Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 20

Minami Mai Sex Skills Training-Arc

In the living room of the apartment that had become my hideout, I held a piece of paper in my hand.


Faced with the fact that the expected result was achieved, I felt anxiety as well as joy.

As though this was her own success, Kokoro was also pleased.

“Yes, Master’s Hypnotic Test has properly demonstrated its effects.”

“Kokoro, I’m honestly thankful. Thanks.”


Since Kokoro looked at me with amorous eyes, I appropriately patted her head.

“But this Hypnotic Test is way too cheap……”

“Um, for the time being, when explaining it to the School Principal, I’ve remarked that this is a [Thought Harmonisation and Deep Psychology Standardised Test].”

“……I guess the name doesn’t really matter.”

Naturally, there isn’t any sort of twist with this test.

It’s my hand-made test that hypnotises people.

This form has questions and a simple yes-no answer column written next to it.

The total number of question is 420. The answer method is also special as it requires someone to answer one question every 5 seconds. An alarm has been set to go off every 5 seconds in order for one to answer reflexively without thinking it over.

One would be notified in advance, and instructed that they should do the best they can to respond to each question within a period of 5 seconds. It’s likely that there are those who would answer lazily, or end up answering late in spite of this warning. In which case, they would definitely be made to move onto the next question after the alarm rings. The number of questions was lengthened assuming that these types of people would also take the test.

In the first place, humans would begin to concentrate and solve the problems after passing around question 100.

The monotonous work, coupled with the cloudiness of thought that comes from answering these questions, is the core of this hypnosis.

“Master, what does the problem at question 300 mean?”

Since there’s no need to hypnotise Kokoro with this, I disclosed the contents of the test so that she could help out.

“As I mentioned before, although there’s meaning to the questions, the meaning can only be seen when taken as a whole.

Question 1: Do you have a person you like? Yes, No.

Question 2: Do you have a lot of friends? Yes, No.

In any case, the first questions are so easy that anyone can answer them. And then,

Question 70: Have you ever been called out to by a doll? Yes, No.

Steadily, strange questions well begin to get mixed in. Occasionally, I will place one of my original suggestions that I created within them.”

“From after around the 200 mark, there aren’t any actual questions.

Question 280: The chain of characters EIIIIINO symbolises the proof K? Yes, No.

Afterwards, they’d come to recognise the Yes-No pattern.”

It’s only because Kokoro wasn’t answering in 5 seconds, and that she was randomly scattering through the pages that she didn’t understand.

“In any case, this test that I had been researching was succeeded. As long as the tests are prepared, then it becomes possible to not only implant hypnotic suggestions without me, but on multiple people as well. While it’s not good to extend my hand too far, if it means simply living in quiet, then it’s the same as being dead.”

If I were to hypnotise several people, then the imperceptible risks of doing so would increase accordingly.

No matter how elaborate I perform the deed, such a situation would be unavoidable.

However, humans truly are foolish creatures. I really wanted to try out my skills somewhere that I just couldn’t help myself.

As though enveloping my foolishness, Kokoro smiled and held both of my hands.

“Yes, please remember that I am here for that purpose.”

“I’m counting on you. If we use this, then it might be possible to hypnotise everyone in the school with Hypnotic Test.”

“Hypnotic Test……”

“I’m defining it as such because this Hypnotic Test is different from the hypnosis that I’ve used up until now. Because, rather than the worlds that come from my mouth, the suggestions will be implanted through the last alarm’s ring.”

After all of the questions in the test are finished, it would end with a final, special alarm sound.

It was a complex tone that I created first-hand, and it would be possible to have the examinee fall into a hypnotic state upon hearing this tone, just like how Kokoro and the others do upon being told their Keywords.

“Although the contents are the same, the method of entering that state is different. For Kokoro and the others, you won’t fall unless it’s me who says the words, but for those under the Hypnotic Test, there’s no need for me to sound the alarm.”

“Which means that even I can do it.”

If Kokoro pushes the button, this handmade alarm would ring.

