Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 38

Seibu Rein Deep Rape-Arc

I brought my face close to Rein.

In doing so, Rein turned and spat at me.

That’s probably the little amount of resistance that she could manage.

“What’s wrong? Isn’t this what we always do?”

“Are you an idiot? Doing it with a disgusting narcissist like you? I’d like to decline, thanks.”

When the situation changes, our positions also change like this, huh?

Although I raped Mai, it seems that she was considerably unable to stomach this. Come to think of it, she said that they’re friends, didn’t she?

“A narcissist, huh? There’s no mistake about it. It’s a little unexpected that you feel disgusted, but isn’t that fine?”

I sent Rein the usual sign that would make her horny.

“After all, you’re going to be fucked by that disgusting guy from here on”

“What are you……igh!?”

And this time, as though overlapping with this, she was further sent into heat.

Within Rein’s brain, the order that she should have sexual intercourse was repeatedly transmitted countless times.

Originally, I wanted to know the limits of humans that came from this Rein’s thoughts.

Rein has a constitution where her thoughts are easily reflected by her body.

Up until now, I have been limiting it to a certain extent so that her mind wouldn’t be destroyed.

This was the time to show off the results of such numerous research. Until she reaches the limit, if things go well, then I will be able to obtain something even better.

“What’s wrong?”

“W-Why at this time……?”

Rein has also noticed it. The fact that her usual heat had arrived.

I decided to further rub this in to her, not by suggestions but with words.

“To a certain extent, when I’m together with Rein, I’ve become able to understand when you will go into heat. Perhaps, Rein, don’t these symptoms appear when you’re trying to fulfil some sort of mission or something?”


I am not supposed to know the reason for Rein’s estrus.

Instigated by the spirit of her younger sister, she was trying to give birth to a child. I implanted such a reason in her head.

I described something that was, to a certain extent, vague, yet not completely outrageous.

“I wondered that, perhaps, sex wasn’t the goal, you see. Rather, if it’s just for sexual pleasure, then there’s no need for me to undress. There’s also no need to use people. If that’s the case, then……pregnancy, maybe? If that’s the final target, then wouldn’t it be influencing your mentality?”

“Don’t screw with me……-!!?! What’s that!?”

Rein’s lust-suggestion overlapped.

However, Rein, whose body was restrained and could barely move a finger, couldn’t do anything except tremble in the sensation of the belt that was binding her.

Currently, she was like a water balloon on the verge of exploding.

“Well, I don’t care even if this is completely off the mark. In actuality, you going into heat could also just be a coincidence, after all.”


I drew back my words at once.

“However, for now, I tried injecting drugs that would promote ovulation and impregnation inside of Rein’s body.”

“Hih!? Igh……ah……!”

I pushed her down so that she wouldn’t be able to go back.

From my story, Rein firmly remembered that her lust was brought forth in order to get pregnant. And she became conscious of the fact that trying to become pregnant in and of itself was the cause of this illness.

It was there that an external factor was added to accelerate such a curse.

As a result, even on the surface, Rein became self-aware of the fact that she should be horny now.

When I pointed, Rein noticed the injection mark that was on her left arm. Of course, it was camouflage.

Her subconscious urged by the estrus suggestion, and her conscious was made aware of her horniness.

She was in a state of being caught between two bombs.

“You……do you understand what you are……?”

“I know.”

I approached further, and pressed the switch for that bomb.

All I did was lightly touched my fingertip against Rein’s nipple.

“Igh, Aaaaaaaaagggggh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggghh!!!”


That Rein, who was trying to suppress her lust with willpower, shouted as though lighting had surged through her.

Because she had the power and talent to rashly endure that she has become aroused to this extent.


Even though she was only brushed with a finger, Rein became breathless as her cheeks blushed.

And her line of sight unconsciously focused on the nipple that I touched.

She probably couldn’t forget that sensation of being touched. Rein’s languid eyes watched as they even forgot to blink.

