Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 115 Ext 24

Author Note:

This is a story I wrote that describes what the Hypnosis Test is like, so-

-the naughty stuff will happen in the final part

This is a story that happened before I became a 2nd year.

When I tried to open the door of the Counselling Room after class like usual, I stopped in my tracks.

“Is someone visiting?”

Noticing the signs of someone inside, I reigned in my desire to tease Kokoro and changed my countenance.

After knocking once, I got a reply from Kokoro and opened the door.

“Please come in.”

Kokoro’s expression burst into full bloom as she beckoned to me.

As for me, I was more concerned about the fact that there was a woman with an unknown face here.


“Nice to meet you, I am Youko. Is he the aforementioned?”


To put it simply, the woman who called herself Youko was an adult woman.

Along with her calm atmosphere, her well-organised facial features also gave off a type of composure. However, she looks very young from her appearance, and was probably a little older than Kokoro.

She had a chest whose weight was on par with Kokoro’s, and with the two of them together, it made me want to recoil back a little.

“So Houjou, guys like him are unexpectedly your type, huh?”

Youko once again opened her mouth after making several presumptions about me at a glance.

Although she was laughing, there was a slight amiability to her smile. That being said, Kokoro had more charm to her.

Kokoro didn’t seem to mind it, and so leaned her body against me who was sitting next to her.

“Yes, that’s right. She’s cute to touch, you know. I won’t give him up, though.”

“That’s fine. I have Tomoyuki-san, after all.”

“Kokoro, why is she here? I more or less understand that she’s not a student of this school.”

“Senpai is a teacher who will be assigned to our school next year. It’s a little early, but she came to greet me. And, actually, she’s also my upperclassman at the university that I attended.”

Oh, come to think of it, adults also enrol in this school.

Basically this school is managed by the original chairman, but there are times when Kokoro moves around some of the finer details.

Perhaps this woman named Youko is also-

“That’s because Houjou recommended me, right? I’m really grateful for that, though.”

“Well, that’s because you told me you wanted to work again after getting married so I wanted to help you.”

“Well, it’s not like I feel like I can have children yet, after all. I also wanted to add a little something to my life, so you really helped me a lot.”

I see, I see. So she got married, but wanted to work and so gained a position here.

While Youko said that, she fixedly stared at my face.

“I never heard about this kind of topic from Houjou once before, but somehow I’m convinced. However, my seminar junior must have made passes at many of these kinds of children, right?”

“I have not. He is special.”

“Well, I guess he does seem more good-looking than the other kids, or rather he seems to be more well-groomed than the others, but……”

As a side note, my hairstyle and appearance has pretty much all been taken care of by Kokoro.

Because of this, I am confident about the reputation of my appearance.

All the hair below my neck has also been made smooth, which was also to Kokoro’s preference.

“But does this kid really go to our college?”


“By the way, I’ve seen your results and you need to try a bit more. Well, since it’s at Houjou’s request, I’ll be teaching you personally, though.”

“Hm? Hang on, what do you mean by that?”

Youko was a teacher who will be assigned to my highschool next year.

Why would she talk to me about my career?

Furthermore, I have absolutely no intention of attending the university that Kokoro attended. I haven’t decided on a career.

When I indirectly glanced at her, Kokoro averted her gaze.

“What is this about?”

“Hm, what’s wrong, Houjou?”

“In any case, Senpai came today in order to take the appointment test for this school. Before that, she came to greet me.”

“Oh, it’s already time, huh? Thanks, Houjou. It was a good diversion.”

When Youko rose from her seat, she waved at the two of us before leaving the classroom.

Revealing the rest of my true nature, I glared at Kokoro with a contemptuous look.


“No, I did not specify any specific course or career for Master. However, since it is necessary to prepare for the future, and with regards to a school of choice, I have only given an example that has a convenient difficulty level. I thought that doing so would make Senpai listen to my request.”

“Simply put, such ridiculous information makes me feel sick.”

“T-Then will you be punishing me!?”

