Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 119 Ext 28

I got scolded by Mai because I came to school earlier than usual.

Apparently she wanted to go to school together.

“I said it was my bad, but I contacted you in advance, right?”

[You know, Book, this sort of thing makes me so disappointed when I wake up. Well, it can’t be helped, though.]

Mai complained on the phone but she wasn’t that angry.

My senses were sharp so I was good at grasping the subtleties of malice and disgust.

“That’s why I’m answering the phone like this. I haven’t finished my business, after all.”


It seems like Mai wanted someone to talk to. Even if it’s a shallow conversation, she didn’t hang up the call.

Since I felt indebted to her for the last minute cancellation, I complied accordingly with her conversation.

“I also got called out so suddenly in the morning, see. But, well, I intended to leave early anyways.”

[Aah, as I thought! Let’s attach a rope to Book!]

“My alone time is also important, you know.”

“……! Nn……!”

While answering on the phone, I saw Rein shaking her hips like a leopard in front of me.

Rein had been swallowing her voice ever since the call began, and was still drowning in irresistible pleasures.

Both of our lower bodies were naked, and my penis was already inserted into her vagina.


Rein’s moist eyes glared at me.

Even though she was on all fours, seeing her clenching her fists was slightly scary.


“I’m a bit busy, so I’ll see you at school.”


I hung up the call.


“I haven’t finished the call yet, you know.”

“No way……!”

“Nah, that’s a lie.”

Rein’s eyes became glassy. It seems that she had surpassed her anger.

The inside of her vagina clasped tightly. Even though my penis felt good, it felt as though she were squeezing me with both her hands.

“Haha, your expression just now was pretty nice.”

“You’re the worst.”

Rein probably realised that it was useless to engage with me. She shook her hips wordlessly.

She was really cute because she couldn’t go against the pleasure suggestion despite saying things here and there.

It seems that she was in heat since early in the morning, and so she called me to the school which led to the present circumstances.

We were doing it in the empty classroom near Rein’s usual room.

“But you see, we don’t know what’ll happen if I don’t let it out here, right?”

“…………! Aguah, hyaah!”

Rein didn’t reply, but raised a moan.

My penis mercilessly and repeatedly pumped countless times, rubbing the insides of her vagina. Her folds followed after this, granting me pleasure as though I were being sucked off.

“But you put up with it well. I thought you would definitely speak up.”

“Kyah……what sort of, shameless nonsense are you……ah!”

“Oops, gonna cum now.”

Rein’s face, that was trying to look back, distorted as she faced downwards.

Feeling the tightening pleasure from my penis to my testicles, I entrusted myself to the rising sensation of ejaculation.

“Agah, aaaaaagggghghh!!”

“Haha, isn’t that great? You got what you wanted.”

We were both probably teased and kept in constant suspense during the call with Mai.

Rein climaxed, trembling as though a dam had burst. Her mouth, from which threads of drool were strung, looked unsightly.

My penis continued to ejaculate many times while being immersed in the pleasure of that feeling.

I grabbed Rein’s hips firmly with both hands to get all the semen in her.

“Phew, somehow Rein’s pretty cute, huh? I’ll compliment you.”


Rein slumped onto the floor with her hips still raised. She didn’t speak, but her eyes sharply blamed me.

“Oi, oi, did I do something wrong again?”


“Geez, [Defeat Is Yours].”


Light was lost from Rein’s eyes, and her line of sight became hollow.

The hips of the girl who fell into a hypnotic trance and became limp leaned against me.

“I don’t feel like going along with an unwarranted quarrel. What did I do wrong?”

“……yes, from the call with Mai……everything……was bad……”

“Eeh……what’s with that?”

Which part do I need to reflect on?

I’m not using hypnosis here to make up. I don’t want to use it for that sort of thing, after all.

In other words, it’ll become another clash of wills.

“We had such a fight before too, huh? Well, whatever.”

Thinking a little bit, I pondered around the contents of the suggestions I would instill into Rein.

From here, I wanted an element that I could enjoy and would force my partner to give in.

“Before I did something like pickling her in pleasure, but it didn’t work……alright.”


“Rein……what is this?”

“……dck……semen……” “That’s right, what does it smell like?” “Smelly……bitter……pleasure……hate……sniff……sniff……” “Well then, let’s make it so you really like this scent. Here, try to smell it more.” “sniff*……nn……”

With her eyes still glazed, Rein brought her nose closer to the penis before her eyes.

I secretly stroked Rein’s head. It was the kind of horny suggestion of which I had instilled several into her.

“Look, how do you feel?”


“It feels good when you sniff it, right? Look, you’re steadily feeling better and better.”

