Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 49

Seibu Rein Slave Stand-In-Arc

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By the time that the lingering memory of Summer Vacation vanished, the time for the Cultural Festival had arrived.

The second semester classes were still dull, so it was good news for the students who had too much vigour.


“This, this! This one, right!”

The symbol of this beginning was the Cultural Festival Poster. The visual ones began from this one.

The poster gave off the first impression that the executive committee had placed their spirit into their activities since the beginning of summer vacation.

On my side, it is delightful that they are delivering me a fulfilling school life with all their being due to the suggestions.

This year’s posters were particularly enthusiastic. To the extent that I wonder whether or not the cultural festival has already begun.

There were several kinds of posters, which had been posted in places like the neighbouring department stores and so on.

There were normal flyers which had students laughing on it, and there were others that had mural-like images drawn upon them by the art department. Additionally, some had characters drawn on them, or photos printed on them.

Volunteers had even been gathered, and without compromise, they had developed quite a few different types.


My eyes had been stolen by a single sheet amongst those posters.

The students around me, especially the girls, were also staring at it like myself.

“So cool……”

“Isn’t it?”

What the girls pointed at was a poster that had cosplay photos lined up in a cool manner.

3 beautiful girls took great care to appear dignified, wearing boyish clothes as they glared at those who looked upon the poster.

In the centre was amazingly-

“Rei-Rei really is cool, right~”

“Uwoh……Mai, huh?”

The one reflected in the centre of the poster was Rein.

Mai suddenly came to my side, and started viewing the poster together with me.

“I mean, this is it!”

“This, you say……”

“It’s like she’s saying ‘You’re under arrest’!”

The attire Rein wore was a white military uniform. I don’t know whether the fine details were the same as the original, but those were probably the Navy Type 2 military uniform.

(TL Note: Not sure. Here’s pics –第二種軍装)

Holding a Japanese Sword replica in both hands like a cane, she faced the camera, glaring as though looking down upon it.

The girl on the right was in a suit, and the left side wore noble-like clothing with long cuffs. One of them rested their chin in their hands, while the other sat on the staircase in a cool pose.

I don’t know when the pictures were taken, but she probably couldn’t refuse because she was asked to do so.

Even so, it’s really awesome.

“Ah, it’s Rei-Rei!”

Speaking of which, Rein passed through the corridor that the poster was pinned up in.


“U-Um! I saw the poster! You were very cool!”

“It was so beautiful! F-Fuuh!”

“I see.”

“How cool!”

Really, she’s a girl that stands out no matter where she goes.

Without being conscious of it, a crowd had formed and envied her. She appeared to be putting on airs, but that conversely gathered the students’ gazes.

It’s not surprising that she would become the target of jealousy if those good intentions were shifted even slightly. Perhaps they felt a considerable amount of dignity towards the true essence of Rein’s body.

Also, they probably felt like there were looking at a performer who was way above them.



Although there was still some distance between us, Rein apparently noticed my gaze.

And noticing Mai’s presence beside me, she averted her eyes.

But soon after that she glared at me. She’s really easy to understand.

Although the movements of her expression were slight, upon being able to understand the difference, you could tell that, despite being like this, Rein was a frank child.

“That girl…….does she really get it?”

“Hmm? D’something happen?”

That Rein, who was faced with shrill voices coming from the students, and was glaring at me to the extent of being rude-

-was, for today only, my slave.

Remembering about the matter this morning, I grinned.

On the morning of that day, I woke up alone in the apartment.

While suppressing my drowsiness, I unsteadily made my way to the living room.



Last night, Rein, who had swapped with Mai, curtly greeted me.

Kokoro’s fever had begun to drop, but she still wasn’t well enough to have sex yet. I decided to have her rest again for today.

That’s why, in order to take care of my libido and other suitable matters, I decided to leave that job to Rein, and so made her my slave.

“Breakfast is placed over there, so eat it whenever.”


“Already eaten.”

She was preparing to go to school. She had already changed into her school uniform.

It was the same in the morning. After hitting my body several times, she quickly left the room after confirming that I was awake.

Even though she’s become a slave, it appears that she doesn’t have any intention of obeying me.

Avoiding contact as much as possible, she tried to run away from my orders.

This slave has bad service.

“Rein, after I’ve finished eating, I want you to help out with something. Wait up.”

“……I see.”

Of course, I won’t let her escape.

If I order her to wait, then Rein would not be able to resist as according to the slave suggestion.

With nothing to do, Rein watched me while waiting for me to finish my meal.

That’s why you should have eaten together with me.



When I tried to meet eyes with her, Rein averted her gaze at once.

Rein’s figure in an apron over her school uniform was quite a rare appearance for her. Unexpectedly, her appearance that closely concealed her skin like this was more exciting at times.

To me, who had seen her naked countless times, seeing her so guarded caused a sense of fulfillment to gush from within me.

“Now then, thanks for the meal. It was delicious.”

“……I see.”

Finishing my meal, I placed the tableware in the sink.

“Aah, you don’t need to wash them. Sunou will probably do it anyway. More importantly, I want you to help me with something. For now, take off your bottoms and come to the bathroom.”

“……what are we going to do? It’s school time already, right?”

“What, it’s nothing serious, see.”

A malicious smile surfaced on my face.

Rein pulled back, clearly alarmed. Of course, she had no right to refuse.

“I get it, but I don’t want to be late.”

“Right, well that depends on you.”

Swalling her words with a *gulp*, Rein vexedly placed her hands on her skirt.

Carefully removing the buttons one by one, her skirt fell to her feet.

Perhaps because she didn’t want to be seen by me, she was peeping this way with a *glance*. I decided to smile while watching this.


Perhaps she was trying to hide her lower body from me, but Rein bent forward and began to take off her panties.

