Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 54

Minami Mai Female Body Cafe-Arc

Heading for the next attraction, I walked through the evening corridor.

There are no buildings like this in the school’s surroundings, so if the campus ground’s illumination was removed, then the light source from outside would be almost zero. It was to the extent where small lights even further away would light up bit by bit.

Because there were too many troublesome things that came with doing it in the day time, we held it at night, but when things become like this, I wanted to try doing the same thing in the day.

“Night is fine as well, though.”

Walking in the corridor where precarious lights continued onwards, I went around the secret stalls that would only be available for today. Because there’s a certain charm in doing this that humans are interesting creatures.

In order to enjoy this, I dared to extend the distance I travelled to the grounds.

“An exclusive romance that only I know of.”

I inadvertently increased my monologue my tension rose. My current face was probably grinning broadly.

“Oh, Book, you’re here, you’re here! Ooi!!”


Suddenly, I could confirm that Mai was calling out to me from the other side of the corridor. Upon finding me, she waved her hand largely and motioned to me.

“I’ve come ‘ta pick ya up……hey, why are you so upset?”

“You don’t get it.”

“D’something happen? Well, well, even so, if you come here, I’m sure you’ll be in a good mood! And so, Let’s Go!”

Mai twined her hand around my arm, holding me tightly so that I wouldn’t escape.

After having her substitute as a slave, Mai has begun talking to me even more. It was likely that this was also the influence of hypnosis that I hadn’t anticipated or something.

No, perhaps Mai might just be using me rather than her becoming defiant.

“Come, cooome! Book, can’t you seem a little happier, or make yourself look better?”

“It’s unlikely.”

From the start, Mai was the type who looked at her own self-interests in her relationships with people. She might be trying to clear away the troublesome male-female relationship that came from her being together with me.

Speaking from a rankings perspective, it was likely that I wasn’t very high up there, so the surroundings won’t be paying me any jealousy. That’s why it ended up being unnecessary to annoyingly care much about male-female relations.

Upon thinking about it, it’s not like there aren’t any favourable points to this.

That’s right, it’s not like my hypnosis has caused that many problems. Isn’t there such a reason like this?

I was bothered as the number of strange and incomprehensible problems have increased recently, but it’s likely that all of them are easily understood as long as my thinking catches up to them.

“Well, now. Being taken along like this by a cute girl, you’ll see the shop in just a bit longer!”

“The sign is a little off, huh?”

As I was walking through the corridor, I saw a lone classroom with the lights on.

In the original Cultural Festival, this location was planned to be running a cafe.

For this night only, I had it function as a cafe dedicated to me.

“Welcome to the Female Body Cafe!”


From beyond the classroom’s door, a team of already prepared females greeted me.

These girls were also randomly picked from amongst my careful selection of beauties. All of them were adorable, and possessed beauty that was a feast for the eyes.

“Heeh, these clothes are?”

“They were specially made for today……not really, it’s just this school’s uniform that’s been slightly remodelled.”

The attire that the girls wore gave off an image similar to a maid uniform due to its white-and-black shades. However, contrary to those colours, the clothing themselves were like cheerleading uniforms, with barely any body and sleeves as the light garments exposed the armpits and navel. Even though the skirt was also using some light material, they are exceedingly short.

“This, you see……”


“Excuse me.”

A ponytail girl approached, so I gradually placed my hand on her skirt and flipped it up.

She wasn’t wearing panties. I could see the still flesh-coloured and beautiful crevice that had just been shaved. I firmly peeked at the contents underneath the skirt.

“I would like to guide you to your seat, but-”

“Oh, that’s right, huh. Just wait a sec.”

Like this, I then stroked the pony-tailed girl’s belly while lifting up her top from the bottom as though unearthing it.

Her breasts, which had a good shape of their own, appeared just like that, settling into my hands.

“Not bad, huh.”

“Um……to your seat-”

“Guide me there like this.”

Saying this, the pony-tailed girl began to walk in that state. As I was groping her chest, it appeared that she was having an overly difficult time moving.

In the shop, it is said that the customers are kings, or even gods. No matter what happens, the staff can’t complain to the customers.

“Well then, I’ll leave it to you, Riho-san.”


Upon arriving in front of the table, there were no chairs.

Riho, a girl standing by in the distance who appeared dignified and a little mature, approached instead.

Getting on all fours before my eyes, she stopped moving. She’s a chair.

“Aah, so that’s why the table is low, huh?”

“That is not the only reason.”

Without acknowledging the girl called Riho, I majestically lowered my waist.

This abnormal situation was so ridiculous that it was unbearable. These guys, without holding any doubts whatsoever, attended to me like they were tools.

It was so funny that I inadvertently slapped the ass of the girl who became a chair.


“Haha……ah, you there, can you come over?”

I called out to one of the girls standing by.

Although she made a slightly unmotivated face, that loose aura had become the girl’s charm. Girls with beautiful faces look good no matter what personality they have, huh?