“Nn……sniff……nnnh! Aah……”

You feel good. When you smell this, you feel very good, you feel happy, and you want to smell this forever.”

I piled together the scent with the horny suggestion.

Rein became absorbed in it, snorting my penis with a loose face.

This time I simply made it so she’d get aroused by my scent, and since it’s just for a little bit I could eliminate the suggestion after a while.

If she can tolerate strong pleasures, then this time I’ll give her weak pleasure along with a sense of release.

Even if she can tolerate the pain of a broken bone, I’m trying to corrupt Rein with the itching of an insect bite that will suddenly squeeze her.

“You should know the foolishness of picking a fight with me.”


Rein reluctantly drooped her shoulders as the penis was taken away from her.

I used a tissue to wipe my penis that was wet with semen and love juice before lifting her from her trance.



“Why don’t you get dressed soon? I’m gonna go now.”

After lifting her trance, I cleaned my own body up.

Although it would’ve been fine to force her, who was in a bad mood, to do it.

Even while light dwelled in her hollow eyes, Rein was dazed for a while as though still gripped by drowsiness.

For some reason she looked like she was engrossed in something.

“Well then.”

After leaving the classroom, I waited in the hallway for a while.

Even after I had passed the time considerably while playing with my mobile phone, she didn’t come out.

“Oh, so it really was effective, huh?”

I spied on Rein’s appearance through the gap in the door that I had opened slightly when I left.

Rein was in heat again, even though her clothes were neatly arranged.


And to suppress that heat, she was pressing the tissue that I used to wipe my semen against her nose.

The suggestion, as planned, seemed to have broken through Rein’s wall of endurance.


While taking deep breaths, Rein placed her free hand into her skirt.

She was so dazed that she didn’t seem to notice that I was peeking at her.

Well, since it is her we’re talking about, she’ll probably notice me if I watch her too much.

“For the time being, this should be fine.”

Happy with the results to some extent, I returned to the classroom for now.

A while after that, Rein entered the classroom just before the chime signalling class was in session rang.

“Ah, Rei-Rei, morning!”

“Nn, Mai seems energetic.”

“Hey, listen to this! This morning, you see-“

Since the horny suggestion can be suppressed to a certain extent, she had a degree of leeway on the surface.

Rein stood in the classroom as usual without destroying her cold image.

“Well then, today’s class is—-“

Even during class, she looked just as normal.


However, Rein would occasionally pull the tissue out of her pocket and place it against her nose.

From the side, it looked like she had a runny nose, but of course the reality was different.

In all likelihood, she had brought with her the tissue that I had wiped my semen on.


Rein sniffed it and relieved her libido during class. Her cheeks were also red.

As it didn’t look so strange for her to be doing so unless viewed from such a lens, Rein didn’t hesitate to continue sniffing my semen.


I ended up laughing spontaneously at the situation that moved exactly as planned.

Youko-sensei, who was in charge of the lesson, glared at me before returning to her true face, though.

Even if it could be lightly resolved, Rein’s horny suggestion cannot be completely cured.

Rather, the more she scratched it, the worse the symptoms would become, just like the itching of an insect bite.

And besides, the smell of the tissue would disappear after a while and wouldn’t work anymore.

That’s why I’ll just wait for now.

There was already a small hole opening up in the slowly swelling wall of reason.


A while after that came lunch break.

However, as I got tired of just watching her, to the point where I also briefly forgot the suggestion, it happened.



Rein grabbed my hand early in the lunch break.

As it was around the time when the lunch break chime hadn’t stopped ringing, I got mixed up in the confusion of the scuttling students and was taken away.

Of course, I was taken to the empty classroom that was used by Rein.

“Geez, I couldn’t bring my lunch you-uwoh!”


The instant we entered the classroom, Rein locked the door and hugged me.

Bringing her nose close to my neck, she breathed in deeply many times.

“Haha, what’s wrong?”

“Keep quiet.”

“What, weren’t you angry today?”

The power of Rein’s hug became stronger. I felt like I was being squeezed by a bear.

While grinning, I brought up this morning’s quarrel again.

“What, if you like me so much then why don’t you just honestly apologise?”


“I’ll be troubled if you’re just going to hug me. Even my lunch was left back in the classroom.”

Rein’s legs shook every time she smelled me, her feet becoming pigeon-toed.

Perhaps the intermittent resolution of pleasure didn’t make it in time.

After a while, she wouldn’t be able to stand it and would break down.

But just waiting would be dull, and at this rate I’d get bored.

“You can’t just get angry at me unreasonably.”

“Unreasonably, y……you……!”

“But, see, I’m a little frustrated and if there’s something that’s easy for me to stick myself in placed before me, I can just put it in without permission, right—-?”