“Of course, since the original tone was created with a special sound generator, this can’t be mimicked by natural tones or voices. However, you never know when and what could happen. If someone were to coincidentally create this tone and had someone from this school hear it, then that, in itself, would be the end. I’ll share the school’s hypnosis with such a lucky man.”

This school still has an abundance of beautiful men and women. Although such a feat would truly be impossible so long as their luck wasn’t greater than what’s required to win the lottery.

“Naturally, I’ll place a lock on our lynch pin–the School Principal. Just so that if someone asks the students and find out that the School Principal was the one who started this test, they won’t be able to trace it back to us.”

“Yes, I have also confirmed this plan. With that, I do not believe that there will be any defects in this plan.”

“After that, the used tests will definitely be shredded. Printing the copies will also only be done with old PCs so that it doesn’t reach this network.”

I spoke aloud everything that I was thinking, having Kokoro check them for me.

Despite only being two people, this collaboration was incredibly beneficial.

Kokoro was probably also thinking as such, though in a different context.

“Now……Kokoro, shouldn’t you be leaving soon?”

“Eh, ah…….yes……is, that so?”

Kokoro obviously grew downhearted in response to my words. The probably couldn’t be helped.

However, I won’t pamper her. Ever.

“Kokoro, this is impossible for you. Just obediently go out and drive or go shopping or whatever. If I finish early, then I’ll call you via mobile.”

“No……I will definitely not peek, so please allow me to stay here. I won’t leave my room. I will also not eavesdrop.”

“Well, if you’re willing to do that much……oh, whatever.”

Since that’s Kokoro’s will, let’s respect it.

Besides, not being watched is just my selfishness. If Kokoro is expressing her opinion, then I’ll hear her out for a bit.

“Then, from here, I will perform an experiment that is related to hypnosis. Kokoro will stay in your room. I’ll contact you when it’s done.”

“Yes! Please contact me if you need anything from me!”

A while after Kokoro had holed herself in her room, the intercom rang.

Her arrival was right on time. I turned on the camera to the outside.


Mai’s figure was caught in the entrance, facing the camera while her face was right up close to it.

The one who called her couldn’t be anyone else but me.


[Ah, Book is already here.”

“Yeah. Kokoro seemed to have some business to attend to, though, so I’m by myself.”

[Well, whatev. Open up!]

She’s as hyper as usual. Even though she was only greeting one person, she moved with a pop as her side tail swayed adorably.

After she entered the complex and reached the apartment’s entrance, I unlocked the door.

“Welcome to my abode, though I guess that’s not quite accurate.”

“That’s right! Isn’t this room Kokoro’s? ‘Scusie!”

Seemingly having become completely familiar with visiting here, Mai headed towards the living room with light footsteps.

“So, we’re going to that room, right?”


Without hesitation, Mai opened the door to my room. After all, in her head, it’s just a room which has nothing that she should particularly care about.

The both of us got on the prepared bed.

“Well, although it may be early, should we start?”

“Sure, it’s massage training, right? I’m lyin’ down~”

Just like that, Mai lied her body down on top of my bed.

Of course, the massage thing was a lie.

However, this time, obtaining pleasure was secondary.

“Then, the [Massage will begin]. I’ll start from the chest.”

“OK, no objections here.”

After confirming that periodic communication with Mai was working, I touched her chest.

Grasping the bulges over her clothing, I started to massage them as though I were pushed it down with my fingers.

“That feels weird……”

“Is that so? Was it here?”

“Yu~p, it tickles a bit.”

Unlike usual, Mai didn’t pant in pleasure. Naturally.

Only for now have I nulled the sensitivity elevation due to the hypnotic suggestions.

In other words, I am touching her chest whilst she is in her original state.

“Ah, I think it’s starting to feel good.”

“This place, is it?”


I caught the faint sight of blood rushing to Mai’s cheeks. Rather than due to pleasure, it’s likely that the cause was her embarrassment.

This experiment is something that’s being performed for the sake of improving my skills. I was concerned that my techniques in sexual intercourse were being overly dependent on my hypnosis—one could also call this my training.

