Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 42

Academy Fertilisation Lesson-Arc

When summer vacation ended, this academy also greeted a new school term.

Yesterday I appropriately finished the opening ceremony, but I thought that I might as well have some fun. I guess I should think about what to do next.

“There aren’t any abnormalities in their health, huh……”

“Boook! Morning!”

My shoulders ended up shuddering in surprise. Don’t suddenly greet me from behind like that.

So Mai really has received some strange influence due to the hypnosis, huh. She wasn’t originally the type of person who would greet me.



This time, my back was hit from behind. The culprit was Rein. After seeing me and letting out a cranky sigh, she returned to her own seat.

Without even waiting for a reply, my mouth opened after being hit.

After the festival, my relationship with Rein was heading in a bad direction. It was a good trend.

“Rei-Rei, mornin’!”

“Morning, Mai.”

It would seem that, inside of Rein, the image of me being a two-timing bastard has solidified.

Even so, the frustration of being unable to sever her ties with me was swirling inside of her. She held the misunderstanding that she was betraying her best friend Mai inside of her chest.

Isn’t this such an interesting and youthful circumstance?

“Say, Book, what’d you decide?”

“Decide what?”

“Elective class. Ain’t that our next lesson?”

Not satisfied with just giving a greeting, Mai arbitrarily started making small talk. I’m also worried about whether I should give her some sort of suggestion.

For the time being, I only coped by making it so there wouldn’t be any sense of incongruence.

Rein was glaring at me. How scary.

“……isn’t it probably a different lesson than Mai’s?”

“Eeh, what’s with that?”

Towards my half-hearted response, Mai smiled a little before immediately leaving.

Apparently Mai’s class friends came back into the class room. She was probably trying to avoid being seen together with me and being strangely teased about it.

“Hey, Mai, let’s goo!”

“Ok, ok! Oh, by the way, earlier, Yamada-san’s Maitake–”

The other students also left the classroom for the next elective class.

I was also not an exception, standing up as I walked towards the place for the elective class.

Where I arrived at was the Home Economics room at the end of the school building.

Although the school as a whole was clean thanks to the hypnosis, I chose an exceedingly clean place amongst them.

Besides, if it’s here, no one would find it strange even if I laid out a mat for my exclusive use.

When I entered the room, although it was slight, gazes gathered upon me.

But of course. There aren’t any guys here but me, after all.


Mai modestly waved her hand. If you do that, then you’ll be noticed by your friends.

Sitting on the seat furthest in the back, the surrounding female students took their distance from me. Of course, there weren’t any who approached because there was a free seat nearby.

“Ah, Rei-Rei, here, here!”

“……Mai is also here?”

When Rein arrived last, the expected number of attendees had been filled. There was about 20 people in all, with no vacancies.

After a while, the chime echoes. It’s starting.

“Alright, everyone’s here, yeah!?”

The lecturer was the female sports teacher. Anyone was fine, but for now, I decided on her, who was pushy and looked like she could take the lead.

“Well then, we will start Friendship Ethics. I’m gonna take attendance, so make sure to answer.”

Friendship Ethics. The one who made that name was me.

This class was the class I made for my exclusive use last term. There were no students who chose this lesson.

Everyone was personally selected by me and made to attend this elective.

Of course, the ones I chose were all people who had a good face and/or style. Their personalities were not considered. Even those who had boyfriends were stopped from having sex during the summer vacation, and were made to take blood tests in advance.

Everything was an elaborate plan for my sake and, while it was troublesome, it would become a wonderful class.

“Now then, since introducing this class is a pain, let’s quickly start the lessons from today.”

“Teacher, what are we going to do?”

“Today, amongst the Friendship Ethics class, we will be conducting the important Fertilisation Practice.”

The students stirred. Rather than surprise, it felt like their curiosity towards what will happen from here on had swelled.

Both Rein and Mai were under the suggestion that they wouldn’t particularly care too much about the contents of this lesson.

“Well then, first lay the sheets on top of the desk.”

All of the female students slowly began to prepare. They laid out clean sheets on top of the Home Economics room’s long tables. That way, no matter what is done on top of it, the tables won’t get dirty.

The sports teacher continued to plainly instruct the female students. Of course, everything had been taken care of with suggestions.

“All of them have been laid, huh. Then, first, take of your skirt and panties.”

“Teacher, where should we leave the removed skirts?”

“Just leave the skirts there, and put the panties to the side for easy use. I don’t mind if you wanna hold it in your hands or mouth.”


All of the girls here took off their bottoms, hanging around with their buttocks fully bare. Since it’s still summer uniform, they’re pretty much not wearing anything except their shirts.

I also removed my pants and trunks just as instructed.

“Now then, the girls will sit on top of the desk. Hey now, properly line up while keeping some space between each other. Also, hold the back of your knees with your hands and put your feet on top of the desk as well. That’s right, spread your legs to the side. It should feel something like when sitting on the floor in gym class.”

When they lined up on top of the desk while spreading their groins in an M shape, it once again became quite the surreal sight. To everyone, their appearance was as though they were going to wet themselves.

“Alright, everyone’s ready. ‘n so-”


I replied. The gazes of the female students gathered onto me.

“Let’s see, it seems that no one else but you have chosen to take this elective, so please do your best. Well, since your penis is already firmly erect, I don’t have to worry about that. Alright then, everyone, beg him to impregnate you. In order to to leave behind children, you need to properly entice him, see.”

“Come over here! Come on!”

