Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 104 Ext 13

Seibu Rein Transparent Tryst-Arc

Perhaps getting arrogant because of the rooftop date the other day, Mai once again handed me a lunch box.

Such things had happened, so I was passing my lunch break in an empty classroom where I could relax.

“I’m alone, That girl just left my lunch box and then went away somewhere. That Mai is busy with something or another. It must be rough having so many friends, huh?”

Mai wasn’t here. That’s because she was spending her lunch with her usual friends.

She secretly showed me a one-handed prayer while in passing, as though to say sorry. But since we didn’t make any sort of promise, I didn’t really care.

“What about you……mgh!”

“I don’t have any friends. Like Rein can talk about that…….or rather, you have a lot of them, huh?”

I looked down at Rein, who was on her knees before me while I was sitting in a chair.

Rein took out my penis from my pants, sucking it as though to stuff her cheeks with it.

While putting her in heat and eating lunch, I passed my lunch break meaningfully.

“If you keep that up, then you can drink the semen and it’ll soften up, right? I don’t particularly mind if I cram it in you, though.”

“That kind of thing……spare me. It’s better if we don’t do this……”

I could see my penis bulging out of Rein’s cheeks, just like when stuffing them with Chitose-ame candy.

While the head region of my penis was licked up Rein’s tongue, her soft lips brushed against my balls. It was like she was kissing my balls.

While immersed in a feeling of luxury, I picked up my meal.

“Don’t you think it would be reasonable to enjoy Mai’s average lunch during this sort of lunch break?”

“Youh, wi’h w’at ‘eelings d’you shink zhat Mai made zhat wi’f-“

“Oi, oi, Mai only thinks of playing with me anyways, so this lunch box must’ve also been made on a whim.”

It seems that Rein is under the misunderstanding that Mai really holds good will towards me.

Upon lightly shaking the lunch box, a sharp eye glint pierced me.

Shoving my penis deep into her throat, I made Rein shut her eyes.

“If you really don’t like it, then why don’t you suggest to Mai that she should break up with me? I think that she’ll say something like ‘since I only have light feelings for him, I guess I’ll do that’.”

“……it’s fine, already. Hurry and let it out.”

Perhaps thinking that she didn’t like talking with me, Rein dealt only with the penis before her very eyes.

She licked my penis as though pushing against the tip. The vulgar wet sounds of her sucking up my pre-ejaculate granted just the right amount of vibration to my lower body.

Despite her complaining about something or another, I found Rein who could never resist sexual activity with me was adorable.

Possessed by the drug called libido, the dignified woman was made to kneel. She didn’t feel so elegant now.

Suddenly, I came up with something good and drew back my waist.

“Hey, Rein.”

“Mm……mmm……!! Puhaah……what’re you……!?”

“It’ll drop, so eat it properly.”

I placed Mai’s handmade tamagoyaki, that was inside of the lunch box, into Rein’s mouth.

It’s not good to treat food poorly, so she needs to properly eat it.

“Come, now, chew it well but don’t swallow……ok, now open your mouth.”

“……? Like this……mmm, mmmmmmgh!!”

Rein naively listened to me and firmly left the tamagoyaki inside of her mouth before opening her jaw.

I thrust my penis inside of that messy mouth.

“Haha, I like you because you listen to whatever I say at times like these, Rein.”

“F-Fuhyah……mmm!! Bh, nmhh!!”

From there I increased the pace, as I started to piston back and forth.

With a *squelch*, Rein’s saliva and the sound of something else crumbling flowed inside of her mouth.

To Rein, her guilt would further promote her horniness. I was able to make use of it in a good way.

“Nbbh, mmm!! Mmmm!!!”

“Hey, shake your head more. I’m pouring my semen down your throat for you sake, you know?”

Forgetting to even eat my lunch, I ravaged the insides of Rein’s mouth.

Although she closed her eyes and showed her will to refuse, it would appear that Rein’s body was unable to disobey me.

As my penis shook with joy, she tightened around it so as to squeeze my lower body dry.

“Oh, it’s gonna cum out.”

“Nbh, ngbbggh……”

“You’ve gotten fairly accustomed to this, huh……and in great detail.”

While vexedly shedding tears, Rein swallowed my unleashed semen.

While pouring out semen, my penis rampaged inside of Rein’s mouth.

“Rein really is good at this. You’re a quick learner.”


“I’m praising you, you know?”

“……alright, already!”

“Oi, oi.”

She slipped through my hands that intended on doing the real thing.

Because she wasn’t able to suppress her heat without intravaginal ejaculation, Rein was ultimately doomed to be unable to disobey me.

As though hitting a child who wouldn’t listen to what they’re told, I forcibly grabbed at her, but-

“It’s enough, already, so stop!!”

“There’s no way you can endure it, right? Since that’s the case, we’ll have no choice but to end up doing it anyways.”