“You, did you really just haphazardly give an example?”

Certainly, the adjusted standard score of the university that Kokoro went to was quite high.

Studying in order to enter such a place is going to be a little painful.

I can’t help but feel that Kokoro is trying to guide my future career with a cheerful face.

“Yes, that’s right. It is not as though I have the secret ambition to attend the same university as an alumnus and enjoy campus life with Master. Also, if you can get my Senpai to help you study, then it will help to improve your current grades.”

“Well, the grades part I’m ok with. However, I won’t do what you want me to, got it?”

Actually my grades are pretty bad at this school.

This might sound like an excuse, but I can’t compete with the students who gained extreme concentration during class from the Hypnosis Test.

Even if the tests become a difficult task for students who can remember each word in the textbook, I would like to be praised for at least scoring a 70.

The Hypnosis Test has greatly increased my school’s grade level. The average score is now 90.

Incidentally, Mai was still right in the middle of the grade, and Rein’s scores were also good, though not to that extent.

They may be way too excellent, but I’m just normal.

“I’m happy my slave is thinking about my grades, but what was that about earlier with Kyouko?”

“Oh, it’s showing on the monitor. This time I have a camera there, so we can see Youko-senpai taking the Hypnosis Test.”

“What, is that true?”

Finding out that I could see someone taking the Hypnosis Test, I turned my eyes to the monitor.

Although I’ve seen the Hypnosis Test subjects many times, I like watching them take it.

Moreover, this time it was a beautiful woman named Youko who was undertaking the test.

“This is……the next classroom over, huh?”

“Yes, the audio from our side will transmit through for just a bit so please be quiet.”

The monitor showed a not-so-large classroom.

Youko was sitting at the desk that was near the monitor, and in the front and center of the classroom.

There was a bundle of paper on the table. That was the Hypnosis Test.

“Youko-san, I’m about to start the Thought Harmonisation and Deep Psychology Standardised Test. As explained in advance, there will be two answers on the test sheets—Yes and No. Please answer each question 5 seconds after the test buzzer begins to sound. The buzzer will ring again after 5 seconds, so use that as a signal to move on to the next question. Furthermore, your answers to this test will not affect whether you pass or fail, and the contents will be kept confidential as personal information. As such, please submit honest answers.”


“In addition, please note that we will not accept any questions or exits during the exam. On the off chance that the exam is interrupted, you will have to start over.”

After looking at the monitor only once, Youko, who was in the classroom, turned her eyes down to the stack of paper.

Immediately after turning off the microphone, Kokoro started the Hypnosis Test buzzer.

“Youko was it? Perhaps it may be because Kokoro introduced her, but she’s really beautiful.”

“Senpai was also popular whenever she was in seminars. She was good at looking after others, to the point where even I have been taken care of by her. However, it seemed that she was already engaged by the time I became acquainted with her.”

“Well, she’s quite the pure-hearted fellow.”

Through the monitor, I could see Youko answering questions every five seconds.

At first, the questions were still simple and harmless .

However, in the meantime, the handmade symbols were strewn throughout in order to assist with the induction.

“Master, does the content of the second half of the test make sense?”

Kokoro pulled my hand tightly while drawing her body in closer.

She was like a dog that wanted attention.

“Yeah, I did run my eyes over it, after all.”

“Do you have someone you like? Do you like spicy foods? At first, the questions are like those on a normal questionnaire. However, partway through–look.”

Youko’s hands stopped for a moment. When she tried to raise her face and recalled that no one was around, the five-second buzzer sounded and she hurriedly circled one of the answers before moving to the next question.

Well, it was a common reaction.

“They have turned into questions that can’t be answered. Having her answer questions that were a mess of letters or even just numbers with a yes or no didn’t mean that they didn’t have meaning, as the strength of this Hypnosis Test is to make them focus on those questions.”

Even with the hypnosis I’ve applied on myself, there is an induction where I have to grasp a shape that I cannot understand.

