Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 108 Ext 17

Minami Mai Bitch Personality-Arc

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Upon seeing Mai’s light-hearted footsteps, I felt that the entire room became brighter.

This place was Mai’s bedroom in her house, and I had used hypnosis to trespass here.

She was under the hypnosis where she wouldn’t be able to recognise me, the one and the same that I’ve used before.

“Now then, let’s look at the present I got from Book~”

“That’s not a present.”

I was in Mai’s room so that I could eavesdrop on her private life.

Mai was the same as last time, where she had a suggestion implanted in her so that she would immediately voice her thoughts. That’s why I could immediately tell from her voice that she was in a good mood.

“Book is really reliable in the strangest of places, huh? Hmm?”


“But I unexpectedly don’t hate that part of him, kinda.”

While grinning, Mai held the smart tablet I lent her.

It’s not like I gave it to her. I only lent it.

“But even though we’re going to see a movie together, it’s a little annoying how I have to know the previous work. It’s a little like that, yeah-“

“No, I mean, it’s only natural to have seen the previous work when going to watch the sequel.”

Even though she said that she wanted to follow the movies I watch and wanted me to take her with me to watch some, she turned out like this.

“If she doesn’t do that, then she won’t enjoy herself even when she watches the movie.”

“Weell, it’s fine, but he said it’s inside of this tablet I got~”

Mai continued to operate the device like a smartphone, finding the item that was the movie I specified.



As a matter of course, Mai passed across that movie title and began to inquisitively fiddle with my device.

Those were eyes like those of a naughty child who was rummaging around in someone else’s bag.

Of course, this was within my expectations.

“Hmph, I’ll thoroughly teach you that you’ll have a bitter experience when you underestimate me. If you just watched the movie from the start, then things wouldn’t have come to this.”

“Huh? Something’s here……”

Noticing something, Mai’s eyes rounded. She’s a fellow with good intuition.

She searched for and found a video file that I didn’t want her to see on my tablet.

“So you really found it, huh? I thought that, if it was you, then you would.”

“I wonder what this is? It’s a video file, but it was put in a place that was hard to find……”

Mai restlessly looked at her surroundings, apparently confirming that no one else was in the room.

I was present, of course, but she couldn’t recognise me.

“Watch it.”

“As I thought, as I thought.”

Watch it, you fool who can’t even watch the prequel movie even though I told her to.

Paying no attention to the movie, she ended up cracking open the lid of the video file that she found.

“And play……now then, Book-kun, what’re you hiding—–“


What flowed out from the tablet was the greeting of a light-hearted girl.

Waving her hands cheerfully at the screen, she flashed a smile bright like the sun.

[Filming will be done in this room toda~y]

“Eh, what is this……me……? It’s not, right?”

The woman waving her hands in the video was similar to Mai.

Or rather, it _was_ Mai. The only difference was that her usual demure sidetail wasn’t there.

It was a girl who was wearing a short skirt and a shirt that was opened at the chest.

“I expressly went through all the trouble of filming it. Watch it carefully.”

[E~rm, then first I’ll introduce myself. Nami is called Miima Nami!]

“She’s just like me……”

Mai’s eyes rounded in wonder, observing Nami on the screen.

Miina Nami is Mai’s alternate personality which I created using hypnosis.

[Nami, see, loves darling so much, you know? Although he always does pervy things with me, Nami actually also loves pervy things so we’re a perfect match!]

“P……pervy, she said……don’t tell me, this video is……”

Although simple, I based it on a lewd personality that was not at all similar to Mai’s.

In other words, I was having Mai look at her other lewd self doing an adult video film session.

Mai had probably received a shock from the fact that I was holding onto such a thing, and I thought that doing this would caution her to a certain extent.

“Lately this girl’s been too at ease with me. I’ll make her more aware of the fact that I’m a man.”

[Fufuh, looookie, the camera’s placed over there, see. Let’s hurry up and do it……]

Nami fell onto her back atop of the bed, spreading both arms wide as though to entice me.

While exaggeratedly opening my mouth, I exchanged a heavy kiss so that it could be seen from the camera.

[Nn *smack*……nnnh, *lick*, it tastes weeiird~”

“So this is a kiss……nnh!”

Nami rolled her tongue so as to pushed her saliva onto me, making a vulgar *squelching* sound.

For some reason, Mai tightened her lips while watching that video, anguished.

“Is her body reacting since we actually did it before?”

[More, give me mooore, nnhh……aah……]

Upon separating our faces, Nami complained with an expression that showed her unwillingness to part.

However, she immediately laughed with a giggle, shifting her bra and showing off her nipples.

[Say, since we’re gonna be doing pervy stuff, after all, wouldn’t this be betteer? Kyah!!]

The me on the other side of the camera roughly clutched her breasts, causing both sides of the bra to shift aside.

Hanging over her, my other free hand was already inside of Nami’s skirt.

[How pervy~ But I like that kind of thing, so……ah……there……]

Nami grabbed my wrist, making me push against her stronger.

As she requested, I roughly groped her with my fingers, clinging to her so close that she couldn’t be seen from the camera.

“Nnh……!! What, is this……this violent……?”

[More! Touch it all!! So that you can know exactly what Nami is like-aaaaaah!!!]

Nami lifted her chin and writhed. Her entire body trembled with all her strength.

Also overcome by such an appearance, Mai covered her mouth, killing her voice.


While breathing heavily, Nami collapsed onto the bed. 

As though attacking a routed enemy, I leaned over Nami, not allowing her to escape.


Mai trembled in fear, shrinking back like a small animal.

Unable to stop the video despite this, her attention was glued to the screen.

“Welp, even though she doesn’t know, that’s something that she did herself.”

[Nnh, mmmmh!!]

