Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 43

Seibu Rein Advantage Counterattack-Arc

I don’t really like sports time.

However, since we just entered the new school term, I introduced bloomers on a slight whim, so there’s no way I wouldn’t attend.

After making Kokoro a slave, I had become somewhat able to do sports. In regards to physical fitness alone, I’m probably someone who has a decent amount of it in the class.

However, physical strength is all that the current me has.

“What’s wrong? You couldn’t join a group?”

The usual female sports teacher called out to me, who was idling by my lonesome. It is not something unusual.

Although this school was an academy that incorporated elementary, middle, and high schools together, I belonged to the bunch that transferred in after high school. I, who crawled into places where there were very little people, did not know a single man who I could even call as an acquaintance.

“If that’s the case, won’t I be in trouble?”

“Since it’s table tennis, just go to the appropriate place. Even if you lose, you won’t lose anything.”

The female teacher said, but my pride felt that it was irritating.

By controlling the academy through the Hypnotic Test, the male students have dramatically become stronger.

That’s because, during their free time or whenever it’s not convenient for me, I have them undergo special training as scouts.

The male students here, even boys who were thinner and shorter than I, are able to knock out chumps on the level of delinquents and thugs with a light jab and a straight hook. Their bodies remember it so.

I thought that it was careless of me when we ended up abruptly displaying good results in all of the summer tournaments this year. Still, since it was a suggestion placed before summer vacation, we thankfully did not suddenly become the strongest.

For the time being, I had the vice-chancellor adopt a suitable justification next time, such as saying that this school would focus its efforts on sports from the next fiscal year and the like.

Anyway, I, who hadn’t used a self-suggestion, wouldn’t even be able to beat everyone here at table tennis.

That is fine, but in it’s own way it isn’t.

Better yet, let’s use suggestions so that I will be exempt from these classes.

“Here’s good.”

A voice called out to the female teacher and I who were idling around.

I overtly furrowed my brow. The female teacher did too.

“You’re a girl, though.”

“If it’s me, then I can win. If it’s table tennis, then gender doesn’t matter.”

Rein proposed that she would group up with me.

Below the pure white gym uniform was the bloomers that had been introduced from this semester forward. The bloomers exposed the legs up until just the base of the thighs, revealing her shapely bare feet before my eyes. The contrast of the top’s white purity and the bloomer’s excessive exposure below evoked gap moe. It’s no wonder how it has a certain class of popularity.

Of course, the content of the sports class for boys and girls were different. This time was also an elective, and the female students were also the same as last time as they played their matches.

“It’s not like it’s fine if ya just win, ya know? As expected, having him mixed up over here is kinda-”

“Please let it happen once. Because I won’t lose.”

Saying this, Rein looked over here, as though trying to provoke me. Her mouth was somewhat laughing.

She is definitely taunting me, huh.

Lately, outside of sex, Rein didn’t try to talk to me. Of course, there’s no reason for her to try and get along with a two-timing bastard.

In Rein’s perspective, she was probably doing something like venting out her anger. There are times when this girl takes such aggressive behaviour.

I could refuse, but-

“Guess I’ll do it. As long as it’s one match.”

“Then over here. I’ll open up the table.”

Rein began to explain the circumstances of the girls group.

Having come this far, the female teacher also had no intention of stopping us. Sports class isn’t that strict.

I haven’t prepared anything, and I also couldn’t use hypnosis. But, well-

I lost.

Only a little time passed after that, and in such a short time I lost completely.

It was what they call a one-sided match.

“Rein-san’s amazing……”

“It gives off the impression of ‘So beautiful!’, right?”

Perhaps because the surrounding students improved her mood, she even displayed a trick where she spun the ball and made it crawl up the racket.

Table Tennis is a sport where talent is strongly displayed. Reaction speed, in particular, isn’t something that can be trained somehow or another.

In that sense, Rein overwhelming. Displaying her characteristic senses more than usual, she crushed me without once letting down her guard.

