Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 24

Touhou Sunou Adult?s Dignity-Arc

“When the white nightmare is dyed in darkness, the black curtains will overrun the wastelands!”

I played Othello with Sunou and lost. The board’s surface was dyed in Sunou’s colour–black.

She unexpectedly came by the apartment and had me accept to play a game to kill time.

Certainly, I was also free, but it was really vexing for me to lose.


“No, isn’t this strange?”


Sunou snorted triumphantly. She was smiling more than usual as she puffed out her non-existent chest. Her face made me want to punch it.

Although her attire was her usual Gothic Lolita, not a single bit of laxness exuded from her appearance.

“What, you said that you didn’t like Video Games, so we decided to play Othello, right?”

If I’m gonna do it, I’ll win. I challenged her with such a mindset, resulting in the game being Othello.

Since the element of luck wouldn’t play a part in this game, I thought that I could do moderately ok, but-

“It’s weird. There’s no way I’d win if we were to play Video Games. Why would the superior ranked take the stars in a race game!? It’s impossible!!”

“Then you should just adjust the ranking. It’s because you’re pointlessly trying to show off your power that demon is a banana.”

Including both the previous matches of video games, and the Othello game we had, this makes it a total of 5 defeats for me.

Since it was the holidays and I wasn’t really motivated, I didn’t think much of the rules and tried to play games normally, with this as the result. I’m starting to not want to play again with this girl.

“Please pick something that I might be able to win.”

“What’s with that…….there is no compassion in my Sabbath.”

“That’s cause it’s noon.”

“Then I’ll let you choose another video game. I will choose with my hand a game that will allow even you to faintly point the sword of victory at me.”

While humming in a good mood, Sunou began to search through the games that were in this house.

It seems that all of the games here are ones that Sunou brought over. Since Kokoro, who was cooking in the kitchen, said so, it’s probably not wrong. I wonder if she doesn’t play them by herself?


Sunou suddenly leaked out a startled voice. It seems that she’s remembered something.

And then, while maintaining her crawling posture, she approached me.

“Your skirt’s chafing. That’s tall, isn’t it?”

“Say, I’ve already won against this demon 5 times, right?”

“I don’t accept it, though.”

“I won! See, Kokoro-nee-san over there is the witness!”

I know what this girl wants to do.

Perhaps suddenly coming here and saying that we should play games is also-

“The Sabbath of Twilight has begun!”

“It hasn’t started, and I still haven’t lost yet.”

“At this point in time, how about you quit it with that nonsense!? How about you at least adopt the attitude of hearing out someone’s request!?”

That’s not the attitude of some who’s *asking*.

Becoming fairly desperate, Sunou lashed out at me. What’s with this girl?

Suddenly arriving and suggesting such a condition, it’s almost like she announced some sort of anti-rule after winning a duel or something.

Since it seemed troublesome, I ignored her and locked eyes with Kokoro in the kitchen. Wait, don’t laugh at me.

“……as long as it’s just listening, then fine.”

“Yeah……that’s right, that much is obvious!”

Sunou was obviously relieved, folding her arms as she nodded firmly.

Well, if I think of this as a tactic that Sunou desperately conjured up, then it should be fine just to hear her out.

“Let’s see, my desire is only one thing–to have a single-day pact with you, who could be considered a demon. Let’s see, it would be fine to say that we’d be in a relationship where you must implicitly obey me.”

“What’s with that? So you want me to go out with you for just one day? What for?”

The way Sunou delivered her lines were so weird that I couldn’t tell if her tension was extremely high or terribly low.

After spiritedly firing off lines like a storm, Sunou quietly sat back down.

“Sure, let’s talk. This will decide everything after all……”

Haphazardly moving my line of sight around the surroundings, I saw Kokoro tilting her head to the side on the edge of my field of view.

After Sunou finished talking and heaved a sigh, she began to sip the drink that Kokoro brought little by little.

Simplifying the contents of what I was told to a certain degree, I began to ruminate it in my head.

