Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 25

Touhou Sunou Ass Penetration Ceremony-Arc

Since Sunou called out her friend that she made over the net to play, I hypnotised her. There’s no problem.

Presently, the girls are under the suggestion that they will become more adult-like people the more that they do sexual things with me.

Using this common sense, Sunou somehow managed to make her friend, Sayoko, see her as a mature person.

The two of them did not voice any objection to me taking the lead. Everything was going exactly as according to the suggestions.

“Boyfriend-san, where do we go?”


“Karaoke!? I like it!”

Naturally, this was a lie. There’s no way we’d go to karaoke.

The karaoke box fundamentally has a surveillance camera inside, so if we did such a thing there then we’d immediately be reprimanded by the clerk.

If I were to tell the truth, it was something that could also be done at karaoke.

“Heh, so there was this kind of karaoke around here~”


Sayoko entered the store without holding any particular doubts. That’s because she was under a suggestion that would eliminate her suspicions.

It would seem that Sunou knew what kind of place this was with just a single glance.

No matter what angle you looked at it from, this was a love hotel.

“This place is necessary to create the adult-like atmosphere, right?”

“But I-”

“It’s alright, I’ve also made a reservation. Did you know? The interior has a good reputation, and not only do people use the background for cosplay shootings, but there are many customers who enter without such a reason.”

Sunou was in an attire that could pass off as cosplay. Well, I don’t really care no matter which way we’re thought of, though.

Settling the easy procedures, I rented a room. Because my wallet is empty, I shamelessly had Sunou take care of the bill.

“Well, I’ll help you out properly.”

“I wonder if that’s the truth……”

“Let’s open it!”

Sayoko found the room and entered inside.

We also lagged behind her, our feet stepping inside as though to explore.


Sunou’s eyes sparkled upon seeing the interior.

That’s how it should be. It was almost as though it had the consciousness of a gothic lolita, the western-style interior was tailored to suit Sunou’s tastes. The black-laced curtains also suited the atmosphere.

Rather than going to a weird town or date spot, it was a place that would please Sunou.

However, it was still a love hotel.

“This is where you’ll show us your adultness, right?”

“Very well.”

Sunou started to get carried away. Overtaking Sayoko and heading towards the centre of the room, she stood on top of the large bed with both feet spread apart while holding out her hand.

“Tonight, we, who were summoned to celebrate my blood, will display a sight that would cause even this body to freeze over-”

“Ah, that’s just like the usual Laplace-san!”

“Sayoko, take that glass-”

Does she really use that personality in game? What happened to being an adult?

Because it’s inside a game, one can do whatever they want. It’s likely that it was a story where she was a cramped adult who couldn’t do this normally or something. I don’t understand.

Sayoko, for some reason, followed Sunou’s instructions and took out a cold glass and wine from the refrigerator before pouring some into the glass. It would appear that she had also gotten carried away.

That’s right. It’s because she’s that type of person that she adored Sunou, huh.

After having Sayoko pour wine into her glass, Sunou-

“Open your mouth.”

-also opened her mouth, tipping the glass and pouring the wine inside.

After that, she looked at me.

“Am I meant to do that as well? I don’t need it.”

“Oh lecherous demon that pains my heart, do you think that these loving lips are unnecessary?”

Does that mean ‘I’m gonna give it to you mouth-to-mouth, so come’?

Sayoko’s eyes shone as they darted between Sunou and myself.

I see. I guess she sees mouth-to-mouth as having a sexual image.

“Well then, the blood of companionship-”

Sunou held the wine inside of her mouth and waited for me to come over. Perhaps it was slightly bitter, as her cheeks twitched slightly.

For the time being, I obeyed Sunou as we both opened our mouths and connected them.


Sunou opened her mouth and poured the wine contained within into mine. A strong bitter taste numbed my tongue and caused goosebumps to break out across my body.

“*smack*……kk, puh.”

As though to pay me back for the irrumatio, Sunou held my face and dumped all of the wine into my mouth.

