Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 28

Houjou Kokoro Newly-Weds Morning Imitation-Arc

In the apartment during the middle of the night, I consolidated research materials about hypnosis.

Together with Kokoro, the sounds of us silently tapping away on our respective computers echoed.

“……it’s finished.”

I was filled with wonder after having finally written down everything that should be written down.

Kokoro finished the work one step quicker, waiting for me without speaking a single word.

I faced her and sent her a tired smile.

“With this, the entire school’s hypnosis has ended. The Hypnotic test is complete.”


Kokoro gave a round of applause. The good thing about this apartment is that sound won’t reach the neighbours, even though it’s in the middle of the night.

I released the strength in my shoulders and leaned on the backrest. Since Kokoro prepared a beverage for me, I gratefully received it.

“With this, the hypnosis that will be cast from now on will be even bolder and more significant than ever before. It’s not that we’ll be able to safely execute it without problems, but there’s a large difference in our ability to cope.”

From its actual introduction up until its completion, the Hypnotic Test required a considerable amount of time.

First of all, we had all of the staff take the Hypnotic Test under the Principal’s orders. From there, in accordance to the end of term tests, we directly had each class perform the Hypnotic Tests one by one.

Even though the ones who were outwardly conducting this was the teachers, there was a need for me to also be present, regardless. There’s no telling when or where those that the hypnosis failed on will slip away.

When necessary, I even did things such as having a talk with each person one by one. Precisely because this school was enormous, it required a considerable amount of labour.

Although cowardly, I made it so that I was exempt from taking the end of term tests. I had the teacher forge my results so that my scores were around the 60-80 range.

“I feel a sense of freedom after the end of term tests finished.”

“Yes, I have the same sentiment as Master!”

“But with this, even on the off chance that someone were hostile towards me, I’ve prepared extensive countermeasures.”

While waving the cup I held in my hands, I continued to speak exaggeratedly.

“For example, if a good-natured person who noticed me tried to contact the police, I can get the entire school to dismiss such words as reckless remarks. If they directly came to meet me in person, then I could forcibly hypnotise them.”

So as to mask my tiredness, words smoothly spewed from my mouth. It’s likely that this is how murderers feel when they’re discovered and start confessing the truth.

“The most troublesome ones are those that move secretly and try to find me, but should any discrepancies arise during the periodic examinations that the principal conducts, I will be contacted immediately. After that, things will work out if I get all of the students to investigate them if they have the time. In a certain sense, the whole school would be their enemy.”

Even though Kokoro should have felt that listening to my story was dull, she joyfully nodded her head countless times.

“And in the unlikely–no, let’s make it the extremely unlikely event that I should lose. In that case, all of the people in the school would become hostages. And if I were to die, then the entire academy would go insane. In other words, it’s important for them to exercise secrecy. With this, I would be able to defeat both those who are hostile towards me due to their sense of justice, as well as those who try to obtain benefits secretly.”

I was in such a good mood that I placed my finger against Kokoro’s chin.

While making an enraptured expression, Kokoro waited for my words.

“Even so, I’ll probably lose if something doesn’t go as I expect it to.”

“It is for that purpose that I am here. If there is any defects in the current strategy, then I will find and report it.”

Kokoro was of great help in conducting this Hypnotic Test.

She firmly supplemented the areas in which I , who was still a student, lacked. She also understood what I needed, and what I didn’t like.

Even when collecting data, the fundamental method of summarising it was proposed by Kokoro.

For this time, only, let’s give Kokoro my appreciation.

“Kokoro. You are an excellent slave.”

“Thank you very much……just from those words alone, I-”

Her excellence was so frightening that I couldn’t use up all of the information we got.

That’s why I couldn’t deny the words that came out of my mouth, as well as the sense of guilt I felt from it.

“Kokoro is……say, is there anything that you want right now?”

“……eh, pardon?”

Faced with these unexpected words, Kokoro raised a hysteric voice. For some reason, she was looking at me with rounded eyes.

I guess this is what it means to have a slip of the tongue. I’m feeling a little embarrassed for some reason.

“Since you’ve helped out quite a bit this time, I thought that I’d do something for you, even though you may be a slave. You don’t have anything, right? In that case, it’s fine.”

“N-No! That’s not it! I have something! Um, I have a lot of things I want!”

Kokoro suddenly grabbed my clothes and drew closer.

“You have a lot? Oi, wai—-!”

“No! I’m fine with just one among them! My sincerest apologies! I was so excited that I carelessly and shamelessly asked such a thing.”

As though she were showing self-control, Kokoro tightly used her own hands to hold them down.

