Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 113 Ext 22

Houjou Kokoro Rewind Ogling-Arc

When it comes to peeping, stealth is vital.

The depriving sense of conquest that comes from ogling at the figure of a girl who is not looking at you really gratifies one’s libido.

After making several preparations to that end, I started peeping.

“I guess it should be good soon, huh?”


Kokoro was under a hypnotic trance before my eyes, her hollow pupils gazing blankly at the ceiling.

There were many various kinds of peeping that can be done through hypnosis. Since you could basically alter the target’s recognition so you wouldn’t be found.

“The thrill of being found out would disappear, but I don’t feel like being discovered in the first place.”

For me, who took a leap of faith in the hypnotic ability since the beginning, this method suits me more.

“But, well, even if you couldn’t recognise me, you’d still notice me so I had no choice but to do this. It’d be troublesome if my subject is conscious of me.”

I lifted Kokoro’s chin and grumbled.

Even with her face raised Kokoro’s expression didn’t change, making her look like an elaborate doll.

Since this woman can read my behavioural patterns with a high degree of accuracy, she’ll probably notice that I’m there even if she can’t recognise me from the smallest of my habits, and while I could hypnotise her so she doesn’t notice, that in itself feels like I’ve lost.

“From here on, you will do exactly what you did yesterday.”

Giving her a hypnosis that would have her go back in time, I decided to take a peek into what Kokoro did yesterday.

Kokoro’s pupils slowly regained their lustre as she woke up.


Kokoro at first had doubts and looked from side to side, but immediately stopped and placed her hands on her jacket.

“This time yesterday was right when she was going to enter the bath with me, huh?”


Kokoro’s expression happily loosened as she began to strip.

Yesterday, I entered the bath first and waited for this woman to come in. I took a bath together with her for the sake of today.

“Master, I’m heading there right now! I will clean every nook and cranny of your body!”

Kokoro deliberately slid her body against the bathroom door, displaying her own silhouette through the mosaic-patterned glass.

The cloth of her outerwear made a rubbing sound, slowly revealing her flesh. Placing her fingers to her waist, she slowly dropped her skirt and posed as though to show off her figure in her underwear.

I was currently peering at the spectacle that I couldn’t see yesterday through the glass right now from behind.

“Although it was annoying how it felt like she was teasing me, it’s actually pretty nice when looking at it from behind like this.”

“Master~ Lately, I’ve been troubled since my underwear’s gotten tight.”

Kokoro turned her back to the glass, showing the me from yesterday how she removed the hook of her underwear.

The bra came off from the front, and I gazed at the breasts swaying like water balloons from the front.


In the end, Kokoro fidgetingly rubbed her legs together, slowly pulling down her panties.

As for me, naturally I was already fully nude and ready.

“Her figure bending forward to undress is quite sexy when naked, huh? I want to slap that protruding butt of hers.”

“Well then, please excuse me.”

While daring to hide her breasts with one hand, Kokoro slowly walked deeper inside, pigeon-toed and without showing her genitals.

Slightly tempted by an evil spirit, I stood before Kokoro and tripped her foot.



Suddenly, the entirety of Kokoro’s soft body hit against me. Her boobs became a cushion, and our sweat mixed together with her smooth, warm skin.

Incidentally, the time rewind hypnosis would allow her to flexibly respond to things that didn’t happen yesterday.

“M-My apologies. I was so nervous that my legs seemed to have become entangled……”

Kokoro’s face reddened from the shame. It would seem that she believes that her foot slipped by itself and she lost her own balance.

No matter what I do, I wouldn’t be noticed because the me from yesterday exists within Kokoro.

“If it pleases you, then shall we enter together? ……thank you very much!”

Kokoro poured hot water onto herself, letting it slide over her entire body. After that, she dipped her toes into the bathtub meant for one person.

Since she entered the bath in a form where she was riding on top of the me from yesterday, the me of today entered the bath as though facing her.

Our legs seductively intertwined with each other, rubbing together as though flirting.

“If it’s having a bath with Master……I don’t mind doing it at any time, even if you were to have me wash your body every day……ah-“

Entranced with the back of yesterday’s me, Kokoro’s consciousness wasn’t directed towards her feet.

I stroked Kokoro’s legs as though to bully her in that state. I clung to her skin like a snake undulating in the water.


Grabbing one of Kokoro’s legs, I tried rubbing my penis against her soft thighs.

The true charm of this hypnosis was that I could play all sorts of mischief right before her eyes and she wouldn’t notice.

“Shall I……wash your body……?”

Kokoro rose from the bathtub and applied body soap to her own body. Of course, this was not to wash Kokoro’s body.

“Please excuse me. I will do my best to scrub, but please tell me if it hurts, ok?”

Kokoro got on all fours, moving her entire body back and forth. She was probably rubbing the skin of yesterday’s me.

Of course, because there was no one there, she seemed like she was licking all over the place like a seductive leopardess.

I gazed at Kokoro’s butt moving back and forth from behind.

“Master……you want me to do it harder? Is there any place that itches? Fufuh, this place looks so unbeeearably itchy. I shall make it nice and clean for you.”

