Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 41

Seibu Rein Impure Love Affair-Arc

It was now about evening when the apartment’s intercom rang.

Kokoro had work, and Sunou and Mai were still heading to the festival so responding was quite troublesome.

Even so–or rather, precisely because it was such a time that I found it strange that my legs ended up moving.

“……Rein, huh?”


I appropriately unlocked the entrance, and Rein entered the apartment accordingly.

After a while, the intercom rang again in front of the entrance, so I opened the door.

“What is it?”


“The sun’s starting to set.”

Today’s Rein is quieter than usual, huh. Originally she wasn’t that much of a talker, but right now she was particularly meek.

This could just be me getting the wrong idea about Rein’s appearance, though.

“Yukata, huh?”

Rein amazingly appeared here while wearing a yukata.

The one Mai wore had an adorable image, while this one really had a colour that evoked a calm atmosphere.

Coupled with Rein in this state, her appearance was truly fitting to be called a Nadeshiko.

“You got a problem?”

“No, no problem.”

“That so? Then let’s go.”

Asking ‘where to’ would be tactless.

It would seem that Rein came to invite me to the festival.

Whether its Mai or this girl, they thoughtlessly involved themselves with me. It’s probably a harmful effect of the hypnosis.

“I won’t go to the festival. I’ve already been tossed around there during the afternoon, you see. Spare me, already.”

“I know.”

Rein forcibly grasped my hand. And with a *jerk*, she pulled it so as to take me outside of the apartment.


“Do you dislike going with me?”

For some reason, Rein furrowed her brow and showed her anger. Her discontent expression, although a bit scary, was attractive.

I was anxious about what to do towards the tyranny of her sports-oriented constitution that defied logic.

Although I still have the method of forcibly making Rein give up using hypnosis.

“……just wait a sec, I’ll go get ready. I’ll go with you, so let go of my hand.”

“I see.”

I gave in to Rein’s provocative eyes that seemed as though she were testing out something.

In the first place, what’s with this girl? ‘Do you dislike going with me’ or whatever? The part where she pointed out the small things was her being more particular than usual.

The instant she acknowledged that I was going, Rein became quiet.

Rein, whose figure was in a yukata, overlapped both of her hands around her navel, becoming graceful as she lowered her head. Seemingly like a girl who had been waiting in vain, I thought that it even her blunders would be cute.

The festival being held in this area was quite famous even within the prefecture, the human traffic being so large that it wasn’t even funny.

All the more so when it became night. Being in front of the station, it felt like we were in the midst of a human traffic jam.

Stuffing my pockets with only my wallet and cell phone, I followed after Rein who was walking in front of my eyes.

“So, what are we doing?”

“What do you do normally?”

It appears that Rein invited me while flinging the responsibility of deciding the events to me.

Speaking of the thing called a date, then that certainly fits. The money and plans were something that the man took care of.

However, I don’t have any intention of acknowledging such a thing.

“If I get to choose, then let’s go home.”

“That’s no good.”

“Then it’s just walking around willy-nilly, huh.”

Just like this, I took the lead as I pleased.

With that physical ability and good reflexes, Rein followed closely at my side.

Since her mouth which gave out so many orders up until a while ago was closed, perhaps she’s ok with this?


The two of us simply waded through the crowd in silence. The heat of summer and the people didn’t subside, even after the sun had set.

Originally, it wasn’t strange for both Rein and I to walk in silence. Rather, there were many times where we didn’t speak when the two of us were alone.

Even so, it really is awkward.

Perhaps it was because of the bizarre atmosphere that was being emitted from Rein’s gaze?

“That die cutting……”

“……what’s wrong?”

“Sunou completed it. So that’s something that can be done, huh.”

It was not because of fear. I only opened my mouth in order to distract from the current situation.

If we were to continue advancing without thinking as we were, the human traffic would lessen.

Since I was walking, it was only the natural result. It’s like I naturally escape to a place without people.

We ended up arriving in a park with pretty much no light, a little away from the festival venue.

It looks like Rein has also noticed. Lagging behind, she looked around her the surroundings restlessly.

“Is this also part of the festival venue?”

“Yeah, it looks like there are some visitors entering.”

As expected, Rein also tried to concel her voice. But of course.

After all, there were signs of people in the bushes and the like.

Men and women were probably reproducing somewhere inside of this park.

Regardless of how much they’re regulated, such things will not disappear. Without a certain amount of thrill, people will die.

“Say, can I talk for a bit?”

Rein finally opened her mouth on her own.

Trying to shake off this inevitable air, she took one step forward.

How convenient. I want to know the reason as to why I was brought along to this festival I didn’t give a damn about.

“What, do you have something to talk about?”

“……I do. Well, you see—are you perhaps–erm.”


“What’s your relationship with Mai?”

After first hanging her head, seemingly troubled, this time she stared at me with strong eyes, as though to denounce me.

Unable to catch the meaning of these words, I frowned.

