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Academy Service Tools-Arc*Contains Illustration-like Thing

Today I dropped into the middle school division’s school building.

Or rather, I don’t remember it, but I felt like something annoying happened at school recently, so I thought of doing something terrible to take my mind off of  things.

As for the middle school division, I dared to have Sunou to try and do something there rather than me.

“Sometimes slaves have to get their hands dirty. I’m also curious about the plans she thinks up of.”

Surprisingly, Sunou hasn’t gained any sexual addiction towards me.

Putting aside the unaware Mai, basically no one could win against the narcotic-like arousal suggestion.

This was especially true for Rein, who had become completely captivated by it despite knowing that she shouldn’t.

As for Kokoro, because she was already aware of and had become completely absorbed by it, she had turned out quite nasty. The momentum of her corruption was so bad that it was to an extent where she would overwhelm me, her controller.

Upon thinking carefully, I wonder what Sunou wanted when she became a slave?

“Well, whatever.”

I arrived at the designated entrance on time, so now I just have to wait for their reception.

-when I thought this, someone approached me from the side.

“Hello, please take care of us for today.”


What appeared was a girl from the middle school division.

I’m pretty sure her name was-

“I am Nao.”

“Aah, Sunou’s friend, right?”

“Yes, I was chosen this time because we have met previously. Once again, please take care care of me.”

She was a quiet girl even amongst Sunou’s group of friends. Even though she had a timid expression, there were times where she was pretty stubborn.

The clothes Nao was wearing today were not the school uniform.

It was something that resembled a maid outfit, but was actually completely different aside from the garter belt. The shoulders and navel were exposed, with the bottoms also being a modified version of a micro miniskirt—an attire with all parts high in exposure.

“I see, so you’re the guide.”

“Um, I don’t mind if you touch me or whatever, but would it be acceptable if you do so after enjoying the attractions Sunou prepared?”

“Nn, I see, you really are a guide through and through, huh?”

She calmly responded towards my hand that was reaching to her butt. Of course, I was touching her.

Although her butt was a little pert, it was also easy to touch and it was adorable how her hips twitched slightly when I strokked her.

“Well then, first please take off all of your clothes at the entrance. I will assist you.”

“So I’m going to be fully nude?”

“Please rest assured. The other girls here have also undressed. Incidentally, all of the boys enrolled are having a takoyaki party at the camp facility, so there are only women in this school building.”

I decided to undress as I was told. I’m not embarrassed to be naked, but in terms of the form of my physique, I would lose to the students who had been conditioned by the Hypnotic Test.

Nao’s stomach was already thinning out nicely.

“That tickles. You’re making it difficult to undress you. Please don’t move for the rest of your life.”

“You’re pretty dry when Sunou’s not around, aren’t you?”

Upon leaving the entrance completely naked, we immediately ran into several students in the modified maid clothes.

“Now then, to start off the hospitality is-“

“That would be Pole Polishing.”

“Pole Polishing?”

“Yes, First, we will clean your d〇ck. For that end, please nominate one girl amongst these members.”

I looked around at the girls who were stationed there.

Since all of them were from the middle school division, they each had parts that were still growing. It was almost like I was watching a slave market.


“Let’s see, I guess I’ll take the girl in the middle. The one with the dignified and calm expression. I’d like this kind of polite and well-mannered looking girl.”


The selected girl walked up to me and got on her knees.

After bowing, she extended her tongue to the tip of my penis and licked it.


“Nn *smack*……”

“Such dull movements. Suck it more.”


Grabbing the girl’s head as though to mess up her beautiful hair, I ordered her to swallow my penis.

The girl’s small mouth was pried open as my penis reached her throat.


“You’re properly making sure not to bite me, huh? I’m impressed.”

“Please excuse me, I’ll take care of your behind.”

“Nn, what’s with this girl?”

A girl other than the one I nominated came around to my backside and stuck out her tongue.

Upon wondering what she was going to do, she began to lick my anus.

“Heeh, so you’re going to make this place clean as well, huh?”



