Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 22

Seibu Rein Fake Reverse Rape-Arc

I was able to bring Rein to the counselling room without arousing suspicion.

While it was a little worrying with only myself and Rein together, since Kokoro was also with us, even though we stood out, we didn’t arouse any suspicion.

In the dead centre of the counselling room, Rein somehow stood upright while swaying unsteadily.



Kokoro softly called out to me in a voice that only I could hear. This is because it’s likely that Rein would also hear if one’s voice was too loud. Even though it’s ok not to, she pays attention to the strangest of things.

After leisurely sitting down on the sofa, I began to explain things to Kokoro.

“As according to my policy, I can control Rein’s body for the most part. Even though I’ve also manipulated her memory and made her disregard inconvenient things, that’s more or less the standard.”

“Body control, is it?”

“Naturally, that’s just the main item—there’s more to it than that. However, Rein is the type of person who will become even more troublesome than ever before if she notices that part. I’ll be relying on you to support that area.”

“Y-Yes. Thank you very much.”

“Well, it’s actually me who should be thanking Kokoro.”

I also want to take as much time as possible with handling Rein’s memory. In a different sense from Mai, I want to leave her emotions in their natural state.

“Well, I’ve decided on the policy, but-”


“I haven’t worked out how to do it yet.”

While I want to mess up Rein’s defenseless standing figure right this instant, I should still wait.

Once I placed my hand against my chin, I decided to perform a proper investigation into Rein’s background.

I might as well find something suitable for her character.

“Let’s see, Rein, can you hear me?”

“Yes……I can, hear you……”

“Please tell me about what you think is the most sinful act you’ve committed—about, what you think, is the worst thing that you have done.”

Since I’m doing this, why not try to start attacking her feelings of guilt.”

Pondering this, I spoke without thinking.

Although it was also caused by the suggestions, Rein opened her mouth faster than I thought she would.

“I……this was……when I was six years old.”

In other words, it was an unforgettable memory inside her. I picked up something good.

“My mother……it was half a year after, she gave birth to my little sister……she was so cute, so mother frolicked with her everyday……she played with her, a lot……”

“Were you not jealous? You were quite composed for your age, huh.”

At that age, I’d thought that her feelings of bitterness would outweigh the cuteness.

Well, she’s got an aloof character after all, so I guess she was raised to grow in a good direction.

“That day, dad was sleeping, and mom was drying the laundry outside……I was just about to head out to play. My little sister on the baby bed was really cute, that I wanted to touch her just a little bit before going out……opening the bed’s fence, I touched her……my little sister also laughed and grabbed my finger.”

Rein’s empty eyes began to quiver. Her entire body began to shake unsteadily.

“That day, I went to play at my friends house in a good mood……but, during this……I got a phone call………………”

“A phone call?”

“My little sister…………died.”

With that line, something cold ran down my spine.

Rein’s voice grew so thin, so much so that it faltered.

“The cause……was that she fell from the baby bed……due to bad luck……her neck bone……”

It was because of the hypnotic suggestions. Due to calling out the memories from deep within her, she was currently experiencing her feelings from that time just as is.

“Maybe……I……I……I, forgot, to close the fence……”

I unwillingly saw Rein’s tears. The emotions released from the girl who was always cool and unperturbed was very sincere, and extremely heavy.

“Thanks, that’s enough.”


I felt as though I had seen something I shouldn’t have.

“Something awfully heavier than I expected came out, huh.”

“Y-Yes. It’s because an event that makes on feel guilt is usually engraved into the depths of that person’s heart that we need to treat them carefully, even during counselling.”

“Yeah……that’s right……*phew*.”


Kokoro looked at me with a quizzical expression. Although her visage was docile after hearing Rein’s story, it’s likely that she was also worried about me.

However, on the contrary, I smiled widely after hearing this story.

I ended up becoming fully aware of how extensively awful my character was.

“How wonderful. If she has such feelings, then all I have to do is release her from those sentiments. I want to make use of those large memories which, even up until this day, are still inside her.”

“Master……that’s quite blasphemous.”

“I’m saying that I’m trying to get rid of her guilt. Wouldn’t even her little sister wish for this rather than having Rein wallowing in regret ?”

“That is……if Master thinks so, then that might be true!”

Also convinced, Kokoro sent me a smile. Good, I talked her into it.

As a reward, I’ll pat her head. Kokoro blissfully rolled her body about.

“Now then, with that decided, we need to properly set the stage.”