“Rein-san really is awesome!”

Before I noticed, the peanut gallery has gathered. Even if I was the opponent, she stood out.

Besides, my motive today was different.

“Rein, you really can do it if you put your mind to it! Go and do some sports!”

“Sorry, but I’m not really interested.”

Rein was basically suited for sports.

Since she’s the type that can do anything if she tries, her competitiveness also wasn’t that strong. She was the type whose talent was wasted by her surroundings.

That Rein became serious and tackled sports. That was her being serious.

“Book, cheer up, kay~”

Mai called out to me, who was crouching. Since the surroundings were focused on Rein, they wouldn’t notice even if she called out to me.

“Say, there’s something between you n’ Rei-Rei, right?”

“No……don’t think so.”

Feeling her gaze, I broke out into a cold sweat.

Rein’s eyes, which looked as though they had finished driving their prey into a corner, stared fixedly at me.

She likely couldn’t forgive a two-timing bastard talking to Mai. That’s what her face said.


Rein’s smile echoed awfully from within the uproar.

Seeing how she succumbed to the usual frustration, she probably felt slightly relieved.

I gazed awhile at Rein’s satisfied face-

“I said It won’t go in so fast!”

-since I wanted to fuck her, I made her go into heat.

The place she chose was the sports warehouse. After making her horny, Rein immediately said she’s go to the toilet, pulling me along as she brought me here.

The sports warehouse was also kept clean to the point where one wouldn’t believe it was used for school. I take my hat off to the Hypnotic Test.

The second we were hidden in the shadows, Rein placed her hands on the vault box and thrust out her butt this way. It’s really become so wild that it’s hard for her to control, huh?


“Why are you laughing!?”

In the face of Rein’s flustered expression, my face slackened.

Having the person, who up until earlier displayed more skill than me, shaking her bloomers like this and enticing me wasn’t a bad situation in its own way.

“Gym Clothes might be nice cause they’re so easy to move in.”


I grabbed Rein’s butt over her bloomers.

Rein’s shoulders shivered with a start, continuing to wait as though expecting something.

“Just wait a sec. I also need to prepare to get erect, after all.”

“T-Then hurry up!”

“I’m gonna mess with your body, but that’s okay, right?”

“Even though you always do that……why only this time……?!”

Placing only my thumb inside of her bloomers, I traced the edge as though revolving around it.

From just this, Rein’s body arched backwards, and trembled with a *shudder*.


Since she was exercising until just now, I felt the sensation of sweat sticking to my hand, although only slightly. I traced the warm and musty insides of her bloomers with only my thumb.

Rein’s bare legs were very beautiful. I couldn’t understand how much flexibility and agility these thin legs had, even while she was playing table tennis with me.

Even though such a thing was like a polished piece of art, the hands of someone like me were touching it.

“Taking it off just like this is such a waste.”

“If you don’t, then we can’t do it, right……!?”

Rein impatiently scolded me.

She probably intended on gaining the higher position by winning against me. The gap of her body completely submitted made my penis become erect.

Reluctantly, I decided to remove her bloomers. Just not completely, only lowering it down to around her knees.

“There, bear with it just a bit longer.”


Leaning on Rein’s back, I rubbed her chest as though hugging her.

Placing my hands inside her gym clothes, I fiddled with her breasts as though to ruin her bra. I could tell that Rein’s gym clothes took on the shape of my hand, as though showing through.


Without closing her mouth, Rein dribbled saliva onto the sports warehouse floor. Her body trembled, reaching climax several times.

My penis which became even more erect caressed Rein’s butt.

“H-Hurry it up……”

“I might get erect if you were to properly ask for it.”

“……the, worst.”

Since Rein said this, I separated from her at once.

Although she glared at me as though I were her parents’ enemy, it appears that she is self-aware that the one asking for this was herself.

Faced with the regret of having no choice other than to appeal to me, who no longer showed restraint, Rein bit her lip.

