Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 29

Houjou Kokoro Ridiculous Production-Arc

Once I separated from Kokoro, I returned to my room.

After this, I will have a date with her as promised.

The destination has already been decided, and since Kokoro has already consented, all that’s left is to make our preparations.

“What should I do?”

I was alone, at a loss as to what I should wear.

I have never been on a date.

Aside from my hypnotic abilities, my academic and physical abilities aren’t that different from other students. Even my judgement skills are still poor.

What should I do at times like these?

“What should I wear? No, no wait. My partner is Kokoro.”

What was I so lost about?

What’s the point of thinking about this sort of troublesome thing. What’s the point of being lost?

In the first place, Kokoro shouldn’t care about whatever I wear.

Wait, but today I promised that we’d have a lover’s relationship, so I should at least do a minimum amount of arranging my appearance.

“No, there’s no need. Normal should be fine.”

I closed my drawer of western-clothes and opened it once more.

Well, at the very least, so that I won’t suffer a loss, it should be fine if I wear something that I like a little bit.

“No, no, no.”

If I do such a thing, it will likely be noticed by Kokoro.

It was humiliating for me to get strangely fired up like some sort of country bumpkin. Rather, isn’t it fine if I just go to the extent of wearing the clothes that I always do?

“However, if I just do it to the extent that it’s not found out-”

No, I should give up. Kokoro would definitely notice this.

But if the part that’s noticed is the fact that I just arbitrarily did it, then wouldn’t my partner think that I don’t sufficiently respect them?

Although temporary, this was the story I accepted.

“Wait, that’s no good.”

Yeah, that’s right. This is as it should be.

Ah, wait. At the very least—

Acting separately from Kokoro, I headed towards the meeting place.

I thought that we should go together since we both left from the apartment, but apparently Kokoro held a certain amount of admiration towards this sort of meeting.

Since she’s never had a lover, she probably wants to try things that an average couple might do.


I arrived 30 minutes early at the meeting place, in front of the station.

This was how I show my respect. Although I hear that it’s fun to wait, being made to wait is bad–or so is my show of respect. Yes, that’s all it is.

“It’d be bad if I arrived late, after all.”

It’s better than stirring up anxiety from thinking that I may have perhaps forgotten about her.

It’s just that she arrived earlier than I anticipated.



However, Kokoro had already been waiting for me in front of the station.

Kokoro energetically waved her hand and rushed at me as though she couldn’t wait.

This girl, since when has she been waiting? I’ve heard that women take a lot of time getting ready, though.

“30 minutes early. To think that you would come this early, I’m so happy!”

“Ah, no……you were waiting?”

“No, I just got here!”

Kokoro bombarded me with a smile, as her excitement did not cool down.

Furthermore, the clothes she was wearing was the one whose coordination I liked the most. Even though I’ve never once confessed this to her, just how did this girl know about this?

“How stupid. Since trains run by this area only every 30 minutes, there’s no point even if you came earlier.”

“That’s right.”

While smiling broadly, Kokoro tightly clung to me.

Even I could understand what this girl was thinking. However, I don’t like it.

“Wait for now.”

“I see……”

Kokoro distanced herself from me just a little bit.

After being troubled once about what I should do, I grabbed Kokoro’s hand as though to snatch it away.


“We’re waiting.”


Sitting down on the station’s cold seat, the two of us waited for the train.

Since were ultimately going to end up waiting, there was no need for me to arrive early, huh.


While swaying her dangling legs, Kokoro was acting merrily like a little kid.

Realising only now that there were people in our surroundings, I became extremely embarrassed.

However, telling the current Kokoro to let go would be kinda awkward.

This is bad, I need to distract myself somehow.

“This is your first time doing this, right?”

“Yes, that’s right. Mast……as you have also seen. My father is rather particular about such matters.”

It was because Kokoro’s father cherished her so much that she became so sheltered. It seems that he would have opposed her living alone if the security wasn’t that strict.

Naturally, it was because Kokoro herself was excellent that her wish to live alone was able to pass through. There were also several restrictions such as her having to come home during national holidays.

And so, Kokoro’s father was about as skilful as Kokoro and was quite sharp about many things.

As he noticed the presence of a man three days after I made Kokoro my slave, I had Kokoro and her mother cooperate to hypnotise him.

Incidentally, the car Kokoro uses to commute to work—the Lancer Evolution–was also a car from her father’s collection.

“Ah, it’s here. Let’s go quickly! The adjacent seats will disappear!”

“No, it’s not that crowded, so-”

Personally, I don’t like trains very much. I don’t like the act of waiting in and of itself. I also dislike crowds.

Also, I end up feeling like I’m locked in a box that I can’t do anything in. For the trains without toilets, one has no choice but to get off when their stomach hurts.

“Come, come! Let’s go!”

It’s only this time.

Because Kokoro desired it, I will get on the train this time only.

There was an event that was only held on today, which was a holiday.

That was held at this large display facility, an exhibition centre. Woof-Meow Space-Time. Many facilities related to dogs and cats had been temporarily gathered into this chaotic space.

