Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 121 Ext 30

After wandering around school, my eyes suddenly came upon the infirmary.

“Someone might be in there, huh?”

With my curiosity slightly piqued, I entered into the infirmary.

In the room was the usually talkative health teacher and a lone student who was using the bed.

“Oh, you are-“

“Hello, is someone here?”

“Yes, there is. Even after school, Sensei doesn’t have time to get any rest. Rather, it’s only after school when children who have been injured from club activities come in. So Sensei is super busy, and I’m a little sad since people think I have an easy job.”

“I never thought that you had it easy, though.”

Believing in my intuition, I opened the curtain that was hiding the bed.


What was there was a girl that belonged to an athletic club, restined after having apparently been injured.

“……? Ah……”

The girl turned towards me with a suspicious expression when I suddenly came in, but upon hearing the hypnotic tone her face immediately lost its strength as her eyes became hollow.

After guiding the health teacher to the hallway, I locked it and looked to the girl once more.

“What’s your name? And your grade as well?”

“……I am……Sana……I am, a first year……”


The girl who called herself Sana still had some innocence, but she had good facial features and her body was quite developed for a first year.

Since she was in gym clothes, she was probably in the middle of club activities.

“Why are you here today?”

“During club……I twisted my ankle……”

“Heeh, in which club?”

“The tennis……club.”

“I see, I see.”

While asking the question, I gazed at Sana as though licking all over her.

It’s fun to think about how I should play with this child while asking questions like this.

Suddenly, I heard a voice coming from outside the infirmary.

“Oh, you are-“

“I heard that Sana was injured.”

“It’s not a big injury, so don’t worry too much. But, well, I was very surprised at the fact that such a good student would actually rush into such a trivial obstacle.”

Apparently a student worried about Sana’s injury has appeared in front of the infirmary.

By the implanted suggestions, the health teacher wouldn’t let him in, but it’s not like he can just be left alone.

“Or rather, before that, I could hear a voice coming from outside of the infirmary, but do you know whose voice that is?”


“Akiyama-kun, is it? What’s your relationship with him?”

“He’s my, childhood friend and……my boy……friend.”



Sana’s cheeks were dyed with a happy vermillion.

So she has a boyfriend even though she’s just entered high school, huh?

Well, I’m not surprised that this is coming from such a developing child if she was like this in elementary school.

“Well, whatever. For now-“

I played the hypnotic tone outside of the infirmary so that Sana couldn’t hear it.

“Sana will be preparing to leave school after this, so please bring her change of clothes and uniform. Sensei, you will go as well, so please ask the club members for their help. Also—-“

It’s pretty rough, but I told the two of them to go get Sana’s uniform.

After that, I headed back to Sana’s side once more.

“Now then, Sana. You will accept whatever I say. You won’t be able to interrupt or refuse me. Otherwise, your injury won’t heal. If it doesn’t heal, then you won’t be able to go home with Akiyama-kun.”

“I must……accept……what you say……”

“You must accept it, ok? It’s for Akiyama-kun’s sake. You must not get in the way.”

“Yes……for Akiyama……I must……accept, what I’m told. I must not……get in the way.”

It was very simple, but that’s all I needed.

It’d be bad to come up with an elaborate situation and make those two wait after coming back.

Sana had a dazed expression, and swallowed the words that shouldn’t be accepted.

“Well then, let’s wake up.”

Playing the hypnotic tone, I woke her up.

“Nn……huh, you are?”

“I have just come to see your injury.”

“Eh, ah……that’s right.”

Even while holding slight doubts, Sana accepted my words.

As per the hypnosis.

However, since she merely just accepted it, her common sense and shame were left alone as they were.

It’s only natural to question why I, who was in the upper grades, came to see her injury.

“Well then, I’ll palpate your leg so take off your socks and raise your legs.”

“Yes……like this?”

Sana showed her bare feet while seated on the bed.

I also got on the bed and tried to hold Sana’s soft legs.

“I see, I see.”


“What’s wrong?”

“It’s ticklish.”

While saying this, Sana took a little bit of distance from me.

She was probably wary. Even though I was one year older than her, I was still a guy touching her feet.

Even if she allowed me to touch her feet, everything else was protected, or so it felt.

“Alright, then let’s take a look at your whole leg from the base of your thigh. It might get worse, after all.”


That’s why I forcibly got permission through words.

Because Sana was in her gym clothes, her bare feat were exposed near the base of her thighs, and so I could touch them without undressing her.

My hands traveled along both of Sana’s legs as though stroking them. They were smooth and very soft.


Sana turned her eyes away and endured it.