“Spread it open with your fingers, and say that you want me to put it inside.”


With faltering hand movements, Rein placed her fingers against the sides of her vagina, spreading it open with a jerk.

Those fingers were the same talented fingers that beat me in table tennis earlier. I had Rein use those fingers to spread open her vagina. I felt nothing but joy in thinking so.

“So, what do you want?”

“……!!? Please put your d*ck inside of my p*ssy.”

“P*ssy? Don’t you mean obscene female hole?”

“Whatever is fine!! Put your d*ck inside of my obscene female hole! Hurry, idiot!”

“Haha, well, guess it can’t be helped—right!”

I liked the Rein whose aggressive behaviour did not break like this.

Even this plea was a compromise on her part.

As though to bore a hole through the pride that I had just obtained, I inserted my penis.

“Kuh……uuuh!! Aah!!”

Like this, I pumped my penis into her from behind.

I also shifted her bra, rampaging through her breasts underneath her white gym clothes.

“Geez, it seems that I’ll have to hold you down, huh?”

“Igh……aaahh!! Haah, haah!”

Perhaps because I fiddled around during the foreplay, this time I was quick to ejaculate.

Since Rein also climaxed countless times in the face of the anticipated penis, she probably didn’t care.

“I’m gonna cum soon.”

“I-It’s fine, so hurry……my body can’t bear it any……aaaaaah!”

“Rei-Reei, where are yooou!?”

Both Rein and my bodies stiffened.

Mai’s voice called Rein.

In that instant, I began to ejaculate, making a vulgar *splurt* sound as semen spread throughout the insides of Rein’s vagina.

“Ah, here ya are!”


Rein stood stock still, as though time had stopped.

She probably couldn’t believe the current situation.

After all, the figure of Rein and I having sex was displayed before Mai’s eyes.

“Geez, I was wondering where you got to, what’re ya doin?”


“Rei-Rei’s only played table tennis once, y’know? Everyone’s nearly done so come out soon, kay! Also, about Book, do you know where he’s gone?”

“……I don’t know.”

“I see, then I’m gonna go look f’him!”

Mai conversed with her usual attitude, leaving the sports warehouse without appearing the least bit strange.

Before coming to this warehouse, I placed a suggestion on her where she wouldn’t notice anything even if I did something strange.

It was the right choice to not only place it on just those who took the test, but on Mai as well.

With her expression still twitching, Rein stared in the direction that Mai left in. It was also rare to have her face become so easy to read like this.

“It would seem that I wasn’t noticed because Rein overshadowed me.”


Rein helplessly turned limp. Semen spilled out from her vagina which didn’t close.

“……I really am the worst.”

Rein sank into self-hatred.

She betrayed Mai and had sex with me. She was relieved that this wasn’t revealed. In the face of both of these facts, she probably received a great shock.

Despite smiling in the face of this unforeseen development, I decided to follow up just a bit.

“Well, you’re still better than me.”

“……of course……of course I am!”

“No, you don’t have to get angry-”

Rein was quick to recover. She lifted the removed bloomers and wore it again. It appears that the bloomers was plugging up the semen, huh.

Upon thinking that the traces of her intercourse with me were hidden by such a small piece of cloth, it aroused me.

“-wooooah!? What’s with you!?”

“You come as well. We’re playing table tennis. You’re in this group, right? Since it’ll probably be difficult partnering with everyone, so I’ll be your opponent.”

Grabbing my clothes, Rein tried to pull me out of the sports warehouse.

She was absolutely trying to distract her mind from her worries.

“I see, then I’ll have to ask you to do so. Gently.”

“I won’t hold back.”

It seems like I’m going to be completely devastated again.

But, well, it’ll be fine this time.

After all, just by imagining the insides of her bloomers that were wet from her sexual intercourse with me, my feelings of conquest were fulfilled.

Upon thinking that I needed to do something about Rein, who was no longer sullen, I couldn’t do anything else but forgive this shame.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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