Nami moved her limbs with a *wriggle*, as though to resist.

She’s really good at acting like she’s unwilling. You couldn’t tell from the screen, but my sleeve was hiding her smile.

Pinning her down like that, I rejected her attempts and used my feet to vigorously hold down both of her legs.


My already erect penis was reflected in Nami’s eyes.

Nami even forgot her acting as she drooled in anticipation.

“Even though……even though it’s scary……”

Mai’s consciousness seemed to have synchronized with Nami in the footage. Even though she was in tears, she couldn’t keep her eyes off of my penis.

Tearing off those short bottoms of hers, her crotch that wasn’t wearing underwear firmly displayed its crack.

“No way……that is……”

[You’re gonna put it in after all……there, it’s gonna go inside of Nami……]

My erect, soaring penis was slowly applied against Nami’s vagina.

The tip of my penis tightly entered inside of her crack, akin to pushing her soft fair skin with a thumb.

[Nnh……aAH……the big thing, is inside of Nami……it huurtss! But, like that……!!]

Nami spread her own legs, and placed her hands on my waist.

Even if she didn’t do that, I pushed my waist forward, my penis penetrating deep into Nami’s vagina.

After opening her eyes, Mai suddenly hid her crotch with both hands.


“Hahah, no one is looking, y’know?”

[Kah……ah……-h, ah ah! Haahh, aAAHH!!]

Without giving any time for Nami to rest, I began pumping her.

My penis forcefully moved back and forth, the glans rubbing against her as though to pound Nami’s intestines.

[So……sooo good, more, do it harder!! Nami is here, after all! That’s why, do more pervy stuff with me!!]


Mai’s breathing became heavier. Although she was originally under the suggestion where she couldn’t reach climax without me, Mai held her finger in her mouth like a child told to wait as she burned the footage into her eyes.

Not needing to resist the pleasure, Nami clenched her teeth and climaxed several times.

[aaAh, AaaAAAAAHH!! More, it’s fine if it hurtss!! So hurry!!]

Nami continued to scream greedily. Even as she climaxed with eyes open wide while her entire body convulsed, she immediately sought out the next orgasm.

Her lewd personality that was crafted from the suggestions seemed to have gained existence during sex.

No matter how rough I was with her, Nami wouldn’t be hurt.

[Aah, kyaaah!!]

I grabbed her arm so hard that it left a mark.

Seeing that, Nami’s expression became ecstatic. After that, she suffered from the pumping, closing her eyes and raising a scream.

While fearing that hard play, Mai’s entire body trembled as she strongly closed her crotch.

“This……intense thing is……”

[Yes, I like this! I love this! Whatever darling wants to do!! I’ll do anything, soo-aah!! So love me!!]

Nami accepted both my rough limbs and intense pumping with a smile.

When hugged by me, she hugged me back so strongly that it hurt.

My penis, that was strongly pushed back again, spasmed several times, bounded with a *jerk*.

[Do you want to let it out? …………you can.]

Nami whispered into my ear. It was a pampering voice, as though to provoke my penis.

Letting myself be influenced by that, I struck her with the strongest violence I had up until now.

As though striking the final blow to Nami, my penis fired off its accumulated heat.

[Ah……aah, gah……ah]

Nami leaked a voice that could be said to contain both suffering and joy as her entire body lost strength.

The semen that flowed into her vagina was poured into her as though to warm her up. My penis pulsated, violating her with heat.



Mai stared at the video as though biting into it, and her hands which held onto the tablet were shaking.

After that, Nami collapsed without a word, her incontinent figure reflected in the footage as it was.


Perhaps having returned to her senses at that, Mai hurled the tablet away and fell on top of the bed.

“Oi, oi. What’re you gonna do if you break it from doing that?”

“Eh……this, it’s Book’s, isn’t it……? E-Eh……”

Mai, who had calmed down, began to sort through her situation.

It’s that. The fact that I was holding onto an Adult Video that had someone who looked exactly like Mai.

Perhaps because she was afraid, Mai took her distance away from the tablet and curled herself up.

“She’s even hugging something like a stuffed bear. She has her cute parts to her too, huh?”

“So Book likes this sort of thing……”

Even after a while passed, Mai didn’t move, staring down the tablet that had entered sleep mode.

Although I was lost as to what to do, I decided to leave her like that and go home.

As a matter of fact, today I didn’t feel like messing with her to the extent where I’d film and have fun with Miima Nami.

“Haha, I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s date.”

She might even cancel at the last minute.

After waving at Mai, who wouldn’t even be able to notice it, I closed the door to this room.

The next day, Mai arrived on time as promised.

I thought that the date would be cancelled, but it seems that’s not the case.

“Even though I would’ve been fine watching it alone.”

“Yo-yoooo, Book!”


Upon finding me at the station, Mai ran up to me like a puppy and followed me.

I was a little disappointed that the results from yesterday weren’t appearing.

No, I guess it wouldn’t show on her face even if this girl was cautious, huh?

“Well, whatever. I’ve reserved some seats, so let’s go now, o……kay?”

“Nn, okie-dokie……nnh?”

Mai tilted her head at my gaze. Her eyes were perfect circles like usual.

What I was interested in was Mai’s hairstyle.

Unlike usual, she didn’t have her modest side tail.

“Mai……let’s go.”

“Ooh? Ooooh?”

Mai keenly noticed my expression. She noticed the fact that I had picked up on her change.

That appearance of hers was just like Miima Nami.

As though to hide my agitation to this, I covered it up with my voice.


“Nothing. Let’s go, darling!”


While making a triumphant face as though saying she had got me, Mai adopted an attitude as though she had asserted dominance over me.

I flinched at Mai, to an extent that I was self-conscious about it.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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