So that I wouldn’t spank the chair’s butt with my free hand again, I used that girl who approached to entertain my lonely hand. Although she went silent, she was lewder than the other girls, as she was properly wet.

“Then, your order-”

“The recommendation is fine. All of the girls look enjoyable.”


Just like that, the pony-tailed girl headed to the back of the kitchen. She probably went to go inform the cooks of this cafe.

“Ooh, Book! Did you come to visit because of Mai’s escort?”

“Erm, who are you?”

“I’m Mikumo, you know. Geez, even I remembered you.”


It was the energetic and small girl that was often together with Mai. This girl is also cute, so I told her to go work somewhere, didn’t I?

The small vagina that I inserted inside of last time was healthy, and because this girl hurriedly moves about just from talking, I was able to catch glimpses of the insides of her skirt. The shape of her under boobs could be well seen, and it seems more fun to appreciate it rather than touching them for this girl.

“How do you usually wear these clothes?”

“Who knows? It kinda seems that there’s more to put on below, but I haven’t seen the real thing.”

“Isn’t Shion with you?”

“I don’t know about that sort of thing. Hasn’t it been confirmed that she’s pregnant?”

Come to think of it, upon being told that by Mikumo, I remembered.

It seems that the one who doesn’t remember the girls that got pregnant very well is me. Rather than feeling pathetic, a sense of conquest filled my heart.

“Thanks for waitiiiing!!”

After remembering that I hypnotised Shion’s parents, it would seem that this store’s recommended menu item had been completed.

“Heheheeh! Best regards!”

“Mai, huh?”

Although I left the personnel selection to them, I didn’t possibly think that it would be Mai. What kind of establishment is this?

Even though she wouldn’t have been nominated if Shion was here.


Mai was not wearing this store’s uniform. Being completely nude, she laid down on the table before my eyes.

Upon coming this far, anyone would understand.

As a store that offered an assortment of female bodies, this was what had been served.

Of course, as they were required to be clean, I made it so they would thoroughly wash their bodies before being presented. The reason why it took so long was because of that.

“Then we shall arrange the plate, ok?”

“Hyah, cold!!”

And then, the girls who brought out ordinary sweets began to paint Mai’s body with creams.

Fresh cream wrapped in a coil around her breasts, and at its tip were strawberries, as properly ordered. Cherries were placed on top of her mouth, and fruits were placed on top of her legs.

Honey was slowly poured into her cleavage, and seeing it flow around her chest was something not easily experienced.

“Hya, hya! I’s cold!”

“Should I write your name?”

“Is that the standard? I don’t need it.”

“Is that so? Then I shall write a different word, ok?”

The one who asked me that was a woman with straight long hair who possessed a Japanese-like neat and tidy atmosphere. Those plainly, skillful-looking finger tips began to write characters in chocolate around the navel.

“Hyaah!! Um, sir……the characters will become disturbed.”

“Writing it well even while being touched is the staff’s job, right?”


Placing my hands inside of the unbalanced uniform of the Japanese-style girl who was writing these words, I massaged her. Both her chest and pubic mound were soft. I should have ordered this one, huh.

The Japanese-Styled girl closed one eye, but even so, she finished writing the words even more firmly.

Written in the space between Mai’s navel and vagina were the words [Meat Urinal].

“Haha! You have good sense! I approve!”

“Thank you very much.”

“Did you say something? Hey, hey!?”

“Thank you for the food.”

Because she couldn’t ruin the food, Mai was barely able to move her body. Even right now, the cherries were about to fall because she moved her mouth.

While it still looked tasty, I brought my face close and crammed my mouth with the first bite.

“Hyah, mmgh!!”

“You’re tableware, so bear with it.”

First placing my mouth near Mai’s legs, I decided to eat the fruits. While licking Mai’s legs clean, I ate the fruits that were arranged from the base of her thighs to the end of her feet.

I also properly licked up the fruit juice that seemed like it would spill. It would probably feel uncomfortable if left behind, after all.

As a result, I finished eating the legs. Mai’s legs were still sticky from the remnants of saliva, and the smell of my own peculiar saliva tickled my nose.

As though meeting this, a smell peculiar to women also came from Mai’s vagina.

“Haha, a strange syrup is coming out, huh?”


“Of course, I’ll eat it. Licking the dishes clean might be vulgar, but it seems there’s no resistance to doing that in this shop, huh?”

There was a meaning to me eating from the legs first.

I spread Mai’s sticky legs, which was the only part of her that had gained their freedom after having everything eaten.

“I want my clothes taken off. Get me naked.”


Deliberately being undressed by the staff, I placed my exposed penis against the place where the syrup spilled out.

Without resistance, the familiar vagina swallowed my penis just like that.


“Hey, you dropped the cherry, didn’t you?”

While still inserted, I put my tongue inside of the lying Mai’s mouth, and tried to take out the cherry that fell inside it.

Resisting this, Mai entwined herself around my tongue so that I wouldn’t be able to take out the cherry.

To think that she’d defy the customer, she really hasn’t been educated.

“Ngh, hoheahh! ……I swallowed it.”