Even though half-hearted counterattacks will only irritate the enemy.

“Kkh, *smooch*……ppbbffh!!”

Without swallowing the wine, I sent it back to Sunou.

With nothing obstructing our mouths that were both open, the wine flowed accordingly with the stronger pushing force.

“Ngh, bfffgh!! Bffbffgh!!”

Sunou stretched her tongue in an attempt to block and suppress the regurgitated wine.

Of course, the wine flowed through the gaps and, on the contrary, I caught her tongue that popped out with my own and bit it.

“Nnnngh!! Nnnnnngh!!”

Sunou’s face turned red as she raised a groan. Because she was panicking on top of the bed, she ended up bouncing around with a *boing* *boing*.

“A-An adult companionship……”

It would seem that only Sayoko felt that this single exchange was something sexual. Good for you, eh Sunou?

The liquids inside our mouths made *squelching* noises as it rubbed against our mucus.


The area around Sunou’s mouth was already overflowing with drool and wine. She closed her eyes and desperately endured my attack.

Naturally being unable to do anything about it, Sunou removed the hands that were holding me down.

However, it was then that I conversely seized the initiative.

“Nngh! Mmmmmmmmggggggghh!!!”

Contrarily, this time it was I who held down Sunou’s head, largely bringing out bodies close together as I locked lips with her from above.

In doing so, even if Sunou tried to resist, liquids would naturally flow down from above as it poured into Sunou’s mouth.

Although Sunou was enduring with her eyes closed, this time she opened her eyes wide as they teared up.

My face was reflected within her large eyes.

After having held her down for so long that it seemed as though she couldn’t breathe, all of the liquids in my mouth had been poured into Sunou so I let go of her body.


Just with that, Sunou lost all her power. Her body laid on top of the bed.


“Haha, it would seem as though Sunou-sama has been corrupted by a demon.”

Since we were already here, I decided to join Sunou’s charade. Even if I may say so myself, my phrasing has become quite clumsy due to the fact that it’s been a while.

“……hmph, I haven’t fallen yet. I will take your self-conceited head!”

Sunou’s cheeks blushed as she averted her eyes. I guess she’s unexpectedly happy that I played along with her.

“T-Then you shall entertain me!”


“That’s right, I’ve already given up, so let’s do it today. I feel as though it’s about time, anyway……”

As long as the atmosphere is good, then it can’t be helped if we have sex. This is what Sunou was saying.

However, with things like this, I’ll be bored.



“How much experience do you have with sex?”

“Even if you ask me how much, I guess I have a bit.”

Without being embarrassed, Sayoko divulged her own experience. Well, seeing her reactions this far, I expected that she already had some experience.

Despite coming this far, Sunou was unable to see through my intentions.

That’s why I quietly whispered to her ear.

“I don’t think showing this girl normal sex would be enough.”


It was then that Sunou finally reached an understanding.

If eroticism is proportional to maturity, then normal sex would put her at the same level—or rather, sex where Sunou is on the receiving end would give an even lesser result.

Judging from Sayoko’s tone, Sunou was like a child who had a mature appearance.

“B-But doing anything else is-”

Sunou began to panic slightly. It’s likely that she’s feeling frustrated due to the fact that she wouldn’t achieve results despite having come this far.

However, Sunou’s sex techniques would be equivalent to that of a tuna’s. What we can do was limited.

Anticipating this, I extended to her a helping hand.

“Perhaps, if you are willing to do it, then……”

It was here that I confided to Sunou the proposal that I had planned since the start.

Sunou initially frowned before gradually grasping the whole picture and paling.

“No way!”

“Then what should we do?”

“Ugh……but, but that’s-!”

“Is something wrong?”

Sayoko spoke up with great timing.

Her eyes were akin to that of a mother concerned for a child younger than themselves. It was not the kind of gaze one would give towards a respectable adult.

Turning on the microphone that was in the room, I maliciously handed it to Sunou.

“Go on, so that she can hear it properly, right?”

