Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 51

Houjou Kokoro Whole Body Rape-Arc

I planned to violate Rein all day long, but I ended up sending her back home before the sun set.

That resistance is something that should be praised. Also, I could definitely pursue her after that situation, but my pride wouldn’t allow it.

When spending the night alone in the apartment, I could feel that this place was more quiet than I expected.

“It wouldn’t be like this if I was in my room, though.”

On a sudden whim, I went to take a look at Kokoro’s condition.

Kokoro’s fever had already started to fall, and it appears that she was in a situation where she could go back to work tomorrow.

It wasn’t like I was worried. I was only going to ask about what we were eating since she has to prepare dinner soon.

Even though she caught a cold, it’s fine if I don’t go out of my way to eagerly nurse her back to health. I only need to see her when I have business.

My family was like that, so it’s just that sort of thing. I remember being told “don’t make me sick” a lot.

“I’m coming in.”


There was no reply, but she was likely awake. Kokoro was that sort of person.

Kokoro’s room was kept very tidy and well-ordered, and it was a place that I also liked. Although besides sleep and work, it isn’t really used much.

The only thing that could be called a decoration was the 5000-piece puzzle that we assembled together as a means to kill time. It was a really simple decor.

“Kokoro, what’s happening for dinner tonight? As expected, you alright with rice porridge?”


“Oi, Kokoro.”

Kokoro was facing the wall, still covered in her futon as she made no attempts to look at me.

When I approached even closer, she rolled over in her sleep. She’s definitely awake.

“I want, Master.”

Although Kokoro was awake, her brow was furrowed and her eyes teared up.

This is most likely her sulking.

“I am talking about dinner.”

“Something like dinner, I don’t need it……”

Kokoro became sullen, and once again rolled over. She was ignoring me.

My face cramped, but I could somehow understand the reason for this.

Kokoro’s feelings had exploded.

This girl’s flaw is that her own discontent ends up being stockpiled away. When it comes to doing things for her own sake, this becomes strikingly obvious as she doesn’t easily try to voice her wishes.

The cold she caught this time was such a matter.


Fundamentally, Kokoro wouldn’t get mad no matter what I did. Because she is a person who relies the most upon and accepts the feelings of bliss she feels when being together with me.

In other words, to the current Kokoro, the fact that I didn’t do anything in itself was the most misfortunate situation.

“Even though you had a cold-”


Such a Kokoro ignored me.

I couldn’t hug this girl when her condition was ill. To the important Kokoro who held the support role, I shouldn’t impose a physical burden upon her for a long time.

She should understand this reasoning.

Kokoro had amassed so much stress that she couldn’t be convinced in spite of this.

“Hey, Kokoro. Look, it’s me—”

“……I won’t be able to tell unless I am touched more. You touched everyone much more than this, right?”

Man, this is such a pain.

But when a touched her now and then, Kokoro’s body shook with a *tremble* so it was having an effect.

“Master is……acting as my partner.”

It looks like her mood will improve a bit if I play with her just like this.

It’s just, what should I do after this?

Should I have her put up with it until her cold’s cured or not?

I knew from the start that she had this sort of personality. It could be said that this was my ineptitude for not paying attention to this.

A slave is an important tool for supporting me in my whimsy.

Regardless of where the cause lied, it should be my priority to resolve it.

“Got it. Kokoro, let’s have some intercourse for your sake.”

“……eh, but?”

“Since you do not want to pass your cold to me, you probably find it difficult to accept my proposal. That’s why, I’ll have you be a guinea pig to entertain me using a new method.”

I cautiously arranged my words.

In doing so, Kokoro gradually turned this way, expressing interest.

“Is such a thing possible?”

“What, there are several ways to do so.”

I looked around, and noticed that there was a tub and towel.

“Let’s see, I’ll wipe your body. Not being able to have a bath feels unpleasant, right?”

“My body……”

“Come on, hurry up and strip.”

Obeying my command, Kokoro slowly got up.

She was still a bit unsteady, but that was probably because she was always sleeping here.

