Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 17

Houjou Kokoro Practical Sex Education-Arc

In any case, I had Mai and Sunou take their seats. Mai’s torso was still nude, whilst Sunou’s appearance only had her panties.

Since I was worried that they might catch a cold, I lent them a thin piece of cloth that was almost transparent.

“A-Are you saying I have to wear this……this doesn’t protect anything.”

“That armour doesn’t have any defense, after all.”

“I guess it’s better than not having it. This is kind of like a veil.”

Rather than having them naked all the time, having them wear clothes that could be seen through was much more sexy.

Sunou, who had become desperate after somehow trying to hide her body from me with such clothing, was so comical that it was actually quite adorable.

Mai looked to be composed, but as there was no discernable gaps in her guard, it felt as though she couldn’t be seen. How superb.

Kokoro bought something good. She was the only one who was wearing a suit just like usual, though.

“Then, next I shall have you take a Kanji test.”


“Yes, a Kanji test. It’s not something that’s particularly difficult. It’s just testing Kanji that is used in daily life, after all.”

Kokoro distributed the test papers to us. It’s going just as planned.

I’m not really good at Kanji, but it’s not like I can’t do it if I study accordingly.

“……as long as it’s readings only, then-”

However, since there’s no way that Sunou would study this, it looks like she doesn’t know it very well. Her face is paling.

“By the way, the person with the lowest score-”

“As I thought, there was a catch!”

“-they will be made into an experimental subject for the next study subject.”

“Say, what’s an experimental subject?”

Mai was a little interested in what such a thing entailed. Well, she probably doesn’t feel like she’s gonna lose. She’s at the top of the class, after all.

Kokoro brought her index finger to her lips and smiled.

“Since that is part of the punishment game, it’s a secret. All I can say is that it’s a study about health and physical education.”

“Demon! You Demon! This is oppression!”

“Now then, let’s begin. The time is about 10 minutes.”

Kokoro wouldn’t listen to Sunou’s words. Well, when one talks about being an experimental subject for health and physical education, it’s pretty easy to imagine what would happen.

While Sunou was complaining, our pens had already hit the paper.

“This is……this is just-”

“Are you planning on competing under the assumption that you’ll lose?”

That’s why Sunou was still Sunou.

This time, let’s have this punishment game hit her where it hurts.

I won’t show any mercy. I’m planning on getting a perfect score here.

Sunou was holding her head in her hands, her entire body buried in the test paper.

Seemingly still in her comfort zone, Mai’s mechanical pen smoothly danced across the page. Her fingers were so pretty as they were unstained by ink.

“Ok, it’s time. I will collect the papers.”

“W-Wait a second!?”

Breaking out into a cold sweat, Sunou’s gaze flickered towards me.


“D-Don’t look at me! Such lewd, demonic eyes. You’re trying to cheat, aren’t you!?”

“Nah, it’s already over.”

Whilst maintaining her ceaseless vigilance towards me, Sunou secretly handed Kokoro her answer sheet.

Mai and I also handed over our test papers, allowing Kokoro to grade them.

“Phew, I am finished. Master.”

“I see. Since the outcome’s more or less decided already, I don’t feel that hyped.”

“The one who scored the lowest was……Master.”

With my face pressed against my hand, I nonchalantly turned towards Kokoro.

Kokoro apologetically frowned as she showed me the answer sheet.

The answer sheet that had my name written one it only had a few of the Kanji readings filled out, while the entry field for the Kanji themselves were blank.

Strange. This was obviously strange.

Firstly, my sheet that was had everything filled in couldn’t possibly be this empty.

“Let me see that for a bit.”

Snatching the paper from Kokoro, I immediately discerned the truth.


“W-What ever could be the matter? I swear to the Goddess of Integrity Undine that I have not done anything.”

Sunou was completely averting her eyes from my gaze.

This wasn’t my answer sheet. This was Sunou’s.

However, of all things, she chose to put down my name in the field where she was supposed to write her own.

To think that she would try to talk her way out of such an obvious, quick-witted strategy.