Certainly, she could hide them with her breasts, but at the same time she ended up showing her cleavage that could be seen through her shirt this way. Placing her fingers at the edge of her panties, she lowered her underwear without breaking her posture. From her hidden lower body, I caught the sight of a cloth with little surface area flowing down her legs.

She was completely stripping herself. Of course, I didn’t say it.

“This should be fine, right? You go first.”

“That’s right, let’s go together.”

Bringing Rein along, I entered the bathroom. We weren’t going to take a bath.

“Well then, place your hands against the wall and stick out your butt.”

“……you really are-”

“Aah, you’re mistaken, that’s not it. This time it’s preparation.”

Rein made a dubious face, but she followed my words, placing her hands against the wall and thrusting out her butt.

I crouched and spread Rein’s anus with my thumbs.

“At any rate, since you’ve become a slave, I was thinking that we should do something different than usual, see. This is preparation for anal sex.”


“It can’t be helped since you’re a slave. You will respond to my desires.”

From the beginning, due to a certain hypnosis, ejaculating inside of Rein’s vagina had basically become a rule.

Because of this, usually she would never allow having anal sex. Meaning that it was a way of enjoyment that could only happen when she was a slave.

Picking up the tool that was placed in the bathroom, I placed it against Rein’s anus.

“W-What are-?”

“It’s an enema. We need to properly clean your anus, after all.”

What I prepared was a powerful injection type enema with an immediate effect. As though teasing her, I pocked the tip inside of Rein’s anus.

From Rein’s perspective, who could see behind her, she was probably a little fearful.

Tensing up with a *jerk*, enema was inserted inside of her puckered anus.


As though stifling her fear, Rein shut her eyes, seemingly enduring it.

However, it appears that she wasn’t used to the sensation of having something enter inside of her anus. She couldn’t shut her open mouth.

Pushing the syringe, I inserted the liquid little by little. It’s amusing how it goes in, huh?


“Alright, it’s all inside. This one has an immediate effect, but it seems that it’s fine to wait a bit.”

“Then the toilet-”

“Before that, we’ll be doing something else.”

“Haah!? Why didn’t you do that first!?”

That’s obviously because I want to watch you desperately enduring it.

I pulled out a container that was different from the enema.

“What, I just wanted to try it a bit, see.”

“Why am I……”

“It’s a sanitary item to wash the vagina. It appears that the nozzle is inserted and the interior of the vagina is rinsed like a shower.”

Bringing the bottle that had a nozzle attached to it, this time I earnestly applied it to the vagina.

Perhaps because she was already having a bowel movement, Rein’s hips trembled.

Well, if it’s this girl, then she should be able to bear with it.

“H-Hurry it up! Don’t dawdle!”

“Ooh, that’s right……huh!”


Rein’s hips were still tensed.

Bestowed with the chilly sensation of the plastic, her spine arched backwards.

From there, I crushed the bottle, sending a shower jet into Rein’s vagina.


With thick drops, water flowed out from her vagina.

Speaking of Rein, her face was downcast, apparently lost in the echoes of surprise.

“You’re really……say something when you’re going to do it……”

“My ba-d!”

Rein slowly turned this way. Her eyes teared up and her teeth were clenched. She’s really at the end of her rope, huh.


Treading step by step with a pitiful gait, Rein headed for the bathroom. Will she really make it?

Using a towel, I wiped off Rein’s legs that had become wet due to rinsing her vagina.

Rein seemed as though she was going to complain, but thinking that this was so the floor wouldn’t get wet, she appeared to have held back.

Incidentally, even when she reached the toilet, there won’t be any traces of her soiling herself so she should have made it.

After waiting for a while, Rein, who usually had a cool expression, came out from the toilet.


“Come now, next we’ll put the shower head against your holes and clean them.”


Rein did not object. She silently followed.

Even when the shower head was directly placed against her anus, she did not say a word.

Remembering that time, I chuckled to myself.

“Book, disgusting.”

Mai’s impression is really honest.

Rein was still attending to the gallery, so she did not come to my side.

“Rein-san’s cool! So cool!”

“She really feels like an Onee-sama……”

The gallery was somewhat increasing. Really, just by her being there people gather.

Without being shaken by this situation, Rein responded with her usual indifferent expression.

“How should I say this, she’s beautiful.”

“Right, right! She has a sense of cleanliness, or rather she doesn’t seem like she’d get agitated.”

“Such sentiments can’t be felt inside of a photo, right?”

“So cool!”

“Cheer up!”

(TL Note: I have no idea what this means.

Raw: 「たけのこ!」)

Rein is cool. When such a trend has been stoked up, she would look cool no matter what she said. This was the group think that humans possess, huh.

But, the Rein who was there had an enema crammed inside of her by me this morning.

In addition, right now, she was going through her day with a large vibe left in her anus in order to expand it.

Her face had settled, but the vibrator whose shape could be seen through her panties underneath her skirt had firmly plugged up her butt.


“Ah, Rei-Rei, what’s up?”

“Nothing, but let’s go.”

Escaping from that uproar, Rein came over here. She was trying to separate Mai and myself, huh.

What a pleasant piece of resistance.


“What is it?”

Rein’s expression was calm, but the middle of her brow wrinkled. I don’t know anything else that comes close to it, but this was the proof of her rage.

Pretending to do it by accident, I purposefully brushed against Rein’s skirt.

Here, she probably thought that I was trying to flip her skirt or touch her butt.

“Eh, eh, Book, what’d you do?”

“Mai, nothing happened to me, so don’t worry.”

Noticed by Mai, Rein became slightly flustered. Even though keeping quiet would have been best if she wanted to stay clear of trouble.

Of course, that was impossible for her.

That’s because, even though she was a slave, she still directed clear hostility towards me. Ooh, I’m so scared.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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