“It is important for them to focus, and I guess it could be said that this is the stage where the command of having to provide an answer would turn into a suggestion?”

“Oh, it seems her gaze that was chasing around the questions has started to wander a bit.”

Youko wrinkled her brow and passed her eyes along the question whose design she did not understand.

However, unlike before, she was trying to understand the problem without questioning it.

The blur of trying to understand something that cannot be understood further strengthens the command to answer questions.

“A test is like a suggestion that has been instilled in people since childhood. It’s common sense to say that, if there is a test, one needs to write an answer to it, right? And there is an instruction on the test to answer its questions. Furthermore, one has been brainwashed since childhood to follow such instructions.”

Every time the five-second buzzer sounded, Youko hurriedly writes the answer and moves on to the next question.

There was no time for her to change expressions, and she solved the problems as though she were being chased.

However, unconsciously, her gaze that caught something other than the questions moved.

“The suggestions have started to be cast. Her line of sight has become uncertain. I like this moment when their expressions disappear and become blank. It’s the moment when she falls into the palm of my hands.”

“She’s no longer confused.”

Youko’s entire body began to node off as though she were sleeping with her eyes open.

Despite this, her dominant hand naturally filled in the answers, moving as per the buzzer dictated.

Drool spilled from her open mouth. She didn’t seem to care about that at all.

“Incidentally, there are questions close to sexual harassment mixed in at the end. But even still, the test taker will answer it honestly, as you can see over there, so the hypnosis is pretty much complete.”

“What kind of questions, for example, are there?”

“Something like ‘have you ever imagined yourself sleeping with the person you like in the past few days’? There’s also ‘have you ever been unable to control your libido’?”

“Yes I have.”

“I wasn’t asking you, slave.”

Youko’s shoulders became weak, and her movements when circling her answers became a little strange.

Seen from the outside, she looked so unstable that it wouldn’t be strange for her to collapse.

Her eyelids also looked heavy, and her gaze didn’t seem to know where she was looking.

“Her eyes have started to become blank and hollow, huh? There were differences as to when individuals become like this, but at this point the hypnosis is pretty much complete.”

“There are still questions remaining. Shall we suspend the test?”

“No, let’s have her do it till the end.”

Youko continued to give answers to the test questions in an unprotected state with her eyes still dazed.

Although it was irritating, there was a certain beauty that came with watching a woman just before she fell into my hands.

The wait felt long, like when waiting for delicious food, but that was also one of the enjoyable parts.

“Hmm, is she done?”


“Shall we go?”

Youko’s hand stopped, dropping the pen.

Like a puppet whose strings had been cut, she no longer moved with her entire body slackened.

Leaving the Counselling Room, I headed for the empty classroom nearby.



I couldn’t stop my mouth from slackening.

Youko, who was before my eyes, fell into a hypnotic trance without looking at the strangers who entered the classroom.

“Who are you?”

“……I am……Youko.”

Without moving her eyes towards me, Youko simply answered what was asked of her.

Even when I placed my finger on her shoulders, she didn’t react at all.

As a test, I flipped the desk forward, causing it to make a loud clank noise.


Youko simply sat there without worrying about the fact that she only had a chair.

While placing my hand on Youko’s thigh which was hidden by the desk, I whispered to her.

“What is your profession?”

“……soon……I will……become a……teacher.”

“I see, so you will become a teacher at this school, yes?”

I stroked Youko’s legs and pinched her skirt that I happened to brush against with my fingers.

I could clearly see her lower body, from the base of her thighs all the way up to her underwear.

Even if I tried to roll up her skirt so that she could be seen from the monitor, Youko didn’t respond.

“If you’re a teacher, then you have to listen to what I tell you. Because, even within this school, I’m an important student.”

“Yes……I have to……listen to you……”

“If you do, then your job at this school will become something splendid.”

After enjoying a brief exchange of general questions and answers, I pulled Youko’s hand and had her stand up.

While still dazed, Youko was pulled by her hand, being dragged up by me.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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