Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 15

Minami Mai Daily Treatment Duty-Arc

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Episode 15: Minami Mai Daily Treatment-Arc


Even though I’ve come to school early in the morning, there are times where even I am suddenly struck by whimsy and decide to head to school early.


Minami Mai’s large voice echoed through the classroom. Even though it was directed towards her female friends, it gave off the illusion that she was greeting everybody.

While reading a book in the classroom, I focused my consciousness towards Mai.

“Eeh! Your little brother ate crayfish yesterday!?”

Only Mai’s voice, who was having a conversation, could be clearly heard. Although it might have become an unpleasant sound with but a single misstep, Mai’s characteristic appearance and the tone of her voice wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen. Really, she has all the good things.

Closing the book, I naturally looked at Mai.

Mai is very acute to the gazes of people. Her eyes immediately met mine.

“Hieh, as expected, my furniture also……”

In that instant, for a brief window of time, the light disappeared from Mai’s eyes.


In that instant, for a brief window of time, the light disappeared from Mai’s eyes.

“……Minami? Mi–na–mi?”

“H-hm!? W-W-Wha-!?”

“What’s wrong?”

Mai immediately regained her sanity before beginning to explain her excuse as to why she was silent for a few seconds.

I got up from my seat and exited the classroom.

“Ah, I need to go to the toilet, kay. I’m off~”

“Eh, is that so?”

As naturally as possible, Mai also left the classroom.

She followed so that she was just about a metre behind me. Towards such conduct, I smiled in spite of myself.

Through hypnosis, I placed a suggestion that would fire off whenever Mai’s eyes met with mine while I made a specific sign.

Speaking only about patterns, there are countless different kinds in existence, to the extent that any number of them can be created as long as one takes the time to think them up.

In the midst of daily life, I can whimsically play around with Mai just like this.

Even though this is but a normal, unchanging day from Mai’s perspective, I have already invaded it.

I could also feel the sinister calm amongst the comfort which I felt within me.

I entered the men’s toilet that had as few occupants as feasibly possible. It was a place which I had decided in advance. I also placed a “Cleaning In Progress” sign to deter people from entering.

As though it were a matter of course, Mai followed me into the men’s toilet.

“Ok, no one’s here.”

“I’m here, though~”

Mai and I entered a Japanese-styled cubicle. It’s a lot narrower than expected with two people in the room.

“H-Hang on, Book, back off a little.”

“It can’t be helped since it’s narrow.

Even though the distance between Mai and myself, who was no more than just an acquaintance, was quite close, she made an unpleasant face.

“Then let’s quickly finish up.”

“Yuppers, I also agree.”

As though it were natural, only Mai squatted down-

-as I, without hesitation, took out my penis from my pants.

“Sorry ’bout this.”

“It’s fine. After all, I have to be your toilet when Book needs to do your business. Aah–“

Minami Mai: “After all, I have to be your toilet when Book needs to do your business. Aah–“


Without holding any doubts, Mai opened her mouth.

When I take a piss, Mai must become a toilet and take care of it.

I believe that the fact one won’t be harmed from drinking freshly discharged piss is a wonderful arrangement.

“Don’t spill it, alright?”

Jabbing my penis directly into the insides of Mai’s mouth, I let out my piss.


I pushed Mai’s head down so that she couldn’t escape and poured it down the back of her throat.

With a *trickle*, a vulgar splashing sound echoed in the interior of Mai’s mouth.

“Thanks for this. I’ve been holding it in for a while.”

“Nnnghh, nngh!! Nnngghh!!”

Mai grunted, becoming desperate in her efforts to suppress the desire to spit out my urine. She raised her chin, trying her utmost to ensure that she didn’t spill the liquid accumulating in her mouth.

“Although this might be obvious, properly help me out so that there’s nothing left.”

“Nngh, I ‘oh ih (I got it)……*sluurrpp*!! Nnkuhh……”

So that there would be no more piss remaining inside my penis, Mai sucked the tip. Licking it countless times with her tongue, she tried to lap up all of the urine.

Only after woping my penis inside of Mai’s mouth and that I felt there wasn’t even a single drop of piss left did I remove my hands.

“Puh……haa! Geez, there was so much that I thought it would spill over!”

“Mai-san’s truly good at being a toilet, huh.”

“Nah, it’s something that anyone can do so it’s only natural. Besides, I became Book’s Personal Toilet, after all.”

“Here, some tea. Fix your bad breath with this.”

Wiping her mouth, Mai received the plastic tea bottle that I brought.

“Nn? Say, Book. What are you looking at?”

“Ah, no, it’s nothing.”

I stared at Mai’s mouth, which was currently drinking tea. Just earlier, it was swallowing my, a stranger’s, penis as though it were natural.

Thinking such, my carnal desire also began to swell.

“Hyah……it’s still no good, huh.”

“Yeah, there’s still some left.”

Poking my erect penis with her index finger, Mai displayed a listless reaction towards the fact that the treatment was still not over.


As an experiment, after my penis was roused, it trembled, arching backwards in the face of the finger’s touch.

“G-Geez, don’t surprise me! Since I’m touching your penis, don’t move so suddenly!”

“Haha, sorry, sorry.”

“Do you really get it~?”

Whilst puffing up her cheeks, Mai began to move in order to perform her next task.

She began to remove only the breast region of cloth that was part of her uniform’s blazer. Her Y-shirt also, at a minimum, had its top three buttons removed.

Her attire had changes so that only the valley of her chest was just barely exposed.

“Kay kay.”

“Is this fine?”

“Rather than fine, this is just something natural. We can’t use a toilet that has already been used once. Since I drank it with my mouth, this time I’ll drink it with my breasts.”

“I see, I see. That’s right, isn’t it?”