I’ve decided what I’m gonna do. Now, all that’s left is to choose the situation.

I will ravage Rein in a place that conforms even more to both my safety and my ideals.


While her blank eyes continued to not see anything, Rein kept listening to what would happen from now own.

The next time Rein woke up, she was inside an empty classroom.


Although she restlessly surveyed her surroundings with a dubious expression, she soon calmed down.

This is because, due to the suggestions, she believes that she came to this room of her own accord.

Today, Rein was called out to this classroom, as according to the letter that was inside of her desk. The other party hasn’t come yet, so she was waiting-or so was the setting.

She has forgotten everything that happened behind the school building.



“Big sister.”

Inside of the classroom that Rein, alone, was inside, a voice could be heard. Without knowing where the voice’s owner was, she shook her head to the sides once more.

Although this was Kokoro’s voice, Rein could not perceive Kokoro’s figure that was inside of the classroom.


“It’s me, I was killed by you……”


Rein locked eyes with Kokoro, who was inside of the classroom.

However, the moment she saw that figure, Rein’s expression collapsed as she became terrified.

Rein, who was not stirred by an attacker wearing a ski-mask, was frightened.

“Mea……is that you, Mea!? You, why!?”

“It’s because Big Sister forgot about me, right?”

“I didn’t forget! I have not, for a moment, forgotten about Mea!”

Because of the hypnosis, Rein mistook Kokoro for her little sister. Naturally, it’s only while they’re in this classroom, though.


“It’s true! I always wanted to apologise to Mea. That time, I was always anxious about whether I did it or not. I couldn’t talk to mom or dad, and I ran-”

“As I thought, you tried to forget about me.”

“No, that’s not it!”

Rein held her head and crouched down. It’s likely that the mental damage she received was tremendous.

Forgoing reason, her dead little sister was before her very eyes. And she clearly declared that Rein, herself, was the one who killed her.

In a sense, the ambiguous facts was a sort of salvation for Rein, as well as a chain that couldn’t be broken.

“I was hurt, you know.”

“Sorry……I’m so sorry……”

“Do you want me to forgive you?”

“……will you, forgive me?”

While shedding tears, Rein faced Kokoro as she sought out for help.

Kokoro slowly approached Rein and touched her lower abdomen.

In that instant, Rein’s body pulsated, as though it were about to burst open.


“Then I’ll be born again, so raise me properly, okay?”

“What are you……!?”

Holding her body, Rein crouched down on the spot.

“If you can make a child, then that child……”

“W-Wait!? Saying that so suddenly—-!!”

Rein’s eyes widened as she stiffened on the spot. It’s likely that her head couldn’t keep up with the mysterious stimulus coming from her body.

“I’m……still a, high school……”

“I leave it to you.”

“That’s why, until I become an adult……”

Ignoring Rein’s plea, Kokoro left the classroom.

After Kokoro exchanged a glance with me, who was in the hallway, she waved her hand and kept watch on the corridor. With this, outsiders won’t be able to enter this open classroom.


Without closing her opened mouth, Rein’s saliva dripped onto the floor. Blushing furiously, she desperately tried to suppress the throbbing inside her.

Due to the hypnotic suggestions, her body was currently in heat. Literally, her brain was commanding her to conceive a child.

But then, since we’ll be using contraception, she won’t actually get pregnant, though.


Rein also didn’t know about this. Rather, it just wasn’t possible for her to.

Since I meticulously implanted the suggestions whilst she was still hypnotised, I may have lost a little bit of control. No, that’s not it.

Perhaps it’s possible that it’s her will that allows her to go beyond her physical abilities ended up supercharging the suggestion’s effect.

Either way, it’s more dangerous than I expected.

Although Kokoro also had the experience of being aroused up until her limit, that was because I knew that the stopper (myself) was present, and the goal was to make her beg anyway.

I don’t know how to end it for Rein. Please without end would harm the body.

It’d be a problem if it was prolonged for too long and she turned insane.

“I guess I’ll go soon.”

Holding my cheeks in my hands so that I wouldn’t leak a smile, I entered the classroom after the preparations were complete.

The door opened with a loud noise.

“……huh, Seibu-san?”

Putting on a dubious expression, I pretended as though I had seen an unexpected individual in this place.

Noticing my entry due to the door’s noise, Rein was unable to avert her gaze.

“Ah, ah……”

“A-Are you ok? Your face is kinda red-”

Looking worried, I approached Rein’s side.