Rein’s shoulders bounced. She slowly backed away from me.

I took off my pants and exposed my penis as though to strike the finishing blow on the impatient Rein.

“Easy to put in, you……you’re talking about me—-“

“I’m not specifically talking about Rein, you know. I was just talking about if there was a female hole that was easy to insert myself in.”

I felt I could hear the sound of Rein’s throat swallowing.

Even though my male genitals were just erect and asserting themselves, I would guess that its stink was also being directed towards her.

Just like that, I brought my crotch closer to Rein’s nose, who had sunk down to the floor.


Rein’s expression blurred, as though she were impatient, and stopped just as she was about to lick my member.

Well, if she were to lick my penis here then it would be the same as her licking my feet.

That’s why, after letting her think, I said the previous words once more.

“I wonder if there’s an easy place to stick this in?”


When Rein sat on the desk, she closed her legs and let her panties slip through her thighs, taking them off.

Opened her legs, she then showed me the contents of her pantiless skirt–her p*ssy.

“Why don’t you just do what you want……?”

Rein turned to the side in a huff and muttered. Only her genitals were facing the front towards me.

Satisfied with such a response, I turned my penis towards that p*ssy.

“Haha, there’s a hole just right for me.”


With a squish, the tip of my penis spread the lips of Rein’s p*ssy.

The genitals that I had become overly familiar with accepted me smoothly as the head of my member cleanly entered into her.

However, if I tried to pull back even one step, I was stopped as though she was clinging onto me.

“This really is easy to enter inside, huh? Uwoh!”

The tip of my penis poked at the dead end deep inside of Rein.

And at the same time, Rein clung tightly to my body and wouldn’t let go.


Rein rubbed her whole body like a dog and rubbed our scents against each other.

She breathed in hard through her nose and shook her hips on her own.

“Haha, you’re like a dog in heat.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about……you’re the one who just put it in on your own……hyah……!”

I liked this relationship where we couldn’t see each other’s face and simply mingled with each other like beasts.

When I shook my hips, Rein’s p*ssy tightened in response.

Rein, herself, twisted her body as she moved in search of the places that would make her feel good.




When I opened my mouth, Rein turned her feverish eyes towards me and inserted her tongue into it.

slurrp, siip……nnkh……nn!”

Receiving the sensation of my tongue being sucked, my drool was robbed by Rein.

Rein’s expression changed completely from the previously harsh one she had earlier, continuing to seek me out with the moist eyes of a female.

Rein also grasped the initiative with her lower body, and her dexterous vagina played with my penis as though it were being held in a hand.

“Nn……AaAah, ah, ah, hyaauu!!”

Rein shook her body many times from my smell and the pleasures of my penis, each time greedily seeking me out for more.

Her body that received small bits of pleasure in succession lost her tolerance to the large climax that she received, causing Rein’s consciousness to change to that of a female with just her libido.

I shook my hips and penis countless times, and my testicals became narrow and seemed as though they were about to be squeezed.


“Do you really like this smell that much?”

In this room, where the scent of male and female mixed, Rein’s reason melted away.

The appearance of the woman whose expression loosened and was seeking me out, the same girl who was belligerent earlier, satisfied my desire for control.

The head of my penis was stroked many times as it was urged by the vagina that was tightening quickly.

“Got it, look, I’m gonna cum.”

“NN, ahih……hyaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!”

Rein lifted her chin and her whole body arched backwards.

After my penis poked the deepest part of her as though knocking it strongly, I poured a lump of my desire into her open vagina.

With a spurt, that which had a dense smell rampaged inside of Rein’s body.

Despite such an impulse, the two of us didn’t let go of our hugging bodies.



When my semen had been drained to the last drop, it overflowed a little from the inside of her vagina.

Perhaps being satisfied by this, Rein collapsed on top of the desk she was on, flat on her back.

With a shloop, my penis slipped out of Rein’s vagina and gave off a semen-filled odour.


Rein’s nose twitched and pitifully squirted love juice from her convulsing vagina.

Although I felt gratified from such a vulgar appearance, I still wouldn’t stop here.

“Hey now, lick it.”


I deliberately placed my penis under Rein’s nose.

Rein’s reaction was weak, perhaps because she couldn’t move from being languid.

“Ah, ah……nn……”

However, her body was honest. Her nose brushed against the semen, and at the same time Rein’s butt rose up.

With a splut, love juice leaked out from her p*ssy.

“Haha……how unsightly.”

While muttering satisfactorily to myself, I rubbed the semen left on my penis against her.

Rein was obsessed with the smell before her eyes, and without even hearing my voice just stretched her tongue out to my meat rod.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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