In her mind, she’s probably tormented by the doubts she held as to why this person is doing such a thing, and also the fact that she must accept what she’s told due to the instilled suggestions.

“Hmm, your lower back might also be out of form.”

“Is that so……?”

“Let’s see, I’d like to palpate your waist so could you please take off your bottoms?”

“Eh, my bottoms, you mean-?”

“The clothing of your lower body. Of course, your underwear as well. Undress here-“

Sana stiffened with an astonished expression

Yet, even so, she couldn’t go against the suggestion to accept what I say, and so both of her hands fearfully headed downwards.

“Do I……have to undress?”

“I won’t be able to tell unless it’s skin-on-skin contact, after all.”

Sana slowly took off her bottoms, all the while being hit with the token of inner resistances and doubts.

Because of the suggestion that she couldn’t get in the way, all she could do was ask for confirmation.

Of course, I fully enjoyed her frustrating strip show while hiding my grinning face behind my hand.

“Heeh, so you were wearing red underwear, huh?”

Sana’s eyes became aggressive. Almost as though saying ‘what are you looking at?’

It was the disgust towards having her underwear seen that wasn’t taken care of by the suggestion.

However, she’d be a hindrance if she didn’t undress. And since she couldn’t be a hindrance, she removed her shorts, so it couldn’t be helped that I saw her underwear.

Giving an example, it’d be like a doctor looking at a girl’s bra when using a stethoscope.

“Well then, I’ll touch it so bear with it, ok?”

“Yes……please do, ah……nn……”

“Spread your legs some more.”

Sana opened her legs as I told her to.

Her flesh-coloured crack that had yet to grow hair firmly appeared before my eyes.

I mercilessly reached out and gently stroked it with the pad of my index finger.


“By the way, when did you start dating Akiyama-kun? I’d like you to answer.”

“We first started dating when……he confessed to me, during the middle school graduation ceremony……aah!!”

“I see, so around the graduation ceremony, is it?”

The horny suggestion that was instilled into her from the beginning due to the hypnosis test was also working.

Incidentally, because the Hypnosis Test is performed at the final interview when they’re pretty much guaranteed to pass, it’s not possible for them to have sexual intercourse with anyone other than me from that time onwards.

“I guess Akiyama-kun is a little late, huh?”

“Just what are you……ah!?”

While Sana continued to have the surface of her vagina teased, she lifted her chin.

Both of her legs tensed and began to tremble.

Without mercy, I started stroking Sana’s vagina with my palm.

Rubbing from her navel to her buttocks, I applied the love juice that came out all over her.

“Ah ah, something is coming, it’s coming……aaaaaahh!!”

Sana arched backwards and her entire body shook, squirting as she climaxed.


Sana became breathless as she fell onto the bed with both of her legs still spread open, loosely dangling to the sides.

“Hmm, I have to look inside the vagina as well.”


“I’ll be palpating your vagina now so just stay still, ok?”


“Oh, that’s right. Palpating the vagina will be done with my genitals. That’s the most sensitive part of the man’s skin so it’ll be easy to tell what’s going on, sound good?”


Sana weakly whispered, but she vaguely understood what I meant.

Her face gradually turned blue, but she couldn’t refuse and just watched as I took off my pants.


“What’s wrong?”

“Isn’t this, err, isn’t this sex?”

“That’s right, but it can’t be helped because it’s for palpation.”

“That’s……that’s right…since it’s for palpation, sex can’t be helped, can it…..?”

Sana gazed at my penis with a stunned expression.

Finding it a little amusing, I’ll give her the stalling that she wants.

“What’s the matter?”

“I……I thought it would be nice if my first time was with Akiyama……but then I thought that I couldn’t get that……”

“Ah, I see.”


Sana may not be able to give up her first time to her boyfriend.

However, all she could do was gaze at the penis of a man that wasn’t Akiyama-kun.

Finding that face a little amusing, I simply stroked Sana’s vagina with the tip of my penis.


“Haha, but I have to do this, see.”

My penis was excited and erect, to the point that it seemed as though it could rampage at any moment. It licked her pubic mound with its tip, even now seemingly about to strike.

“Sanaaa! Are you heeere!”


Apparently he came back from picking up her clothes.

It seems that Sana’s prince was right on time.

“Akiya……igh……ah……! It’s coming……insi-……!”

In time for the moment that Sana’s first time was taken.

The tip of my penis pried open Sana’s vagina, penetrated up until the lip of its head.


I could hear Akiyama-kun’s voice through the door, but Sana’s voice wouldn’t come out as she simply flapped her mouth open and closed.

“Please wait just a little longer there.”

“Ah, yes.”