“Uugh……S-S-Sayoko! Please watch us!”

The loud volume of the mic echoed within the room, causing Sunou’s ears to burn as she desperately cried out.

“R-Right now, my first anal penetration ceremony will begin!”


Sayoko opened her mouth wide with shock.

I’ve already confirmed it via hypnosis. She has yet to have anal sex. In which case, this sex would allow Sunou to go a step up and become even more of an adult than Sayoko.

Actually, it’s for this purpose that I’ve done various preparations.

For example, I cleaned out her anus with an enema, and loosened up her butt hole while she was unconscious before we headed off. Remembering the scene at that time, it was highly possible that I would have put my penis inside of her.

Having water expelled from Sunou’s shiri while she was in a dazed state filled me with a sense of dominance and superiority in its own way.

“……ah, aah, this is just……!”

Burying her face into the bed she was on top of, Sunou kicked and thrashed about.



But after a while, Sunou stopped moving, remaining face down as only her ass was raised into the air.

Flipping over Sunou’s skirt, I removed her panties. Her beautiful, small butt was thrust out towards me.

“A-are you really doing anal?”

“We really are……”

After bringing the microphone to her mouth, Sunou spread out her butt-flesh to the sides with both fingers.

“Sunou, do you have anything to say to me?”

“You’re just, I get it……I beseech you, please plug up my vulgar, dirty butt hole with Demon-sama’s dick. And please, be gentle.”

“Haha, alright then.”

Taking off my clothes, I bent over on top of Sunou. Pressing down against the back of Sunou’s neck with my right hand, I placed my left finger against her butt hole.

Sunou’s butt hole trembled with a *twitch*, its resistance being stronger than her vagina.

Adding some lotion, I pumped my index finger.

“Hyah, hyah! Ah……”

Rather than ticklish, Sunou raised a suffocating voice. She became like this with just my fingers. If I didn’t do anything, it seemed as though she would tear apart.

“I told you to be gentle! Ow!”

“This is still on the gentle side, you know.”

Since Sunou was complaining, I decided to just start already.

Grasping my lotion-covered penis with my left hand, I placed its tip against the small butt hole.

After that, I vigorously entered as if to expand her hole.

“Igigh!? Gyah!?”

Sunou screamed with a coarse voice. I could see her butt hole being spread out past its limits.

Unlike the usual pleasure, her voice caused by pain further aroused me, causing me to become more active.

“Agh, aaaaaaaaaaaggh!!”


Although Sunou’s body tried to struggle, since I was strongly pushing down on the back of her neck, I wouldn’t allow it.

I thought that even Sayoko would draw back from this, but that expression was like that of one who held respect towards an adult as her eyes began to sparkle.

Remarkably, while feeling the sensation of entering and breaking the muscles and flesh of her bowels, my penis fit into Sunou’s butt hole.

“You’ve got a good friend, huh?”

“Igh!? Agah!! Hah, hah!”

Sunoun continued to spit out air, almost as though she were a pregnant woman. She’s desperately enduring this pain.

Her appearance of shedding tears and her mouth agape was so sensual that it was almost unbearable to look at.

Drawing my waist back like this, I further rubbed the insides of her intestines.

“ah……aaaaaaaaahh!! Gagh!”

“Hey, go on and tell Sayoko. This is adult sex, right?”

“Za, yo, go……!”

I whispered into her ear.

Desperately scraping together her remaining reason, Sunou turned to face Sayoko, who was watching us having anal sex from the side.


“T-This is, igh!? Adultzz……zeghzz!!”

“Yes!! Laplace-sama truly is wonderful!”

“Ehehe……geh!! Aah, gaaahh!!”

“I really respect that pride.”

From there, I started to piston like usual.

Although Sunou was bestowed a suitable amount of pleasure from the suggestions, she still doesn’t feel anything but pain.

“Hah, haaah!! Igh!”

Upon pulling back my waist, air was expelled from Sunou’s deflated lungs. Perhaps she felt a sensation of openness that was akin to that of excreting.