Minami Mai: “We can’t use a toilet that has already been used once. Since I drank it with my mouth, this time I’ll drink it with my breasts.”


I placed each hand atop of Mai’s shoulders, and thrust my penis into Mai’s soft cleavage.


“Move it, and make sure to hold it properly.”

Just like this, I started to piston. While enveloped in the soft sensation of both breasts, I ravaged Mai’s chest.

“-ttchh……aaah! Hyaahn!”

It has been set so that pleasure surges through Mai just by touching my body. Even though I’m moving by myself, before one could even notice, her cheeks blushed as she became horny.

“Wai–you’re moving your dick too much—-“

“Hold it down for me.”

I did not answer Mai’s request.

Unable to do anything, Mai used her hands and pushed both of her breasts into the center as though to hold down my penis.

Her breasts are soft. Perhaps because they were pressed down on me, her breasts made plenty of contact with my penis, causing my member to be embraced by a soft sensation.

“Ah, aaah!!”

Because of this, Mai began to pant heavily. If I hadn’t cleared out everyone in advance, it’s likely that we would have been noticed.

Just like so, I moved my hips back and forth, from side to side, altering the shape of Mai’s breasts. A soft sensation akin to marshmallows wrapped my penis.

Without holding back, I blew my first load inside her chest.

“Hyah, aahh! That surprised me! Hey, tell me when you’re putting it out!”

“Aah, sorry.”

With my entire body shivering, I thrust my penis deep inside of Mai’s chest, causing my semen to flow down her breasts. With a *splurtle*, my merciless ejaculation soiled Mai’s belly.

Although I could not see it, it’s likely that Mai was soaked with semen from her cleavage to her navel.

“Hah, I’ve let it all out for now.”

While rubbing her breasts, Mai wiped the semen clinging onto my penis.

Just like this, she slowly took out my cock and applied the semen that was on its tip onto her chest.

“Fuuh……I’m a little tired.”

And with a calm expression, Mai buttoned her shirt without wiping the sperm that she was covered in.

“You’re gonna cover it?”

“That’s right, we have to cover it after—wait……it’s gotten bigger again!”

I wasn’t able to calm down after just a single ejaculation. Even though I had just came, my penis stood up without wilting.

“Geez……even I don’t have that many places left that can be used as a toilet, you know.”

Sighing whilst rising to her feet, Mai placed her hand inside of her skirt. Her pink-coloured panties fell below her knees due to her hand.

“Wait a second, kay. Nmuh-“

Mai placed the removed panties inside of her own mouth, placed her hands against the wall so that she wouldn’t fall down, and thrust out her ass towards me.

“Heah, lif’ u’ my ‘ffirt (Here, lift up my skirt).”


Plucking it with my fingers, I flipped over Mai’s skirt. Her crotch which were without panties, her nicely shaped ass, and her pussy were fully exposed.

“Which one should I use?”

“Use yoah commo’ sense……the pussy, obviously! It won’ fih in mai butt (It won’t fit in my butt).”

“Guess so.”

Finding it funny, I laughed. However, Mai was completely serious. In that case, let’s also do this seriously.

In this small cubicle, I firmly grasped Mai’s sides so that I wouldn’t miss and inserted my penis.

“Hoooaahh!! Nnghh!”

Due to the sensation and pleasure of having a penis inserted inside of her, Mai almost dropped the panties that were stuffed inside her mouth.

Naturally, I started to piston without caring about such things. The skirt swayed back and forth according to the movement of our bodies.

“Nngh, aaaahhh! Hyooaaaaahh!!”

My penis rampaged inside of Mai’s wet vagina. Although her vagina’s interior was tight, since my penis was accustomed to Sunou’s even tighter snatch, began to devastate her depths even more violently.

While Mai began to drool due to the intense pleasure, her saliva was absorbed by the panties in her mouth. Her running tears further incited my desire.

“I’m gonna cum soon.”

Since I was told to say when I was gonna blow another load, I decided to show a bit of kindness as I declared it.

“Ahh, ahh, aaaaaaaahh, nnnggh!!”

It would seem that Mai wasn’t quite there yet, though.

Without any time to spare, my penis slammed against the depths of Mai’s vagina. At the same time, I vigorously ejaculated.

“Hoh……ah, hyaaooooooooooooooohnnnghh!!”

Hot liquid flowed into her vagina-toilet, as Mai reached a particularly large climax.

It seems that she has reached it several times before this, but because of my suggestions, she screamed due to reaching the highest pleasure the moment I ejaculated.



I supported Mai the moment her powerless feet seemed to collapse.

It’s likely that she bit on her panties the moment that she climaxed. It was stuck in her mouth and didn’t seem as though it was going to fall.

I took away those panties.

“Here, you alright?”

“N-Noh moah……”

“Then I’ll seal it for you, so raise your legs.”


Mai raised each of her trembling legs in an attempt to somehow try to put on her panties.

Purposefully taking my time, I slowly passed her panties through both legs, firmly raising them so that they would act as a lid.


“There, it’s done.”


“It’s spilling, huh. How pathetic.”

“……sorry, hyah!”

I wiped the spilt semen. Waiting a while, I wiped her to the extent that she wouldn’t draw attention.

“This should do it. I’ll head back to class first.”

“Got, it……”

Currently, besides her slightly dishevelled attire, Mai didn’t look particularly strange.

However, inside her skirt, deep in her throat, her breasts and her stomach were all soaked and stained with my fluids. Due to my suggestions, this would change into happiness and pleasure that would secretly grow within Mai.

It should be fine as long as she tidies up her disordered attire. Even the smell would soon be erased.

Sending her back to her normal, unchanging everyday life without anyone noticing a single thing. The insides of Mai’s body were stained with my colour.

Whilst feeling such a sense of conquest through my skin, I left the toilets behind me.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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