“What’s wrong? You don’t like being touched because it’s disgusting, right?”

“……what you want.”


“Just do……whatever you want……”

Rather than being resigned, she’s probably thinking about wanting to do something about this situation.

Being unyielding was amazingly Rein-like.

“Isn’t it disgusting?”

“Of course it is!! But, if you’re saying that you want to do that, then!! Just do……what you……”

“I see.”

Spreading both hands, I placed them on her chest, as though to lift them up from below.

“Igh……hyaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! Haaah!! Aaah……!”

Rein’s eyes widened in that instant, as her mouth flapped open and shut. While spilling tears and drool, her body convulsed countless times.

I dilligently groped her breasts to make up for all of the teasing I did up until now. Following her breasts to the sides after raising them up, I went back and forth countless times as though I were kneading clay into a ball.

“Aah, aah!! Aahh!! In front……of this kind of man!! Aaaaaaaaaahh!!”

For the time being, I removed my hands from Rein whose body suddenly convulsed.

She isn’t at her limit yet.

As for why, it’s because Rein hasn’t done anything for herself yet. Rather than for sex, Rein was seeking it for the sake of reproduction.

“Do it……hurry, hurry up!!”

Rein’s consciousness was almost overflowing with just that thought.

If it’s the current Rein, then she shouldn’t care about appearances.

I purposefully feigned ignorance.

“Do it?”

“Hurry, you should just insert your d*ck!! Insert it inside my p*ssy, and then fill it with semen and make me pregnant!! Then it’ll be over, so!!”

With an impression as though she had lost her sanity, Rein had become desperate. Even though her words were strange, I was happy that she didn’t give in to me despite this.

Just as she hoped, I turned to Rein’s behind and took out my penis.

“Really, it makes me feel as though it’s such a waste.”


With her unmoving body, Rein desperately tried to look over here. It’s likely that, besides a slight glance of my body, she was unable to confirm anything.

I firmly examined Rein’s vagina and continued to tease it.

“Y-You, hurry up!! Since earlier……aaaaahhh!!!”

And, when she let down her guard, I stabbed my poised penis in a single stroke. Since she was accustomed to it, it entered without any resistance.

The instant it was inserted, Rein lost both her words and consciousness, and became incontinent.

That Rein, whose selling points were her coolness and strong eyes, was sloppily drenched and dripping urine.

Towards this appearance, my sadistic heart was aroused.

I slowly pulled my hips-


“Agh! —————–Gah!!”

Piercing my dick into her depths once again, I roused Rein awake.

“Geez, soiling yourself. You’re a dirty girl.”

“Hyah! Aaaah, ahhyah!! Nngh Aaaah!!”

As expected, she no longer has the freedom to argue

Because Rein was originally the type of girl who would stifle her voice, seeing her fall into such disorder like this gave me a sense of achievement.

“Ah, no!! Stop!!”

“Haha, so you can still talk, huh!”

Since earlier, the insides of her vagina continued to convulse as though a vibrator was placed against it. Rein’s vagina, which should be strongly tightening like always, was messily devastated.

Even so, it is wonderful that the movements of her vagina’s interior were properly desiring semen.

“Now then, it’s about time to put you out of your misery, huh.”

“Nguh……aaaaaaghh, aaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!”

Leaning over Rein from behind like a dog, I brushed against her sensitive skin as much as possible.

I rubbed her breasts and pinched her nipples from behind. I even bit her ear.

The instant her entire body was stimulated, I immediately began to ejaculate.

“Ah……gah! Aggh! aAaaaaahh!! Gah, aagh aaaaaaaahh!!!”

Rein’s whole body was entangled with sensory information, breaking out wildly as though a bug had occurred. I wonder just how many sensations were swarming inside of her body?


After the ejaculation, Rein, who was released from the pleasure, *plopped* as her entire body lost consciousness. She fainted for the final time out of who knows how many.

It was the right choice to restrain her with chains. If these weren’t here, then who knows what would happen to her.