As it was something that Kokoro and I had in common, it was picked because it seemed that even I would be able to enjoy myself.

“Hey, over here.”


I held Kokoro’s hand so that we wouldn’t stray away from each other.

Rather than couples, families were more prevalent at this venue. There was an odour peculiar to animals, and if someone wants to have a date here, it is indispensable for them to be selective of their partner.

“Kokoro likes dogs, right?”

“Yes, I kept one at my house in the past……”

“Once they died, you were troubled over whether to keep another one, right? My house was also like that, so there is no second one. That’s why we made do with these facilities.”

As Kokoro was being pulled by the hand, she had no idea where I was taking her. Entranced by the puppies passing by, she was took fascination in many different things. There were a lot of fashionable dogs and cats.

“Found it.”

Finding the right place shown on the map, I confirmed that the room was open.

“Dog, two adults.”

“Um, this is……an open petting place?”

Lifting her face, her eyes caught the signboard which contained the name of this facility.

“Rather than a petting plaza, it’s more of a private petting room. It’s a facility that you can use to play with puppies in a space for about 10 minutes.”

Completing a simple procedure at the reception, I entered the designated room.

While still unable to regain her reason, Kokoro was pulled by my hand and entered the room as well.

In that instant, it was just the two of us as her eyes lit up on the spot.

“It’s a pup-pup!”

“A puppy.”

A few puppies were wagging their tails and waiting inside of the room.

First, the majority of them gathered around Kokoro.

“This is……this is!!”

“That’s right.”

“Is it ok to do as I please!?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Kokoro turned her bright eyes towards me as she desperately petted a puppy.

She probably never had an opportunity to touch a dog like this up until now. Kokoro’s sole drawback was that she didn’t know how to take her foot off of the gas pedal.

She couldn’t pet a stranger’s dog or the ones at the pet shop that much either, after all.

“Goochie, goochie!”

Kokoro’s innocent smile was directed at the dogs. Although dogs were friendly towards humans, they were being approached by such a person.

I stroked the little, slow-witted dogs with a *tickle*.

“You guys came out late, huh.”

Although there are times when dogs choose people, they are inherently animals that like to be touched. They were wonderful animals that would even approach someone like me.

Although Kokoro, who was next to me, seemed quite nostalgic, I felt that her condition was a bit too abnormal.

“Kyah, wow, amazing!”

“Come on, I’m gonna pet you……”

Although it’s sad that she can’t meet a dog, it is possible to take her mind off it with this.

However, upon touching them, I’ve kinda started to want my own dog no matter what. It’s not like these guys have especially taken a liking to me, after all.


Suddenly, Kokoro tapped my shoulders.

Even though there is a surveillance camera in this room, well, if it’s just calling me Master then there shouldn’t be any problems.

Thinking this, I turned around and-


Kokoro curled her hands and barked. Perhaps feeling embarrassed for doing it by herself, Kokoro’s cheeks were flushed.

“Erm, curling your hands is the gesture of a cat.”

“Um……Master seemed a little lonely, so……”

“I also have dogs here, so-”

Showing something like compassion towards me is the same as insulting me.

I sourly turned away.

In doing so, Kokoro jumped onto my back.

“Let’s play together with me! ……woof!”

“No thanks. This is a place to have skin ship with dogs, after all.”

“I got a little jealous from seeing Master playing with other dogs.”

Since Kokoro has moments where she’s unexpectedly honest, there are times when I get surprised.

Upon looking back, Kokoro was smiling while lying on her back. The dogs were crowed around her, wondering what was happening.

“Obedience-To-Master Pose!”

“Wait, aren’t we lovers today?”

“Please pet me. Let’s also have skin ship with me!”

Kokoro lied down on her back, as the dogs who were wagging their tails gathered around her. If I had to give my impression of this scene, then it was almost close to heaven.

The dog-like Kokoro’s body was twisting and fidgeting. If she had a tail, it might be shaking right now.

“Hang on, we’re always touching each other, right?”



I reluctantly tickled Kokoro’s neck.

Kokoro raised her chin as her expression collapsed, seemingly in pleasure. Even though there’s nothing going on, the dogs drew closer.

While surrounded by dogs, I flirted with Kokoro as though we were an idiotic couple.

Since I couldn’t say anything in this space, I might end up raising a strange laugh.

“I really am in bliss……”

“I see……I……am-”

Since my mouth inadvertently seemed as though it would slip, I hurriedly closed my mouth.

Seeing me like this, Kokoro happily laughed as though she had got me.

I wouldn’t be a match for her without my hypnosis, huh.

Without overstaying our visit, we left the venue and headed towards our planned lodging.

The hotel I reserved was an expensive place in its own way, having chosen a high-class room with a beautiful night view. The source of the money I used to pay the fee is a secret.

As it was still evening, it was the time frame where the sun may or may not fall. It’s still early for checking in.

However, that’s fine.

“Kokoro, properly follow me.”

“Yes……I will……properly, follow.”

While staggering and with glazed eyes, Kokoro powerlessly followed after me.

