Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 21

Seibu Rein Introduction-Arc

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Welp, here’s the last main heroine (as far as I know).

I was unusually nervous.

I wonder when I was like this last? I was probably more nervous than when I performed the hypnotic induction on Kokoro. As for why, it’s because my parents served as successful cases at that time.

This time, this practice was accompanied by danger.

However, I did not have the choice to not do it.

“Kokoro, I will attempt to tackle a new hypnosis.”

In the usual apartment, I confided such to Kokoro.

“A new hypnosis, is it?”

“Yeah, though the method is the same as usual. Where should I start explain it?”

While placing my hand against my chin, I explained everything in order.

“We created this Hypnotic Test and achieved success. We did this for no other reason than to hypnotise the entire school. I want to know the limits of what I can do.”

“Yes, I am aware of this. Master’s requested schedule is nearly complete.”

I would have each class perform the test, one by one. This is because I want to follow up after the absentees, as well as confirm the completion of my suggestions face-to-face.

However, even doing this, upon hypnotising the entire school, it would simply be inevitable that I won’t be able to manage it all completely.

“It could be said that the hypnotism my grandfather prepared is nearly perfect. After all, it’s able to manipulate one’s body on a layer even deeper than instinct—just like how one’s will cannot stop the movement of their heart. Yet, even so, I don’t believe that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.”

I shouldn’t neglect to be cautious of those of the same year—in other words, the people who I have high encounter rates with, but even so, the chances that a hole will be created in my plot is not zero.

“I’m not a person who believes in the words that something can’t possibly fail. Failure is an experience accompanied with pain. Just like how one avoids injuries due to knowing the pain of being wounded, I actually think that it’s more important that one knows how to move after failure occurs.”

“So you mean to say that people who deny failure are unable to grow, correct?”

“Exactly. That’s why, I’m working under the premise that this hypnotic test will fail, and that there’s a need for me to obtain a hypnosis that can compensate such a failure.”

On the off chance that this hypnotic test fails, how would those people who remain begin to move?

In the event that the police was notified, I can deceive them so long as I manipulate the entire student body. The most terrifying thing is if someone were to move secretly behind the scenes, and be able to reach up until my presence.

“When someone’s become hostile towards me, I’ve devised a method in which to forcefully hypnotise people who hold such enmity. I’ll be testing it in the coming days.”

The time has come to test one of the originally theorised hypnotic abilities in actual practice.

In a rare moment for me, during break time at school, I was not reading a book as I was lost in thought.

In doing so, a certain girl approached me, glaring whilst looking down at me.

“You need something?”

It seems that I was noticed because of my gaze. Her senses are sharp.

“Nope, it’s nothing. My bad.”

“I see.”

Her name is Seibu Rein. She’s a classmate at school.

Although her black hair, extending down to her shoulders with a half updo, was quite adorable, the features that peeked out from within were too orderly that one would even feel a chill down run down their spine. Misunderstanding that they were being glared at upon meeting eyes with her, it’s very likely that a weak-spirited child would evaluate her as being a scary beauty.

The fact that she was quite tall for a girl, her height being over 160 cm, was also one of the reasons for such an impression. However, upon closer observation, one could tell that she possessed a delicate physique.


Rein lost interest in me as she placed one of her hands in her pocket.

She wasn’t particularly a delinquent or anything of the sort. Despite looking the part, the expression of a lone wolf would be more appropriate.

Just like usual, Rein was hanging around the classroom by herself. Although I say this, since she’s a beauty, just by being her she is called out to by other girls so I don’t feel that she’s lonely.

Just like usual.

Well, I know that she’s not the type to grow fidgety over giving a letter. I’ve also heard rumours that she’s completely rejected everything, even when given love letters or simply confessed to.

Yet, it is because of this that she’s the target.

Today, I placed a letter in her desk and called her out. There’s a possibility that she won’t come, but I’ll deal with it when the time comes.

It was now time for Phys. Ed. In a rare turn of events, the boys and girls were doing it together.

The item for today was outdoor track and field sports. Although there were various kinds of suitable equipment lined up, what I was paying attention to was the running high jump.

Rein was the next in turn to jump.


Another girl raised a high-pitched voice. Even though the students were simply jumping in order, only she was different.

After all, the female teacher raised the running high jump line even higher than usual.

“Alrigh’! This should do it! Come on, Seibu! You can do it, right?”

