Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 13

Touhou Sunou Violation of Defeat-Arc

The game continued.

Staring at the territory board lying on the floor, Sunou deeply contemplated something. Her lips, trembling due to her thoughtful groans, was quite cute.


“What’s wrong? We haven’t decided on a time limit, but be mindful of thinking for too long. There might be a penalty for it, after all.”

“Shut up! Demon-san should just keep quiet!”

Even in the face of my provocation, Sunou was not taken in. Well, it’s plain to see what she’s worried about, though.

Sunou is already planning on winning the game without letting the 3 heroes die. That’s stating the obvious.

However, when adding the rule of not allowing the heroes to die in this game, the level of difficulty instantly changes.

Because there are too few recovery items in this game. It is to the point where one assumes that the decreased HP will not return, even after recovering from death.

Although it was labelled as a showdown between heroes and demons, the essence of this game is a war of attrition.

“Oi, Sunou.”

“I’m moving a piece. Hero A advances! Hero B joines with Hero C from the side. The battle will start.”

Sunou rolled the dice. Hero A amazingly landed a critical hit, succeeding in felling an enemy unwounded. Heroes B and C cooperated, substantially reducing the damage received.

“You’re floundering about now, huh.”

“I’ll be able to shut that impudent mouth of yours soon.”

“The one who has to worry about their mouth is Sunou, right?”

“It’s your turn! Hurry up and play!”

Shifting my gaze towards Kokoro, I received a bitter smile. I know.

Internally, I was quite agitated. The critical hit just now was actually not the first one.

Continuing from the start of the game, it was a phenomenon which had occurred many times. Even though the probability of getting a critical hit is lower than one sixth.

During crucial stages in the game, Sunou will definitely bring luck to her side.

Almost as though it were a lie, she would succeed only during critical moments.

Laplace. The things she was capable of which gave her this nickname was not only limited to humans. Sunou was so sensitive that she could infer subtleties in the world, instinctively knowing that, when she moves, she’ll be able to obtain the maximum amount of luck.

Outside of geniuses and monsters, there are no humans who can control RNG in reality.

“I deploy a worm and confront Hero A.”


Sunou nibbled her fingers in irritation. Rather than the nails, it looks like she’s just sucking them.

Whatever the case, my absolute advantage in this war’s progress won’t change. The heroes who can’t die are really weak, after all.

The scenario was steadily advancing towards my victory. Before I had realised it, I had captured 90% of the territories.

It was at this time-

“Hero C, go to Demon King A. Hero B, go to Demon King B.”

“Wha, wait, you don’t have enough movement distance. To go there in this turn-”

“I use a spell card. Two Pegasi–flying horses, go to each heroes’ side.”

‘Pegasus Card’. It increases one’s travel distance.

She had already drew two cards from the deck. Even though one can only draw a handful of cards from the heroes’ deck of 70, she had set aside the only two rare cards that existed in said deck.

Not only that, but Hero A had already approached Demon King C. Having stressed my vigilance towards that location, Sunou also freely used all of her cards on Hero A. Because of this, even without the penalty of having her funds cut by half, there was only a single card left in her hand.

I couldn’t see Hero B and C’s movements of defending territory as anything but them trying to escape. Yet, although slight, it could be seen that they were inching ever closer towards the Demon Kings.


Upon sending a surprised gaze towards Kokoro, a bitter smile was returned.

As expected, in terms of Board Games, Sunou is a considerable big wig.

“To be the victor, you rely heavily on luck, huh.”

“You, do you think I would have gotten this far just because I’m lucky?”

Sunou effortlessly retorted against my provocation. It’s a sound argument.

It’s not that she’s lucky, but that Sunou is strong. It’s likely that, because Sunou’s this kind of person, she was blessed by the goddess of fate or whatever.

“In the battle between Hero C and Demon King A, I will use a card: ‘The Swarm of Battle Maniacs’.”

‘The Swarm of Battle Maniacs’ is a card that activated before the start of a battle. Assaulted by a mass of battle maniacs, both enemies and allies alike receive damage. The amount of damage is determined by two dice rolls. The larger the number, the more damage given.

“I’ve got five.”

“I received a number that evokes a new intuition: 6!”

And the Demon King only has 10 HP.

The hero also doesn’t have much HP left.

“Mutual Destruction. It seems that each of their lives have burned out.”

In an actual battle, the both of us have become unable to fight. I can’t rape her.

To think that she’d be able to crush a Demon King with a single blow.

