Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 116 Ext 25

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This is the continuation of Extra Arc 24: Hypnosis Test First Part.

Due to the Hypnosis Test, Kokoro’s upperclassman in university, Youko, was caught up in the Hypnosis Test.

The voluptuous breasts of her adult-like body swayed before my eyes like a congratulatory decorative paper ball.

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After making Youko stand in the center of the classroom, I whispered into her ear.

“Do you know where you are?”

“In a……class……room.”

“That is incorrect, this place is a bathroom. It’s a place to wash your body. You are here in order to wash your body, yes?”

“In order……to wash……my body.”

While swaying with hollow eyes, Youko ruminated on what I said to her.

She, who had fallen into a hypnotic trance, was nothing other than a doll that accepted every single word spoken to her.

I wiped away the drool that spilled from her mouth with my thumb.

“Now then, I guess I’ll bring you back to normal. All of my words are correct so make sure to properly accept them.”

“Yes……what you say is……correct.”

I sounded the buzzer and released her from her hypnotic trance with the suggestions still intact.

Youko’s eyes snapped open, her hollow pupils slightly regaining their brilliance.

“H-Huh, this place is……the bathroom?”

“I am an existence that is here to wash you. Please ask me anything that you don’t understand.”

“Erm, yes. I-“

“You came to this room to wash your body, yes?”

“Indeed, that was the case.”

After her shoulders twitched for an instant, Youko accepted my words as though they were a matter of course.

“Your clothes will get wet if you keep them on. Please put your clothes on top of this chair.”

“Under, stood.”

She accepted this situation, which was strange no matter how one looked at it. That in itself was so irresistibly fun.

After placing her jacket on the chair, Youko slowly began to strip.

She unbuttoned her shirt, causing a large bra to be reflected before my eyes. Dropping her skirt to the floor, she was left in just her underwear.

“That’s some adorable underwear.”

“Is that so……I couldn’t really find any really cute ones in this size.”

Youko lifted both of her breasts, describing her impression of the bra.

I inadvertently wanted to reach my hand out, but I still had to bear with it.

When she took off her bra, her breasts jiggled about like pudding.

When she leaned forward and lowered her shorts, she became fully nude in the classroom.


With a slightly doubtful expression, Youko surveyed the classroom while naked.

“Um, where’s the shower?”

“Oh, come to think of it, this was the bathroom, wasn’t it? The shower head is stored here.”

“Inside of your trousers?”

While saying so, I took off my pants and took out my penis.

“Is this it? I’ve never seen a shower like this before.”

“Is that so? Well, then I’ll teach you how to use it. Please try rubbing the nozzle.”

“Like, thi-hyah!? It became bigger!”

“If you keep rubbing it like that, water will come out. It’s very fragile, so please be gentle with it.”

While tilting her head to the side, Youko stroked the rod as she was told.

My penis trembled, reacting like a different creature. Rather than the stimulus itself, I was more excited about the fact that I tricked her into serving me.

“It doesn’t seem like it is coming out yet.”

“Ah, that’s ok, I’ve been holding back from the earlier test so it should come out soon.”

“Test? Kyah……!”

“See, water has started accumulating in the nozzle.”

My penis quivered, little by little.

Perhaps thinking that was the signal, Youko closed her eyes and raised her chin.


Without having to endure the ideal situation, I ejaculated on her hair.


“I’ll cover your hair properly so bring your face closer.”


Using her hand as a comb, Youko spread the semen that was covering her hair.

After aiming my penis at her forehead and spitting out semen on her several times, I rubbed the tip against her cheek, cleaning it.

While smiling with satisfaction, I thought about the next suggestions I should give.

“Well then, next let’s enter the bathtub and warm up our bodies.”

“Ah, yes. That’s right……the bathtub is?”

“Look, it’s right in front of you. Only when you close your eyes will you be enveloped in the bathtub.”

Of course, no such thing actually happens.

After Youko closed her eyes, I finally touched her skin.

“See, the place I’m touching is getting warmer, right? The places I touch will become wetter, more pleasant, and cleaner.”

“The places you touch……more pleasant, and cleaner……ah-“

“Let’s wash the area around the nipples.”

My own body has become hot water that washes her body.

While moving my hands indecently, I played with Youko’s breasts.

“When you think you are being washed, put into words about how you are being washed.”

“Yes……my nipples are being carefully rubbed, they feel warm. Aaah, they’re b-being pinched. The tips are being carefully kneaded and cleaned!”

Youko’s voice is full of heat. Her legs trembled adorably and pitifully, and she almost sank to the floor.

So that she didn’t fall, I pulled her nipples upwards, forcibly making her stand up.

“Aaah, it feels good!! Ah, this time the area around my navel is being stroked, and it feels as though the depths of my body are being warmed……”

Youko’s entire body writhed in agony.

Holding expectations towards the hands that are brushing against her, she brought her body closer to me.

“My thighs are being stroked, and my legs are trembling. Aaah……my butt is being grabbed and squeeze-aaaaah!!!”

“What’s wrong?”

“N-No, I’m ok. Aah……haah……”

“Please answer honestly. There’s nothing shameful about it.”

“I climax……no, I came. I felt naughty and……aah.”

Youko’s face turned bright red in embarrassment as she covered her face with her hands.

In a good mood, I tried to shift towards the real thing.

“Then, let’s wash between the crotch next.”

“In between……the crotch?”