“I’m fine having it the same height as everyone else, though.”

“If it’s you, then you can do it. Try it!”

Despite making a troubled face, Rein immediately gave up and assumed her starting posture. While everyone was paying attention, she ran with her tension-less body before displaying an exemplary leap.

Arching her body backwards, she glided through the air as the space around her seemed to give off the illusion of slowing down. Without touching the bar that was so high that not even a track and field club member would be able to overcome it, Rein slowly landed on top of the mat.

In the next moment, the hushed, silent space was broken with high-spirited cheers.

“Really, Rein-chan’s amazing! Why don’t you join in on club activities!?”

“Not interested.”

“So cool!”

It’s likely that this wouldn’t happen even if I was able to jump beyond that height. That result is only possible because of her appearance, that personality, and because she possesses that amount of physical ability.

“Boooook, whatcha lookin’ at?”

“……no, it’s just that she’s together with everyone. I was thinking that’s pretty amazing.”

“I wonder if they’re all really together, though~?”

All of a sudden, Mai called out to me from behind. She sent me a curious glance whilst snickering.

It’s rare for her to call out to me, an ordinary classmate. I looked around, but it seems that her usual friends weren’t particularly busy. Is this a punishment game?

Although I didn’t really say anything that interesting, Mai naturally squatted next to me. Since it was dangerous for us to be together too much, I was troubled.

She was acting awfully familiar with me. If it’s not a punishment game, then did I activate some weird suggestion or something?

“So it’s those kinda girls for Book?”

“Like I said, it’s not like that. But it’s strange, isn’t it?”

“What is?”

“That body.”

I pointed at Rein’s figure in her sports uniform. Her thighs were healthy, and her thin arms also possessed a beautiful skin colour.

“You’re kinda pervy.”

“That’s not what I meant. It’s really slender, you know.”

Rein’s entire body was thing and delicate. As it appeared to be soft all over, her body completely didn’t look like one that does sports.

Despite this, she possessed ridiculous physical ability that would put sports club members to shame.

“Even with that high jump, she should be able to go even higher if she gets serious.”

“Ya think so?”

“Yeah, definitely.”


I’ve seen it once before.

About a month or so ago, there was a dog that was stuck on the road. Since it was wearing a collar, and because its owner was panicking on the roadside, it’s likely that it jumped out during its walk. It was a tense situation where a car could come by at anytime, and that one had no clue just where and when the car could come flying out from.

Panicking, I was going to push the button on the nearby traffic light, but there was someone who moved before I could.

That person was Rein.

Astonishingly, she jumped out onto the road, holding the trembling dog as she began to run. Without caring about the fact that a car was closing in on her from the front due to her bad timing, Rein bent her knees and leapt up like a spring.

Even now, that moment was still burned into my mind.

Almost as though she were a bird that grew wings, Rein jumped over the vehicle and avoided it.

In that instant, she was just like a hero. My method might not have been able to save the dog.

As though nothing had happened, Rein handed over the dog’s leash to the owner, simply warning them to keep the dog close before walking away just like usual.

“……don’t you think that’s weird?”


Mai was making a rather disinterested face. Even though I wasn’t someone who she should be expecting an interesting story from to begin with.

In any case, Rein’s physical ability has left the realm of humans. I’ve also heard rumours where she one-handedly defeated a large man who was her opponent.

I wonder how she can go so far with a body that has no muscle?

I had one hypothesis.

It’s possible that, through sheer force of will, Rein was capable of perfectly controlling her body with her brain.

If that was the case, if it was possible that one could improve their body’s physical ability through thoughts, then-. If she was a person that could use her thoughts to surpass the limits of her body, then-

If I use hypnosis on her, I wonder how high she can spread her wings?

After school, after a certain amount of time has passed after the end of the school day, it was around the time when the presence of students had disappeared.

“Kokoro, I’m relying on you for the reports.”

“Yes, please count on me.”

The place was behind the school building, where the private houses couldn’t be seen due to the wall. While it would be a suitable hangout if there were delinquents around, I haven’t heard any rumours about such things in this school so it should be fine. Luckily, the surveillance of students was strict due to this being a private school ever since elementary so everyone got relatively good grades.

It’s because of this that, even without the likes of Sunou, this school is unique.

“May the fortunes of war be with you—-I wonder if it would be appropriate to say this?”

“It doesn’t really matter.”