Hero C’s HP is 2. In other words, it definitely died due to ‘The Swarm of Battle Maniacs’ and can’t normally attack anymore. I felt shivers due to the fact that, in this scenario, the rolls had exceeded 10.

“Although the risk of death has been reduced by half, the reward for subjugating the Demon Lord is big. Using all of this remuneration, I draw from the deck. Kokoro-nee-san.”

“Y-Yes. That comes to a total of two cards, yes?”

“And then, in the other battle……I use ‘The Swarm of Battle Maniac’.”


I unwittingly raised my voice. ‘The Swarm of Battle Maniacs’ is also a card that only appears twice in the deck of 70 cards. Because the number of cards in her hand after the battle with the Demon King was 0, it was likely that it was in one of the cards which she just drew.

“Hey, what were you planning to do if you didn’t draw that card?”

“If I couldn’t draw it, then I’d lose. Isn’t that obvious? Roll the dice.”

The flow has completely moved in Sunou’s favour.

Although I don’t believe in such occult things as the flow, it was unquestionable that her victory was all but certain.

The Demon King’s HP is also 10.

“……I got 4.”

“So did I. The demon’s whispers that calls for death, 4.”

I survived.

I took a deep breath. No, it’s only natural if you think about it. The probability of getting a pair of dice to total the number 10 is quite low.

And then, Hero C’s remaining HP was two. That means—-

“I used the card ‘Second Chance’.”

At that moment, Sunou took out another card.

‘Second Chance’ is a card that allows the reroll of dice. It is only the user’s dice which gets reroll.

My heart was not calm at all. I felt a bad premonition.

Sunou rolled the dice.


With a twirl, one could see the dice which flew in an unexpected direction make a strange spin.

The number of circles that was carved into the top of the dice was six.

“Oi, oi!”

“Mutual destruction. The remaining half of the reward will be turned into a new hope as I draw two cards.”

The certain kill with a single strike had completely looped. If things keep going like this, there’s a possibility of losing upon the Demon King C’s defeat.

Sunou took two cards once again from Kokoro. Concentrating, Sunou glared at both myself and the board.


It was at this time that it happened.

Sunou made a difficult face as she stared down the two cards she had received. I guess it means that she didn’t draw the card she was aiming for.

No, in the first place, since there are only two ‘The Swarm of the Battle Maniacs’ cards, it’s obvious that they are now unusable.

“Next, this is the last turn. The battle—no, the Holy Crusade begins.”

“Y-Yeah, I don’t mind.”

“I will use a card. ‘Double-edged Demon Sword’: the attack power will increase by 5, the blood-smeared curse will also deliver damage to the hero.”

“With this, the hero’s total attack power is 8, huh……”

The fact that she could leisurely draw a card that only exists once in the deck deserves astonishment.”

But it’s still not enough. Even if I don’t do anything, since Hero A only has 3 HP left, the Demon King’s attack power of 3 will defeat the hero in one shot.

The problem likely lies with the remaining card, but-

“I’m using ‘Bribe of the Soul’.”


As I thought, she had it. This is really bad.

‘Bribe of the Soul’ is a spell that recovers HP for those whose total rarity score of their submit cards is higher. Conversely, it is possible to reduce the HP of those who submitted lower by the difference.

“Naturally, I will give all of the cards that I have.”

“I don’t have any……but-”

“There’s no rule in this game where one wins when the other side has no cards, after all.”

The special rule that is triggered when someone with an empty hand is required to submit a card activates. They are to draw a card and submit it as is.

It was likely a safety measure created for beginners.

The cards I submitted were 2 cards with 1 rarity: a total score of 2. This was the result of leaving only the crappy cards.

Incidentally, ‘The Swarm of Battle Maniacs’ has a rarity of 3, and the ‘Double-edged Demon Sword’ is a 4. Two cards in the remaining deck are a 3, and only a single card is set to 4.

If she pulls a 3, Sunou can recover and won’t die by the Demon King’s attack, but will be defeated during my turn’s attack.

If she pulls a four, it’s Sunou’s win.

I broke out into a cold sweat.

“Kokoro-nee-san, let me draw a card. The stepping stones of victory have been aligned.”

“……here you go.”

Sunou’s hands were already trembling. She was betting her fate on this card.

Crap. According to the current flow, she will definitely draw it!

Gradually, the chafing sound of the card echoed. Slowly drawing the card with its reverse side up, Sunou’s fingertips placed the card on the table.


A card that doubles the attack frequency: rarity-2.

……I won.

“It’s my win, huh.”