From the bottom, I vigorously thrusted my penis down to the very depths.

Sunou gritted her teeth as she tightly grasped the sheets.

“Iaaaaah!! Aaaahh……”

It was at that time. Sunou’s reaction slightly changed.

It would appear that my penis had passed through the intestines and hit against the area around the backside of her uterus.

The anus was originally a sensitive part of the skin. It sufficiently has the qualities to be an erogenous zone.

From here, I became a bit gentle and moved slowly.

“Aah, hyaaahh……”

“What’s wrong, are you ok?”

“……even though you’re so merciless, you sure can tal-k!? Aaah!!”

The usual pleasure suggestion has finally connected. The instant that she thought that it felt good, even if it was only slight, her reaction took a complete 180.

Although it was within expectations-

“Ah, hyah!”

Sunou arched her body backwards, beginning to push back her butt as she ended up smiling.

“Are you getting pleasure from your ass hole? You’re more of a pervert than I imagined.”

“S-Shut up……aaah!! Either way, I’m just a pervert who feels it through her butt hole!!”

Her voice echoed loudly through the mic.

Sayoko’s eyes sparkled towards Sunou’s fetish-declaration.

“Ah, aahh!! There, that’s!!”

Sunou no longer had any shame. Shaking her butt, she devoured my penis. Although it was loose, she was like a female leopard.

Despite her frame being childish, one could feel an adult charm coming from her figure that was moving her body without any shyness.

I was also aroused, as I placed strength into my right hand that was holding down Sunou. The elation that came from forcibly pushing down Sunou’s wriggling body caused the blood in my penis to boil.

“Ow, it hurts!! Haaaahh!!”

Saying this, Sunou’s cheeks blushed as her hips twitched.

I was also reaching my limit soon.

“Hey, show it to her.”

“Iiiiiigh! Sayoko, watch me! I, I’m such a lewd girl who absolutely loves it in the butt! That’s whyy……ah, kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!”

With selfish timing, I unleashed semen into the inside of Sunou’s intestines.

Sunou’s body trembled, raising a scream that seemed as though she was struck by a branding iron. Once largely arching her body backwards, she limply collapsed on top of the bed.


“I’m pulling out.”


Although my penis had withered, its glans was caught in something, giving Sunou her last stimulus.

The moment my penis pulled out of Sunou, the sound of something bursting out could be heard as semen was expelled from her butt hole.

Perhaps because she had grown accustomed to this position, Sunou’s butt remained raised in the air.

Finding this interesting, I inadvertently slapped her butt.


After collapsing while still lying down, Sunou began to breath soundly while asleep. She must have been considerably tired. It’s likely that this was caused due to the large wave this time from having gone from only feeling pain to pleasure.

On the back of her neck, a mark of my hand firmly remained where I had pushed her down.

“T-This is too adult……”

Sayoko’s eyes shone towards the play that she hadn’t seen before.

What should I do? I don’t feel like having sex with her, whom I have little information about, but I guess I should have her do something.



“Since my penis has become dirty from our anal sex, could you help me clean it?”

“I-I don’t mind! Boyfriend-sama!”

For some reason, Sayoko even saluted me.

I guess it’s that. Perhaps, since I was also sexual, my standing as an adult had been established.

Surrounded by such adults, she felt intimidated.


“Good for you, Sunou.”

The next time she wakes up, she’ll feel a sense of peace similar to that of being reborn.

“T-Then I’ll clean it, okay? Bath, go!!”


I see. Since she’ll clean it, she’s also going to get naked, huh.

Although I don’t feel like acting as Sayoko’s partner, that body of hers is quite something in its own way.


“That’s right, I already have a hole.”

After a while, I will have Sunou accompany me in relieving my sexual desires. Screwing just this girl will be fine.

Next time, I’ll properly do it with her vagina. Wait, if she request for it, then I don’t mind doing it in her butt again.

Anyway, for today, why don’t I express my good will and thoroughly make Sunou’s gathering a meaningful one?

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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