Usually this sort of line would be spoken towards men that a girl would be interested in as a probe.

However, my intuition imagined something different, a bad premonition.

“Mai? Mai and I are only acquiantances. What are you trying to say?”

“You see, I saw it……what you and Mai were doing, today.”

“Hm? Certainly, I went with Mai to the festival, but-”

“Not that. What you did with Mai in the apartment.”

Even though Rein’s words were soft, they detained me, as though heavily weighing upon me.

That beautiful, sophisticated body bewitchingly swayed in the dark park.

The moonlight shone as though to trace the contours of her body, making the lightly dressed Rein look even more sexy.

“……what, that’s-”

“Don’t play dumb. It seems that Sunou didn’t notice it even though she passed by, but I went to that apartment once.”

With every word, Rein’s eyes became sharp, infused with anger as she glared at me.

Aah, I get it.

Even though it was a coincidence, this girl saw Mai and me having sex.

As I placed the suggestion on Sunou so that she would be able to perform normal actions, she ended up letting Rein normally enter inside the apartment.


Rein’s quiet voice became tinged with menace.

It was just like a snake glaring at a frog—though I guess the frog in this case is me.

Rein is angry.

Originally, the relationship between Rein and myself was something like sex friends. But it isn’t exactly good for a person who has sexual relations to be unfaithful with another person.

Even if the cause of this was Rein, that was just logic that’s natural for a person.

Furthermore, if that person was her best friend, Mai, then it’s only natural that she’d be angry.

“What was……that?”

“That was Sex. Even we’re always doing it, Rein.”

However, in this situation, I began to feel amusement rather than fear.

I wonder just what was I so perplexed about in the face of this simplistic hostility?

I ought to welcome it.

Rein gritted her teeth towards my detached attitude.

“Don’t screw around!”

She grabbed my collar with momentum that seemed as though she would punch me right now. She’s incredibly hot-blooded.

Perhaps she might be able to overcome the hypnotic suggestions and beat me up, huh. She has the potential to accomplish that much.

“What do you think about Mai?”

“If I hated her, then I wouldn’t have done that sort of thing. Besides, the one who wanted it was her.”

“What’s with that? Are you trying to give an excuse?”

“Of course, I don’t intend to muddy things that have been accepted. However, what’s wrong with it? She didn’t say one word about going out with me. Rather than betray her feelings, I haven’t even received anything of the sort from her.”

“What’s……with that!?”

I provoked Rein with a ceaseless barrage of messed-up logic.

Rein’s approval towards me took a good turn towards the minus realm.

“It seems that Mai doesn’t want to make her relationship with me public. That’s why we formed a purely physical relationship. I feel bad for Rein, but don’t talk about this to the person herself, much less spreading it around to everyone at school.”

“I don’t get you. As long as she doesn’t have some sort of sickness like me, doing such a thing has a meaning!”

“Well, who knows? That’s the whole truth, though.”

This should be fine. Looking at it from the outside, I would be reflected as the absolute worst scum who played around with Mai’s feelings and only sought out a physical relationship.

Rein had overcome anger, showing me a chilled gaze that appeared disappointed.

“I didn’t know that you were that sort of person.”

Upon averting her eyes from me, Rein hung her head remorsefully.

“That’s just, Mai is……so pitiful.”

“That’s something that Mai decided.”

In contrast to her cold as ice impression, Rein was a warm person who felt a strong sense of responsibility.

In the depths of her heart, a wave of an even greater emotion was surging inside of her.

“That’s enough. I shouldn’t have talked to you.”

“So now what? Are you gonna say that I should only associate with Mai?”

“Isn’t that obvious!? Having even done that sort of thing……!!?”

“That’s impossible.”

I approached Rein while sniggering.

Brushing away my hand, Rein drew back 2-3 steps, but her legs faltered.

“After all, in order to do something about Rein’s disease, your partner has to be me.”

“There’s no way I’d rely on you! Don’t screw with me!”

Rein was sent into heat. Blood faintly rushed to her cheeks, and her breathing grew rough.

Although she was still glaring at me resentfully even up until now, I could tell that a moist desire was included deep inside.

“Stop……stay away!”

When I took a step closer, Rein retreated as though to escape.

Before long, Rein entered the park’s thickets, stopping as her back had bumped against a tree.

“It would be best to stop using a loud voice.”


Without letting that instant slip by, I approached Rein instantly and stole her lips.

Rein was unwilling at first, trying to push me away, but when I inserted my tongue, she lost all of her strength and began to tremble.


Even though the horny Rein tried to tear me off of her, her body wouldn’t listen to her.

The influence that was deeply repressed at the resort island was displayed. Even though her consciousness had been reverted to recognise it as a dream, her body itself accepted that it was lewdly transformed.

As though waiting impatiently, Rein’s tongue entertwined with my own, beginning to greedily crave the saliva I sent.

Satisfied by that reaction, I released her lips.


