Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 23

Seibu Rein Sex Friends-Arc

It was the day after I had successfully performed the hypno-induction on Rein.

Even though I had just arrived at school, I felt my head, which was still groggy, being smacked awake.

“Hey, do you have a sec?”

In the usual classroom, without concern for the surrounding gazes, Rein called out to me.

Despite her maintaining a blunt expression, there was a mysterious ghastliness behind it that seemed as though she wouldn’t take no for an answer.

I abruptly averted my gaze towards the surroundings.

There were much more students interested in Rein than I anticipated. Especially the girls, who were curiously looking this way with doubtful expressions.

“Are you listening?”


Despite being shaken, I stood up. It was at times like these that my weak-will was really pathetic.

During that time when I fought Rein as well, because I stupidly created distance between us after being grazed by a single attack, I ended up creating an opportunity for her to run away. I need to do something to improve this.

I already assumed the possibility that things would turn out like this. It’s just that it happened much quicker than I thought.

“Come here.”

“J-Just wait a sec……”

Rein began to walk without a care. It would seem that she’s going out of the classroom.

I also followed behind her. I felt as though she had me wrapped around her finger, but that couldn’t be helped.


I also passed by Mai who was in the classroom. Looking towards our vicinity with glazed eyes, she strangely paid close attention to Rein.

“S-Say, Rein. Where ya goin’?”

“Far away. To a place without people.”

Does she not mind the fact that she was called without honorifics?

Rein boldly walked straight forwards without losing her way. Even though it wasn’t anything particularly special, her gait resembled that of a model performing in a fashion show.

To think that it would turn out like this despite her walking in a normal manner. A feminine scent drifted from her hair, swaying in the air even though there was no wind blowing.



“So the reason you’re calling me out right now is really because of yesterday’s-”

“I’ll talk after you follow me, so shut up.”

Leaving the classroom, Rein arrived at a clustered location. A room that seemed to be a gathering place for literature clubs and associations.

Standing in front of the classroom which had nothing written on the signboard, she took out a key.

“Does this room belong to some sort of club?”

“It’s just a free room. I only got the key, so I’m just using.”

Even if I asked her how she got the key, it doesn’t feel like she’d answer.

With a *clank*, a door unknown to me opened.


Upon seeing the room, I involuntarily leaked out my usual voice.

The interior was even drearier than I imagined: a long table with a Japanese cushion sitting atop a pipe chair, and a single shelf that was only filled with books. The desk top was also only accompanied by flowers.

Personally, the sense of cleanliness, as well as the fact that there was pretty much no unnecessary items gave me a favourable impression.

After I entered, Rein firmly locked the door. I can no longer escape.

Even though I’ve hypnotised her, I still broke out into a cold sweat.

“Say, do you remember about yesterday?”

“Y-Yeah, I remember.”

Rein entered the main subject without any sort of preface. Placing her hands in her pockets as usual, she leaned against the wall.

Now then, what kind of topic is she gonna talk to me about?

“……about that, it’s something like an illness of mine. I don’t know how best to say it, but it’s that sort of thing.”

“Since it’s an illness, how do you usually take care of it?”

“That was obviously my first time. What the hell are you asking?”


When I apologised, Rein averted her eyes, seemingly thinking that she had said too much.

For the time being, I guess we need a conversation topic, huh?

“Say, Rein. You have your hands in your pockets, but there’s a reason for that, right?”


“No, I mean, it seems like it’s a habit, but I thought that there’s also got to be a reason for it.”

“It’s nothing. I have a habit of grabbing things. If I use strength, I’ll immediately break things, so-”

“Break, you say-”

“Even an apple bursts into pieces.”

To think that just the pressure of her fingers would cause an apple to explode, she’s like a vampire.

Yet, it was just as I had suspected.

She has a personality that cares about people, even more so than everyone believes. Understanding that her strength exceeded the standard, she lived while hiding it.

Although it’s become pretty much impossible for her to harm me now due to the suggestions, things would be quite scary without them.

“Because of this body, things like that also happen. That se-……that’s, um……please don’t make me say it.”

“No, I didn’t make you say anything.”

“Anyway! Because it’s that sort of thing, it’s not like I wasn’t thinking about you and……sorry.”

Rein’s feeble apology comfortably echoed in my ears.

It’s likely that, from her point of view, she spoke this after having grasped that I was also a victim. Well, that’s Reverse-Rape for you.

Faced with this, this was Rein’s way of doing her utmost to apologise.

Thinking about things this way, it was quite adorable.

However, the important thing right now is what’s gonna happen in the future.

“Say, Rein, are you already fine?”

“-!!? What is……?”

“Ah, no, I mean your illness. I was wondering if it’s all over after just having it settled once.”

“……sexual harassment?”

Cocking her head, Rein peeked at me. Although it was an unexpected reaction, it was not one of rejection.

In other words, it was working.

The hypnotic suggestion I placed on Rein was that she would randomly feel aroused towards me.