Whilst hiding the sweat that formed on my forehead, I spoke with high spirits.

Sunou’s trio of heroes would rest after this. In that time, I can take over all of the territories.

The outcome has been decided.

“It’s a lie!”

Sunou could not admit it. With her expression paling, she held her head as though she couldn’t believe it.

“What do you mean lie? This is a game decided particularly by luck. Just because your luck continued for so long, that doesn’t mean-”

“This is impossible!”

It looks like Sunou was not convinced that she had lost this game of luck.

I, who thought that this is the natural distribution of luck, looked down on Sunou.

“……you, you cheated, didn’t you!?”

It seems that Sunou must have picked up something from my expression. Gritting her teeth, she lashed out at me.

“Cheat? What are you talking about?”

“Don’t lie to me, cause I can tell!”

Really, this ability to discern truths and lies deserves merit. If Sunou could properly operate this ability, the likes of me truly wouldn’t be her match.

However, from Sunou’s current manner of speech, it won’t amount to any more than just a false accusation.

“It’s not about whether or not I did or did not cheat. Alright then, tell me just how I cheated?”


“You can’t, right? Even idiots can make false accusations.”

“I-I’m not an idiot!”

First of all, the one who cheated was not me.

Kokoro was second dealing. When dealing the last two cards, she did not give Sunou the top-most card.

If this was not done, then I would have lost from ‘Doubling’ and ‘Double-Edged Demon Sword’.

Although Sunou was focused on me and the game, she did not draw cards by herself, leaving the job to Kokoro.

It’s likely that, from the bottom of her heart, she still believes that Kokoro is her ally.

Naïve. Thinking of her as a gambler, she’s naïve.

“This is not an official match, but a duel where we crush each other.”

I smiled at Kokoro, expressing only my gratitude.

My instructions were: so long as it was only once during the endgame and you’re able to, then cheat. If I knew the contents of the cheat, then it was certain that Sunou would find out about it.

It’s good that things worked out after relying completely on Kokoro’s ad lib. It was a dangerous bridge.

Even if it was a match that was ok for me to lose, I should try to win as though I was not allowed to lose.


It’s likely that Sunou has little to no experience in losing. And, beyond that, she was unable to hide her shock towards her collapsing pride.

After all, she lost to me, a beginner.

“Now then-”

I got up.

With just that, Sunou’s body dynamically reacted with a start as she began to retreat. It was the minimum amount of resistance that she, who could not run, was able to do.


“You lost the game. Properly accept that.”

“Stay away from me!”

I grabbed Sunou’s back, who was dragging her body, and pinched the zipper of her clothes.

From the earlier past-playback, I understood how to remove it. It’s because I have several clothes from the same manufacturer that I was able to grasp it.

Almost like a grape having its skin peeled off, the crawling Sunou had her clothes stripped off, causing her to figure wrapped in underwear to be exposed. Her face tensed with fear as she looked at me with trembling eyes.

“Now then. [The one who defeated you was the Demon King].”

“I told you to stay away from me, demon!”

“Truly, this is the nonsense spouted by a defeated hero.”

It would seem that my figure in Sunou’s perception has not changed. Well, since the Demon King was the player itself, I guess there wasn’t any meaning in doing this.

Removing her drawers and bra, Sunou was left with only her socks.

Although I’ve seen her fair skin before, I felt that her gifts looked even more beautiful just before I partook in them.

“Sunou, spread your legs.”


As she was told, Sunou spread her legs and exposed her crotch to the wind.

She can’t fight against what the Demon King-sama tells her. This is the ultimate fate of a defeated soldier who has been dominated.

“Spread them wider. Otherwise, there’s be problems when entering.”

“What are you say……hih!!?”

Removing my pants, I showed off my penis.

Sunou’s face paled and trembled much more than I thought it would.

“N-Noooooo!! I’ll die! If that goes in me, I’ll die!”


To the extent that it she would not disobey my order, Sunou began to struggle violently.

Rather than disgust, it seemed more as though she was scared.

Perhaps, in Sunou’s head, her imagination had created the shape of just what the Demon King’s penis looked like.

“Haha, what a precocious brat……”

“No, save me……”

A single glimmer of hope was reflected in Sunou’s eyes which had already been blurred by tears. The moment she averted her eyes, their gazes met.


Meeting Kokoro’s eyes, she pleaded for help.

Even though it wouldn’t reach, Sunou stretched out her hand.


“Master’s dick……I’m so jealous, Sunou-chan.”


Sunou unleashed a scream as though she was punched in the stomach.