Originally, it’s because I have hypnosis that the necessity of doing this sort of thing was not needed.

In a manner of speaking, however, I held a sense of respect towards Kokoro’s behaviour of being able to do anything for my sake. I began to feel as though I couldn’t lose to Kokoro, who steadily increased her skills without hypnotic suggestions or anything of the sort just for my sake.

Even if she didn’t do such a thing, and could just have fun as she pleased, Kokoro wasn’t satisfied with just that–her ambition causing me to receive a deep impression. Certainly, I should increase my skills so that I can have even more fun.

“I guess it feels a little good?”

“As I thought, it’s a bit hard to tell. I’m removing your top.”


Mai’s appearance, lying on my bed with burning cheeks, was quite sensual, but it still isn’t the time to do it yet.

Raising her arms above her head whilst still lying down, Mai waited for me to undress her.

Slowly, I undid the buttons on her Y-shirt one by one. From Mai’s torso, which was moving up and down ever so slightly, the colour of skin revealed it self.

“I’m removing your bra, so put your hands behind your back.”

“Yep……sure thing.”

Upon removing her bra, the two bulges that were just large enough to fit perfectly inside one’s hands undulated like waves as they swayed before my eyes.

“Nngh……somehow, it’s feels nice and cool.”

“As I thought, the sensitivity is better when it’s direct.”

As I massaged her breasts from below as though to lift them up, Mai grew pleased. I don’t know if she would end up like this if it was someone else doing it, though.

“Wah, I said it’s kinda ticklish, you know!”

“But you seem to like it near the armpit, though?”

“Hey, that’s enough of the armpits.”

Although Mai wouldn’t recognise this as something sexual due to the suggestions, she still has her embarrassment from being naked.

However, having her point out things calmly is greatly appreciated.

If I did this to Kokoro, it seems as though she would say that everything feels good.

The reason I didn’t use Kokoro for this special training is because I couldn’t abandon the possibility that she would pamper me too much.

Also, I didn’t want her to know that I’m conducting special training, nor watch it on a purely personal level.

Mai’s dryness comes in handy during times like this.

“Nngh, haah……ah. I think it feels quite good.”

“I see, then let’s move on.”

Mai’s expression began to grow enraptured. I guess it’s fine to think that the results are showing itself.

Bringing my body backwards, I approached Mai’s skirt, placing both my fingers inside it and against both sides of her waist.

“I’m gonna take it off……ok?”

Upon drawing both of my hands back in such a manner, Mai was so non-resistant that her underwear slipped down her thighs.

With her legs still closed, Mai raised her leg, yet did not try to open them even after her panties had been removed.

During that time, I whipped out my erect penis.

“I’m gonna rub it.”

Prying open both of Mai’s legs, I placed my penis atop of her soft pubic mound.

Like this, her vagina and my penis’ exterior rubbed against each other, testing out just how much pleasure we could obtain.

“Hyah, it’s kinda rough and, yeah, I think it feels good. How should I say it? Your dick’s firmness is just right. Or maybe my pussy is just soft……haaah……”

Placing the tip of my penis against her vagina, I shook it from side to side as though to widen her snatch. The soft entrance of her pussy began to spread left and right.

“It’s really soft.”

“It’s kinda squishy-hyah……!”

The sensation was akin to squishing marshmallows with my fingers. Well, since the tip of my penis was actually hitting against it, I am also required to exercise patience on this side.

While letting loose a slightly feverish sigh, Mai wrapped her arms around my body.

“Hey, hey……aren’t you gonna put it in?”

It was almost as though she was holding me down so that I couldn’t escape.

“For the time being, this is a practice massage. The aim is to loosen up the entire body, so-”

“You know, right now I want you to loosen up my pussy the most, but is that a no?”

“How cheeky, even though you’re just a practice subject.”

But it’s also important to listen to the femininity of one’s partner. I guess there’s no such thing as a perfect flow.

Rather, even though Mai is under the impression that this is a massage, the atmosphere has basically headed towards just plain sex.

It’s likely that her body instinctively sought pleasure, just like a beast. Under the pretext of a massage, one can see the influence of removing the barrier known as having sex.

