Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 118 Ext 27

Author Note:

This time the story will advance from Touhou Sunou’s perspective.

My day started early in the morning today.

“Sunou-chan, please wake up.”


The one who was gently shaking my body was Kokoro-nee-san.

Come to think of it, I remember staying at Kokoro-nee-san’s apartment yesterday.

I, who was weak in the mornings, resisted by squirming my body.

“That’s no good, if you sleep like this then you’ll get violated by Master.”

“……ok, I get it.”

I woke up reluctantly.

Kokoro-nee-san says things that strangely push the right buttons.

“Sunou-chan, are you ok? I was told that you were late yesterday-“

“……I had done the deed quite a lot.”

“But when I saw Master’s sleeping face, he still seemed unsatisfied so I had him forcibly take the sleeping Sunou-chan……”

I was in a bad mood during mornings, but I don’t have fits like the Demon.

While shaking my body unsteadily from side to side, I headed to the living room.

Perhaps relieved from seeing this, Kokoro-nee-san immediately went to the Demon.


With curiosity, I peered into the Demon’s room.

Kokoro-nee-san took off the pants of the Demon, who was asleep as usual, and began sucking on his morning wood.

Stirring her long side hair so that it wouldn’t get in the way, her beautiful lips kissed his d*ck many times.


Kokoro-nee-san’s eyes shone to the point of being bleary, moving to not wake up the Demon as though wanting to prolong this as long as possible as she raised her hips and hugged his lower body.

Her elegant and lowly appearance was like a vassal who swore allegiance to their lord.

As I wanted to wash my face, I stopped watching at that point.


I don’t hate naughty things, but I’m not as gluttonous as the Demon.

To a certain extent, if you can confirm the connection with your partner then that in itself is satisfying, or rather I don’t have the physical strength to do more.

That’s why I haven’t fully recovered from the tiredness of being ravaged last night.

“So sleepy……even though I have school today……”

“Aah, nbgh! Good morning, Ma’her……!”

After finishing my business to a certain extent, I ran away from the washroom. I’ll set up my hair later.

After relaxing in the living room for a while, the Demon who had finished his face and brushed his teeth appeared.


I felt good in the morning after seeing the Demon’s super disappointed face.

Apparently, just as Kokoro-nee-san expected, she came up with the idea of sleeping with me.

“Master, what’s wrong? I woke Sunou-chan up early.”


With a slightly feverish face, Kokoro-nee-san licked her tongue and laughed at the Demon.

She brought her mouth close to his ear and whispered in an easy-to-understand manner.

It was almost as though she were declaring that she woke me up herself and disturbed the Demon’s enjoyment.

The Demon made a sullen face, and seemed to have firmly grasped her intention.

“Ah, Master, what are you, you’re pulling my hand, aaah!!”

Kokoro-nee-san was immediately taken to the Demon’s room.

I started to enjoy the breakfast that had been properly prepared.

Today as well, the morning seemed to have advanced as per someone’s expectations.

Immediately after coming to school, my back teeth started to hurt.

This isn’t cavities. This is-

“Sunou-chan, morning!”

“Nn, morning Nao.”

When I entered the classroom, Nao who had noticed me rushed over.

Even amongst my friend group, she could be said to be the girl I get along most with.


And that Nao, after greeting me, looked up at me with an expression of suspicion.

“Somehow, I have a bad feeling.”

“So it really is that, huh?”

At the same time, Nao and I sensed an unpleasant premonition. This meant the probability was quite high.

The probability that the Demon had likely set up something.

He mostly lives and plays around in the high school, but sometimes also likes to toy around with the middle school department as well.

My natural-born intuition was good enough for me to brag about it.

“Ah, as I thought, Sunou-chan thinks so too, right? We’re so similar!”

“I don’t know if being similar has anything to do with it, though.”

Nao was also sensitive to this, or rather she was super cautious regarding the Demon.

The reason for that, I have no idea.