Her beautiful fingers slowly removed the buttons of her pajamas, one by one.


While heaving a feverish sigh, Kokoro used both hands to spread open the front of her pajamas. Bringing both hands behind her, she ended up in a position where she was thrusting her chest forward.

Although I’ve seen it many times, this girl’s breasts are the biggest. The night bra mixed with sweat filled my heart with the sense of immorality that came from seeing underwear which was not meant for show.

“I’ll do the bottom, lie down.”

Since I was also bored with just watching, I decided to undress her.

Kokoro removed her bra, and those heavy breasts swayed in front of me for the first time in a while.

“Please, Master.”

Kokoro removed the bed cover, and waited in that spot on her back.

My hands lurked near this Kokoro’s legs, removing her pajama pants with a *rustle*.

The lying Kokoro was undressed by me without resistance.

I raised her leg, slowly exposing Kokoro’s bare feet. I also removed her panties in a similar manner.

It was almost like changing a baby’s diaper.

And the outcome after I finished was Kokoro, lying completely naked on her back.

“Alright, [Let’s play together].”

Stating the hypnotic key words, I put Kokoro into a trance.

Kokoro’s eyes glazed over while she was still lying down. When she did so, she looked almost like she was an elaborate dutch wife.

“From here on, you are going to have your body wiped by me. At that time, you will be able to preserve the feeling of being touched inside of your own mind. The pleasure and feelings, everything.”

“Yes……sensations……will be preserved……”

“When I touch your vagina, you will be able to replay the sensations of that time little by little. As long as I touch your vagina, the playback will continue.”

“When Master……touches……vagina……playback.”

Kokoro will be able to feel happiness from being touched by me.

That’s why I was going to overlap that happiness just as it was.

“While your memory is being released as that happens, please release the guilty feelings inside of you. Please voice all of them. And then—-”

After that, I supplemented something that could somehow manage Kokoro’s stress.

I was thinking of connecting the her body’s release with the release of her pent-up frustrations.

After that, I felt some curiosity as to how she would react to this hypnosis.

While chuckling to myself, I was going to have fun while solving this unexpected problem.

Finishing the suggestion, I woke Kokoro up.

Preparing the warm towel, I was ready.

“I’m doing it.”

“Yes….please, take care of me……”

It looks like Kokoro was nervous. Her eyes were shut and she was groaning strangely. She’s like a dog who’s touching a sea cucumber for the first time.

First, I applied the towel against her neck.


Kokoro raised her chin and raised a small squeal.

Without caring, I moved the towel around her neck. After that, it flowed down to her shoulders, stroking the soft skin of her upper arm, wiping as the palm of her hand as though massaging it, and rubbing the towel against her fingers one by one as though sucking them.

“For not having taken a bath, you have really beautiful skin, huh?”

“S-Such a thing……!?”

After passing over her arm again, I wiped her armpits as though picking at it.

Perhaps because she was ticklish, due to having had her armpits done, Kokoro turned pigeon-toed as her body trembled with a *twitch*.

While firmly imprinting that scene in me, I placed my hands onto the first thing I was looking forward to: her chest.


Kokoro leaked out a heavy breath. It would appear that she has already gone into heat, perhaps because of the tension.

I wiped off the areola, as though licking all over it. And then, I twisted the nipples at the tip through the towel.

“Mmgh, mmmgh!!”

Kokoro shut her mouth and eyes, trying to endure it. However, I could tell that she was feeling it from her raised waist.

After persistently wiping the two udders, I approached her navel region.

“How are you feeling?”

“Aah……it tickles……”

“Why are you closing your eyes?”

“That way……I can feel Master’s hands more……hyaaaAaaAaahh!!”

I traced her waist.

Kokoro swallowed with a *gulp*. She probably thought that it was coming.

I haven’t touched the vagina yet. Tracing my fingertips over the line that was just between touching and not touching, I flowed towards the insides of her thighs.


The tips of my nails probably touched the vagina slightly. Kokoro made an overreaction.

