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Academy Rape Report-Arc *Contains an Illustration-like thing

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I leisurely walked through the school building. 

In saying that, I didn’t make slaves of the students who had fundamentally taken the Hypnotic Test.

Keeping things normal to the utmost, I simply had them improve the school to my liking.

“Well, I usually don’t do this, but I occasionally should. Today is the exception.”

In order to see the development of the Hypnotic Test, I walked through here as the school’s ruler for today only.

It was something akin to debugging a game.

“If I don’t do this, then I won’t be able to notice the changes when push comes to shove.”

While looking at the surroundings, I thought about what to do first.

Today, only the female students were inside of the school. I naturally had the men training in the gym in order to see their progress, but I’ll go see them later.

The female students were living their normal school lives, but I, a foreign body, was here.

“Hey, do you have a second?”



I openly called out to a female student that was walking by herself.

The student probably tried to ignore me. After a lapse in her timing, she replied to me.

That was proof that the suggestions on her were working.

“Answer some of my questions for me. What’s your name?”

“It’s Tsugune. If you’re gonna ask, then be quick about it.”

The girl called Tsugune couldn’t refuse my words, even while showing her disdain.

Due to the Hypnotic Test, the school students were currently in a state where they were unable to disobey my orders.

“What cute glasses, huh? Your wavy hair is also adorable.”


She ignored me. There was no reason for her to respond to anything but my commands.

Even knowing that, my mouth ended up curling with a snicker.

“That’s right, what should I ask about……ah, have you had sexual intercourse with me?”

“I have, 3 times. I remember them all.”

“Heeh, how about you tell me what those encounters entailed?”

I don’t remember them at all, of course.

Incidentally, the female students have been made to remember their sexual intercourse. It’s so that they can be given birth control pills later.

Although Tsugune was irritated by my light-hearted reaction, she simply crossed her arms and frowned.

“The first time we had sex……intercourse was on the first floor corridor. It was at a time when I walked to the classroom where my next lesson would be. You coincidentally passed by and asked me what colour my panties were?”

“Heeh, then show me today’s underwear as well.”


After sharply glaring at me with an intense scowl, Tsugune rolled up her skirt with both hands.

It was ordinary underwear, devoid of any particular erotic allure.

“Saying [As expected, guess we’ll do it in the toilet] after that, you made me kneel and then thrust your d…di…dick into me. I opened my mouth without resisting and, like that, I drank your urine.”

“Yup, yup. Well, that’s because I like doing that sort of think to girls who glare at me.”

“After that, as punishment for not being able to drink it all and spilling it, I crawled on all fours and turned my butt towards you. Without warning, you took that thing inside of my p…puss…y and–“

“Say it clearly even if you’re embarrassed. Be vulgar.”

“You inserted that filthy d〇ck inside of my sopping wet p〇ssy and rubbed it against me. I was creampied by you without even knowing it. Even though it was my first time and even though it felt good, it hurt the instant you removed your d〇ck, and I couldn’t even stand.”

Well, there are times when I fuck a woman on the side, so I guess it’s working normally, huh?

The horny suggestion was lifted the moment I stopped touching them.

“Ok, then take up the posture of when we had sexual intercourse. I’ll be recreating it now.”

“Got it. So I just have to place my hands against the floor and thrust my butt upwards so that we can have sex easily, right?”

“Right, right. Stay like that and explain the next time we had sexual intercourse, would you?”

Tsugune got on all fours and pointed her butt towards me.

While fascinated by that scene, I removed my trousers.

“Guess I’ll remove your underwear.”

“The next time we did it was in the library. I’m a library assistant so I acted as a receptionist for the lending of books, but when you came to return a book you asked me to clean it up. I’ll tell you this now, but you should return books that you borrow to its original place on your own in this school. There’s no way that you don’t know this, right?”

“Aah, was that the case? Hahah, it’s like I’m talking to your butt.”

Tsgune’s legs were shaking because she was taking such an unstable pose. It looked like she was swinging her butt as though to entice me.

Despite the fact that she used a strong tone to express her anger, I ended up laughing at how things reached this point.

In order to take of Tsugune’s underwear, I pulled it off of one of her legs before leaving it on her ankle.


“I want you to stop such negligence. Even right now……hyaah!!”

“Sorry, sorry.”

“!! And then, after reluctantly obeying, you said [It’s important to return the book to its original place, but its also necessary to pour semen into the uterus, right?]. Remembering that as well, I also got on top of the library reception desk and spread my legs.”

Perhaps having recalled that time, Tsugune’s trembling crotch was slightly moist.

This might be the horny suggestion reviving the recollections of that time in her.

Holding down Tsugune’s butt firmly with both hands, I rubbed the penis that I took out against her.

“Hyah……uu……I couldn’t help but get on top of the receptionist desk because it was necessary for you to insert semen at reception, though.”