“However, you’ve brought clothes, right? I’d like you to put them on the desk.”

While slowly pushing my penis into her vagina, I closed the bed curtains so that we couldn’t be seen.

The health teacher unlocked the door and Akiyama-kun entered the infirmary.


“Put it on the desk and wait outside again, please. She’ll also change her clothes here, after all.”

“Oh, yes, understood.”

“……h, ……ah……”

They could only see each other’s shadows through the bed curtains.

My penis rubbed and dug into the interior of Sana’s vagina.

The insides of her narrow vagina tightened to resist the foreign substance, which in turn rubbed the entirety of my penis and nicely stimulated it.



It felt like Akiyama-kun was watching this from beyond the curtain.

At that time, my penis kissed the inner depths of her vagina, as I forcefully crammed my member up until its base was completely inside.

After Sana opened her eyes from the pain, she immediately fell limp as her face became exhausted.

“Gigh……ah……! My insides……are being pried open……”


With nothing in particular happening, the infirmary door was closed.

In that instant, I began pumping into her.

“Ah ah! Ah agh ah! D-Don’t move like……!”


Although there was a slight thrill, the whole thing was rigged from the start.

From the beginning, there was a suggestion implanted in him so that he wouldn’t notice us, and so he simply waited quietly outside the infirmary until the end.

“Hyah……aaah……! Inside, it’s scraping, aaah!”

Moving my hips back and forth countless times, I stimulated my penis.

By forcibly inserting my penis that didn’t into the narrow vagina, it tightly stimulated my entire member.

The knob of my penis was stroked by the wet interior of her vagina, and it was almost like the underside of my member’s head was being licked by a tongue every time I pumped her.

“S-Stop, it’s spreadi-!! Kyah, aaah, ah, ah, hyaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!”

Sometimes I grinded my hips and gouged her as though widening the insides of her vagina.

Sana clutched the bed sheets with both hands, lifting only her hips as she remained passive.

Her slovenly expression gave an impression of helplessness, which further aroused me.

“Haha, as expected it’s fun to do a girl who’s having their first time.”

“Ah ah……”

“I’m about to ejaculate semen, but it looks like I’ll end up cumming inside like this.”

“N-Noogh! S-Stop—-“

“I’m going to cum inside.”

“Y……yesh! Iggh!!”

With just one suggestion, I could obtain her consent without changing her emotions.

Though in saying that, I don’t think the current Sana could understand the situation she was in right now.

“Support me so that I can properly creampie you. Hold me firmly with your feet.”

“Okaa–your d〇ck is, trembliiaaaahhh!!”

As per what I said, Sana became crab-legged and held me down with her feet so that I could ejaculate into her vagina.

In order to respond to such an obedient figure, I pushed my penis extremely strongly, following the urge the ejaculate as I ejected my seed just like that.

“Ah ah……it’s coming, inside……gih……aaaaahh agh aaah!!”

Perhaps because Sana was holding me down with her legs, but her upper body clung to me as though in an embrace as she climaxed while glued to my person.

My penis inflated the core of her interior’s dead end, pouring semen into her countless times like a pump.


With a glorp, a sticky mass of semen that could be called a lump filled Sana’s uterus, depriving her of her consciousness.

While enjoying the feeling of her upper body hugging me, which I had never touched due to the nature of the suggestion I implanted in her, I waited slightly to calm down.

After a considerable amount of time had passed, Sana finally regained consciousness.

As I had already finished cleaning up, I simply put on Sana’s panties for her.

“Um……thank you very much……”

“Oh, your uniform is over here, so please change in front of me.”


In order to fully enjoy the closing strip show, I sat on the bed and ogled Sana.

Sana took off her gym clothes and showed me a red bra that I hadn’t seen yet.

After that, she put on her shirt, blazer, and skirt, before donning a figure dressed in the school uniform that I often saw around school.


There wasn’t any conversation.

However, I liked this space. It felt like the semen that I put inside of the girl was being wrapped up like a present.

The reality that I ravaged this uniformed girl was invisible but present within her.


Sana had finished changing clothes. For the time being, she bowed her head slightly to give her salutation.

While gazing at her appearance that didn’t appear particularly strange-

“Oh, that’s right. What careless packaging.”


From my field of view, I could see the semen transmitted to Sana’s legs.

Sana left without mentioning anything and joined Akiyama-kun, who was outside the infirmary.

“Let’s go, Akiyama.”

“Sure, my legs are trembling since I had to wait a while. Are you ok?”


I saw-off the rear view of the duo who were walking side by side.

However, my line of sight was only around Sana’s thighs. They were so sloppy that I couldn’t help but smile.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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