“So Sunou actually has friends?”

“What’s with that!? I shouldn’t have said it!! Even though this demon doesn’t have any either-”

“Because I enrolled midway after all.”

Since the school was such a mammoth in size, many of them were brought up together since middle school. Yet, I belonged to the types who came from another school and took an exam to enrol. There wasn’t enough time to make friends, and there weren’t any acquaintances here whom I knew of before.

And it hasn’t even been three months since I enrolled.

“What an unsightly excuse. Even though I, who has barely been at school, can make friends.”


Sunou brought her own personal computer and was playing a net game on it.

Although her play frequency is low, and she hasn’t spent much time on it, she’s climbed through the ranks using the skills befitting of her nickname Laplace, seemingly having become a famous player as such.

Her friends appeared to be people whom she got acquainted with in the net game.

They will be coming to visit Sunou’s place next Sunday to play.

“Rather, is the person coming buy on Sunday really a girl?”

“Naturally. I’ve even had voice chats with her.”

“There’s this strange voice machine out there-”

“I would like it if you do not make light of me and treat me as some fool who couldn’t see through such things.”

Sunou muttered, filled to the brim with self confidence.

Certainly, because Sunou can expose everything about the opponent over the net with her superior play style, I trust that she has at least that much ability in that regard.

“But people are also able to see through you as well, you know. In the first place, why did you lie and say that you had a boyfriend?”

“Silence, loser! A foolish demon such as you wouldn’t be able to understand my human thoughts!”

It seems that Sunou, whilst thinking that the fact her face couldn’t be seen was a good thing, planted a mixture of facts and fiction into this friend’s head.

To consolidate it briefly, Sunou seems to have posed herself as a sexy, mature elder lady with a boyfriend.

“Since it’s disheartening for you to go alone, you wanted to go with a boyfriend who wouldn’t be weird for you to be together with……”

“You said that you didn’t have any friends at school……”

She’s inconveniently telling me all about truth. I guess she’s trying to get me to participate in her deception.

It’s unreasonable.

“It’s unreasonable, it’s so unreasonable.”

“E-Even I understand it to a certain extent. But if it’s my maturity, then I can somehow deceive her with my behaviour……if I casually and quietly remain calm, then it’s not impossible for me to be seen as mature.”

From my point of view, it’s not bad to tell a lie. What’s bad is telling a lie and having it found out.

Perhaps interested in my answer, Sunou unconsciously approached me and peered into my expression.

She looked like a girl who was asking for pocket money.

“……well, I guess it’s fine if I go out with you for just a day.”

“Really!? You’re not going back on your word, right demon!?”

After thinking about it for a little, I came up with something slightly interesting. Although it would take time and effort, I should be able to do whatever I like with this.

In terms of hypnosis, I should also do some training for my remote suggestions.

On that day, it had now reached the meeting time that Sunou had scheduled.

The agreed-upon meeting place was in front of the station–furthermore, it wasn’t the nearest station, but one that was smack-dab in the middle of the city.

“It’s hot……”

Sunou spat out weakly, beside me as she propped up her parasol. As usual, her Gothic Lolita attire was really eye-catching.

Soon the rainy season would end, leading to the period of end-of-term exams.

As summer approached, the city gathered even more heat due to the sun. Wearing black clothing, no matter how you looked at it, was incredibly incompatible with such weather.

“The appointed time has passed……do you want to wait there?”


I pointed towards a nearby fast-food restaurant with glass windows. Even though we’d be able to tell if someone came immediately if we were there-

“Um……could you possibly be Laplace-san?”

It was at this time when a lady who fearfully called out to us appeared.

A really mature, tall woman had spoken to us. She was a very stylish, and eye-catching Caucasian woman.

“Ah……Sa-Sa……yo, ko?”

With an extremely small voice, Sunou spoke to this Sayoko-san. It seems that she was timid due to the difference in height.

Or rather, because she was a half-Caucasian woman exactly like I was told, I should have expected it. If Sunou was a beauty who was like a doll, than this woman was like a model.