“I think it’s really great for us to be able to share the same feelings. It’s like, when you share favourites and dislikes with another person, it feels like fate……”

“The Demon might be somewhere around here.”

“Why are you talking about that man……?”

I look around and try to find out what’s different from normal.

If I feel even the slightest bit of incongruence, then that’s when the Demon is plotting something nasty.

The Demon was somehow a prideful guy, so if I can uncover the rules then he probably won’t do anything terrible and I can prove that I’m the one on top.

“Something strange……it seems like there’s less people in the classroom……”

“Ah, it looks like the boys aren’t in the classroom today for exercise training and takoyaki parties.”

“That so? Then there’s no problem there, huh. Next is……”

I don’t know. There’s a possibility that my cognition has been shifted.

In saying that, though, I’d wind up dancing on the Demon’s palm if I gave up. I’ll untie this knot from the slightest string of discomfort.

Thinking this, morning homeroom started while I was on guard.

“Alriight, today is a special class for first period, so please prepare for it right awaaay.”

I came to a realisation from the teacher’s words.

“Special lesson? Perhaps this is-“

“Sunou-chan, we’re pulling all the desks to the side.”

The girls other than me are quickly preparing for the lesson.

While holding doubts, I followed the flow and prepared accordingly.

“Say, Nao, what’s the special class today?”

“Erm, it’s relaxation practice day, right? First, we place a soft mat in the center of the classroom.”

“A mat……in other words, something on top of that is……”

That mat is definitely going to be used for something naughty. It’s possible that we’ll either be sexually harassed or made to take in a d*ck on top of that.

Furrowing my brow, I stared at the Demon who may or may not be on top of the mat.

“A hot spring will gush out from there so everyone can enter it.”

“Oh, a hot spring.”

If it’s a hot spring, then I guess the Demon is unrelated.

A warm hot spring came out from the mat, and a space like a transparent aquarium spread out before my eyes.

It’s always strange no matter how many times I see it. After all, there’s a hot spring where water doesn’t overflow from the top of the mat.

“Fufu, then let’s go in!”

Other schoolgirls have already begun to take off their uniforms.

Upon looking at the hot springs, I also wanted to quickly get in. I can feel good if I go inside that. I thought that so much it was unbearable.


“Sunou-chan really likes black underwear, huh……it’s so cute, I like it.”

“Is that so?”

If you like black underwear so much, then Nao should also just wear them.

Folding the uniform ontop of my desk, I placed my bra and panties on top so that they could also be seen.

My own nakedness feels somewhat poor compared to Kokoro-nee-san and the others.

However, I don’t have to worry about this since the Demon is a pervert who likes this anyways.

“No, no, why do I have to be concerned about what the Demon thinks in the first place……?”

“Naaooo, Sunoou, hurry and get in!”

“Indeed, the two of us are over here.”

My friends Chihaya and Reika were already naked and in the hot springs.

Nao stared at me without moving.

I took Nao’s hand-

“Let’s go.”


For the time being, I wanted to quickly get in and feel good.

Upon entering the hot spring, I got goosebumps as a feeling of bliss spread throughout my entire body.


Crouching on the mat, I soaked my shoulders in the hot water.

Enveloped by a warmth that permeates to my core, my entire body ended up losing its strength.

“It feels so goood……”


In the transparent bath, it only looked like the naked girls were crouching on top of the mat from the side, but it’s all fine since it’s a hot spring.

Just by entering, you’ll be filled with a wondrous feeling that relieves you of all tiredness and stress.




Suddenly, the girl on the other side curled up and began to tremble.

With a bright red face, she shook her body as though tickled.

“Nn, hyuuh!”

“Oh, it’s the massage phenomenon.”

“How nice. When that happens, you’ll feel even more comfortable and happy, right? I wonder if I can have that happen to me too?”

“Haha, girls nowadays have such soft chests.”

“Ah, ah……”

The girl on the other side changed her posture, moving many times while panting in anguish.