That was one of the female students–I’m pretty sure she was Mai’s friend, a girl called Mikumo. Although she had good reflexes, she was a whimsical, cat-like girl who was uncontrollable.

When her eyes met mine, that pose of hers shook with a quiver as she sought me.

“Got it, you’ll be the first one.”

“Aw yeah!”


“I’m next, Mikumo, hurry up!”

Everyone was seriously taking the lesson, huh. This was a good trend.

Walking up until Mikumo’s seat, I mercilessly inserted my penis into her open crotch.

“No……oww!! It hurts, it hurts!!”

“Hey, Mikumo, it’s for the lesson so bear with it.”

It would seem that she hasn’t experienced it yet. That’s probably just right for this sort of girl, though.

Like this, I started pistoning, holding down Mikumo, who was trying to escape, with both hands.

“Ah, ah, i-it kinda hurts, but it also tingles……”

“What, it’s your first time so it’ll come soon.”

During this class, I quickly placed a pleasure suggestion onto the female students.

Even though the girl in question, Mikumo, should have been escaping from the pain, she contrarily was rubbing against me.

Because she did not hold feelings of shame or rejection, she honestly wanted me.

“Hey, I’m gonna let it out so properly take it in.”

“Eh, wait! I’m still……aaaaahh!!”

While making a vulgar *splurting* sound, I ejaculated inside of Mikumo’s vagina.

Mikumo convulsed with a *shiver*, climaxing while dribbling drool. She was also under a suggestion where, by receiving ejaculation, she would continue to receive an even greater pleasure.

When I pulled out my penis, her vagina undulated with a *twitch*, as though trying to close. Because Mikumo’s vagina was forcefully spread open due to it being her first time, it was hard to close shut.

“Mikumo! Take this lesson seriously! Look, use some strength and close your p*ssy! You can’t get fertilised it the semen spills, right?”


“Hey, Book! Me, next! Seriously get over here!”

Mai was screaming, but I ignored her. If today was the same as usual, then it would be boring.

At any rate, this time, I will cream pie the girls who aren’t on contraceptives, after all.


The one that my eyes accidentally stopped on was once again a friend of Mai’s, Mana. She was fixedly staring at me next to Mikumo.

Sending me a flirtatious glance with damp eyes, while holding up her legs with her arm, she slowly spread open and displayed her vagina with her fingertips.

“Next will be Mana-san, so-”


“Hey now, students, doing that—requesting for fertilisation without words but gestures is a good method. Use this as a reference, got it?”

“P-Please stop it! Don’t touch my feet!”

“It can’t be helped, since it’s hard to do it.”

“Aaah, it came……”

Even though she desired for the penis to be inserted, she felt disgust upon having her legs touched. It was an abnormality that was unique to hypnosis.

As expected, Mana already has experience. Although she also has the pleasure suggestion, but her enjoyment began even quicker than that.

“Hyaah, amazing! Amazing, Book! How should I say this, normally it wouldn’t be like this!”

“As expected, isn’t it because I have the teacher’s guidance during class?”

“Aaaah! Hyaaaaaahh!!”

Rather than saying I was tasting them, I was treating their vaginas extravagently, as if I were only eating the most delicious part and throwing away the rest.

With almost no restraint, when I wanted to cum I immediately ejaculated.

“Aaaaaaaaaahh!! Hyah……ish hurrrzzz……”

“M-Me too!”

“Here, here!”

When my ejaculation finished, the girls kicked up a fuss, as though saying that they were to be the next one.

This was the proof that everyone was taking this class seriously. They were enjoying it more than they wanted to get good grades.

I have to treat everyone as equally as possible.

“Oi, how many more times does it look like you can do it?”

“I can still do a lot more.”

“Then it’s 5 more times. Any more than that won’t be permitted.”

“Eh, I can still-”

“As a teacher, it’s a given that we can’t let students overdo it. Everyone listen up as well! He’ll only do 5 more people at most so properly tempt him. You want him to fertilise you, right!?”

“Hey, come on! Come over here!”

Rather than strict, the teacher is really diligent to be able to fulfil her professional duties in this sort of situation.

Out of respect to her, I guess I’ll finish up after 5 more times.

“Who should I choose……?”

While not trying to hide my smile, I closely examined the girls.

This was the first impregnation. If things go well, then they will also become pregnant. Since the hypnosis for the after care has already been all done, there would be no problems if these girls were to become pregnant now.

If I were to do Mai or Rein, there would be a time in the future where I wouldn’t be able to have fun with them, but not having to care about such a thing at this time was a benefit that came with dominating this academy.

“Well then, everyone appeal to me with your vaginas. Because I’ll insert myself inside of the best looking pussies.”

“Ah, yes, yes! Since I masturbate with my pussy three times a day, its pleasure and wetness are both perfect! That’s why, put it in, okay?”

“Erm……I always wash my pussy inside of the bathroom. It is very clean, so please try inserting it inside.”

“Yes, me! Because I’m always forging my leg muscles at Track and Field Club, I can firmly gobble it up!”

“Well then, I guess I’ll settle with that sports club girl over there.”

I was extravagantly choosing a vagina. All of the girls here are beauties just from their faces alone, after all.

“Aaah, amazing!”

“Hey, you’re in a sports club, right? Gobble it up properly!”

“Yup, got it–aaah! Hyaaaaah!!”

For now, let’s patiently impregnate them. Besides, it’s only 5 people.

In time, I will have a taste of all of the students in this class.

Currently, the girls in this class were wistfully gazing at me.

Once again, I also looked down upon all of the members with longing, gleaming eyes.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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