Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 111 Ext 20

Academy Friendship Rape-Arc

Author Note:

By the way, this is a continuation of Extra 19.

Sunou had remodelled the school to suit various fetishes.

There were girls whose settings were captives of a burned village lined up on all fours in the dungeon-decorated classroom, and there were also girls lined up in the toilets as literal meat urinals. Well, simply put, there was a lot of stuff.

While feeling a little tired of it, I went along with all of it until the last attraction, and was heading towards an interview with Sunou.

“It wasn’t bad. I first thought that it was fun, but I also felt that our tastes were a little bit off.”

“Please make sure to never say that in front of Sunou. You should praise her.”

Nao always directed a strong tone towards me. This girl probably hates me.

“Well, that’s also what we promised for the final play, after all.”

Paying my respects to this girl so that I could have her follow along with me for the final play, I obediently followed her.

In order to meet Sunou who was in the classroom on the other side, I opened the door.

[The Rule is Easy.]

There was a reaction behind the door towards the Hypnotic Keywords that I immediately chanted.

In the centre of the room was Sunou, swaying while weakly standing with hollow eyes in a hypnotic trance.

Sunou proudly snorted in the classroom, beaming at my figure that appeared.

“It seems you’ve done all the terrible things up until the end.”

“Yeah, I played around.”

“W-Well? I intended on preparing stuff that you would like. Also, properly erase everyone’s memories later since I think it’ll be a big shock to them.”

“Isn’t saying that as the person who did that to them strange?”

“The one who told me to do it was you, Demon!”

Sunou backed away, perhaps worried by my reaction.

As for me, I didn’t find it great, nor bad—honestly, it was rather normal.

Well, this time I need to give her some empty compliments. However, if I simply lie then I’ll be found out.

“Yeah, cause Sunou’s prepared them for me. Thanks.”

“…………somehow, that’s not like you, Demon.”

“Oi, oi, are you doubting me? I’m thanking you, you know?”

It wasn’t a lie, I found it a bit enjoyable. I’d have liked it if she understood my tastes a little bit more, though.

Although Sunou stayed still and suspected me with her eyes, she didn’t seem hostile towards being praised.

“T-Then……say. It’d be nice if I could get some kind of reward……or so I was thinking.”

“Sure, alright.”

“Eeh!? Somehow, aren’t you acting weird, Demon?! What happened to you!?”

I thought I’d fuck her. But I’ll exercise patience.

Although Sunou thought a bit, she suddenly fidgeted while directing an amorous glance towards me, perhaps thinking that this was an opportunity for her.

“T-Then, it’d be nice if we could do it gently.”

“Gently? I’m always lenient, though.”

“But you’re not gentle. Then what if I said that

I’d like you to not–to not do any rough things to me? What if I said that I’d like you to do it slowly, and to just do it that way?”

Suddenly, a kick came at me from a place where Sunou couldn’t see.

Directing the gaze of a lovable maiden towards me, Sunou seduced me.

“I got it. Then I’ll do it just like that.”

“Then……come, and be gentle.”

Sunou spread both of her arms wide, waiting for me in front of the bed.

Gently pushing Sunou on top of the bed, I made her lie on her back.

“How surprising. I didn’t think Sunou liked doing this sort of thing that much.”

“About pervy things……I don’t love them as much as Kokoro-nee-san, but I get happy from us brushing our skin against each other like this. Of course, I also like how you play around with me like usual, but there are times where even I want to feel some warmth.”

Sunou hugged me, who had fallen on top of her, as we shared each other’s body heat.

Enduring the desire to immediately strip her, I waited for Sunou’s hand to come to my crotch.

“As expected, did you play around too much?”

“Who knows?”

“Wait, I’ll make it hard.”

Touching it with her hands, Sunou grasped around for my penis which was yet to be erect.

Sitting next to me, she took off my pants before the bed.

“Fufuh, it’s always so grotesque whenever I see it, but I might not hate it that much when it’s like this.”

“Haven’t you seen it before?”

“In the first place, when assaulting me, you immediately force yourself on me when you get erect.”

Sunou put her right hand between my crotch, placing her fingers on my penis. Using her free hand to take her shirt off, she showed off her skin while slowly stroking me.

“Ah, but it’s going to get hard soon. The Demon is the Demon after all. Aaahn *mmh*”

Upon taking my penis into her small mouth, Sunou’s inept tongue movements swam over my tip.

As for me, I wanted to enjoy myself here and push my member into her throat, but I suppressed that desire.

Afterwards. I’ll be able to have my fun afterwards.

