Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 33

East-West-South-North Travel Introduction-Arc

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Upon passing the end of term tests for the first term, we had entered summer vacation before I even noticed it.

The days after I obtained hypnosis especially had passed by very fast. That probably shows just how enriching they were.

“Master, that hat suits you very well.”

“Even though you were the one who bought it-“

Kokoro and I were currently being stood up in front of the school building. With the Lancer Evolution that we always rode in the background, I became irritated.

Despite being under this blazing sun, Kokoro smiled as she talked to me. Although I get that she wanted to have a conversation with me, it can’t be helped since I can’t work up the motivation to keep it going.

Her attire was one that had low exposure despite it being summer, a dress that held a calm and collected atmosphere. Since it was summer, the cloth was thin overall, having parts where it seemed as though it would become transparent when held up to the sun which gave it a considerable amount of sex appeal in its own way.

“To think that he’d criticise Kokoro-nee-san’s present, the Demon really has no virtue.”

“Sunou-chan, even Master is feeling hot, so you mustn’t take out your frustrations on him.”

“Why only me……”

Right next to me was another person who was waiting. Sunou.

Because Sunou was wearing her usual gothic-style attire, she was probably the one who felt the severity of the scorching sun the most. Even though she chose the sleeveless version made of light cloth, and also had a parasol, the heat wasn’t something that you could defend against.

Since it’s summer vacation, we really should go out somewhere for a change of pace.

What I had planned after thinking such was this time’s trip.

“Kokoro, is your school and work really going to be alright?”

“Yes, as long as the counselling is applied for in advance. I have also mentioned this before, but I have obtained credits from the university, and I have already submitted my graduation thesis. After graduation, it is decided that I will work at this school, as well……”

“Since this is an invitation I thought up for Kokoro-nee-san, something like a demon has no right to set a single foot in that holy ground.”

“Holy ground, you say? Even though this is also the first time for you to go there.”

Crouching next to Sunou, I forcefully tried to enter the parasol.

Although Sunou tried to run at first, since Kokoro came from the other side, she simply put on a sour face as she glared at me.

The trigger for this trip began after I had investigated into Sunou’s parents up to a certain extent.

The work of Sunou’s parents was mainly overseas operations, but it seems that they had opportunities to do a fair amount of customer service in Japan.

It was quite lonely that they didn’t even try to meet with Sunou in spite of this, but basically they had a certain, hospitable meeting place to facilitate friendly relationships with the company for whenever they held any meetings in Japan.

That was, unexpectedly, a southern island.

My curiosity hastened my actions from there, inducing Sunou into negotiating whether or not she could borrow the island.

Sunou’s parents probably felt that they were considerable indebted to her since they treated her so coldly. That much can be seen from the large amount of allowance she gets.

As a result, they did the magnanimous thing of making reserving the entire place for her during the period that they were told.

“Yahho~! Yahho~! Yahhoshi!”

It was just when the three of us were jam-packed together that a profusely, high-pitched voice called out to us.

“Thanks for inviting me on this trip!! Sunou-chan!”


Mai appeared precisely at the meeting time. She cheered while hugging the relieved Sunou during the opening in her guard.

Her clothes was a shirt that exposed the shoulders, and a skirt-styled shorts. Although there was a lot of exposure, it was a wholesome attire.

“Nnngh~ Sunou-chan is so soft!! Your clothes are black like always!”

“Sweat is……”

Sunou once again made an even more languid face, almost like that of a cat who was being played with.

“Morning to you too, Kokoron!”

“Good morning, Mai-san.”


Looking like they were on good terms, Kokoro and Mai high-fived each other. Since she came to the counselling room to play, they’ve considerably become quite familiar with each other.

“And Book, morniiin’!”


She’s rather indifferent towards me, but, well, since she’s dealing with a guy, that’s just how it is.



When I turned around upon hearing the sound of someone clearing their throat came from behind-

“Oh, Rein also came……huh?”


Rein was there, slinging a bag with her change of clothes over her shoulder.

With a cap, shirt, and skinny pants, her figure was like the representation of an attire with high mobility.

Although she was standing there bored while averting her eyes, she’s probably not in a bad mood.

“Thanks for the invite.”

“No, that’s-”

“It might be best to say that to Sunou-chan, you know!”



Perhaps because Mai was attentive, Sunou and Rein were introduced.

I feel that, for the severely shy Sunou, Rein might be quite the big wall, though.


“Yeah, hello. Is it fine if I call you Sunou?”