Her white skin and blonde hair that didn’t suit her Japanese name were just as conspicuous as Sunou.

“Ah, just as I thought. Sorry, at first I noticed the attire that I was told of before hand, but I ended up searching in a loop……”

“Ugh……don’t worry about it! It’s fine! Good day to you, Sayoko. You’re even more beautiful than the voice I heard……”

“Thank you, Laplace-san.”

Sunou elegantly twirled her small hands before stretching one out.

Sayoko graciously smiled and took that outstretched hand. Her smile was—how do I put this–it was like a smile that one would use when facing a small animal.


It would be the end, in a different sense, if she were to become engrossed in her. It’s likely that Sayoko’s image of Sunou has already been settled.

Naturally, the sensitive Sunou noticed this.


Although she had recovered, Sunou’s expression had collapsed briefly.

“Sayoko-san, right?”

“Yes, are you Laplace’s boyfriend?”

“Yes, that’s right. My apologies for intruding on the two of you.”

“I don’t mind, I’ve heard that boyfriend-san gets lonely easy.”

“……is that so? For the time being, let’s get your luggage to the hotel we’ve booked.”

Just exactly how did Sunou set up my character? How exactly am I gonna act as a lonely boyfriend?


Looking to the side, I only saw a quiet Sunou who appeared to have gotten smaller. She was like a child who couldn’t do anything.

Either way, I knew it was impossible for me to behave exactly in that manner.

Sunou was a very shy girl to begin with.

Since there’s a certain degree of hostility in our relationship, Sunou is able to converse with me. Becoming accustomed to this built up our present relationship.


“Eh, what is it?”

“You’ve made a reservation, right? Let’s go. Ah, I’ll take your bags.”

“This is training, so it’s fine.”

“For strength, right?”

In any case, let’s continue to converse with Sayoko in place of Sunou.

Either way, I need to stay patient for a little while. Although I’m also not good at meeting people for the first time, I will endure it for just this time.

It would be fine so long as Sunou freely redeems herself after entering the hotel.

The hotel we reserved was so luxurious that even I had to strain my eyes. The number of chairs in the waiting room were so numerous that it seemed almost impossible to use them all.

Even inside of the room we were in now, the bed seemed so soft, and the carpet seemed as though just me stepping on it with my sport shoes would cause its value to fall.

“This is amazing! Gold! This is gold!”

“I’m also surprised.”

“I-I see.”

It seems that Sunou paid all the reservation fees for this hotel.

To begin with, both of the Touhou parents seemed to be famous businessmen overseas, and, in exchange of neglecting their child, ended up sending her large sums of cash for her to use as allowance.

Even so, treating her by paying the full price for such a place—should I call her extremely generous or should I say that she’s treating her well.

I also heard that Sunou, herself, received quite a sum of prize money from the board game tournament, and it’s likely that the entire family was indifferent to money.


It’s likely that this Sayoko wasn’t thinking so cunningly. At least, I want to think so.

Since waiting would be too tiresome, I guess we should start soon.

“Sayoko-san, apparently you had your fortune told by Sunou earlier, right?”

“Ah, yes. It was right on the nose.”


“[The Rule is Easy]—right?”

“Ugh……certainly, it wasn’t that difficult.”

Perhaps feeling dizzy, Sayoko rubbed her eyes.

Due to the key word, Sunou became even more silent than usual.

“Certainly, boyfriend-san’s hobby was……”

“That’s right. I really appreciate your interest in my hobby. Since we’re here, why don’t you try some fortune telling?”

I took out the prepared playing cards from my pocket, flauntingly shuffled them. The design on the back of the cards were also my work—my own hypnotic playing cards.

“Let’s……give it a try.”

I made her ruminate backs of the shuffled playing cards many times, all of which had the same pattern. The designs were ever-so-slightly different, and whenever there was a shift in the pattern, her consciousness would be taken away.

Sayoko put up such little resistance that the hypnotic suggestions were implanted into her.