“That’s right, since it gets stuffy inside after all. So firmly—-“



“That place……belongs to Tomoyuki-san……”

I involuntarily snickered.

Apparently she is remaining faithful.

Perhaps she has some resistance towards having her naughty parts touched?

I wonder if she’s so innocent that she hesitates to even touch herself.

It’s fun to loosen up and pry open such a woman with hypnosis.

“There’s nothing strange to it. Nothing dirty is happening here. This is something done to wash the body, and if you keep this place clean then your husband will be happy.”


Using her husband, I diluted her psychological resistance.

Using that opening, I pushed my index finger into her.

Youko straightened her back with a twitch, realising that she had been touched.

“This is something you need to do for your husband. It’s rude if you don’t wash it.”

“I need to……wash properly……”

In the Hypnotic Test state, her resistance born from love also veinly opened up her body.

Upon putting my finger in her, I confirmed that she was wet.

And then, I exposed my penis to the woman who had accepted my finger.

“Well then, in order to wash it, please place your hands on the wall and stick out your butt.”

“……like, this?”


While still dazed, Youko placed her hands against the wall and thrust out her hips as instructed.

I grabbed her waist tightly and placed my penis on top of her butt.

On top of her butt, I showed her the heat of the member that was going to be put inside her.

“Well then, I’ll go deep inside and wash you off. Is that ok?”

“…………yes, for his sake……I need to wash……aaah!!”

After deliberately letting her speak, I started the insertion.

The tip of my penis hit against Youko’s vagina. Pushing away the soft sensations that were like lips, I spread her folds and entered deep inside.

“Y-Yes……aah……so biig……”

While being greeted by that small snapping resistance, I advanced deeper and deeper.

While trembling, Youko was in agony with her tongue sticking out in pain.

My penis still pried open the interior of her vagina, moving deeper and deeper in.


“It can still go in deeper, but will that be ok?”

“Y-Yes……I have to wash it deep inside……and make it all clean……”

Apparently she was more of a clean freak than chaste. The key word ‘wash’ weakened her resistance towards sexuality.

In that sense, the hypnotic suggestion that made her think this place was a bathroom was the most fitting choice.

My penis collided with the innermost dead end of her vagina.

“……ah, okh……it’s the first time……something has come in this far……”

“It looks like I can still go further in. Here I go.”


Since my penis couldn’t fit all the way in, I forcefully crammed it into her vagina.

Youko’s womb was squeezed, and she let loose a low voice. Although she was touching the wall, she almost slipped and fell down.

While firmly supporting just her waist, I called out to her.

“Hey now, do your best. Otherwise you won’t be able to finish washing up.”

“Y-Yes……I-I need to wash, so……gih, kyaah!!”

I began moving my penis back and forth like a piston.

Imagine that it was like washing her insides with a brush. I continued to pump her while using the head to dig into the insides of her vagina as though I were scrubbing her sides.

Youko dug her nails into the wall and desperately endured.

“Ah, iighiih!! M-My insides, it’s rubbing my insides!!”

Youko became pigeon-toed and was about to lose her balance.

The horny suggestion that was implanted into her by the Hypnotic Test was probably working. It’s most likely that she had been swallowed up in a surge of tactile sensations that she had never felt before.

Well, being able to endure despite this is probably a sign that she’s older and wiser.

“Haah, ah ah, kyaahn!! AaaAAAAAAHHH!!!”

Youko has short legs so when her knees bent, she ended up standing on her tiptoes.

Her weight, that was barely supported by my hands, was used to push our genitals together.

My penis was forcibly crammed into her vagina, and even if I tried to pull out I would pry open her depths and devour the interior of her vagina.

This wasn’t a bathroom, but even so the wet sound of a woman’s love juice echoed.

“Aah, ah, hot, so hoot!! Igiiiiihhh!!”

“I’ll let out some water, so let’s cleanly wash you off.”

“W-Water!! Water, hot water!! Kyaaaaahh!!”

My penis continued to rampage, as though pushing a hard soldering iron into her soft vagina.

Even so, at last I reached my limit.

My focus gathered into the lower half of my body, and my field of vision flickered slightly. While seeing an illusion that my will was reflected in my penis, I could tell that heat was gathering in my member.

When I noticed this, I spewed forth that heat into Youko’s vagina.

“Ah, ah, inside, something is, coming, coming inside, kyaaaaaaaahhhh!!”

Youko scratched the walls of the classroom, her entire body convulsing as though she had received an electric shock.

After throwing her chin backwards and climaxing, she lost strength as though her strings had been cut.

My penis poured a liquid of black emotions into her.

Entrusting myself to my pulsating body, I never let my hands go of her hips.


By the time that I noticed it, I became aware of Youko’s fainted figure, who was just dangling from her waist.

I slowly pulled my waist back.

While being sucked in by her damp vagina, my penis slipped out while still feeling that lukewarm sensation.


The moment my penis came out, Youko lost her support and fell to the classroom floor.

Semen that couldn’t fit inside of her crotch overflowed and stained the floor.

While rolling her body with my feet, I exhaled satisfactorily.

“Well, it seems like it would be enjoyable to carefully select the teachers to some extent. There won’t be any problems if someone like her gets pregnant, after all, and there’s a proper childcare leave system so we can guarantee that at school.”

I trampled on her while chuckling to myself.

Making Youko lie on her back, I lightly stepped on her lower abdomen.

In doing so, the semen that overflowed from inside her vagina like a pump looked so foolish that I inadvertently loosened my mouth.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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