Her still developing chest was distorted as though someone was rubbing it, and both of her legs couldn’t move, as though they were affixed to something.

And then, upon receiving the gazes of all of us who were inside of this bath, her expression pleasurably distorted.

“Ah, aah……ah! …………!”

“Oh dear, she collapsed. We need to lie down just her head outside of the mat so that she doesn’t drown.”

“Okaay, it’s about time to shampoo. The child selected as the representative, please take out the shampoo from the faucet.”

As soon as I heard somebody’s voice say that, a faucet suddenly appeared.

That thing, which looked similar to a rod, had a bulging tip that looked like a barb. There were two bags hanging from it, and its colour was black and grotesque.

“So the shampoo will come out from there.”

The faucet chose a girl while all the female students were watching it.

“E-eh, me?”

A mature girl with long black hair was lifted up as though they were being hugged.

“Do you know how to do it?”

“Erm, in order to squeeze the shampoo out, I have to rub the faucet with my p*ssy, right?”

“That’s right, good girl.”

After the girl got on all fours, she raised her hips and brought the faucet forward.

The tip of the faucet hit the black-haired girl’s p*ssy.

It pressed against her lower lips, opening them little by little as she was slowly being scooped out.

“Ih……kyu……! ……obgh!”

“Whoops, sorry.”

When the faucet trembled like a beast, it inserted itself into the black-haired girl’s p*ssy all at once.

The girl leaked out a voice as though she had been punched in the stomach, trembling because she was unable to resist.

“Ah, ah……igih, uuh!”

“Huh, I wonder if I’ve ravaged this one before? As I thought, when I choose the ones that I like then I’ll end up choosing the same ones, huh.”

The black-haired child was in a state of being hung by the faucet’s hand, her body weakened while on all fours.

In the meantime, the faucet kept going in and out of the girl’s p*ssy, making wet squeaking noises.

“Small girls really are physically tight, huh? Well, it’s because of this that I played with them earlier. It’ll come out soon so just do your best for a bit longer.”

“Hyah, aaaah!! Kyaaaaaah!!”

We students didn’t know when the shampoo would come out, so we thoroughly watched the faucet being rubbed.

For some reason I was feeling good just from watching it, as my crotch became itchy.

“Hey, it’s coming out of the faucet so firmly tighten up!”

“Ah, agah, kyaaaaaaahhh!”

The girl and the faucet trembled, as the black-haired girl climaxed.

Despite the girl’s body arcing back and trembling, she still fulfilled her role as shampoo pumped out of the faucet.


“That’s the shampoo, right……?”

Shampoo overflowed from the point of union between the black-haired girl and the faucet.

Seeing that, the girls around me spread their hands below the black-haired girl’s crotch, waiting in order to get the shampoo that spilled out from her.

“Erm, the girls who got the shampoo need to apply it to their chests, right?”

“That’s right. Here, Sunou-chan, you too. I got some.”

A turbid white liquid clung to Nao’s palms.

Wanting that slightly, I enjoyed Nao’s goodwill and got myself a little.

The two of us entwined our hands and spread the white liquid on our palms.


After that, I spread it over the little bulges on my chest.

The other girls were also carefully applying the small amount of liquid.


The faucet had already moved near a girl who was elsewhere, and so this time it was a different girl’s turn to be in charge of pumping out the shampoo.

“This shampoo will still remain on you after bathing, so you have to wipe it with the back of your panties before putting on your clothes, right?”

“Wasn’t it better to wipe it off immediately after applying it?”

There was a girl in this area who already had her panties in hand, rubbing it against her chest with shampoo on it.

I was so dazed by the pleasure that I felt drunk and my thoughts wouldn’t move.

“But, I’m pretty sure the Demon is……”

“Ah, it looks like the shampoo is coming out again!”

Spreading the shampoo on my chest as though manipulated by something, I gazed at the voice of the panting girl with a somewhat far-off look.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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