Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 30

Minami Mai School Freeze-Arc

As the end of term tests were finished, a languid atmosphere was accordingly spread throughout the classroom interior.

“Yup, yup! Poeru, you know, Poeru!”

“Eeh, this should be Asasho~”

Mai’s loud voice echoed inside of the classroom like usual.

Today’s class, also, was pretty much a self-study period once the verification of the test answers were finished.

When it becomes break time, that sense of release would circulate around the students even more.

In the midst of this break time, although I was also reading my book as usual, I was a bit uneasy.


My hands were trembling. It’s probably because this is the first time. The scope of today’s experiment was different.

However, beyond that, I was desperately trying to hide my mouth’s smile.

Looking at it from the side, I was probably an extremely disgusting person.

More than the unease, I was trying to conceal my excitement inwardly.

I took out my cell phone and called the number I prepared in advance.


[Yes, understood.]

Kokoro replied to me over the phone. Since our previous arrangements were perfect, there wasn’t any need to especially talk.

At the same time that I hung up my cell phone, the sound of the school broadcast’s microphone switch being turned on could be heard.


A slightly abrasive, unpleasant sound which resounded through one’s body flowed out from the speaker. It is as such to make sure that there are none who miss it because they are too noisy.

The citation of the original tone that I created echoed for a few seconds.

Even in the face of this kind of sound, not one of the students in the surroundings frowned.

While in that state, the sound from the speaker stopped ringing.

Thereafter, the students completely stopped moving.

“It’s a success.”

In brief, I spread the time stop hypnosis that I used on Kokoro throughout the school.

Although the hypnotised people are just under the illusion of their time actually being stopped, as long as this is implanted into their deep psyche, then it becomes equal to those people being frozen.

Although only their blinking and breathing was as usual, their consciousness was pretty much stopped. For example, no matter how many times I were to pass by in front of their eyes, it would only register to the extent of a momentary subliminal effect. Even if I were to tap their shoulders several times, they would only feel a sensation of being continuously hit after being released from the suggestion.


I gazed hard at the time-stopped classroom.

Although an outsider would see this as an everyday scene, there were no voices here. And the natural facial expressions had hardened to the point of being unnatural.

Due to a sudden impulse, I tried flipping up the skirt of a female student who was standing and talking next to me. Upon gazing at the red underwear, the expression of this student always studying in the classroom came to mind.

“It’s soft, huh. This isn’t a bad feeling.”

I appropriately groped her butt. It would be best to stay away from this place when the suggestion is cancelled.

“Now then.”

Perhaps because there was no sound, my muttering also increased.

It’s likely that the time has also stopped for those outside the class room. Although it’s fine to play in the hallway, but that’s for later. There is no need to confirm it either.

For the time being, I’ve directed it so that no one would be outside. Only the teachers were exempt from the time stop, and were out on patrol. With things like this, It may be possible to tell if I’d incur disadvantages, and there’s also a need to respond to any sudden visitors.

After walking all willy-nilly, I ended up arriving next to Mai.

Since Mai had her suggestions uniquely implanted by me, her time would stop like this under the condition that I was nearby at the time the tone sounded.


Mai was probably talking while still standing, as she flashed a smile with her hand placed on the desk.

I first grasped the frozen Mai’s thighs. As this is not a true time stop, it was soft.

After that, I also tried placing my fingers inside of her smiling mouth. The insides of her mouth reacted, as it secreted saliva. Even so, only her consciousness did not move.

“It’s not interesting if it’s just Mai, huh.”

Since I was freezing the school’s time anyway, I decided to try and influence someone else.

First was Mai’s female friend, who was next to her. Originally Mai’s class group was a gathering of girls with good looks, so I could easily put my hands on them.

Firstly, I chose the one amongst Mai’s friends who had the most sexual appearance. I believe her name was Mana? I placed my hands on her Y-shirt and removed the buttons.

I removed Mana’s bra from within her Y-shirt. Just by putting my hands inside of her Y-shirt in order to remove the bra’s side hooks, I could feel the soft sensation of the large breasts collapsing.

When I removed the hook, the bursting large breasts swayed with a *boing*.

“-whoa, it’s heavy.”

I put her on the desk so that she was lying on her back, removed my trousers and mounted myself on top of her.

“Sensitivity Increase.”