“Kukuh……haha, hahahaha! That’s right! Certainly, that’s right. Kokoro said that the one who scored the lowest would receive the punishment game. The one whose name is written on this test paper, which got the lowest score, is mine.”

“What’s wrong with you, Book? You’re sounding really dangerous, you know.”

I was so happy that, even though Mai was here, I couldn’t hold back my laughter.

Sunou was slightly frightened by my sudden change. She looked like a small animal.

Despite her attempt being so clumsy, this small animal–Sunou was able to perform a trick that strayed from the rules.

Up until now, she showed off her best moves during official matches. Therefore, she was weak to irregular occurrences outside of said circumstances. Thus, things have come to this, as the signs of a budding seed could finally be seen.

“Kokoro, you knew about this, didn’t you?”

“Now then, I wonder?”

Kokoro smiled, behaving as though she were feigning ignorance.

“However, Master. A loss is a loss.”

“Yeah, that’s true. This is my loss.”

If I were to expose the contents of Sunou’s trickery here, then I could assure that she would lose due to foul play. However, I couldn’t bring myself to simply end things just like that.

Kokoro laid down the futon which she had previously prepared.



“Now then, please also come closer, you two. We shall start the next lesson.”


“Just as I said earlier, Master will become our experimental subject as we start our lesson on health and physical education.”

I lied down on the futon as Mai and Sunou sat down on both sides of me.

Kokoro bended herself over my lower body as she sent me a heated gaze.

“Quest-i-on!! What are you going to do, Kokoro-san?”

“A practical lesson on sex.”

Kokoro returned an immediate answer.

Sunou’s face blushed so hard that it looked as though it would burst into flames. She probably already got the general picture, but it’s likely that Sunou was startled by the fact that such words came out of Kokoro’s mouth.

“W-Wha, Kokoro-nee-sa……”

“Firstly, it is necessary to properly check that the man is fully prepared……”

Kokoro looked at me, teasingly holding the zipper of my trousers in her mouth before pulling it downwards. While stroking her hands around my waist, she began to remove it, as though she were breathing it in.

My penis, which was continuously enduring due to the scene of Sunou’s exposure, soared into the air the very instant that my trunks were removed.

My penis smacked against Kokoro’s cheeks, whose face was nearby.

“Aah……Master’s dick has already become this energetic……”


Mai and Sunou also stared fixedly at my member. Due to their previous experiences, their horny bodies instinctively understood both its role and potency.

“*gulp*……firstly, in order to for things to go smoothly after entry, I will lubricate it with my saliva so that it will make it easier to put it inside…………nohm.”

Kokoro took the charge in dribbling her drool onto the penis that Mai and Sunou were looking at endearingly.

“She looks so happy.”

“Yesh……right now, I’m so, very happy……”

“D-Don’t, Kokoro-nee-san……don’t do that.”

Despite covering her face with both hands, it appeared that Sunou could not take her eyes off of this scene. Speaking of, this was her first time watching someone else having sex, huh.

Kokoro opened her mouth wide, taking the spit-covered penis into her mouth.

“Kokoro-san had to open her mouth so much……I wonder if my mouth can also hold such a thing……”

“Hamu……nngh……*slurp*. This should be……about enough.”

Whilst letting loose a feverish voice, Kokoro narrowed her eyes and gazed upon my penis.

Preparations, from beginning to end, were complete.

“Master, you must not move. This is my lesson. I will firmly teach you the splendor of sex.”

“Sure, I’ll leave it to you, professor. I can’t bear it any longer.”

Kokoro removed her clothes. Straddling herself on top of me, she removed each button one by one, from top to bottom, as though to show it off to me. From her Y-shirt to her skirt, after removing all of the buttons, she opened up her Y-shirt and cast it away. Opening her legs, her skirt, which lost its support, fell onto my feet with a *plop*.

“No, not yet. Please……be patient. That way, you can enjoy it longer.”


Kokoro brought her chest closer to me before removing her bra. Her breasts burst forth as they caressed my face.

“When removing your clothes, please decide on an order that would play with your partner’s feelings, as well as allow them to see every inch of your body……”

Lastly, Kokoro stood up and removed the remaining article of her clothing, her panties, above my head.

