured in the instant where it was uncertain whether they had been fertilised or not.

The abnormality of such an abnormal situation kept in a picture caused blood to once again seethe into my lower half.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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