Nao stared at that situation without changing her expression at all. If she didn’t look at her wrist watch from time to time, then she’d be mistaken for a doll.

“I’m pretty sure I normally don’t make people lick my butthole. Well, it’s not bad, though.”


“Hey now, properly put it all the way in your mouth. You’re a tool for polishing my pole, so you’ll be a defective product if you can’t get the whole thing in, right?”


The girl in front tried her best to gobble up my penis.

While hitting the back of her cheeks as though to bully her, I thrust deep into her and decided to enjoy her reactions.

“The girl back there is constantly licking me, huh?”

“Nn, nn……*slurp*.”

“Is it that fun to lick my butthole? What an absurd woman.”

The girl behind me was engrossed in licking my anus. She was clinging too much to me.

I dared to treat the girls roughly like they were tools.

Even though I was moving as I pleased, it was cute how the girl was desperately clinging to me while kneeling.


“*slurp*, *siiip*……”

“Do your best, guys. You’re like tools, here, after all. Hahah, that’s right, aren’t you working well?”

The arousal suggestion was firmly implanted in them. Like dogs chasing down food, the girls’ eyes were gazing lovingly at my lower half.

“They’re continuing to suck me like they’re idiots who only know how to do that, huh?”

“With all due respect, those two are not idiots, and in fact are students with excellent performance. It’s very likely that they are smarter than you.”

“Nao is really harsh, huh? But, well, in that case it means I can use their bodies more effectively so there’s nothing bad about it, right? See.”

I pushed my erect penis further into the girl’s throat. Grasping her neatly arranged hair, I pushed her down.

Ejaculating as though I were going to the toilet like this, I poured my spunk directly into her throat.

“Nbbgh!! Nnnnn!!”

“Kk *smack*……*lick*.”

“I guess this’ll do it, huh?”

The girl’s entire body tensed, perhaps suffocating from the penis crammed in her mouth, but she couldn’t resist and was unable to do anything but twist hr body.

After shaking my penis inside of that woman’s mouth until I was satisfied to a certain extent, I then thrust her away and released her.

“Please don’t handle the tools roughly.”

“It wasn’t strong enough to hurt them, and the floors should be clean anyways.”

“It’s that attitude of yours that I can’t stomach. Please don’t wipe your d〇ck with my thighs!”


When I moved, the girl who was licking my anus looked at me, somewhat reluctant to part.

“Now then, I’ve already released one shot. Next.”

“……yes. Then we shall move on.”

When Nao clapped her hands, two girls in underwear cheerfully approached.

Flying into my body, each of the girls linked themselves around my left and right arms respectively.



“Sunou thought you would probably be cold if left naked, so this is her consideration.”

“Heeh, certainly, this is pretty warm, huh? It feels like I’m being warmed by human skin.”

The girls who were rubbing their bodies against me were warm, their breasts nicely rubbing against my warms.

“It’s hard to walk, but this isn’t bad.”

“Please wait. Those girls are simply warmers. Of course, I don’t mind if you’d like to use them, but please come to understand Sunou’s ideas.”

I don’t know whether Nao had that much confidence in the plan Sunou prepared, or if she just trusted her friend that much.

In any case, this is pretty harsh for me. I’ll fuck them later.

“I simply want to keep to Sunou’s schedule. Also, please don’t touch my butt. Even if you touch it, I won’t make any big reactio–hyaah!!”


While warmed by the duo that hugged me, I grabbed Nao’s breasts and groped them several times.

“……let’s go to the next place. Next.”

“Aah, this place is……what is this?”

Upon walking through the corridor, I could see homemade walls lined up side by side.

It was easy to tell that those walls were made in a rush, and for some reason only the lower half of a woman’s body was protruding from those walls.

“It’s like Mr. Poo, huh?”

“It’s a butt-wall. You already knew and are just playing around, yes?”

That’s right, it was the so-called butt-wall. Well, the legs are also out, though.

On the wall above the lower body was a picture of the face of the girl it belongs to, and about five of these girls had been lined up.

“Certainly, I haven’t done anything like this before.”

“Please insert yourself inside of any girl you wish. The pictures are of the girls themselves, so you can choose based on their face.”