I used the hypnotic key words, and had Kokoro fall into a hypnotic state.

Today isn’t over yet. The lover agreement is still on-going.

That’s why I endeavoured to act as Kokoro’s ideal lover for the first half.

What we were to do next is to have her do things that my lover would do.

“Ok, you and I are in a stylish café together. There now, gradually this interior will become a place with a gorgeous, and incredibly wonderful atmosphere.”

“……become a wonderful……place-”

We will have a hypnosis date inside of the hotel room.

It was a hypnosis to make only the consciousness mistake the surroundings as a different place. Even in mental therapy they make you imagine your favourite place so it’s not a particularly rare method.

“10, ok!”


“You can open your eyes now.”

I used suggestions to bring her up until here with her eyes closed.

Having opened her eyes, Kokoro covered her mouth as her eyes grew moist. She’s probably impressed by seeing the wonderful place that she, herself, was imagining.

In the face of such a fake reaction, a vulgar smile surfaced upon my face as I sat on the desk.

“How is it?”

“I-I can not put it into words……Master……this is……”

What Kokoro was looking at was the view from the apartment. Since night hasn’t come yet, you could clearly see the buildings all lined up.

It seems that you can see a considerably beautiful view at night.

However, due to the fact that she falsely recognised this average scenery as such, I felt a sense of conquest.

I took out a bottle from the hotel’s fridge and poured the contents into the glass.



I did not prepare a glass for Kokoro’s portion.

“Kokoro, suck my penis. After that, drink the liquid that comes out. Don’t bite.”

“Yes, I shall.”

Instead, Kokoro removed my trousers and began to suck my penis.

The hypnosis was to return her back into an inexperienced innocent, setting it so that she would accept sexual acts as being the norm.

“That’s right, nngh……Master, is something wrong?”


Really, this way is more in line with my nature.

Because liquid wouldn’t come out quite that easily, Kokoro began to lick my penis as though she was melting ice cream. As she wasn’t recognising it as a penis, it isn’t as good as usual, but this way’s arousing to me.

“Drink it.”

“Ngh, nbbbbggghh!!!”

For the time being, I will have Kokoro drink my mess.

Like this, I will trample on her ideals behind the scenes.

This woman probably knows about this, but somehow just accepts it. In that case, I’ll play without caring about it until the end.

Despite feeling discomfort, Kokoro desperately endeavoured to drink it all up.

I was immersed in the feeling of release while holding down Kokoro’s head.


“Yeah, what’s wrong?”

Turning Kokoro around, I had her place her hands against the wall that was the window. Since it’s a high-rise hotel, we won’t be seen by people, but it was also nice to do it while looking at an unknown landscape.

“I, from here after, would like to stay by Master’s side.”


Violently pulling off the skirt, I lowered her panties. Rather than undressing them both, it was done with the feeling of forcibly rumpling her clothes in order to rape her.

“No, that’s not what I meant……for my whole life, with Master-”

“For the rest of your life? What are you saying?”

“M-My apolog—-”

“Follow me even if you die. If I die, then properly follow after me.”


Taking out my penis, I entered Kokoro’s vagina from behind.

Like usual, Kokoro wasn’t properly moving. However, contrarily speaking, that made it clear that I was forcibly ravaging her.

“Iigh……I, even if I die-! With Master-!”

In both her consciousness on the surface and her unconsciousness, Kokoro would move for my sake.

So that her body would remember the shape of my penis, the interior of her vagina’s undulations that were akin to billowing brush tips tried to squeeze out my sperm.

It’s likely that I can only get this much sense of conquest—this dominance of pushing people aside from Kokoro alone.

Until just a little while ago, we were strangers. She was an excellent counsellor, a beauty who I shouldn’t have been able to reach.

Even though she was such an unattainable flower, hypnosis presented her to me.

“Aaah, hyaaaaaaaahhh!! Kyaah, haaaaaaah!!”

While swinging my hips, I looked at Kokoro who was beginning to enjoy herself like an animal. Without being self-aware that this was sex, limitless pleasure deprived Kokoro of her sanity.

No matter how intelligent a person may be, it is possible for them to fall this low. I wonder just where, exactly, do the limits of hypnosis lie?

Strongly holding down Kokoro’s hips so that we absolutely wouldn’t separate, I began to ejaculate after continued to stick to her as though to spread out the depths of her vagina.

“Kyaah……ah, aaaaaaaaaaaah, agggggggggggggggggghhhhh!!”

Kokoro’s body convulsed as both of her legs trembled like a fawn.

I firmly held down Kokoro, who seemed like she was about to collapse, and sent my semen deep inside.

And then, after I finished cumming inside her without missing a single drop, I let go of my hands as though throwing her away.

“Aah……haah, haaah……”

Kokoro is unable to recognise the meaning of this lust. She just desperately tried to suppress the burning by correcting her breath.

“The night scenery is……really beautiful, isn’t it……nngh!”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

The sun had already set, and the landscape was full of artificial lights.

Unable to correct her dishevelled attire, Kokoro shook her waist as semen dripped from the base of her thighs.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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