“*smack*……geez, it’s throbbing this much……even the Demon’s demon has its cute parts. *lick* It’s shivering so much that it looks like it’s about to fly out right now!”

Sunou ran her tongue from the base of my rod to its tip, as though licking an ice popsicle.

Having my penis lovingly kissed several times, it wasn’t all that bad even though it was frustrating.

I could keep waiting like this, but I decided to quit.


I used the keyword that I instilled into Sunou in advance.

It was a time stop suggestion.

Sunou paused her blowjob at those words as she stopped moving with her tongue still sticking out.

“Hey, you can come out already.”

“You say come out, but I wasn’t hiding.”

Nao, who was glaring at me from the corner of the room, opened her mouth.

This girl was in the room from the beginning, and Sunou had the suggestion implanted into her where she wouldn’t notice her.

“I’m a bit shocked that Sunou really couldn’t tell I was here. This is all your fault.”

“Well, that just means I have this sort of magic as well.”

“You’re a fraud. Even though someone like you should just suffer.”

In addition, Nao couldn’t exercise her common sense towards sexual conduct.

That’s because Sunou had planted such a suggestion upon her, along with the entire school.

Using that, I made a certain promise with Nao.

“I’ll be kind and gentle with Sunou, so you will accept an equal amount of rough acts for her, right?”

“I understand. I reeaaaally don’t want to, but we promised, after all.”

“Then I guess I’ll play with the time-stopped Sunou.”

“I’ll be happy to do it with you. Hurry up and point that dirty thing over here.”

Nao got on her knees with a sullen face, directing the penis towards the tip of her nose.

While snickering, I waited for her to do her thing.

“To think that something like this went inside of Sunou.”

“It’s gonna go inside of you, too.”

“Yes, I know. I don’t even want to touch it, but……come to think of it, Sunou kissed this earlier, didn’t she? Then, this may possibly be an indirect kiss……”


Recalling what Sunou did, Nao tried to change her impression of my penis.

After kissing the same place that Sunou did, Nao gobbled up my penis.

“Nnh, ‘ho v’ihg……nnnnnh!!”

“Nao’s lips are also soft, huh.”

I shook my hips without regards.

My penis pried open Nao’s small mouth, piercing deep into her throat.

“Although I was surprised that Nao suddenly said that sort of thing, I thought that fucking Sunou’s friend like this wouldn’t be that bad either.”

“Nbbh, nnnh, nnn—–!!!”

Nao closed her eyes, but desperately tried to serve as Sunou’s substitute.

Even while holding disgust towards my penis, Nao forcibly screwed it deep inside her throat, filling her mouth with the strong scent of a male.

“I became frustrated ever since a while earlier, so gobble it up more. If you don’t do it properly, then I’ll do terrible things to Sunou……ohh!!”

“Nn *smack*, *slurrrp*……!! Nnh!”

Involving Sunou made Nao motivated.

Even though Nao was so unwilling earlier as she drew back her face, she had wrapped her arms around my waist and gave me a blow job as though to suck me dry.

I pushed my penis deeper into Nao’s throat so as to make that desperate face of hers cry, and she stout-heartedly accepted that with her tongue.

“Haha, you’re pretty good, huh. Hey, I’m gonna cum. I wonder what’s gonna happen if you don’t swallow it all?”

“Nn, nnnnnnh!! *slurpp*, *siiip*……nkkh!”

“That’s a vulgar sound. Let’s have Sunou hear it……whoa-!”

As though to show the slightest amount of resistance she could, Nao sucked strongly as though to attack my urethra.

I only found that pleasurable, as the semen that came out from that only made her suffer.

While shaking my hips up and down, I had her drink the remaining semen as well.


“Fuuh, well, I guess it would only be at this level since it’s your first time, huh?”

“*cough*……nnh……weird stuff is sticking to my throat……”

When Nao was released from my penis, she placed her hand on her throat and struggled to swallow it.

Finding that figure of hers so adorable, my member rose up before her eyes, becoming erect.

“It wasn’t bad, but it really isn’t enough.”

“N……no way.”

“If I did Sunou while like this, then I might treat her roughly.”

“W-Wait, *cough*……! I’ll immediately do the next one, so-“

Even while making a bitter face from the semen that still remained in her throat, Nao placed her hands under her apron and began to take off her underwear.

“You can do it with me as much as you want, just be gentle with Sunou……she’d be too pitiful if you did that kind of thing to her.”

“I see, you’re right. You’re going that far to ask me, after all.”

Let’s not say that I’ve been playing with Sunou quite a bit up until now.

With slow steps, Nao went to the time-stopped Sunou’s side.