Their unmoving lower bodies were almost like lined up sex-sleeves, making the sight a little surreal.

“Just what is this about, fucking them without seeing their faces?”

“Incidentally, a switch will be flipped the moment you insert into them.”



Well, since they’re useless for anything else, I could more or less understand the meaning behind this.

Shaking off the warmer duo, I directed my erect penis towards the butt-wall.

After comparing all of the photos one by one, I decided to start with the leftmost girl for the time being. I wanted to crudely play with an orderly girl that had short bangs.

Forcibly tearing away her tights and underwear, I exposed her nicely-shaped butt.

“They are already prepared, so it is fine to insert yourself inside them.”

“I didn’t have any intention of waiting from the beginning, but……ohh, she’s quite tight since she’s from the middle school division.”


It happened when the tip of my penis entered inside of that butt-wall’s vagina.

A voice could be heard from the other side of the wall.

“Aah, so that’s the switch.”

“W-What’s this, ehh, I can’t move……hyah!?”

The girl on the other side of the wall was thrown into confusion.

It would seem that the butt-wall girl would awaken when a penis is inserted into them.

Without being able to grasp the situation, the girl’s legs shuddered as she raised her voice while trying to search for something.

“W-What’s going on!? S-Stop, is someone there!? Hey, what is this!?”

Holding down the noisy butt, I spread her cheeks open so that it would be easier for insertion.

“Igigh!? Ow, what’re you doing……uguh!?”

Perhaps because she couldn’t see this side, she probably felt a sensation more akin to being hit in the stomach rather than being inserted into. Raising a groan, her legs thrashed about.

“Eh, wait, that’s……no, nooooooooo!! Help me, someone, anyone!!”

However, that was only at the beginning, as she appeared to have instinctively understood what was happening to her.

“Haha, in it’s own way, this is quite fun, huh?”

“Someone! Stop, save me!! Higigh, uuh……aAAAAAAAHH!!”


Although she was struggling on the other side of the wall, she barely moved because she was fixed in place.

Her feet which she could move freely were also suppressed by me, as she simply fulfilled her role as a tool for me to violate.

“It feels like a sexual management tool with an audio feature, huh? The resistance is weak, but after a while it feels nice and pleasant, kinda like I’m forcefully raping her!”

“Nooo!! Stop, help! Somebody-aaah!!”

Shaking my hips, I slammed my penis into the butt-wall.

“Oh, she’s desperately resisting me now, huh? Her p〇ssy is tightening up!”

She may have been trying to push my penis back, but it actually pleased me.

Her legs that tried to kick me away granted me nice vibrations, causing the motivation behind my own movements to swell.


“What, are you tired already? Well, it’s your first time, so I guess it’s fine.”

The girl was probably also desperately struggling, but those movements were in vain as she was unable to resist my pistons.

Turning towards the sex sleeve that stopped resisting, I poured my semen into her as proof that she had finished her role.

“Haha, it’s also not bad to pour my semen out while facing a wall.”

“Ah……ah, uuh……”

I became aroused by the voice of the girl who had given up.

My penis continued to ruthlessly ejaculate, having yet to be satisfied and becoming erect once again even after having finished its spew.

“Though, in saying that, since she prepared them for me, I guess I’ll use them all.”

“Please use them more gently.”

Upon pulling out my penis, the girl stopped as though her switch had literally been turned off. They probably only maintain their sanity while I’m inside of them.

The girl’s butt that lost its strength jumped, as semen passed down her thighs.

“I’m the kind of person who uses tools gently, you know? For the most part, I process their memories so there’s no damage.”

“Can’t you make them feel so good that they won’t be able to grasp their circumstances or something?”

“No way, no way.”

It could be done by increasing the level of the arousal suggestion, but that’s not a good idea.

“So even like that, you are Sunou’s Master?”

“W-Well, I’m trying hard, y’see.”

This girl gives out lots of orders, huh? Let’s stroke her thighs.

Thinking about which girl to do next for the time being, I compared the butt-walls that were lined up next to each other.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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