Fearfully meeting Rein’s gaze, Sunou’s trembling lips gradually calmed down.

After a few seconds of silence, Sunou’s body returned to its normal operation.

Towards the large change, Rein inclined her head with a dubious expression. Even if you look at me, I’ll be troubled.

“I’m Sunou. T-Then, is it ok, if I call you Rein?”

“I don’t really care.”

Sunou’s cheeks faintly cheered up. She was excited, or rather it felt like she was in high spirits.

It’s possible that perhaps Sunou’s discerning eyes judged that Rein was a good person. She was even able to instantly see through the fact that I was a bad person, after all.

That’s right, Rein basically looks like she has a bad attitude, but she’s a proper person.


It seems that Rein was bewildered by the fact that Sunou had strangely become attached to her.

“Oh boy, oh boy, Sunou-chan was taken away.”

Mai came to my side, happily gazing at the duo who were getting along.

Certainly, both of them are beauties. So much so that they could be put in a painting.

Although, to me, I feel that it would become even more picturesque if Mai joined the two.

“It’s not like she was really taken away, right?”

“Weell, I guess I’ll take this side.”

“I’ll put the luggage inside, okay. Is this all of them?”

“Yup, yuup! I’ll halp!”

Mai began to organise the luggage together with Kokoro. Most of it are the female camp’s change of clothes.

Since I didn’t feel like helping out, I arbitrarily decided to wait.

Upon looking around, I saw Rein spinning around Sunou’s parasol, which she received. Well, that umbrella handle is rare, after all.

“Master! Preparations are complete. Let us head off immediately!”


“You are Kokoro-san, right? Nice to meet you, I am Seibu Rein. Thank you very much for inviting me today.”

“No, no. I, as well, am pleased to meet you. I am Houjou Kokoro.”

“This is also the first time that I’ve gone together with Rei-Rei on something like a trip~”

Now then, what will we do about seating arrangements?

As I thought, it would be reasonable for me to sit in the passenger’s seat, huh. Well, it’s also okay for me to be in the back, but I hate tight spaces.

Thinking this, I headed towards the front passenger seat.

“Now, now!!”

-however, I was just barely stopped by Sunou. She spread both her hands and guarded the seat.

“The Demon can’t!”


“Because I can’t allow us to be exposed to danger because of some sort of mischief.”

“Hang on, even I wouldn’t do such a thing during the drive.”

“Demon always says things like that while bully me, right? That’s why I really won’t be fooled this time!”

“My eyes, look at my eyes.”

Even though she can tell when people are lying or not, she’s not even trying to confirm it, this girl.

After Sunou cautiously met my eyes, her large eyes blinked in surprise. She was making a face as though she had seen something unexpected.

“You understand, right?”

“T-That’s right. It’s your fault or being so suspicious. It’s an appropriate accusation for the demon who is always burdened with sin.”

“Yeah, no.”

“Aren’t you two gonna hurry up and get in–”

Mai called out to us from the passenger seat.

It seems that she mobbed the front seat during the gap where we were quarreling.

“Since I’m not good with tight spaces, I’m here–”

Receiving my gaze, Mai returned an explanation.

Well, certainly Mai is that sort of girl. Perhaps she was influenced even though she was under the suggestion that she wouldn’t be concerned even if she went on a trip with a guy, or maybe she just did whatever she wanted and sat down on her own?

“Welp, can’t be helped.”

“I don’t really mind, though.”


Rein, who said such while already having entered the rear seat, didn’t care much about that sort of thing in the first place. Rather, considering our relationship, it’s kind of late.

Even her reason for coming along on this trip was that it would be dangerous if she got horny during my travels.

“Demon will be in the middle. You can’t be right behind Kokoro-nee-san. I will have you taste the humiliation of having to sit in an auxiliary seat.”

“Is that so.”

Sunou has become like an annoying girl, huh. Perhaps she’s gotten strangely excited in the middle of the trip. She couldn’t hide her high spirits.

Whatever the case, going on a trip with this group is a first, huh.

I’d like them to show me a little appreciate as I was the one who thought it up.


“Oh, sorry.”

“Hyah! What did you do just now, you demon!?”

“It was an accident, an accident.”

“We’ll depart, ok?”

The Lancer Evolution’s engine started. It was a straight line from here to the airport.

Although a regular car can fit five people, the three rear passenger seats were quite narrow.

Especially in the middle, even though the girls to the sides didn’t want to, they were glued to me. I don’t really hate this, though.