The trigger was not just her guilt towards her little sister, but various other factors. There was even something that I could properly control added to the mix.

Just now, I nonchalantly showed Rein that sign.

I traced the underneath my lips with my right thumb.

I’ve done it a couple of times, but there wasn’t any response so I was beginning to get worried.



No, I guess it didn’t work. I let loose a dry laugh.

Even though I showed this to Rein, she was unperturbed. Although there’s no way that the suggestion hasn’t been triggered, but it’s just that she hasn’t noticed it.

Since there wasn’t any more common topics between us, we soon fell into silence.


After averting her gaze, Rein continued the conversation. Thinking that it was rude, she took her hands out of her pockets and, instead, clutched her skirt.

“That thing you said at that time, you remember it, right?”

“That time?”

“You said that you’d cooperate with anything.”

“I did say that.”

“Well……then, I want you to help me out, but……”

“Help you, you say……”

After saying that, my mouth stopped.

This was because Rein slowly raised her skirt with both hands, showing me her underwear.

Her panties were so wet, to the extent that one would think she had soiled herself.

“Your illness, are you saying that it hasn’t healed……?”

Faced with the fact that it wasn’t due to suggestions but Rein’s own will that caused her to do this, I ended up gulping.

Things are certainly going according to my plans. I have been preparing up until now so that things could turn out like this.


With a *nod*, Rein faintly nodded her head.

I was desperate to hide my excitement towards the fact that Rein remained calm up until now despite being this wet.

Even though Rein has resolved her self this much, I wonder just how much inner turmoil did she suffer through?

It’s possible her aches were strong enough to obscure such a shock.

“I, see……”

However, I do not immediately give my consent. I purposefully paid caution to the surroundings.

It was almost as though I were suspicious of whether or not the threat of cameras had been installed somewhere.

Naturally, I don’t voice my doubts. I’m merely implying such to Rein and making her impatient.

Now, how will she act—-



Rein overeagerly approached, grabbing and pulling me by the collar. Suddenly, our lips overlapped.

My eyes grew round as I froze in the face of her unexpected action.

Rein’s forceful kiss was completely devoid of romance.

With a jerk, Rein pushed me down and released my lips.

“You, earlier you said that you didn’t hate me, right?”

“Yeah, I did-”

“Then I’ll give you my mouth and body only during these times.”


“Right now, I’m really aroused.”

Without thinking, I grabbed Rein’s shoulder and pushed her on top of the desk.

Rein unexpectedly had a composed expression on her face. It’s likely that she’s made her resolve. That said, her right hand that was placed next to my face was faintly trembling.

“Are you sure?”

“I couldn’t do anything about it since this morning, so……aaah……”

My foot rubbed against Rein’s crotch.

With just that, Rein leaked out a voice of longing.

“You, hurry……! Nnnggh!!!”

Because Rein once again grabbed and pulled my collar in protest, this time I initiated the kiss from my end.

Unlike earlier, my tongue also entered. Upon teasingly licking the insides of her mouth, Rein’s teeth began to play-bite me back. She was probably actually trying to bite my tongue, but because of the suggestions, she wasn’t able to put in strength that would hurt me.

“Puhah……don’t get, cocky!”

“Well, I also wanted to advance quickly.”

I threw away my trousers and trunks, exposing my lower body.

“Wait, use a condom.”

“Ah……that’s right, a condom.”

Unlike up until now, this kind of behaviour that adheres to common sense also comes out, huh.

Since I had prepared it in advance, I took one out of my pocket. However-


Since I was inexperienced—-or rather, as this was my first time using one, it didn’t go well.

“Hand it over for a sec.”


Rein, who was unable to just stand by and watch, snatched the condom away from me and carefully placed it onto my member. Her slender fingers politely wrapped themselves around my penis.

Even though she was feeling her way around, it was done well. She really can do anything, huh?

“There, it’s don-……kyah!?!”


I once again pushed down Rein as though I were a man without patience.

Rein gave her consent and did not resist, but, even so, she was still not like before. The parts of her that possessed reason, and that held fear towards being ravaged by me was causing her to slowly try and distance herself.

After forcibly pushing Rein down as though I were raping her, I ripped off her panties and inserted my penis into Rein’s vagina.


Although it was only a little bit, Rein leaked out a voice of anguish. As the pleasure came at the same time that she was suppressing her voice, it seemed to be quite painful.

“I don’t mind even if you let out your voice.”

“There’s no way, that I can do that! ……aahh!!”

“Is anyone in the next room?”

While connecting my piston, I strained my ears for a little bit.

Since it was the literary clubs’ area, they shouldn’t be performing their activities in the morning. Homeroom’s starting in the classroom shortly, after all.

“That’s not the problem here, idiot!”

“I see.”


In which case, I’ll forcibly use my penis to gouge out the insides of her vagina.

Rein’s body arched backwards as she desperately bit her lip. Originally, it wouldn’t be strange for her to squeal like an animal.