“Now then……”

All that’s left is to call Kokoro, who was waiting on the other side of the door, and have here clean up.

After calling Kokoro, I had the duo returned to the beds in the lower room.

Both Mai and Rein had their entire bodies clean, restoring them to their original state. Although Kokoro did this, I also cooperated in the more interesting half.

“Everything that happened today is a dream. Having them think this is a little bit of a waste, huh.”

“However, if this is not done, then Master’s life will-”

“Yeah, I know. I’m kidding.”

Approaching the bed, I used my left and right hand to touch the two’s collarbone.

And then, as though heading towards me, I gradually traced them downwards.

“With this, the finishing touches are complete.”

Mai and Rein were still not asleep yet.

Their awareness was merely stopped with hypnosis, as they were fully properly awake.

With great focus, I applied the final suggestion while they were in this state.

“With this, the things that happened today will feel as though they were reliving someone else’s experiences……oh?”

A few seconds after I finished tracing, a change appeared in the duo.

Inside the bed, a mysterious convulsion began to occur. The two, while sleeping peacefully, arched their back and twitched as their bodies began cramping.



Mai and Rein both cried in their sleep, fainting in agony with blushed cheeks.

“Welp, it really helps that it’s this easy to understand.”

While smiling, I continued to gaze at the duo who were being raped in their dreams.


“Aah, yeah. These two are already done.”

I touched Kokoro’s butt, who had approached, and violently dug my fingers in.

Bringing both of her palms together, Kokoro appeared to have increased expectations for what was going to happen now. If she were a dog, then she would probably be wagging her tail.


“I’m going back to my room.”

“You room……is it?”

However, I wasn’t in the mood.

Although Kokoro became depressed like a dog who was made to wait, she regained her spirit and began to move for my sake.

Breakfast time the next morning was surprisingly quiet.



Although she wasn’t silent, Mai appeared a little stiff.

But of course. Even though it may be in a dream, these two have been raped by me. Both of them will firmly remember this.

I dare say that they have been made aware of the fact that there was a man mixed in with them on this trip.

However, this is fine.

Those guys were weirdly becoming overly familiar. I can’t have them strangely placated and pointing out my faults.

Compared to when we first met, both Mai and Rein’s caution was too lax. Since there’d be no point to my hypnosis in such a situation, things are fine like this.

That’s right, in the first place, I-

“You’re unexpectedly cowardly, hm? How lame.”

Suddenly, Sunou’s voice struck my ear.

While stuffing her face with the prepared breakfast as usual, Sunou probably intended to speak up with suitable, abusive language.

“W-What……don’t make such a scary face.”

“I’m not.”

Sunou stopped her hands and her eyes trembled.

To that, I pulled Sunou’s cheeks.


“What’s wrong with being cowardly?”

“Stahp ih!! Ih harzz!!”

“You’re just…..ow!”

Rein strongly struck my head.

Although the force was being controlled by hypnosis, it really hurt.

“Rein, what are you doing!”

“You, don’t suddenly get violent.”

“It’s not sudden-! Hoeoh!!”

“There, it hurts, right?”

It hurts!

While pinching me, Rein closely peered into my eyes, seeming as though she had pinned me down.

“Do it, Rein!”

“Really, that was Book’s fault, right. I’ll help!”


This time, Mai began to fiddle with my hair. Although I couldn’t see it, she probably started tying it up in a strange way.

Sunou looked at me with a cocky face. Each one of these bastards-

“Hey now, you three. Do that after eating, okay?”

“Kokoro-nee-san, which do you think is the one at fault?”

“Erm……I am Master’s ally, so-”

Right?–Kokoro winked at me.

If you’re my ally, then why don’t you just give me your support?

Since I can’t say any keywords under these circumstances, this should be the situation when you help me.

I appealed while infusing this intent in my eyes, but-

“M-Master……if you gaze at me like that, then-”

That’s not it.

It thought that, while mistaken, Kokoro’s embarrassed gesture was quite cute.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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