And then, after taking several deep breaths, she once again turned to face me.

“Master, what did you say earlier? Could you say it once again?”

“No, it’s alr-”

“You said only one reward, right!?”

“You’re really persistent, huh.”

“Please wait! I’ll think of it right now! Um, erm.”

I feel like it’s rare for Kokoro to be so agitated. Even though she’s been forcibly made to go crazy with pleasure, this might be the first time that the cause was psychological.

However, even though I said it was a present, since I don’t have money, I can’t do anything except have sex with her. In the end, I also feel that she will calm down with sex.

When I thought of it this way, it steadily became pretty boring, huh.

“Say, if there’s nothing then-”

“I-I-I have liked you for all this time! Please go out with me!”

With her eyes shut and her face flushed, Kokoro performed something akin to a confession towards me.

“For the time being, calm down.”

“I will not calm down! But this is my sincere wish, Master!”

Kokoro shouted as loud as she could, so much so that even her ears turned red. It’s midnight, you know.

The atmosphere was almost like that of an adolescent girl confessing to the guy who was her first crush.

Even though we’ve thoroughly had sex in our relationship, what is she saying now of all times?

The alarm I set on my phone made an annoyingly loud sound.

It was morning. With a displeased face, I stopped the unpleasant sound coming from my phone.

It’s probably because I just woke up, but I really hated the sound of the alarm clock.

“……morning, huh.”

After muttering my clumsy confirmation, I left the bed. I’m bad with mornings.

However, it was only for today, but I had to get up.

Because I promised Kokoro.

Only for today, I will treat Kokoro as my lover.

Since hypnosis wasn’t involved at all, I was reluctant.

However, I also understood that gratitude wasn’t something that you, yourself, enjoyed.

“This is hypnosis, a hypnosis where I made her into my lover……”

I repeated this to myself as though to suppress my morning temper. It was like a self-hypnotism.

Upon leaving the room, the lights weren’t on. This might be a first for this apartment.

Because Kokoro would usually wake me up, I wasn’t used to it.

“Kokoro’s room was where, again?”

Just for today, I had to wake up Kokoro.

As for why, even I didn’t know. However, since I was told that lovers do that sort of thing, I helplessly obeyed.

It was only for today. Only today.


I quietly opened the door to Kokoro’s room. If only I could irresponsibly throw the door open like usual.

Kokoro was asleep on top of the bed.

“Oi, Kokoro.”

On the spot, I called out to Kokoro. Perhaps due to my voice being soft, she didn’t respond.

Helplessly drawing closer, I called out to her once again.

“Oi, Kokoro. It’s morning.”



Don’t ‘Nnngh’ me.

I was convinced by these groans that reeked of suspicion. This girl was awake.

It’s obvious. Not only does she always wake up at an even earlier time, but even her face is snickering.

In the first place, her appearance was strange. She was out from the bed cover, and her pajamas were overtly disordered.

I also knew. The fact that Kokoro has a good sleeping posture.

“Oi, oi.”


Although I rocked her, she didn’t get up.

While her mouth mumbled, Kokoro appeared to be sleeping heavenly.

Since it was already becoming a pain, I shook her strongly.

“Oi, Kokoro!”

“I won’t wake up until you kiss me~”


It was here that I wanted to take out my dick and cram it inside of her.

However, I should endure it. Only for today.

Even though she’s already awake, for what reason do I have to do this?



I brought my face close to Kokoro’s lips and kissed her.

Although I could only see Kokoro’s eyes, she was probably enjoying it, I think. She brought her hands around my head so that I wouldn’t let go.

She really is awake after all, isn’t she!?

“……puhah, good morning! Master!”

“Yeah, morning.”

Kokoro’s bright smile was directed towards me.

“Come on, we’re gonna brush our teeth. Together, right?”


Today, we were even going to brush our teeth together. No, that’s weird.

Not even a couple would do such a thing together.


As soon as we arrived in the washroom, Kokoro opened her mouth and waited.

“Are we really doing this?”

“Yes, it’s only for today, after all! Let’s take it easy all the way up until the end! As expected, I believe that it would be difficult to do this every day, even for me.”

Well, I don’t know if it’ll become something fun, though. I could tell that we’ll just be trying out anything.

However, if it’s Kokoro, then she will be happy no matter what we do, so that’s it.

“Come on, open your mouth.”


A play where one brushed their teeth with semen could also work, huh. I’ll try it out with Mai someday.

Kokoro looked at me with wet eyes as I brushed her teeth.

While still drowsy, I had my teeth brushed by Kokoro.

For the time being, since I was always cramming my thing inside it, I guess I’ll brush her with gratitude.