“Come now, this body is something that can’t be helped, right? It’s not Rein’s fault.”

Rein’s lips drew out a thread of drool, connecting with my own. With longing in her eyes, she peered at the separated lips.


“Is it because you feel bad for Mai? But Rein has to do this, right? Just give up.”

“You……are the worst!”

“Oi, oi, even if you call me the worst. There aren’t any methods other than this. Are you anxious about Mai? Then all you have to do is not tell her about it. Since Mai is doing it too, wouldn’t you guys just be the same?”

I placed my hand under the hem of Rein’s yukata. Her burning thighs rubbed against my hand, appearing to accept it somewhat.

As though groping her my hand inside of a black curtain, my index finger stroked the base of her thighs, reaching around the crotch.


“Hey now, you really do want it, don’t you? It’s not good to hold it in.”

“You, stop screwi—–!!”

“If you make such a loud voice, we might be noticed by someone, you know?”

The instant Rein heard those words, only her gaze turned towards the sides. Her expression remained indifferent, but this tiny response truly displayed her agitation.

I slipped both hands even further inside of her yukata.

“……-!! Sto……”

“You’re not wearing underwear, huh. To go commando in a yukata, how rare.”

Rein pushed my arm with both hands, but there was no strength. It was resistance in form only.

Like this, I traced her vagina with my right hand while scratching her chest with my left.

Seeing the appearance of her shut eyes and gritted teeth, I was incredibly touched.

“Let’s settle this quickly. You don’t seem that eager, and it’ll be problematic if we’re found out.”

Returning the hand that I placed in her chest at once, I took off my pants and trunks.

Of course, I don’t think there would be anyone who would do anything if they found us, though. After all, whether it be threats or violence, none could match up to Rein and myself.

Like this, I placed both hands inside the hem of her yukata. Shifting the hem, raised her butt with a *jerk* after firmly grasping it.

“W-What are you doi-?”

“Rein should also grab my shoulder, I’m gonna insert it like this.”

Holding Rein from the front, I applied my exposed penis.

It was easier to lift her up than I thought. Rein is light, but she also has great strength.

“Igh……! S-Stop this at once!”



Relying on Rein’s weight, my penis entered inside her vagina.

Trying to support her raised body by herself, Rein wrapped her hand around my neck.

It was the face-to-face sitting position. Rein’s body weight accepted my penis as it was, our figures as though we were embracing each other.

“T-Take it……out!”

“If I don’t let it out inside, then you won’t be healed, right?”

“That’s, not……!!”

When we embraced each other with our genitals joined, we sank into an illusion as though we had become a single person.

Further strengthening the feeling of unity, Rein tightened her vagina. It was almost as though she was struggling, desperate to keep this union from breaking.

Even though the pistons up and down were awkward, Rein’s body became quite wet, moving as though to squeeze out semen from my penis.

“But Mai……”

“You worried about Mai? It can’t be helped after coming this far, there!”

“aaah! ……Mai, sorry, I’m so sorry!”

As though delirious, Rein apologised to Mai.

Her appearance of desperately hugging and clinging onto me was quite shameless.

Far from that, perhaps because she wanted to seal her panting mouth, Rein even bit my ears and shoulders. Rein’s bite marks will probably remain around my neck.

“This is, because of me–hyah!!!”

“Hey now, I’m gonna cum soon. Properly support yourself!”

Like this, the sounds of flesh collided with flesh continued to ring out inside of the dark, silent park.

Rein stifled her voice, tears and the like running down onto my neck. A guilt different from usual and the immorality of doing it outside caused her to become even more aroused.

As if to say that it was the finale, I used Rein’s weight to thrust deep into her vagina, ejaculating as though penetrating her womb.

While making a vulgar *splurting* sound, semen was accumulated inside of Rein’s vagina.


Rein raised her head, climaxing while stretching her spine. If she were to release her hands like this, then she’d probably collapse onto her back.


“Haha, you alright?”

I fiddled with Rein’s body as though I were rocking a baby.

Rein’s powerless neck faintly moved, glaring at me from the side.

“You are……”

“What’s wrong, do you have anything thoughts? I wonder if you see me as the lowest scum on Earth?”

“……the lowest one……is me.”

However, immediately after that, Rein was tormented by guilt. Due to a cause different from pleasure, her eyes moistened.

However, that guilt once against ended up flipping Rein’s arousal switch.

“The worst……”

“What, it’s a sickness, right? There’s nothing to worry about.”

This is probably what it means to add insult to injury.

With an appearance that was not even hysteric, but equal to desperation, Rein petitioned me for intercourse.

Seeing Rein like this, my lust also intensified, becoming erect while we were still joined.

Suddenly, fireworks rose above our heads. It must have become launch time.

Mai was also probably watching these fireworks somewhere.

I once again began to piston with my penis which plugged up the uterus overflowing with semen.

As things are now, I’ll be able to enjoy myself by using her feelings of guilt during the fireworks display.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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