Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 40

Minami Mai Yukata Dressing-Arc

Just as the big event known as the Resort Travel ended, there was nothing to do.

Especially for the thing known as summer vacation, if you don’t do anything, then there’s pretty much nothing to do.

That’s why, as long as I couldn’t muster the motivation, I just lived out the days with Kokoro, while acting as the partner of Sunou who would sometimes came by.

Today was one of the days that Sunou infrequently visited.

“That’s cowardly! To pull out the controller! To do that to my magic transmission device!? And what’s with that!? To think that you’d touch someone’s body, and harm the divine vessel!”

“There’s no rule saying that you can’t remove someone’s clothes while playing the game, right?”

“That’s something that you’d say, isn’t it? You really, actually said that, didn’t you!!”

It was a mistake to have a Sugoroku game with her. No matter how much handicaps I have, I don’t feel like I’d win at all.

Basically throwing the game, I immersed myself in a different enjoyment.

I think that Sunou has done well to endure up until now. This girl’s sincerity towards games is something that can be respected.

Rather than a screen, Sunou and I were staring at each other, as the sound of a real fight gong rang.

However, that was replaced by the ring of this apartment’s intercom.

“……what, who is it?”

To that sound, Sunou and I both became composed, and relaxed.

“I’ll get it!”

Perhaps sensing something, Sunou responded differently from me.

Because Kokoro didn’t go out today, she might have intended on doing it in her stead.


[Oh, Sunono! G’Morning!]

The one who appeared was Mai. With her usual, bright smile, she was waving at the camera in the apartment’s entrance.

Although it’s hard to make it out in the camera, it seems that Mai was wearing different clothes than usual.

[Is Book there~?]

“He’s abominably healthy.”

[Ok! Ok! Lemme in!]

Sunou unhesitatingly unlocked the door, and waited for Mai in front of the entrance.

I also followed nonchalantly, encountering Mai before I could even put on my shoes.


Mai raised her left hand as though she were saluting, spreading a friendly grin.

Although just a bit, my eyes were stolen by Mai’s figure in a yukata, who was doing such.

“Yeah, g’morning……”

“Hehe, so you were here after all.”

Mai laughed with a *nishishi*, twirling once in front of me. Her usual side tail swayed with a flutter along with the cheerful girl.

“Aren’t Yukatas and the like hard to move in?”

“Geez, is that what you have to say? Book really doesn’t have any delicacy, huh.”

“Mai-san, you’re pretty!”

“As I thought, the one I should love is Sunono~”


When Mai walks, the brisk tone of wooden clogs sounded. She was probably elated due to wearing clothes different than usual.

While Sunou was agitated upon being hugged by Mai, she stuck out her tongue and pulled down her eyelid at me the moment I entered her sight. Together with Mai, both of them stuck out their tongues.

“Come to think of it, the temple festival’s today, huh.”

“Yup, yup! To think that you didn’t know about it, Book is really useless~”

“Because it’s not related to me.”

I don’t really like festivals or those sorts of things with crowds of people. It’s hard to move, it’s full of obstructions, and most importantly the shops are fairly expensive.

Even if there are festivals in the neighbourhood, I only ever hear the sounds of the fireworks inside of my house. Come to think of it, one might be able to see the fireworks well from here.

“Eeh~ Let’s go~!”

Mai pulled my hand with her characteristic sociableness. Was she intending on inviting me to this lineup?

“What happened to your usual friends?”

“Well, I’ll be going with Mana and the others at night, so I was thinking of heading there with Book and everyone during the day.”

“I’ll go!”

Sunou gave an immediate reply. She’s unexpectedly taken to Mai as well.

With an air as though I didn’t really care, I snorted.

“Then the two of you should just go by yourselves. If it’s Sunou, then those members will come to accept her, right?”

“Weell, I don’t think Mana and the others will do bad things to Sunono—that’s not the point! Book is also coming along, so I made it during the day!”

“Surely if I was there then you wouldn’t know what to say to them, after all. But even so, isn’t it fine if I just don’t go?”

It looks like Mai’s reluctance has emerged due to the influence of the hypnosis, huh. The relationship between this girl and I stops at only being classmates who talk a lot with each other. Even now, such a relationship hasn’t changed.

Walking together with such a person to the festival wasn’t good.

Mai’s expression became troubled in the face of me, who was not so easily swayed into joining her. She can’t push for it strongly, but she probably intended to invite me on top of calling Sunou.

“W-Well, if Book’s fine with it, then we can go together at night then.”

“That’s bad, no?”

“Yup, that’s bad, huh. Man, I said something weird.”

“……[Over there is fun]. [The Rule is Easy].”

Because it was troublesome, I cast hypnosis on them.

Although I’m not interested in the festival, I am interested in Mai’s appearance in the yukata.

Although I refused the invitation, I’ll release my desire without any questions. This is also the good part of hypnosis.

Bringing Mai inside of the apartment, I left her in my room.

Sunou will have a break this time. I’ll have her suitably play games and the like to kill time.

“Afterwards, you can play with Mai as much as you want.”

After checking up on Sunou, who didn’t respond, I returned to my room.

“I kept you waiting.”

“‘s fine, ‘s fine. Book’s such a worry wart~”

Mai was waiting in my room in her yukata. The suggestion was already working.

“I’m the one who asked Book, so please do it with at your pace!”

“I see, that helps. This yukata, your mother helped you put it on, right?”