“Fuere, ‘ashtah, is it already done?”

“Yeahr, ‘ohoro brushes it too much, just do the necessary partsh, o’ay?”

After brushing our teeth and washing our faces, we went to the kitchen.

So that we could also do cooking together.

This was on-level, huh.


Kokoro was unusually in high spirits. Taking a cute pose, she showed me her figure in a naked apron.

Of course, it was cute. Although it was early in the morning, I was still capable of feeling a considerable amount of lust.

“Let’s make it together! Master!”


I was about to reply like an old man who was talking to a kid. How dangerous.

Kokoro began to arrange the prepared diced ingredients into sandwiches.

As for the reason why we did not use a kitchen knife, even if my interpretation of the reason is not complete, I don’t think that it’s necessary wrong.

Although I couldn’t see anything from in front of Kokoro’s naked apron, as long as she’s cooking, her back is completely exposed.

I wrapped my hand around her completely defenceless back and clutched her chest.

“Um……Master, aaaah!!”

As though to smash my morning ire into pieces, I strongly clutched at her chest.

Because her chest stuck out from her apron, Kokoro dropped the ingredients that she was holding.

I placed my body up against Kokoro’s and pushed hers against the table.

Kokoro’s large chest fell on top of the table. I began to grope her breast so that they would be crushed against the cool table top.

“Ma, ster.”


“Um, aaah……we’re, today we’re lovers, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Kokoro became desperate as she whispered to me. Although I tried to ignore it-

“Then, please tell me that you love me……if you do that, then you can do as much as you want. I won’t mind it even if you break me, so-”

I stopped at once and turned Kokoro so that she faced me from the front.

And then, I picked her up in my arms and placed her on top of the table in the living room. It’s the desk top that we always ate our meals on.

There, Kokoro laid flat on her back as she waited for my words.

Only today. It’s only for today.

“Kokoro, I like you. I love you.”

“Yes! I also love yo-aaaaaaah!!”

From there, I also ill-manneredly got on top of the desk and rolled up Kokoro’s apron.

I placed my penis against Kokoro’s vagina, which was already prepared, and inserted myself.

“!! ……Master!”

Kokoro spread out both her arms and waited for me to come to her.

That’s why I toppled her body accordingly and placed my hands around her back.


Kokoro desperately clung to my body. Even though we were having sex that was no different from usual, I feel as though Kokoro’s insides were different somehow?

Anyway, today her vagina was also surprisingly clamping down strongly, placing more strength as though to squeeze out more semen from my penis.

While in that position, I greedily overlapped my chest and lips with Kokoro’s as we greedily exchanged fluids.

Sharing each other’s bodily fluids, the liquids with increased viscosity excited us like some sort of aphrodisiac.

With drowsy eyes, my body whose morning wood hasn’t settled soon had blood gathering into my groin.

“Hyaaaaaaah!! Aah, aaaaaaahh!! Aaaaahh aaaaaagggggggggggggggh!!”


It felt as though all of my focus was taken up by my body’s lower half, which has just woken up.

Kokoro also moved her body as though only to indulge in her lust, her uncertain consciousness that seemed as though it would blackout only seeking my presence.

Like this, maintaing a state of lost reason, we both continued to ravage each other like beasts.


Unnoticeably, my penis began to ejaculate with a *splut*. I only realised it after having ejaculated a certain amount inside of her vagina.


With her mouth still open, Kokoro continued to leak out a shrill cry.

Although it was similar with me, can one really change this much with just a single change in mood?

Being able to to promote such things was really hypnosis’ most optimal ability, huh.

Once in a while, having her move with unchanged feelings like this was another fresh discovery.

“Kokoro, let me go.”

“Ah, aaaahh.”

“I said let me go.”

Even though Kokoro had lost her strength, she didn’t let go of my hands.

No, she’s definitely still conscious

It’s just that it doesn’t seem as though it would let go according to Kokoro’s will.

Lovers might unexpectedly be selfish people.

“Kokoro, we’re going to have a date after this, right?”

“Hah!! ……yes! That’s right……yes.”

Likely regaining herself there, Kokoro let go of me in a flash before becoming very disappointed. I wonder if she was pleased at the time?

Even though we won’t be able to leave on time unless she lets go.

“……well, we still have time.”

Thinking that it couldn’t be helped, this time I wrapped my hands around her back.

“……thank you very much.”

At first, perhaps because she was startled, but Kokoro didn’t react. Yet, she slowly expressed words of gratitude to me.

As for my side, feeling her chest touching me through her apron wasn’t bad. I’ll try having her put on a naked apron again.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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