While enjoying this Kokoro’s voice, I raised Kokoro’s slender right leg and carefully wiped it with the towel. Just like how Kokoro usually took out my penis and jerked it off, I also pistoned the area of the thigh near her vagina.


Grabbing Kokoro’s bare legs with both hands as though massaging them, I allowed her to become accustomed to the towel. Although I don’t know the key acupuncture points, I used what I learned by watching others and pressed my fingers down.

“T-That’s, hyaahh!! Ahih, hyaheh!? M-Mast-er!!?”

“Are you complaining?”

“N-No!! Hyahih!!”

Kokoro was unexpectedly weak at her soles. The body that was bearing with it until now had slightly gone wild. Because she was naked, her chest swayed muchly.

If that’s the case, then let’s also carefully do it between the toes. Carefully.

“Ma-sta-hyah!! Ahyah!! HyaaaAAAAAAAaaaaahh!!”

And then, I played with her left foot the same way.

After massaging her until I was satisfied, I released her.

Short of breath, Kokoro’s large chest and shoulders heaved up and down. I forgot that she had caught a cold.

However, that face, completely opposite to earlier, had become the face of a woman who was tinged with fever due to happiness.

“Haah……haah……Master, is a bully.”

“What, this is to wipe your body, you know?”

“But with this, my entire body is done……”

“There’s something still left, right?”

Before Kokoro’s reply could come back, I stroked the surface of her vagina with the ball of my index finger.

Kokoro’s fluent mouth stopped moving, almost as though it had been zipped.

It’s the first intercourse she’s had in a while. I guess Kokoro was also nervous.

“Slowly. There!”

“Eh……hyah, ah……ah……”

When I pushed my finger down as it was, a change gradually appeared in Kokoro’s expression.

As per the suggestions, she was having a flashback to the memory of me touching her.

“Aah! Ahah!”

Even though I was only touching her, Kokoro displayed a clearly strange reaction.

In Kokoro’s thoughts, it was likely that there were a countless number of my hands stroking all over her.

“AaAAAAAAAAHH!! HyaaAAAHH!! Haah, hyahn!!”

From my fingertips, a wet sensation could be felt hitting against it with a *spatter*. Receiving pleasure from her whole body, she began to squirt love juice.

The bestowed stimulus synergistically made Kokoro climax, causing her entire body to convulse with a *twitch*.

“Haha, it’s like your entire body’s become a vibrator, huh.”

“M-Mas……AaAAAHH!! a……!”

Even while her convulsions continued, Kokoro continued to bear with it as she opened her mouth.

Because her libido had been released, the rule where she’d put her pent-up feelings into words due to the suggestion worked its magic.

That figure was almost like the instant when a tortured woman had cracked and confessed.

“What, try say something.”

“I am……an indecent person……aah……being unable to act as Master’s partner, I consoled myself countless times on nights when Master doesn’t come by……but, even so, it’s not enough……”

“You, what are you doing when you have a cold?”

So she was masturbating, huh. But on top of being a slave, she wasn’t able to climax without her owner’s permission.

This woman. Don’t tell me she was suffering by herself in an attempt to do something about the frustrations of not being able to meet me?

“You know that you won’t be able to do anything without my permission, right?”

“My deepest……apologieessss!! But while I couldn’t meet Master, I kept thinking and thinking about when Master would come, and once you’ve come I imagined how you’d handle me roughly, but even so Master didn’t come so-”

For the sake of the conversation, I removed my fingers one by one.

So that means while I was thinking about reason and her condition, this girl had always kept her emotions locked up.

“How will I entice Master so that he will hold me and handle me roughly when we meet……I was filled with such thoughts. I am that lewd, and the lowest of the low. Even though Master finally came, I sulked at the fact that you didn’t come-”

Kokoro became desperate as she watched me, not allowing her feverish eyes to let me out of her sight.

As though I had been chained down, I wasn’t able to escape from Kokoro’s line of sight.