I had Kokoro monitor the surroundings. It’s so that, even if the chance of them coming is unlikely, outsiders won’t butt in on our business.

Hiding myself in the shade, I waited for Rein to come here.

In the morning, I sent Rein a letter inviting her to this location. If she read it, then it’s likely that she thought it was a love letter or something.

I intend to forcefully hypnotise her in this place.

“It’s almost time.”

Of course, there’s the possibility that Rein simply ignored the letter and won’t end up coming. There’s also the possibility that she won’t come alone as well.

I’m not expecting to succeed in the beginning. However, I’ve already made preparations to actually perform it.

“……she’s here.”

It seems that, just as according to our scheme, Rein has come along. Since there’s no report from Kokoro, that means that there weren’t any outsiders following her.

Looking around restlessly, Rein searched the surroundings for the letter’s owner.

I felt my heart beating faster than ever before. The tension was amazingly high.

After all, I was risking my life this time. Even if the chance is really small, it’s still possible.

However, if I can’t do this, then my hypnotism won’t grow.

Taking the plunge, I jumped out.


“……who? You’re-”

Rein was clearly suspicious of me, who had appeared from the shadows. Furrowing her brow, she glared at me.

As for why, my current appearance was the very picture of a suspicious person.

My attire consisted of a ski mask over my head, and a black, easy-to-move-in jersey that was not part of the uniform.

As the finisher, I held in my hand a rod-shaped stun gun. A spare also hung on my waist.

But that’s fine. After all, the task this time was for me to hypnotise Rein whilst she was in the state where she recognised me as an enemy.

I silently approached Rein, shaking the stick with only my wrist.

Naturally, Rein dodged. Just as planned, I raised the stick—-


I confirmed that Rein’s jab had finished grazing past my right cheek.



I hurriedly distanced myself. Back stepping more than necessary, I escaped the range of her fists. The second punch was avoided entirely without grazing me.

The ski mask was cut completely due to the light impact. This isn’t a joke.

That was a murderous jab that would put boxers to shame. As expected, Rein’s power isn’t limited only to her jumping ability.

However, that really saved me.

While I was hardly able to perceive the first jab, I was able to avoid it. The reason for this is thanks to this stun gun stick.

Humans, when faced with a fight would first glue their attention to the enemy’s weapon. This is because, whether it be a knife or a stun gun, the match would be decided in an instant if they take a single blow.

In a strange twist, I had written a pattern on this stun gun stick that used optical illusions that were somewhat similar to hypnotic suggestions.

It’s through this that instinctively prompts the reasoning to not harm people in humans. If I were to give a logical explanation, even if one is able to hit their mark every single time, if there’s a priceless work of art is to the target’s right, their aim would deviate slightly to the left.

It amplifies the hesitation that every person has.

“Was today’s letter from you? What, did you need something?”


Rein talked to me. Naturally, I ignored her.

It seems that she’s surveying the surroundings. Behind her was a wall and there was no signs of people.

“Aaah! -now!”

Because Rein shouted loudly, I moved forward. There was a small possibility that she would scream. That’s why my act of taking distance was a mistake.

Her line of sight turned towards the wall. This isn’t a joke, but perhaps she’d be able to jump over this 2-metre wall.

Furthermore, when faced with this attacker as an opponent, she’s actually quite calm.

Regardless of whether or not she could escape, I immediately acted. I waved my baton once more.


While evading, Rein tried to jab at me a couple of times. Even when she tried to slip through the gaps and escape, I stumbled forward and stopped her.

I shook the baton with my wrist. While it’s the same thing with a knife, it’s best for people who hold weapons that don’t require power to basically keep their upper arms at their sides and avoid big swings.

Also, I didn’t do anything else besides swinging my rod at Rein. Because of this, Rein’s consciousness gradually focused onto just the baton. Looking at this from the side, my movements were those of an amateur who could only rely on his weapon.

“You, what’s your deal!?”

Rein began to grow irritated. Even though I had many openings and my movements were anything but agile, she wasn’t able to fight back against me.

From the looks of things, she was trying to restrain my left hand that could possibly pick up the spare baton. Although her attacks were grazing me at first, I was gradually able to avoid her cleanly.

The suggestions are intensifying.

It becomes indispensable for grapplers to be able to take snap actions when fighting. In short, they need to abandon their hesitation of not harming people.

I will squeeze out the reason that anyone has, so long as they are a person who can talk.


Little by little, Rein stopped exchanging words.