And then, after moving Sunou further to the back of the bed, she spread her own crotch on the bed.

“Please. In Sunou’s stead, please use my p〇ssy as your toy. You can hurt me as much as you please, so don’t do any horrible things to Sunou.”

“Haha, I promise.”


Forcibly pushing her down, I layed Nao next to Sunou.

In the gap where Nao looked lovingly at the time-stopped Sunou, I placed my fingers into her vagina.


“Even so, you really like Sunou, huh? But that’s fine, I’m going to fuck you anyways.”

“I don’t want to. But, it’s for Sunou’s sake, so-“

“Sunou’s sake?”

“Because I want the person I like to be happy. Although it’s vexing, the face she makes when she’s with you is the brightest and most beautiful of them all.”

While grasping the hand of the time-stopped Sunou at her side, Nao was entranced, immersing herself in the joy of this situation.

“If I can do something to make that happen, then I will do anything……uh!!”

Apply my penis against Nao’s vagina like that, I inserted myself into her as though prying her open.

Although she was stunned in agony as though having her stomach punched, Nao didn’t refuse me.

“Hey now, what’s wrong? You can keep talking. It might serve as a distraction for you.”

“……aguh, I thought that Sunou was cute the first time I saw her, but I couldn’t talk to her. And even though I wanted to be her friend, she didn’t come to school so I couldn’t get close to her…….aaAAAAHH!!”

My penis pushed into her deepest depths, stuffing itself into her vagina.

While raising and lowering her shoulders, Nao glared at the unmoving me as though bearing a grudge.

“But after a while, she started coming to school and Sunou called out to me. I didn’t think that she would do that, so I was so happy that I couldn’t reply, but even then we became friends.”

“Nao, you move.”

Twisting her hips while in a lying posture, Nao placed strength into her crotch where my penis had entered. It was almost like she was a prostitute dancing while sleeping.

Thin strength was tightly placed against my penis, making it seem like her folds were stroking my rod.

“It was so strange. The atmosphere of the class changed after Sunou came……for example, no one would make the classroom dirty, and the bullied boys could go to school like usual. It was like the world expanded with Sunou at the centre.”

All of that was an influence of the Hypnotic Test.

It’s just that such small details overlapped, causing Nao’s good will to further increase, huh?

I thought that I had done a good thing too. Without even knowing it, such good material to play with had been created like this.


“Hey, what’s wrong? Please me more. It’s fine if you do it your way, Nao.”

“D-D〇ck! Your d〇ck feels good!! Rather than giving it to Sunou, please fill me first with your spunk. Spew and pour out lots and satisfy yourself with me!”

Directing a coquettish gaze towards me, Nao tried to squeeze out my sexual desire.

Her figure of biting her lips was very endearing.

My penis became aroused, as it continued to twitch and move without me even shaking my hips.

“Hyaaah, y-your d〇ck is entering, inside my stomach……!! It’s twitching!!”

“What a pitiful face, huh? Come now, show it to Sunou while I fuck you.”

“Suno……u……AaAAAAH!! Kyah, d-don’t look!!”

Nao’s figure was captured by Sunou’s hollow eyes.

She probably can’t tell because her time had been stopped, but Nao probably treated that as humiliating.

Nao covered her face in embarrassment, the movement of her hips stopping.

“Geez, what a useless girl.”

While squeezing her sides with both hands, I began to strongly pump her as though pushing against her hips.

“Uggh, fuuuuh, fuuh, ah ah……AaaAAAHH……!!”

I screwed Nao’s small body, pushing her down with a violent press as we swayed together with the bed.

Rubbing my penis forcibly against the insides of her vagina, my rod trampled all over the Nao woman.

“Oggh, kyah, AaAH, kyaaAAAHH!! Nbbh, nnh!!”

“Nao’s boobs are very soft, huh? I’m gonna cum while holding you like this, so receive it firmly.”

Whie wrapping both arms around Nao’s back, I hugged her tightly as though to crush her breasts.

While intensely moving my waist back and forth, I pressed against Nao’s lower abdomen several times.

Without suppressing its violent impulses, my penis poured semen into her small vagina.


While sticking her tongue out and leaking a hoarse voice, Nao had semen poured into her as her toes trembled.

Hugging that girl as though to squish her, I stabbed my penis deeper inside of her, not separating at all.


“How amusing. Even though you’re talking and breathing like this, it’s almost like Nao’s a doll.”

“Ah ah……”

Bodily fluids that leaked from Nao’s vagina were sprayed onto the time-stopped Sunou’s body.

Resuming my pumping in that state, I continued to fuck Nao in order to release that unstoppable black impulse.


Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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