I could feel the interior of her vagina beginning to move abnormally through the condom, as though she were trying to both drive out my penis and squeeze out my sperm. It was a sensation akin to that of countless, soft tongues running across my member.

Rein lavishly even has talent in sex.

Since I didn’t do anything with Kokoro this morning, I soon began to ejaculate. My penis pulsated with a *tremble*.

“Haaaaaaaaahhh!! Fuhaaaaaaahh……”

Rein had also already reached climax countless times. This voice was probably a weak whisper that came out when faced with the end.

There’s no way things would go so easily, though.

“*Phew*, it’s over.”


I pulled out my penis and removed the condom. I released more sperm than I had expected.

Upon looking at my condom whilst maintaining an anguished expression, Rein-

“Ah, wai-!? Rein-”

Rein snatched the condom from me. She gazed at the semen accumulated inside with trembling eyes.

Upon gazing at her as though wondering what she was going to do, Rein slowly opened her mouth wide and-

“Ah……nnkh, nnkh.”

She started to drink the semen inside of the condom.

In the breadth of a single gulp, as if she had found water in the midst of the dessert, Rein poured semen down her throat.

Rein was engrossed as she continued to drink the semen, the sperm passing over her lips. What a wonderful sight.

What’s needed in order to release the suggestion placed on Rein was basically to have semen inside her vagina. Naturally, it’s possible for me to directly control it, and drinking semen can relieve the symptoms to a certain extent.

If we were to use something like a condom, then even if she can obtain pleasure, she wouldn’t be able to eliminate it.

“Sorr……can I ask you to do it one more time?”

While lovingly gazing at my penis which had just ejaculated, Rein reached out her hand, as though seeking for it.

Although we could resume as we were, it naturally wouldn’t be interesting that way.

“Rein, it’s fine to do it in succession, but it’s hard to get it erect quickly. Do you think you could try and seduce me?”

“……what should I do?”

“For example, you could open up your vagina with two fingers and show it to me.”

“Worst……you’re *the* worst.”

While spitting out abuse, Rein was also aware that there was no other way. Gritting her teeth, she spread her legs while enduring the shame.

Seeing this, I maliciously took out a new condom.

As planned, Rein panicked and stopped my hand.



“That’s……we don’t need to use the condom, so-”

Rein’s voice was so soft that it seemed as though it would disappear.

I found Rein’s appearance to be so cute that my penis grew erect and attacked her.


Faced with such a violent insertion, Rein raised pants together with a heartrending voice.

I once again tore the buttons off of Rein’s Y-shirt and dove my hands into her uniform.

“Aah aah aaaaahh……!!”

One-sidedly ravaging Rein’s body, that seemed as though even boys wouldn’t be able to knock down, stirred up my sadistic heart.

Forgetting her usual cold expression, Rein started to pant. So long as her face was flushed red, even Rein became just a girl.

I began to move greedily from just the insides of her vagina wriggling abnormally.

I didn’t think to stop. If my partner feels that way, all I have to do is follow along with her.

“Agah, aaahh!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!”

Even though Rein knew that it was useless, she couldn’t put up with a creampie.

Seeing the colour of regret surfacing onto Rein’s expression after climaxing with a big wave was so fun that it was unbearable.

I once against pistoned my erect penis and resumed our sex.

While still in a daze, Rein neither stopped nor gave her consent.

Even so, her flesh firmly tightened as though to squeeze out my sperm.

“Ah, ah!”

For a while, only Rein’s tired panting and the sounds of our bodies smacking against each other echoed.

I thought that I’d continue to have sex until I was satisfied, but since the time became 5 minutes before the morning chime would ring, I decided to stop.


Rein fixed her disordered attire in silence. Since she never turned over this way, I felt faintly scared.

“So you prepared a new Y-shirt, huh.”

“That’s because I thought you would tear the one I was wearing.”

She was right on the mark.

Once Rein patted her body countless times, she breathed deeply before meeting her eyes with mine.

“For now, I’ll give you my gratitude. Thanks.”

“It’s fine.”

“That’s right. You also had your fun.”

Rein expressed sarcasm. Certainly, it was just as she said. Since I was also the prime culprit.

Upon laughing foolishly, Rein grabbed my collar and glared at me with those strong eyes.

“Don’t tell anyone.”


“Do you really get it?”

After looking at me, Rein rubbed her stomach with an expression of unease. It guess she was also worried about that.

“For the time being, I was saved today, but I might have to ask for your help again.”

“That’s ok.”

“For once, I’ll say that you’ve really helped me.”

Although faint, it seems that my intentions have been seen through.

While holding her head and sighing, Rein did not speak anymore as she headed towards the door.

“Hey, get moving. Classes are gonna start soon.”

I considered Rein’s candid response as a plus.

From her perspective, I still couldn’t be anything else except that kind of existence. The so-called Sex-Friend.

With Rein still remaining as Rein, I can openly develop her body.

Right now, I was full of appreciation towards the new door of hypnosis that I opened, as well as a new outlet for my desire.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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