The reason why the effects could be seen so soon was because I remotely placed the hypnotic suggestion in advance.

After I heard this story from Sunou, I immediately took action. I sent an image file through e-mail, as well as a set of instructions Sayoko needed to follow. If she followed them to the letter, then it would be possible for the preparations of implanting suggestions to be set up, despite it being artificial.

“As I thought, it’s weak, huh.”

However, remote control is only for support.

There is a possibility that the file will remain, and if the hypnotic effect was set up directly, it’s possible for me to be traced. That’s why, I only put an easily received induction.

Personally, I was thinking that I could one day send this to a range of targets with the sender unknown, and make them even more actively hypnotised with some sort of apparatus.

“Whatever the case, it would be dangerous to do anymore than this.”

That’s why I couldn’t afford to have my hypnotic suggestions overtly be exposed. This will complete it for the time being.

“Sayoko-san, you can hear my voice, yes……Please answer yes or no to all of my questions.”


From her on out is just routine work.

Though saying this, since I had to do so very carefully, I couldn’t omit any of the processes just because they were a pain.

“For the time being, this should do it. This is really such a pain.”

Once we’ve done it, this girl has also become a victim. There’s no longer any turning back.

Leaving Sayoko’s suggestions at this, I then turned towards Sunou.

“Sunou, you can hear me, yes?”

“I can hear you……yes.”

“Right now, what are you hoping for?”

“I……want Sayoko……to see me as an……adult.”

“Do you know about what it takes to be an adult?”

“……I don’t, know.”

“Then I will tell you. To be an adult, you need to be seductive and sexual—in other words, an extremely lewd person.”

“Being pervy is……adult-like.”

“That’s right, being pervy is very embarrassing, but if you want Sayoko-san to see you as an adult, then you have to do something pervy.”


While Sunou’s eyes remained empty, her cheeks began to flush. I should leave her sense of shame as is.

After that, I appropriately implanted suggestions that seemed interesting before lifting her hypnosis.

“Now then, you will wake up……ok!”

Clapping my hands, I released the duo from their hypnotic state.

I made Sayoko’s key word the same as Sunou. Since I’m only going to use it this time, it’s easy to remember.

It took quite a bit of effort this time, huh? I wonder if I can shorten the process a bit more?

After being freed from the hypnosis, the duo remained dazed as their condition was akin to that of rousing from their sleep.


The first one to move was Sunou.

Exploiting the opening in Sayoko, who was still in a daze, she pulled me closer.

“Quickly, the toilet!”


It was quite a shabby excuse. There’s no way she would need to bring me along to go to the bathroom.

Closing the door to the bathroom, Sunou whispered into my ear.

“Demon, you’re my ally, right?”

“Nah, I’m an enemy.”

“That’s not what I meant! ……today, you’ll cooperate with me, right?”

“I’ll cooperate.”

“Then, I beg you. Help me get Sayoko to see me as an adult. I don’t want her image of me to collapse.”

Sunou stared fixedly at me, as though she had decided on something.

Becoming like this after having just been shown a definite solution, her ability to act was on the good side.

“Do you know what it takes to be an adult?”

“…………I know. There’s no other way but to do it.”

Because she had originally told lies that could easily be seen through at the outset, Sunou had to take all the responsibility for this.

From my perspective, right now was also something like a game.

“It’s the Adultness-Adjustment Game, huh.”

“I’m being serious here! Got it! You get it, right!?”

With an atmosphere similar to that of ‘whoever speaks up more wins’, Sunou exited the bathroom.

Sunou’s weakness that should be improved from here on would be her pattern of interacting with human society.

“S-Sorry to keep you waiting, Sayoko!”

“Ah~ yup.”

“Come! Over here!”

Sunou pulled me by the hand. Well, as long as she’s going to do sexual things, my participation becomes mandatory.

Thinking this, Sunou suddenly closed her eyes.


Stretching her back, I could hear a purr coming from her lips.

She’s probably insisting on giving me a kiss.