While I was slowly drawing nearer, Rein seemed to have noticed something. She became desperate as she tried to avert her gaze from me.


“What’s wro—–”

“Ugh, aaaaaaaahhh!!”

Rein’s body wasn’t able to bear it any longer, her body exploding as she pushed me down.

The classroom floor hurts a little.

“Wah, Seibu-san!? What are-”

“Sorry……I’m sorry!”

Holding down both of my hands, Rein brought her face close and kissed me.

“Haah……nn mgh.”

Like a beast, she placed her tongue inside of my mouth as though she were craving for me, who had fallen to the ground.

Rein closed her eyes as she desperately pushed me down. This had completely become what was known as Reverse Rape.

“Nn mgh!!”

Just like usual, I’ve made it so that pleasure surges through her just by my touch due to the suggestions. Finding the sensitive places on her horny body, I rubbed her flesh as though to make her go crazy.

The feeling of her chest piling on top of me through her chest was like I was being pressed down on like a soft pillow.

Although I don’t know whether it was caused by the sense of release or her feelings of sadness, but tears flowed from Rein’s closed eyes.

Seeing this appearance, my erection showed through my trousers.


Because her body was glued to mine, it’s likely that Rein also noticed this. As well as, perhaps, what she wanted to do.

Letting go of each other’s bodies once, Rein placed her hand onto my trousers.

“T-That’s not good, Sei-……Rein!”

“I’m sorry!”

Although Rein was shaking due to impatience, even so, she desperately opened my zipper and took out my standing penis.

My penis, which overenthusiastically leaped out, collided with Rein’s cheek.

“This is……a man’s-”

Due to the male scent that came from my penis, Rein’s reasoning collapsed.

She finally obtained what she was waiting for all this time. Even so, it’s likely that her frustrations had yet to end and, instead, just continued to grow.

Rein grasped my penis firmly with her hand, as though not to let it go.

Rolling up her skirt while not wearing panties, she placed my penis against her vagina just like that as she planned to put it inside her. It seems as though her hesitation no longer meant shit.


“Just a little bit is fine, so……!!”

Although Rein tried to insert my member inside her, it seems like it wasn’t going well. Rather than her not being use to this sort of thing, it’s likely her first time.

I used my left hand to lightly correct the positioning before piercing through her.


The sense of conquest that came with prying open her narrow hole caused even more blood to surge towards my penis.

It seems like she’s barely fiddled around with it. It’s quite tight—


“Aaah, ggh—–!!!”

Rein single-mindedly moved her hips up and down, rubbing my penis and her pussy.

That doesn’t matter. Those movements fell within the range of my plans.



However, Rein’s flesh itself moved unexpectedly.

My skin grew goosebumps when faced with the sensation coming from my penis, a sensation of which I had never imagined up until now.

The insides of her vagina wriggled, as though it was an entirely different creature from Rein. Her folds, her insides had moved in a way that I’ve never experienced until now. It minutely and strongly stimulated my penis.

I’m being devoured.

The phyiscal ability that Rein possesses isn’t only something that’s used for sports. Pursuing pleasure, her instinct to try and squeeze it out from a male caused her body to move in order to give even more pleasure to a man.

So that I wouldn’t lose, I mobilised all of the techniques that I cultivated up until now and pierced Rein’s vagina.

“Aaaaah, haaaahh!! Gah, aaahh!!”

Rein arched her body backwards, repeatedly climaxing for who-knows how many times. It’s likely that she lost consciousness a few times as well.

Even so, her body kept moving with barely any rest.

There’s no way I could resist.

Halfway through being squeezed out, I ejaculated.

Rein was also the same.

“Ugh……aaaaaaaaaaahhh!!! …………aah, ah-!!”

Without resisting this ejaculation, Rein continued to just shout.

Despite this, Rein’s vagina—her body still continued to move.

Before I knew it, my penis became erect once again.


“Rein, I’ll move again, ok.”

Since I have no intention to stop here, I wanted to restart just like this. Pushing down the powerless Rein, I started to piston as though I were pushing into her from above.


Even though Rein’s body continued to move, it would seem as though her consciousness was close to its limit.

“At, least……outside-”

The moment we changed our position, Rein crossed both of her legs around me, capturing me so that I wouldn’t escape.

I wonder just how exactly am I meant to cum outside in this state?

I repeatedly sought out Rein’s body, disregarding her pleas made with a soft voice.

[It is the end of the school day. Will the remaining students please get ready to go home and promptly leave the school building.]