Her dripping love juice, as well as a smell unique to women, told me that she was anticipating the sex that we would soon have.

“Please watch closely, you two. Like this, you first get on all fours so that master is covered before softly taking his dick in your hands and inserting it inside of your pussy……ih!!”

Since Kokoro was so skilled, my penis was smoothly inserted into her vagina.

Of course, this might also be due to the fact that she’s grown accustomed to it, but on top of that, however, Kokoro’s body itself was a perfect fit for the size of my penis. There was a sense of integration that almost seemed as though Kokoro’s body changed exclusively for me.

“Nngh……haah……after doing that, aaah……move your hips up and down so that Master’s dick can taste your pussy with its full leng-thh!!”

Kokoro’s vagina seemed to undulate as it stimulated my penis. Her movements clearly told me where and how she was being pleasured.

However, it is only when it’s for her owner’s sake that she moves single-mindedly. As though to say that her enjoyment was insignificant, she possessed the mentality of servitude that did not take herself into account.

“Please do not be concerned……this is……my happiness, after all……aaahh!! Please, Master, just make sure that you feel good!!”

“U-Um, t-this is s-s-sex!?”

Looking at it from Mai’s perspective, it’s likely that there are a lot of things that she’s seen for the first time. Her eyes were spinning even more than Sunou as she grew restless and excited.

Becoming the same as Sunou, Mai brought her face closer to the section where the penis and vagina was connected. Forgetting to even blink, her attention was glued to the sex that was taking place.

“Yeess……this is, sex……! Both of you, in order to be able to make Master feeel good–aaahh! You need to try har–kyaah!!”

The sight of Kokoro, who was desperately trying to continue her explanation, was so funny that I inadvertently played a prank on her.

I clutched her chest with one hand and gripped it strongly, as though to crush it in my palm.

“Fufuh……Master, I’m so happy–aaahh!! But……not today……”

Whilst releasing a moistened voice, she removed my hand from her chest and gently intertwined her fingers with mine.

“Please……I beg of you, please hold my hand.”

“Yeah, I’ll do as the teacher says.”

I decided to grant Kokoro’s wishes. While panting in pleasure, her face covered in sweat looked slightly relieved.

“Both of you……watch me, clearly! Please watch……both my, and Master’s-”

I supported Kokoro through both of my hands, which were connected to hers. I guess it’s fine to join together like this from time to time.

“I’m so happy……right now, I’m so very happy! At the same time……together-!!”

“……she looks really happy.”

“Yeah, I don’t really get it, but I’m so jelly……”

“Aah, haah, ah, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!”

Kokoro personally raised a large cry as she climaxed. Her vagina clamped down strongly, her insides undulating as though it were squeezing and sucking up my dick.

At the same time, I felt something swell up from my lower body as I ejaculated.

“Haah, aah……”

Whilst repeatedly convulsing and wheezing, Kokoro slowly collapsed onto my body.

Upon bringing her body closer so she lied on top of me, Kokoro’s body temperature was transmitted throughout my entire body. As her large, soft breasts were crushed, I could feel her heartbeat.

“I am terribly sorry, but just for a little longer……together-”

“You’re the teacher today, right? I’m just a student being taught as an experimental subject.”

“Yes, that’s right……Master, just like this, we must join our boiling bodies after sex. In doing so, your beloved person’s warmth, and the sound of their heart, will be transmitted to you.”

Kokoro gathered power into both hands whose fingers were intertwined with mine. She’s showing through her actions that she doesn’t want to let go of me yet.

While we were having this exchange, Mai and Sunou had been watching the whole time from the sides. With their eyes wide open, the two’s faces were so red that it wouldn’t be strange if they had a nosebleed.

However, even in such a condition, I could see that both of their legs were moving as though trying to scratch an itch.

“The lesson still isn’t over yet.”

I must properly prepare some lessons for these two. Having them return while they’re still in heat is bad for their bodies.


But before that, I first have to think of a way to somehow move the grinning Kokoro, who was still on top of me, out of the way.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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