I whispered this into her ear. Just from stating this key word, her sensitivity would be increased to the same extent as Mai and Kokoro’s while her time is suspended.

I began to piston as my whipped-out penis was sandwiched by Mana’s chest, which had become like a mouse pad.

Each woman’s chest has its own softness, huh. This chest possessed a sensation akin to that of being gripped by water balloons.


While continuing to piston, Mana’s cheeks naturally began to blush. I’m slightly looking forward to what will happen after the suggestion is cancelled.

Just before my eyes was Mai whose hand was still attached to the desk. This position was one that I had aimed for.

I was fucking Mai’s friend in front of her eyes. It’s not really because I wanted to be unfaithful to her or anything, but I did it because there I had a kind of desire to control and violate Mai’s surroundings.

“It’s unexpectedly……soft, huh.”

I obstinately pinched Mana’s nipples. And then I strongly gripped her udders so that the shape of my hand would be imprinted upon them.

As my partner doesn’t move, I can freely have sex. For me, I preferred it that way.

Before I knew it, my penis was filled with heat as my ejaculation started.

With a *throb*, my penis shuddered in the cleavage of her chest. The soft chest also jiggling accordingly was humourous.

“Now then.”

The fun starts from here.

While still in this position, I began to undress Mai’s uniform. From the buttons of her Y-shirt to her bra’s hook, I took them off in order as I exposed the skin on her front side from her neck down to her navel.

“Mai’s skin is really beautiful, huh.”

While staring hard at Mai’s figure, I scooped up the semen that was gathered in Mana’s cleavage.

I painted it onto Mai’s skin.

“The feel is also soft. Mai is really wonderful.”

Although this is the same as what I did with Rein, this time there was time stop added to the mix as well. I wanted to see what I saw last time, where semen was directly connected to pleasure and surge throughout her entire body.

I carefully painted the nape of her neck with my finger, as though stroking it. So that the semen would be smoothed and rubbed in, I stroked around her neck and traced my finger tips downwards.

I also traced my finger onto her chest from below so as to scoop it up. Pinching her nipples with my fingers, I rubbed them as though I were turning a screw.

Around her navel, I first painted her entire body with the ball of my finger before smoothing it out with my fingertips as though I were prodding her. Occasionally, I used my nails to gently scratch her.

Having done this much, Mai’s torso began to gleam with semen, almost like it had been covered with lotion.

“There’s still some left, huh.”

I painted the remaining semen on Mai’s sensitive places: her armpits and the backsides of her knees. Whether it was because she used a spray or something as it was summer, a citrus-type scent remained on my hand in exchange for the semen.

“About this much should do it.”

After gazing at the finished product until I was satisfied, I attached the bra and Y-shirt buttons, returning her back to her original appearance.

Mana was still like this.

“In the end, I’ll use her.”

I turned around behind Mai, and lifted up one of her unmoving legs.

Lying Mai sideways onto the desk that was stuck next to the desk that Mana was lying on face up, I raised Mai’s leg just above it. Her leg was already falling from the desk, dangling down.

Having Mai straddle the table with one leg up and one leg down, I inserted my penis.


Mai’s expression did not change. She was being fucked by me while maintaining the smiling face she used when talking to her friends.

While inserting my penis into Mai’s vagina, I pinched Mana’s nipples who was next to her.

My line of sight was barely on Mai and, instead, fixated in Mana’s direction. I was using Mai’s vagina as though it was just a sex sleeve.

What remains for Mai afterwards is just her reaction after the suggestion is released. If so, then I should have fun just using her while groping Mana’s chest—this is the result of such thinking.

Even though Mai’s vagina had the time stop suggestion cast on it, my penis could properly be inserted inside. Although it would push back if I tried to insert it, I would be sucked in if I tried to pull out. Mai’s place that no one but I have used is firmly being carved into the shape of my penis.

In terms of compatibility, this girl’s condition is probably the best. Compared to other girls, Mai’s is a perfect match.

Of course, even so, that’s not to say she’s the absolute ideal, though.

“I’m cumming.”

On the particular occasion that I wouldn’t receive an answer, I spoke up.

Since Mai shouldn’t be able to react, I treated her like a toy, and ejaculated inside of her vagina as though she were but a toy.

I also felt like my partner was just a lukewarm doll, so I forcibly crammed my penis deep and poured my semen inside.