I inserted my penis into Sunou’s pussy.

Kokoro stared at this scene enviously with flushed cheeks.

“……ah, noooooooooo!!! It hurts, it huurts!!”

“Such an exaggerated fellow.”

Her pain was relieved. In order to improve slippage, I purposefully went out of my way to apply lotion onto my penis. She should also be aroused due to my suggestions.

Because of the arrangements I’ve made up until this point, coupled with the effects from her hypnosis, her first sexual encounter should be on the more pleasant side of the spectrum.

As for her mentality, I don’t really care.

“……about two thirds in……huh”

“No, take it out! Pull it out!”

As expected, Sunou’s body was small as about half of my penis couldn’t enter.

It seems that it’s necessary to move more than usual.

“Eguh, nngh!! Aah……-noo.”

The resistance coming from Sunou’s vagina was no longer on the level that could be described as “pushing back”. It felt as though I was completely beyond the level of her tolerance.

Because I couldn’t easily ejaculate, I lengthened the strokes of my pistons.

Sunou’s resistance also gradually weakened, as it was no longer certain whether she was conscious. Her psychological grief also eased, as she pretty much reached the point of resignation.

“……ahh, ahh.”

Seeing Sunou who was like a dead tuna, I became further aroused and violent.

It was precisely because I was pushing her down against her will—precisely because of this immoral act that I gained even more pleasure.

My penis also responded accordingly.

“I’m gonna cum soon.”

“Eh……ah, aaahh!! W-Wait! Pull it—-”

“Not happening.”

“B-But that’s, aaah!! No! I’ll get pregnaaaahh!!”

“A child between a demon and a human, I wonder what exactly will be born?”

“No! I hate this! Take it out! Hurry! Aaaaaahn!! Sto-stoooooooooooooooooooop!!!”

In order to shut Sunou up, I purposefully slammed strongly against her as though to deny her demands.

And then, after pushing my penis with all my might into her deepest parts as a finale, I ejaculated.


With a *gush*, the desire which overflowed from my lower half mercilessly smashed against Sunou’s insides.

As if meeting this convulsion, Sunou reached climax. Her body convulsed with a *twitch* as she lost her breath.

“Eguh, no……not inside……”

Sunou concealed her face with both hands, as the tears she couldn’t hold back spilled down her cheeks.

She won’t get pregnant though since I had her take the pill beforehand.

With a refreshed feeling, I stood up, neglecting the fallen Sunou.

“Kokoro, clean up.”


Kokoro wiped away the semen that spilled from Sunou’s groin with a tissue. The sperm mixed with blood from her defloration also portrayed her misery.

Even though Kokoro was touching her vagina, Sunou did not react. Having lost her energy, it was likely that she was exhausted.

“This is Master’s……”

Not caring about such things, Kokoro affectionately began to sniff the tissue soaked with my sperm.

Sunou watched this with her lifeless eyes.


In the face of her relative who had been corrupted by a demon because of her, Sunou despaired.

As though this had flipped some sort of switch, Sunou soiled herself, crying as it spilled all over the floor from her pussy with a *tinkle*.

Since this was so absolutely wonderful, I shrugged my shoulders and laughed.

“Amazing, the picture perfect painting of tragedy.”

“……I won’t forgive you.”

Sunou announced with a small, yet clear voice.

Having passed through her worst shame, the defiant Sunou’s next stage was anger.

“Demon……I will never forgive you!”

“So what? There’s no one left for you to save.”

“I……Kokoro-nee-san and myself, I’ll show you that I can save us both!”

Sunou slowly raised her trembling body and glared at me.

She’s chosen to fight with her own power.

Certainly, there’s no other path to choose than this or despair, but she firmly chose the path of fighting.

What every human must first be able to move is themselves. Sunou properly carried herself in such a manner as she stood up and faced me.

Isn’t she stronger than I thought? Unexpectedly, Sunou can be a strong person.

“Go on and try it. I think that it might be the most difficult thing in the world.”

While looking down arrogantly at Sunou, I leisurely spoke dismissive words.

Due to the afterglow of sex still remaining, Sunou was standing on trembling feet. Trying to stand up with her naked body, she desperately supported her torso with both hands.

In the face of Sunou’s figure that tried to oppose me, whom she couldn’t hope to reach, I felt an indescribable sense of adorableness.

Faced with the fact that I could continue to watch the growth and disgrace Sunou, who seemed to fan the flames of my sadistic heart, I felt that I was being filled with the dark emotions which had been burried in the depths of my chest.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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