In the front seat, Mai was operating the car navigator while talking. Even though it can’t be operated while driving. Perhaps she had a habit of doing that in the passenger seat while talking in the past?

“I’m shifting to high gear.”

At this rate, it won’t take that much time until we get there.


Hm? What is it?”


With a sullen face, Rein returned my right hand, that was touching her breasts, back to my lap.

I once again raised my returned right hand and, this time, rubbed her thighs. Although it was an act that reeked of an old man, it just couldn’t be helped since I ended up wanting to do this.

“I’ll get mad.”

“Erm, I might also have the same symptoms.”

“……I’ve gotten mad.”

“Demon! What are you doing over the-mmgh!?”

So that Sunou wouldn’t notice this sexual harassment, I wrapped my hand around her back and placed it on top of Sunou’s head.

Since I promised that I wouldn’t meddle with Kokoro, I touched Sunou’s butt from behind as much as I liked.

Considering that both of my hands could unhesitatingly molest these girls, this seat isn’t so bad.

“You guys sure are lively!”

“Are you sure it isn’t just noisy?”

Since Mai looked back over here, the two abruptly acted indifferently. Even though there isn’t anything to be concerned about.


Thanks to this, I can devote myself to molesting them without considering the others’ feelings.

Somehow, I feel like this trip will be an enjoyable one.

“You damned Demon……”

“Ah, Kokoron! Your speed is amazingly high, you’re pedalling too much, that’s abnormal, you’re even in the 3 digits!!! Hey, are you listening?!”

Now then, I have to think about just what should we do to have fun from here on.

After parking the car at the airport and flying to the south, we had a ship taken out at the Japanese port.

Furthermore, it seems that it was the island’s exclusive cruiser. I ended up wondering just exactly what position and relationship did Sunou’s parents’ company have?

I ended up thinking.



Right now, I was on the ship that was heading towards the southern island. I heard that it wasn’t that far away.

-but, even so, the trip will take 30 minutes.

I got sea sick.



I was on the ship’s deck, bathed in the salty air while crouching and grabbing the handrail as though I could vomit at any time.


Next to me was Sunou. She was even paler than I was.

Don’t look at me. Don’t vomit over here.

“It’s okay, see.”

Rein walked up to us. Holding Sunou’s parasol, she made a shadow.

For Sunou only.


“Here, keep it together.”

After sending slightly worried eyes towards Sunou, Rein sternly glared at me.

She was still made about the earlier mischief in the car.

“I said……I was sorry about earlier……”

“Do you really think that?”

“Serves you……right, yobogh……”


“Yahhooo! Rei-Rei also needs to be careful of sunburn!”

Mai was energetic. It seems that doesn’t get sea sick, nor car sick.

When I raised my face, Mai’s large eyes were peeking straight at me.

“Although you took medicine earlier, it seems that it didn’t work at all, huh.”

“Seems, so.”

I desperately pretended to be calm. At the very least, I couldn’t spit out any whimpers.


It seems that Kokoro also wasn’t seasick.

So just me……and Sunou, huh.”

“Master, it is said that you should try and converse as much as possible. Shall we have a talk?”


Let’s talk, huh? Come to think of it, Kokoro wanted to talk earlier.

Today, I haven’t done anything to Kokoro. Why?

Because I got tired.

“Master, Master will treasure me properly, correct?”

Kokoro let me lean my tired body against her own, enveloping me in a soft sensation.

I’ll obediently let her pamper me.

I placed a suggestion on everyone except Sunou in advance where, so long as Kokoro herself doesn’t call out to them, they won’t particularly take notice of her, no matter what she does.

Since Sunou was groggy, it didn’t seem as though she’d mind that much.

“For the most part, I intend to treasure you.”



I ended up thinking whether or not I should just fall asleep like this. That’s just how gentle Kokoro’s warmth was.

“Then, Master will not like it when I am not around, yes?”

“……I’m sleepy.”

“That’s why, please depend on me more, okay……depend on me, okay—okay-”

She whispered into my ear, as though she were singing a lullaby. Really, I wonder if it’s fine to just sleep?

“You get along so well~ Such good friends!”

“Phew……Sunou, are you ok?”


With my face buried in Kokoro’s large breasts, I decided to close my eyes.

As for the ship’s navigator, well, even if he noticed, he shouldn’t mention anything if it’s just to the extent of sleeping in her chest.

After all, the island that we’re going to will become my paradise.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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