“If it’s like this, then I would be better off alone, or so I keep thinking-”


“I might be an indecent and despicable, perverted failure of a slave.”

“That’s right. First of all, catching a cold in and of itself is your mistake as a slave.”

The instant Kokoro heard those words, her eyes began to tear up.

Tracing the tears with the thumb of my free hand, I caressed Kokoro’s cheeks.

“However, Kokoro is my slave. You, who are my possession, do not have any qualifications to think of yourself as a failure.”


“Anyone makes mistakes. Even I do too. It’s because of this that Kokoro is here, right?”

I especially spoke of something innocuous and obvious. It’s troublesome to say it.

Don’t tell me this woman doesn’t even know about this sort of thing? She’s really missing something.

A tired sigh naturally came out.

“Well, that’s how it is.”


As it had become troublesome, I stripped off my pants and trunks.

“Today, I will also fail.”

“T-That’s, Mast……aaaAAAAAAHHH!!! HyaaAAaaaAAAAAAHHHH!!”

Applying my penis against Kokoro’s vagina, I inserted inside her.

I chose to have sex just like usual.

I didn’t care. The need to endure was mistaken in the first place.

“Ah ah, Aah!! Mghah, hahyahn!! Agyah!!”

Just from being inserted inside of, Kokoro continued to convulse as she climaxed.

It was the earlier suggestion. Currently, due to my hands in her memory, Kokoro’s entire body was carefully being stroked.

As though holding down the flailing Kokoro, I grasped her waist and began to piston as though violating her.

With her mouth agape, Kokoro’s tongue dangled out as she continued panting. She’s already in a state where she’s just struggling without being able to think of anything.

“For having a cold, you’re rather energetic, huh!?”

“Shank, hyuu……aaAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”

Kokoro’s legs tried to move about with a struggle, but I suppressed them with both feet, as though trampling upon them.

In a manner that was almost like practicing violence, I continued to fuck Kokoro.

Even so, Kokoro’s vagina was firmly holding my penis and wouldn’t let go. It was probably instinctive.

“HyagaaaaAAAAAHH!! Ahyahyah!! AGHaaaAAAH!!”

Even though Kokoro had become a simpleton, I ceaselessly tickled her soles that were so weak that it seemed as though her entire body went crazy.

Even though my penis was still inserted, the tepid sensation from Kokoro soiling herself covered my stomach region from between her legs.

“Such an untrained slave. You really are sloppy, huh?”

“Hyah, hyaaAahh!!”

“Come, I’m gonna firmly let it out, so don’t move when I do.”

I didn’t know if Kokoro could still hear my voice or not. She was probably in chaos due to the pleasure, titillation, and the bliss that assaulted her whole body.

I fully applied my weight against such a Kokoro, pushing my penis against the mouth of her vagina’s womb and ejaculating.


Raising a scream, Kokoro took my semen inside of her vagina. Her entire body stretched out and solidified, as though it had cramped up.

Finishing my ejaculation, I removed my penis and finally released Kokoro from this sensation.


Finally, Kokoro’s hips recoiled with a *twitch*, and a bit of semen leaked out from the insides of her vagina. A while after that, she continued to keep staring at the ceiling with glazed eyes.

Since it had been a while since we did it, I guess it could be said that it was sublime.

“What are you?”


Asking Kokoro as though to confirm, I was satisfied by the answer I got in return.

As expected, intercourse with Kokoro was also wonderful and enjoyable. Having this much fun with a submissive partner was really because of the service mentality that Kokoro has.

Anyway, for today–


“Fufu……is it already done?”

An outrageous thing came out from the lying Kokoro’s mouth.

This woman, don’t tell me she provoked me into this situation?

“I don’t care what happens, got it?”

“Indeed, let’s make a mistake together, Master……after all, no matter what you do, I shall accept it.”

While still lying down, Kokoro spread open both hands and waited for me to fly into them.

No, she was provoking and then enticing me.

Even though I knew this, without forgiving that line which was looking down on me, I once again felt blood seething into my penis.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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