She was focused. Because of her reason, she was cautious of being attacked at anytime. And with her successfully concentrating, she maintained her state of rigidness.

At least, I think.

I got her.

Her movements have become monotonous, turning into a single repeated pattern. Initially, her movements were elaborately planned, but even these patterns disappeared as time passed. In doing so, the times where she will make movements that are the easiest for her to take unconsciously became more common.

It’s likely that she has confidence in her physical strength. It’s also probably that she’s waiting for my movements to become dull.

Unfortunately, however, just for this time, I’m only using a moderate amount of stamina.

And so, before Rein throws her inexhaustible stamina around, I’ll have her fall into a hypnotic state.


Her movements were monotonous, following a single pattern. And her focused eyes were directed towards the baton.

In other words, I created a situation that was not particularly different from the usual hypnotic induction.

Rein’s movements finally became dull.

Naturally, without lowering my guard, I induced her deeper into a trance than usual.


When I abruptly muttered this, Rein’s movements came to a halt.

Her consciousness has sunk down into its depths.

Rein powerlessly lowered both of her arms, standing still as she swayed to and fro with an unstable posture.

It succeeded!

I was so excited that I couldn’t stop grinning. Maintaining a two-to-three step distance from Rein, I plaed both hands over my mouth. Yet, even so, my joy seemed to ooze out from above my mask.


Taking several deep breaths, I settled my nerves.

Not yet. I haven’t determined it yet.

“……Seibu, Rein.”


“Lift up your skirt.”

How will Rein move? It couldn’t be helped that I was concerned.

After lagging for a few seconds, Rein slowly placed her hands against her skirt and gradually raised it.

In doing so, Rein’s hands continued to rise, stopping only when the laces attached to her light blue underwear could be seen clearly.

Because this school’s skirts were pleated, one couldn’t raise them that easily. Faced with the fact that I was viewing Rein’s underwear that was often not seen, although it’s stupid, I felt a sense of accomplishment.

However, I couldn’t be at ease just yet.

“……next, remove your panties.”


“And then, lift up your skirt again.”

With this, she should show a bit of hesitation if this is an act.

As according to my words, despite the place being behind the school building, Rein used calm movements as though she were in her room, raising each leg in turn as she passed her panties through them.

And then, once again, she hiked up her skirt without any signs of flaws.

Rein’s pubic mound, exposed to the wind, was clearly visible.



I guess it’s fine to think that this was a complete success.

I removed my ski mask in order to implant the hypnotic suggestions.

“Do you know my name?”

I had her listen to my name, making sure that she was properly aware that I was the one who was implanting the suggestions into her. Otherwise, it will end up that these suggestions were placed on her by some random stranger.

I instilled myself into her, making it so she would only respond to me.

“Right now, you are in a very calm world. Gradually, just by being there, you will be able to obtain a fulfilling sense of security. It’s a deep, deep world that you are the most familiar with.”


“From now on, please answer to what I ask of you with a yes or no. Also, please repeat the contents of what you remember afterwards.”

“……ye-s. I will answer.”

From there, I placed a hypnosis that couldn’t be removed into an even deeper place in Rein’s heart. In saying this, everything is almost 80% complete, though.

In any case, with this, I’ve become able to not only hypnotise someone upon meeting them for the first time, but also a target who holds clear enmity towards me. This is a big breakthrough.

“You will not be able to remember what happens in this world. If you don’t keep this happy world a secret from everyone, even yourself, then this world will break. However, so long as, deep within your heart, you properly follow everything that you are told in this world, then you will once again be able to come back to this place.”

Listening to Rein’s reply, I filled in the remaining holes in my suggestions while imprinting the basics into her.

Even while she was replying, keeping her skirt hiked up while doing so was quite surreal.

“When I say [Defeat is Yours], you will open the path to this world. It is only when I am the one saying this that you will be able to make your way to this world.”

“Yes……only when you……say that to me, I will enter this world.”

For the time being, I’ve placed the minimum amount of insurance. As for the rest, I have no choice but to somehow work it out at another time.

This time, just in case, I placed a suggestion that would make her avoid talking about me to other people.

In order to perfect everything, I need to consult things over with Kokoro.

“Now then, please follow me from now on.”

“Yes……I will, follow.”

As I started to walk, Rein followed behind me like a wandering spirit.

For the time being, let’s join up with Kokoro and move to a safe place.

My fun comes after that.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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