As expected, my hypnosis has a weak point somewhere. Researching this is also an essential task.

“I’m putting it in.”

“Aah……hahnn!! It’s……insi-”

Although Mai wasn’t going crazy beside herself as usual, seeing her trying to suppress the pleasure wasn’t that bad either.

First, as though to spread out her vagina, I pressed the protrusion of my penis against the entirety of her insides.

“Aah, there, that’s good!!”

“Around here, huh?”

“Yeah, it’s hitting it properly……haah, aaah, move it more……come.”

Having been told such by Mai, I started to piston. I used my body to remember the places that she reported were good because of the suggestions.

“Aaah, this, I think these short, quick movements are good……”

“I need to put in some strength, huh……”

Despite my body was trembling violently with a *shudder*, I continued my pistons anyway as though not to stop my movements. I didn’t move as I pleased like usual. Apparently, it’s important to keep moving without pause.

The sounds of, what seem to be snapping water, continued intermittently.

Mai’s expression has become considerably softer as her body further adhered itself to me.

“Aaahh!! When you constantly move, it makes me happy……”

Having almost piled myself onto Mai, there was a soft sensation caused by her chest being crushed against my abdomen. Her chest, with its nipples erect, moved up and down as though to stroke my stomach.


Mai’s lips began to suck on the area underneath my chin. Strongly, as though to leave behind a mark, she glued herself to my body and wouldn’t let go.

In the face of this strange feeling, my body quivered with a *tremble*.

“Right, let’s do it from behind next.”

“Fufuh! A-Ok! Here, come!”

Mai responded immediately towards my proposal. Letting fo of my body at once, she turned so that her back faced me.

As though wishing to resume quickly, Mai swung her ass in the air as she waited for me.

“I’m putting it in.”

“Hyaah……this, haah, way might, be better!! It’s reaching……”

Because I was entering from behind, I was no longer being attacked by Mai. I can one-sidedly perform the massage.

Utilising the know-how that I learned just earlier, I began to rub her chest with both of my open hands.

“Nngh, nngh uuuugh!! Haah……nngh! Aaahh!!”

Like that, I raised my left hand and licked her side. For the first time, Mai raised a voice that bordered on a shriek.

After that instant, it was as though a wall had collapsed as Mai began to pant.

“Heah, haah. hyaaaaaahh!! W-Wait, it’s good, but waihtt!!”

Mai’s pleasure report forced by the suggestions, as well as her reason that tried to suppress the incoming waves jumbled together.

Without hesitating, I felt the limits of my endurance and ejaculated.

“Wah, aaaaaaahn, aahh!!”

Although it wasn’t to the same extent as usual, Mai headed towards climax as her entire body relaxed.

I felt a sense of accomplishment due to the fact that my own abilities produced moderate results.

“Sorry, I couldn’t hold back.”

“Hold back……why were you holding back, Book? Even though you stopped moving……”

“Uh, how should I say this……it’s that, this is a massage and all. Since you were feeling good, then you wouldn’t want it to stop–is what I mean.”


Perhaps because she was a little tired, Mai remained unmoving whilst still lying down. It was only her eyes that continued to trace my figure.

“Well, it’s fine since it felt good, I forgive ya……but, you know, I wanted to be massaged just a bit longer.”

Whilst still in that position, Mai sent me a feverish glance at me. I wonder if she really mistook this as a massage?

However, my penis wasn’t going to calm down, and there were no objections towards what we had just done.

There is still time.

“Understood, I’ll give you another massage.”

“Alright, yay!”

I guess I’ll start again from the chest? Or perhaps, since it’s the second round, should we just go straight to the real thing?

While I was worrying, it turned out that we actually continued the massage three more times after that.

If I can keep this up, I’ll be able to please Kokoro and the others even more than before.

However, this time was a failure.

At that time, I had gone slightly over my time. Additionally, because of the fact that there were quite a few marks left on the back of my neck, Kokoro’s mood afterwards turned exceedingly sour—a matter which I could do nothing about.

Irregularities will always occur.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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