Rein pushed me away. Just from brushing against me like that, her entire body trembled as her hair stood on end.

No matter when or where, there was no escaping from her arousal suggestion. As such, there was no point in her resisting now.

As though finding fault with her, I sent her a signal to further increase the horny suggestion.

“Oi, Rein.”


Averting her eyes away from me, Rein amazingly tried to head towards the classroom door.

Her legs, pigeon-toed, were trembling. Placing her hands against the wall, she looked like a newborn deer.

Even though it should be painful to move even one step, she didn’t give in to me.

“Heeh, so you’re doing that.”

As a different emotion surfaced within me, I decided to observe her.

In doing so, she surprisingly opened the classroom door and went outside.

“Oh dear……was there something that she disliked?”

I don’t think I did something *that* terrible, though.

For the time being, I took out my phone and called Kokoro. She picked up in one ring.


“From here on, ring the hypnotic sound throughout the campus and make it so Rein and I won’t be recognised. It’s fine if we’re treated as invisible people. On the other hand, I don’t think Rein can even afford to be concerned about the surroundings.”

[I think it would be best if you apologised.]

“And why should I? I haven’t even said one word about the circumstances. Naturally, I’m not the one in the wrong.”

Just what did this woman discern from our current conversation?

The sound akin to Kokoro making a troubled laugh could be heard over the phone.

[I did not mean that Master is in the wrong. I simply thought that it would ultimately end up with Master making a concession, so I interjected.]

“In other words, are you trying to say that I’ll eventually lose to Rein’s perseverance?”

That’s impossible. That girl wouldn’t be able to resolve this with anyone else other than me, and all she could do was swing her hips and apologise to me.

[Then shall we make a bet on it?]

“Oh, what’s this? You’re getting cheeky.”

[If you are uncomfortable with it, then please scold me as though I have done something outrageous. However, I have something that I desire. As such, I’d like to take this opportunity.]

“It’s almost as though you’re saying this under the presumption that you’ll win, Kokoro……well, whatever. I’ll go along with my slave’s fun for a little bit.”

[Thank you very much! Then, the conditions will be—-]

Hanging up, I headed outside of the classroom.

First, I headed to the classroom where Mai, who had not taken the hypnotic test, was.

Upon seeing Mai, as though timing it with the hypnotic tone that echoed across the school broadcast, I specified to her in detail exactly what I wanted.

“For now, I suppose it should be fine to use the same suggestions as Kokoro’s broadcast.”

“……yes, Rei-Rei……I can’t see her……I can’t……hear her.”

Mai was immediately placed into a hypnotic trance, standing upright in an unsteady, faltering state.

Immediately after I finished implanting the suggestions, the hypnotic tone also ended, and the lunch break that seemed to have its time stopped resumed.

“Now then, Rein is……”

Upon looking at the hallway, I immediately found her.


Sure enough, Rein’s horny suggestion was steadily intensifying, making her out to be more and more like an influenza patient.

Even though I walked to the classroom and placed a suggestion on Mai, Rein couldn’t even reach the classroom.


While walking pigeon-toed, Rein’s legs shook as though lightning struck her with each step she took.

Although this was a long-awaited suggestion I had implanted into her, I wanted to try and ravage her when she was in such a state.

“Yo, Rein. What’s wrong?”

While snickering, I called out to Rein.

Rein slowly raised her face, and while directing an expression of an aroused female at me–


She ignored me as she resumed walking.

Becoming slightly amused, I tried to hook my foot around hers, but-

“You can avoid it, huh? How energetic.”


Rein moved as though to not touch me at all. It seems that only at such a time did she regain her usual sharpness.

“It appears that you can’t put up with it for much longer. As expected, I don’t think that you’ll be able to hold out.”


“I wonder if it’s fine for you to ignore it?”

Although I had teased and played with her for a while, I soon got bored.

Apart from being ravaged, an unresponsive doll had no use, but if I fucked her now then that would just be boring.


I read a book in the classroom.

Rein came in just before classes began, finally arriving at her seat.


Rein laid her face flat on her desk, shaking erratically to an extent where it seemed like she had arrhythmia.

Her reddish face was sweating and drooling, desperately trying to suppress her libido.

“Kokoro’s preparations sure are nice. Guess there’s only women in this classroom, huh?”

“Now then, I’m gonna start the lesson. It’ll be a continuation from yesterday.”

Along with the teacher’s shout, the usual lessons began.

I seriously took the class since I wanted to keep my grades, but I couldn’t help but be concerned with Rein.


Rein was amazingly engrossed in masturbation, without caring at all for the fact that she was in public. The sound of her shaking desk was noisy.

Though, in saying that, she was unable to climax without me, and so she was just accumulating her time of suffering.