With a ‘Hehe’, Mai chuckled deceptively as she faced me.

When she raised her torso, there was an oily sensation around my chest.

Because I overlapped my body with Mai’s for this purpose, the sweets ended up getting stuck to my chest.

The other staff members panicked a little.

“O-Our sincerest apologies!”

“Then are you guys going to lick this up for me?”


So as to not spoil the customer’s mood, the dilligent-looking Japanese-Style girl began to lick my body before anyone else.

Her cheeks blushed, and poked her tongue out slightly as though ashamed. The efficiency was bad, but this way is more sexy.

“Look, Mai. Don’t you have anything to say?”

“S-Sorry, you’ll forgive me, won’t you?”

“You’re really light-hearted, huh?”


While talking, I pumped my penis into her.

The sweets on her chest that shook together with her breast when Mai swayed was another interesting phenomenon.

Piercing the depths of her vagina numerous times, I firmly enjoyed Mai’s body.

“It is finished.”

“Thanks for your hard work. Well then, I guess I’ll cum, huh?”

It appears that they’ve finished licking my body. From her on would be different than usual.

Once again gluing my body to Mai, I began to lick up the tasty-looking, shaking cream on top of her chest.

“Hyah, hyaaaAAh!! Kyaah, ahh!! AaAh!!”

Upon licking with my tongue, her chest swayed according to those movements. Seeing it jiggle like a large pudding was quite surreal.

From there, I further buried my face into her cleavage, and licked up the flowing honey.

During that time, without forgetting to go back and forth, I kept moving my penis.

“That’s, lick–aaaah!! Hyaahn!!”

Mercilessly seizing Mai’s nipples, which no longer had cream on it, I jerked my chin up and pulled it.

The slang of ‘eating’ shows up often in sexual intercourse, but this was exactly that.

“Haha, aren’t you tasty?”

“Mmgh!! *smack*”

Mai, who was nothing else but tableware, also couldn’t bear it and moved her body.

Wrapping both legs around me like crab pincers, Mai used both hands to push me, who was biting her breasts, into her own chest.

And then, Mai made a sound as she placed her lips near my forehead and sucked.

Each of us craved our own lust. As though the two of us had become one, we shared our senses and devoted ourselves to our intercourse like animals.

I, who did not have any suggestions, felt my entire body burning hot, as though I was resonating with Mai.



It wasn’t just Mai and I who were like that, as it had also spread to the female students in the shop.

A phenomenon akin to Group Hypnosis occurred, which came about due to the influence received from the horny suggestion. Mutually recognising the lewdness of that act, they accepted it.

The female students who weren’t wearing underwear were also shrouded in a female scent.

Even if they weren’t under hypnotic suggestion, the people here would become horny even if they didn’t want to. That’s just how much the group’s will filled this shop.

Strongly receiving that suggestion, my penis began to vibrate with a *twitch*, to an extent that it had never done before.


“Ahhah, haah, hyaaaAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!”

Hit by this air, my penis exploded spontaneously. Spewing semen before I stopped my pistons, it stirred up the interior of Mai’s vagina.

Being bathed in my bodily fluids and this space’s pleasure all at once, she climaxed, convulsing so much that the table seemed as though it would collapse.


Mai’s expression was glowing in delight, drooling saliva onto my face while basking in the lingering sensations. Almost like how a baby didn’t endure the calls of nature, she obediently received and accepted the pleasure.

I adjusted my breath as my tension dropped. I should be calm now.

Peeling Mai, who was hugging me, off of my body, I stood up alone.

“Eh, hey……”

Mai stretched her hand out to the separated me, seemingly in a reluctance to part, but she couldn’t muster any strength and so any pursuit other than this didn’t come.

When ensnaring a group with hypnosis, there’s a possibility that those who are have not received suggestions will get wrapped up in it. It’s a phenomenon that should be verified.

“It was a delicious meal.”

For the time being, I sent only words of praises to Mai. It wasn’t a lie that it felt good.

Suddenly, the sensation of a soft finger reached my hand. Someone had taken my hand.


“Would you, like to order seconds?”

One of the female students looked at me with erotic eyes. Like a horny rabbit, her clothes were already disturbed as she nestled up to me.

Upon looking, the surrounding female students were also approaching to my side, as though swarming around bait.

Naturally, I wasn’t the only one who became horny from the mass hypnotic effects. Rather, the girls’ side has also become quite amazing.

Like starving beasts, they surrounded me, waiting for my answer.

I probably couldn’t answer with a ‘no’ here.

“Sure, the taste isn’t bad, but the quantity was a little so I was just wondering whether or not I should put in a complaint.”

Of course, I responded. Even my sexual desire isn’t so weak as to end with just doing it once or twice. A person who has attained hypnosis can’t end things with just that.

My penis soared, become stiff as though it were a spear that would pierce these beasts.

“Now then, for the time being, I guess I’ll order all of the items that you have. I’m so hungry that I just can’t help myself.”

When I said this, the female students hurriedly headed to the kitchen. Apparently, a conference to determine the order was about to begin.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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