By the time I took notice, the sun was already setting.

With club activities finishing, the school broadcast that instructed students to return home flowed indiscriminately.

Since Kokoro’s here, it shouldn’t matter if we stay back, but staying here would be taking a chance.


I looked at collapsed Rein who still didn’t move.

Forcibly removing the buttons of her Y-shirt, her two, bra-less bulges swayed according to her breathing.

Both of her legs, that were still wide open, were still twitching even now as sperm overflowed between them with a *glug*.

Rather than being disorderly, her dress seemed more like it had been torn apart.

“……this is the worst.”

Rein was still conscious. I heard her murmur, powerlessly and vacantly.

“It was so sudden……I was surprised. Rein-”

“……don’t call me with such familiarity. It’s not like that.”

Even though such a thing happened, she was able to return a proper answer.

Normally, she would be so shocked about what she, herself, did that she wouldn’t be able to open her mouth.

“Because, it would have been fine with just about anyone……”

From Rein’s perspective, she merely ended up doing it with me who just so happened to appear.

It’s just that, due to the suggestions, she would end up feeling that being touched by other men is unpleasant, though.

“Fine with just anyone—Rein, are you-”

“Like I said, it’s not like that……!”

Covering her eyes with her sleeve, shedding tears during that time.

Acting panicked, I approached her.


“Don’t call me……by my name……uuuggh.”

It’s likely that her shock came afterwards as it overflowed. Even though she’s strong, she is still a girl.

I began to think about what would be the most convenient thing to do here.

“Um, I……I don’t, dislike this kind of thing.”


I was ignored. Well, I guess it’s no wonder.

It might be best to just shut up and wait in this kind of situation.

Although there’s not much time left, that would still be for the best.

“……go home.”

“If I go home like this, I might be seen by one of the teachers. They’re patrolling the hallways.”

Making up something somewhat plausible, I remained in this place.

I wonder how long it was?

The teachers on patrol weren’t coming nearby, perhaps because Kokoro was doing her job well. In any case, a very long time passed before Rein finally got up.

“Sorry, because it’s our summer uniform, I don’t have a jacket.”

“Shut up.”

Since her Y-shirt couldn’t be put on again, she was forcibly hiding her skin with both hands. The semen she thirsted for was not only still left on the base of her legs, but it also smelled.

Seeing her appearance just after she had been violated made me a little aroused.

“I’ll see you home.”

“It’s fine.”

“I’ll send you home.”

“I said it’s fine!”

Since Rein went ahead, I also forcibly followed after her. This is probably the strength of being pushy.

Whether or not she simply gave up, she no longer said anything after we exited the school building.

“I won’t really tell anyone, you know.”

“Of course you won’t.”

After several short-lived conversations, we entered into the centre of the residential area. Since she’s walking, it’s likely that she lives nearby.

“Say, how long are you gonna follow me?”

“Leaving you alone with that appearance is dangerous, you know.”

“Why are you so cocky? I don’t need your help.”

“I understood that Rein was unwilling to do that. I’m not misunderstanding anything.”

In the face of these words, Rein stopped her feet at once.

Perhaps, in Rein’s head, she recognised me as a guy who had gotten carried away after having sex once.

I’ll alter this perception and make me out into a convenient person.


“I mean, you were crying after that, and it doesn’t feel like you love me either. It was something akin to an outbreak, so I was wondering if you were sick or something.”

“How stupid.”

“It’s fine if it’s stupid. But I knew that you were doing such a thing despite being unwilling, so I want to take responsibility.”

Saying this, I handed her a piece of paper that I had written my contact details on.

“If there’s anything wrong, please contact me there.”

“This is none of your concern—-”

“Isn’t it obvious that this is my concern?”

I pressed Rein with serious eyes.

After making a speechless face, Rein snatched the contact details from me.

Perhaps she had become calm and started considering things from my position. In doing so, she should see me as just a guy who has been reversed raped.

“You can consult me about anything. Other than my involvement, I’ll gladly give you my advice.”

“……really, how stupid.”

Rein’s pace quickened, as though she were running away.

I also followed after her, walking together until Rein arrived in front of her house.

“I’m fine here, so go home.”

“Yeah, I will.”

Rein closed the fence of her house with a loud *clang*. It’s likely that this was her intent to reject me.

I guess this ends today.

But this is still the first step. Things aren’t over.

From here on, I will carefully pile on the suggestions and obtain a distorted relationship.

I’ll have her fly above her limits through the power of hypnosis.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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