“Nuh-uh, Mom’s basically never at home. I did it myself.”

“Heh, so it’s something you can do by yourself as long as you’re skillful, huh?”

“Only when you get used to it, though. It’s quite troublesome.”

“Then, what about impregnation?”

“Not yet. That’s why I was thinking of asking Book.”

I altered the reason that Mai came to this apartment.

Even towards my dirty talk, Mai accepted it, responding as though it were but a matter of course.

But even so, kimonos were something that can be put on by yourself, huh. I’m glad that I asked about it since I don’t have knowledge about those things.

Like this, I can remove it without reservations.

“I see, so if you don’t mate then you can’t really say that you’ve worn the kimono, right?”

“That’s right. At this rate, I’ll be laughed at by everyone, see! So Please do it properly!”

“Well then, first lie flat on your back right there.”

I pointed at the futon that I laid out earlier. As I’ll be doing her in Japanese clothes, this way will really evoke the atmosphere.

Mai headed to the futon with unsteady steps. Even though she was entering inside of the net which captured prey, it appears that she held no doubts.

“Okay, now don’t move. The impregnation will fail, after all.”


I first rolled up the kimono from below. Even though the kimono barely showed any skin, just by rolling it up a little would cause her bare feet to be exposed. It appears that she’s wearing underwear as normal.

From there, I greatly bent both of Mai’s legs upwards, making it so her crotch would be clearly seen from here.

It was the thing called Piledriver.

If it’s the kimono, that is able to allow the lower body to be fully nude while still wearing the exposing attire, then this is the best.

“Somehow, it’s embarrassing……”

“Mai’s body is soft, huh.”

“Is that a compliment? Besides, if it’s softness, then Rei-Rei’s body is more amazing!”

Placing my hand on Mai’s underwear, I carefully removed it.

When taking off her panties in this position, it sort of felt like I was removing a child’s diaper, somehow giving off a sense of conquest due to treating my partner like a infant.

“Now then, first we need make preparations for mating.”

In her current state, I thrust my finger inside of Mai’s vagina.

The entirety of my fingers were completely being enveloped, almost as though I had placed my hand inside jelly. Just by my touch, she became moist little by little, as though she were sweating.

“Wai–Book, you’re kinda fast!”

“It’s not good unless it’s this tight.”

Next, after transitioning into a position where I was bending over Mai, I placed my hands on her kimono’s collar before opening it to the sides.

In doing so, the two hidden breasts that were pressed inside of her kimono trembled and jumped out.

I trailed my tongue against those breasts, and bit Mai’s nipples.

“Hyah! Book, it tickles!”

“All you do is complain, huh. Are you alright without me impregnating you?”

“S-Sorry, impregnate me plez!”

Due to misunderstanding the meaning of mating, Mai asked with her usual, light-hearted tone.

Although it’s fine as it is, since we’re doing it anyway, I’d like to make her say more.

“You should ask more properly.”


“Since you’re in Japanese clothes, wouldn’t it be fine to show at least some manners?”

“Uugh~ I gettit. I implore you, please insert your dick inside of my kimono-wearing pussy, and firmly impregnate me!”

“Too simple.”

“Even though I said it, boo boo! Come oon, hur-ry-up!”

While still in the piledriver position, Mai spread her vagina open with her own fingers and showed it to me.

This girl, even though she suitably performed it in a light-hearted manner, she can amazingly do it properly after all.

“Got it, I’m putting it in.”

“Okay……eh!? Ow!!”

With a *squelch*, my penis entered inside of Mai’s vagina. Because Mai was personally holding down her thighs, she barely moved from that position.

As though raping Mai from above, I grabbed her butt and stabbed my penis with all of my strength.

“B-Book, wauh!! Aaah!!”

“It feels good. It’s easy to do it.”

Her vagina firmly devoured my penis, pushing back whenever I headed deeper, and granting me skillful stimulus that stopped me whenever I pulled out.

I treated Mai as though she were only a doll to have sex with.

“Kyah, ah, ah……hyah!”

“Come on, it looks like I’ll be able to impregnate you. Do it properly.”

“Y-Yes, please! Plez impregnate me……aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!”

While still in this position, I planted my penis deep inside her vagina as though pressing her from above.

Without breaking this state, my penis began to ejaculate.

As though my semen and the insides of her womb were both trying to reach other, we climaxed and suppressed our trembling bodies.


That said, Mai’s expression was turned upwards and her mouth gaped open.

I licked up the drool that spilled from that Mai’s mouth. From that alone, Mai jerked and shivered adorably.

“Alright, with this, it should be done for now.”


While gazing at Mai still in the piledriver position, I laughed in the face of the semen overflowing from her vagina with a *glug*.

It was at that time.


Although only a little, I felt that I heard a noise on the other side of the door.

Sunou probably went to go get a drink or something.

Incidentally, as she only wouldn’t notice what we were doing, her daily life wouldn’t be impeded.

“[Over there is fun].”

Anyway, let’s have Mai fix up her clothes herself.

Afterwards, let’s have her stop inviting me to the festival……no, doing this with hypnosis isn’t good.

I’ll reach a limit if I rely on suggestions too much. I should just negotiate and refuse her normally.

For now, I absolutely won’t go to the festival.

Clenching my fist with renewed resolve, I began to cast hypnosis on Mai so that she’d do the cleanup.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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