Although the idea isn’t bad, the adorableness is too much.

“That’s right, keep your eyes closed like that.”

Saying this, I pressed against Sunou’s cheeks. It’s likely that she’s tired of facing upwards. I bent my legs so that our eyes were at the same height.

After that, I unhesitatingly removed my trousers-

“Ngh~……nnngghh!! Nnnnggh!!”

I took out my penis and slammed it inside of Sunou’s mouth. It was done easily after I pushed her cheeks and she opened her mouth.

Sunou opened her eyes wide, hitting my thighs as though to resist.

“Wah, a blow job—you really do such adult-like things~”

Sayoko gazed upon this scene, seemingly impressed. Presently, she didn’t think of sex as something lewd.

The resisting Sunou also became quiet after casting a sidewards glance and hearing Sayoko’s line.

“Come on.”

“Ngh! Nghth, nnngh shnn!! *cough*!!”

As I violently moved my hips back and forth, the tip of my dick knocked against her throat.

Sunou’s eyes teared up in the face of this merciless irrumatio.

Sayoko’s eyes continued to hold interest as they never strayed away. As long as it shows her adult-ness, it was impossible for Sunou to forcibly put a stop to it.

“Obboogh!? Ogghgghggh!!”

“Hey, suck it properly.”


“Sayoko’s watching.”

Upon muttering this in her ear, Sunou tongue despairingly crawled around my member. As though to suck everything out, she began to slurp at the tip.

“*sip* *sip*, *cough*!!”

I began to move as I pleased. It’s likely that I won’t be able to ejaculate if I were to just wait.

Seeing Sunou’s desperate appearance, my sadistic heart started to fill up. I dared to perform movements she seemed to dislike, and found it fun to see her choking.

Just like that, I ejaculated without any warnings.


I shrewdly held down Sunou’s head with both hands, exploding inside of her without leaving behind a single drop.

“Clean it……it’s not over yet. After this, make sure to properly keep the semen inside of your mouth.”


I was aroused by seeing Sunou’s face of displeasure. And yet, having her firmly licking my member inside of her mouth despite this was absolutely wonderful.

She didn’t appear to have swallowed my semen. Not because of my instructions, but simply because she didn’t want to swallow it.

When my penis was covered all over with saliva, I pulled back my waist.

And then, I held Sunou’s chin before she could even look downwards, and lifted it upwards.


“Drink it, properly and slowly.”

Although Sunou struggled for a while, she eventually stopped resisting and slowly swallowed my sperm.

Slowly—she acted so sluggish that one would think as though she were drinking the semen drop by drop. Since it was uncomfortable for it to pass down her throat, I guess it couldn’t be helped.

However, thanks to this, it had become quite a sexual sight.

“Laplace-san is really a lot more mature than you look……as I thought, you’re just like what I’ve heard—an adult!”

Sayoko’s complement echoed inside the room. It seems that she might be the type who says what she thinks.

Sunou smiled after hearing those words as her shoulders trembled due to being short of breath.

“T-That’s right!! Yup, yup!”

“Yup, yup!”

Sunou’s mouth, that still had drool on it, smiled as she faced Sayoko and spoke to her for the first time.

“Sayoko, since we’re here, let’s enjoy this encounter. Since there’s nyo problem about me having time to spare tonight if it’s only to this extent.”

Perhaps because of what happened to her jaw, Sunou’s tone had become quite pitiful.

I began to caress Sunou’s body, which had become energetic. Placing my hands inside of her clothes, I pinched her nipples.

“Hyah! Ahaha……”

So that her expression wouldn’t collapse, Sunou smoothed things over by smiling and making a peace sign.

I finally felt that this gathering had become so fun that I couldn’t stand it.

“Now then, shall we go out soon?”

“Eh, fueh!?”

I stood up, and pulled Sunou’s hand. Sunou pulled strongly in and attempt to escape, but it was useless.

If I’m gonna do it anyway, then let’s implant Sunou’s adult image in side of Sayoko to our heart’s content before returning home.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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