Kokoro stroked the yesterday me’s penis.

While hugging her from behind, I rubbed and frothed up Kokoro’s breasts.

“Eh, um, you want to wash me……you say? But, Master is-kyah……!”

Kokoro lowered her waist on a bath chair, impatiently tucking in both of her arms.

Yesterday, I lathered up Kokoro from behind.

“Nnh……aah, Master. Yes, that place is so itchy……if you could do rub it with more strength–aaaaaaahhn!!”

Kokoro’s entire body fidgeted and seductively swayed, enduring the pleasure.

I watched that flustered state of hers before my very eyes.

“Does it really feel that good when being attacked from behind?”

“Aah……Master……even stronger, please.”

Kokoro directed moist eyes countless times towards the me that was supposed to be behind her.

Finding it fortunate I couldn’t see her front, she let down her guard and spread open her crotch.

Both of my hands crawled to the base of her thighs, and I placed strength into my finger tips as though to massage her lymph glands.


I’ve always seen Kokoro’s twitchy reactions, but it was rare for me to see it in such a situation where our eyes didn’t meet.

Kokoro was turned away from here, absorbed in the me of yesterday.


Kokoro slovenly opened her mouth, coaxing for a man.

Separating once upon remembering what happens afterwards, I leaned against the wall of the bathroom and waited.

“Thank you very much. I am truly a selfish and blessed slave……”

Kokoro placed her hands above the wall that I was leaning on, thrusting her butt out.

Yesterday, I ravaged Kokoro in a standing doggy style just like this.

That’s why today I decided to watch Kokoro being fucked from behind from a special seat.

Kokoro leaned forwards, closing her eyes as she waited for the penis that would arrive at any moment.

“Haha, so she was waiting with this kind of expression, huh? She really is a vulgar fellow.”

Taking the fact that I wouldn’t be noticed as a good thing, I placed my hand on her chin.

Without directing her consciousness this way, Kokoro bit her lips and expectantly awaited my penis with a seductive expression.

“Aah……it’s coming……”

“When like this, her breasts dangle and sway like grapes.”

Recalling the memories of being pumped, Kokoro shook back and forth.

I grasped Kokoro’s breasts that swayed back and forth as though harvesting them. Pinching her nipples, I stimulated the moving Kokoro.

“Ah, kyaaaaah!!”

Unable to bear the pleasure, Kokoro’s body dropped. Because I wasn’t holding onto her waist like I had been yesterday, she slid against the wall and collapsed just like that.

While still leaning on me, her entire body moved back and forth due to the image of being pumped.


Although my penis hadn’t been inserted inside of her, it rubbed against Kokoro’s slightly feverish lower abdomen, becoming erect.

Kokoro didn’t notice me, but because she was unconsciously catching something, she hugged me and continued the pumping.

Our two moist bodies rubbed against each other.


Kokoro raised her butt and her entire body convulsed. she must have lost to pleasure and climaxed.


Kokoro’s breath hit against my ears.

Kokoro, who didn’t have me there unlike yesterday, probably had the image of being ejaculated inside of, along with her climax.

“I feel like the me from yesterday teased you a bit more, though. Well, is it alright for me to take it that in her imagination she worked hard to endure it past her limits?”


Kokoro’s expression loosened in satisfaction, exhaustedly collapsing just like that.

She also fainted around this time yesterday.

“Well, I guess this is the end of the peeping, huh?”

I got up and carried Kokoro over my shoulder. I took the fainted woman out of my bath.

Kokoro’s long hair clung to her cheeks, as I left her in the dressing room, her entire body still wet.

“I guess I’ll have to wipe her. I threw her onto the bed yesterday since it was a pain, but there’ll be a continuation today.”

I brought a towel and wiped Kokoro’s entire body.

Running the towel through her armpits, I then wiped the underside of her breasts. Gently rubbing the thighs from the inner parts to the base, I also rubbed her face.

After haphazardly removing the moisture from her, I carried her to the bed.

“Well, doing it half-assed should be fine. Her hair also needs to be dried, but I’ll do it today after properly waking her up.”


While still naked, Kokoro lied down with her back on the bed, breathing peacefully. This woman with her flushed red cheeks was lascivious enough.

Lifting her hips while she was sleeping, I licked her pubic mound with the tip of my penis.

“Now then, I wonder how many times can I ejaculate before Kokoro wakes up?”

My expression distorted. As much as I was teasing her earlier, I couldn’t wait for the pleasure of directly ravaging her.

With her eyes still closed, Kokoro’s breathing grew rough, as though she knew that she was going to be raped.

My penis spread her crack and buried itself into her vagina.


The insides of her vagina accepted my penis as though gobbling it up, giving me the sensation of being sucked by countless lips.

“You’re like this even when you’re asleep, huh? Come on, I made love to you this much yesterday so isn’t it about time for you to notice it?”

My penis scooped up her depths as it was steadily being swallowed up by her vagina.

Kokoro’s body naturally grinded against me, beginning to lick all over my penis. Her eyelids slowly opened.

Upon seeing that state of hers, my lower half became aroused and tightened as though to release my first load.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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