Lifting Mai’s leg even higher, I raised her waist from the desk so that the semen would not spill out as much as possible.

After that, I swayed my body side to side and shook up the insides of her vagina. While my penis was still inside, I pressed my thumb down on Mai’s abdomen.

After fiddling around until I was satisfied, I pulled out my penis.

Spending a lot of time, the semen that followed down Mai’s thighs became slightly dried.

“With this, the insides of her clothes are probably crusty and dried out, huh.”

I rubbed my penis, which still had slime left on it, against Mai’s cheeks.

Having done it so carefully and deliberately like this, the pleasure would have accumulated considerably.

After giving all of my body’s semen to the two, I firmly fixed up and wore my trousers.

“It’ll be too pitiful if they’re naked when they turn back.”

Finally, I courteously fixed the two’s dishevelled attire. It was so fun that I let loose a smile.

Since I’ve undressed this school’s uniform countless times, I was able to put it back on in my own way. Although some wrinkles remained, that couldn’t be helped.


After correcting the duo’s attire, I once again got a little excited.

The gap that came with the two, who were naked just a while ago, being returned to just as before with an atmosphere as though nothing happened gave me sexual stimulus.

“For now, I guess I’ll finish it with the chest and butt.”

There’s no doubt that there’d be no end if I continued to have sex many times, and it wouldn’t be good if I went over my time.

To finish, I thoroughly massaged the unmoving Mai and Mana’s chest, and after strongly grabbing their butts that I almost tore them off, I took out my cell phone.

“……Kokoro, yeah, it’s fine. Since it’s just like the suggestions, I don’t mind if you release it.”

I appreciate the fact that she immediately responds. I’ll watch the result while preserving this feeling.

Let’s have Kokoro resolve my remaining lust later.

Standing before the podium that had a good view of the classroom, I waited for the time stop to be released.

After a while, the same uncomfortable sound that was heard earlier streamed into the classroom.

As it flowed for a few seconds, although little by little, the students began to move and return to their original state.


Mai and Mana also didn’t have any particular abnormalities at first. But-

“Igh……agh, ah, haaaah, aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!”

“Gyah!! Ah……kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!”

It seems that the duo were surged by the pleasure en masse.

Almost as though her heart exploded, Mana’s chestal region began to convulse many times. Opening her mouth wide, her chest that wasn’t being touched by anyone swayed up and down countless times. It was such a storm that it seemed as though her bra would come off.

“Ah, gyah! Gyah! Aaaaaaaaah!! Kah……agh!”

As for Mai, her body wriggled as though an itch had broken out all over her entire body. She twitched while the strength in her body repeatedly tensed and collapsed. Towards the pleasure that came to her body in every single possible way, she interchangeably fainted and awoke.

It was the correct choice to clean up the surroundings. I would be troubled if she hit a desk.

“Heh~ So then your little sister did that?”

“Say, Mai~ Did you not sleep yesterday?”

Other than the duo, Mai’s friends were not surprised by that rampage. They returned an arbitrary reaction, as though the duo’s condition had turned a little foul.

“Hyah, what, what!!?”

The student who first had their butt touched was also surprised, but did not denounce any more than that. She only looked at her surroundings as a question mark floated above her head.

The other students also started to advance through their time like before, notably unchanged.

“Haah……suuu, haah……”

Mana’s body greatly moved up and down, but gradually became calm as she opened her mouth wide and began to catch her breath.

“Gah, aagh, ah, ah!!”

It seems that Mai was awfully still unable to return to normal.

“Are you ok? Wouldn’t it be best here if you go to the infirmary and rest?”

In a rare moment, I rushed over to Mai.

Naturally, the surrounding students were unresponsive. Even if I lent Mai my shoulder, they didn’t particularly notice.

“High, iggh!!”

“Endure it, ok.”

Mai’s condition became even worse due to brushing against my body, but, well, it couldn’t be helped.

For the time being, I have to watch over her until she returns back to normal. I don’t know what’ll happen in the time to come, after all.

Even over here, I’m also enduring my lust.

“No, it might be good to use Mai in the infirmary.”

“Ngh, aah!!”

After she returns to normal, I might have sex with her in her usual, apathetic state.

I’d be happy if she regained herself to the point where we could have sex by the time we got to the infirmary, though.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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