“You’re so stiff in that way, huh. Isn’t it fine if you get on the reception desk?”

“It’s bad manners!! You need to properly straighten that part of you out!”


Tsugune has a bit of an older-sister like aspect to her, huh? I wonder if this is how it feels like to be a younger brother being admonished?”

As for me, I couldn’t suppress my arousal at the fact that such a girl was turning her butt towards me, and at the reality that I was going to fuck her silly.

My penis, unlike me, was properly standing tall, rubbing the top of the soft butt as though to trample on the girl before my eyes.

“Furthermore, you had me explain to you just why it was so important for you to place your semen inside of my womb. You remember it, of course?”


“…………by putting your d〇ck inside of my womb, we can firmly place your semen inside of my p〇ssy. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the goal of inserting semen and getting pregnant with your child, right?”

“Do you like me?”

“Hah? Other than having sex with you three times, we haven’t had any contact with each other.”

After getting tired of rubbing my penis against her butt countless times, I then gradually moved the tip downwards, tracing the butt while descending even further.

Although I don’t remember, I inserted into this girl, who I’ve fucked 3 times prior, for the fourth time.

I dug my hands into the flesh of Tsugune’s butt, pushing strongly with my thumbs and spreading her vagina to the sides.


Even though Tsugune may not have understood what was going to happen due to the suggestions, she was nervous due to the act that we were about to commit, and so swallowed her words.


“I had you insert yourself and firmly ejaculate 5 times deep inside of me. After you violently shook your hips at the end, I was scared since I didn’t know what was happening.”

“I was probably frustrated when we did it. When did the third time happen?”

“It was about a month ago, when I saw you talking to my little sister who enrolled this year.”

So she had a little sister, huh? If that’s the case, then I’d have liked to have the two confirm things together.

While painting the tip of my penis with precum, I burrowed the head of my member deep inside of Tsugune’s vagina.

While bending her back backwards, Tsugune appears to have noticed that my genitals were inserted inside of her, even if she couldn’t see them.

“At that time, I was surprised to see you, a nameless stranger, talking to my little sister. Furthermore, since it appeared it was also my little sister’s first time meeting you, I recall her being slightly troubled.”

“Yup, yup.”

“That’s why I cautioned you, saying I don’t know who you are but don’t talk to my little sister. In doing so……”

“In doing so?”

“If you don’t know who I am, then we should just firmly have sex and get to know each other. Saying this, you first chose to fuck me. After all, the big sister should be the one who gets to know you first.”

Tsugune’s face glowed, her nails digging into the floor. Although she was enduring it, she was at the mercy of the horny suggestion.

Each time my penis stirred the insides of her vagina, I felt good from how she weakly trembled and tightened around me so I pushed deeper into her.

“Nggh!! That’s why……I……in front of my little sister’s eyes!!”

“I don’t remember it, but that sounds pretty fun in and of itself, huh?”

“You don’t remember? You said things like face my little sister and make a peace sign, or properly show her the place we’re connected–aahnn!!”

Tsugune stopped her retort at my pumping. No matter how bullish and haughtier than me she may be, when like this she was but an adorable female.

My hips that swung back and forth collided against Tsugune’s butt countless times, and my penis was stroked by countless warm folds that were softer than her butt, causing my heat to boil.

“Because it was, my little sister’s first time–aah!! I, I held her down……”

“Did I insert myself inside her?”

“That’s right!! If you didn’t, then we wouldn’t get to know……hyaaaAAAAHH!!”

Heat gathered from my whole body into my penis, causing my crotch to tighten.

Tsugune had already climaxed, unable to control her flesh as she broke into convulsions.

Pressing her down to the floor with my whole body, I ejaculated as though to spit out all of my strength.

“Ah ah, AaAAAHN!!! Hott, mggh, AaAAAAAAHH!!”

The murky liquid flowed into Tsugune’s vagina, eac of our bodies that moved intensely stopping in an instant.

While grabbing Tsugune’s waist so that she couldn’t move and would stay with my penis inserted inside of her, I continued my ejaculation as though to spread out the interior of her vagina that couldn’t contain it all.


While raising a sob-like scream, Tsugune’s body remained passive and unable to move.

Upon separating my satisfied penis from Tsugune’s crotch, semen overflowed like lava.

“It was so-so. I was able to confirm the status quo, and also fucked a woman while enjoying myself.”


Tsugune’s earlier strong-willed attitude underwent a complete change as she pitifully spilt drool, treated like she was a doll.

Seeing her in such a state, I inadvertently smiled.

“Upon seeing girls like this, I really feel like it’s worthwhile to have done the test.”

Dragging her across the floor, I let her collapse in a place that she wouldn’t be in the way.

After that, I haphazardly threw her removed clothes at her. She’ll probably take care of that on her own.

While Tsugune was still collapsed face-down, semen flowed out of her fully-visible p〇ssy, continuing to dirty the floor.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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