Even so, to her, that was probably an act that consoled her.

“Geez, even though no one will be concerned about her, Mai is also here.”


“Oh dear……hmmm.”

It’s not like I’m particularly concerned about her. She should suffer.

However, what if her own actions escalate like this and her nails start scratching against her skin?

“I doubt that she’d go insane, but……but, y’know?”

Rising up from my desk, I stood in front of Rein.

Of course, no one in the classroom cared about that.

“That body isn’t yours alone, you know?”


That body is also mine. Treat it carefully.

Or rather, I couldn’t hide my surprise at the fact that Rein, who was just a normal civilian, would do something akin to choosing to die when faced with such torture that was deathly painful, even for an instant.

“Did I do something that was that bad?”


Upon reaching my hand out, Rein avoided it.

To think that such rebellion remained within her this late in the game.

“No, I guess that’s the only thing that’s supporting her mind, huh?”


“I got it, it’s my bad. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.”

When I spoke thus, Rein looked up at me for the first time.

Although I was filled with feelings of defeat, I placed my hand against such a Rein’s cheek.

“Iaah……..ih, giiiiiggh!! AaaAAAAAHH!!”

Although it seemed as though Rein’s eyes rolled into the back of her head, she strongly grabbed my hand that allowed her to climax.

Her nails looked as though they were about to dig into me. Even though hypnosis had been cast on her so that she wouldn’t do me any harm, she strongly gripped onto me until just before that limit as she wouldn’t let me go.

“Come now, let’s do something that feels even better!”


After pulling Rein with my right hand, I firmly hugged her with both arms.

Rein, who brushed against me to an extent that she couldn’t even speak, had her entire body tense up as she climaxed.

Leaving her lying on her back atop of the desk like that, I unbuttoned her shirt.


“What, so you *can* talk? If that’s the case, then you might be unexpectedly fine, huh?”


When I clutched her breasts, she once again raised a shriek-like squeal.

Rein’s expression was feverish, her consciousness hazy and her eyes hollow despite not being in a hypnotic trance.

“You have such a high fever. I guess I’ll have to strip you.”

I forcibly stripped off her shirt and bra, her heavily drooping breasts swaying on top of the desk.

Unable to resist, Rein entrusted the weight of her legs to my hands when I removed her panties.

I wonder what each and every single other person thought as I got naked while they were studying normally?

“I just said it earlier, but I guess I’ll insert it down there right away, huh? Come on, if you don’t want it, then you better say so.”

“……haah……haah……!! Igigh!!”

“Then it should be fine, right?”

Rein’s breasts swayed up and down from her disordered breathing, shaking back and forth the instant my penis went in.

While the noisy rattling of the desk echoed, we performed sexual intercourse inside of the classroom.

“Ah ah……AaaAAAAGGH……!”

“You can’t close your open mouth, huh? For having won against me with your perseverance, that’s quite a pathetic face to make.”

The sound of colliding flesh reverberated throughout the quiet classroom, Rein raising a scream and climaxing each time it did so.

Nevertheless, the classroom continued the lesson without any problems.

The folds inside of the vagina undulated as though to suck my penis in, making it seem as though it were being pulled by a countless number of hungry fingertips.

“Kyaah, Aaahnn……aaAAAH!! aaAAAAAAAAAHH!!”

“Haha, your spine looks like it’s gonna break what with you arching backwards so much like that.”

Even while her consciousness was hazy, Rein intertwined her legs and desperately clung on to me.

She wouldn’t let me go, to an extent where it became difficult for me to even move my penis back and forth.

In the face of this intercourse where we each used all of our strengths to devour our desires, we replaced them.

“Although this in itself is fine, I’ll have to ask Mai for lesson notes again.”

“Ma……i……? Ah, aaah!!”

“Oh, you can understand Mai even in that state, huh?”

My mischievous heart sprouted, and so I turned Rein’s chin to the right.

Right there, she should be able to see Mai’s figure studying normally.

“Ma……AaAAAAAAH!!! NOoOOO, d-don’t, nooooo!!!”

“Haha, even if you say that, you’re not letting me go.”

Although Rein’s consciousness was not clear, she immediately noticed Mai’s figure and felt that there was something wrong with her current situation.

She’s probably feeling an exceedingly large amount of guilt and remorse.

“Your vagina is tightening up nicely, huh? C’mon, look at Mai more–uwoh!?”

“Ah, AAH!! Kyaaah, ah ah……I-I’m sor……Ma……iiiii!!”

I firmly held Rein’s face down so that she wouldn’t look away.

Rein’s body firmly held my penis instead of my hand, and wouldn’t separate from it.

Only our genitals–my penis and her p〇ssy–firmly understood each other as they received pleasure.

“I’m gonna cum soon. Look, Mai might be watching us.”


“Haha, she’s looking this way!”

Even though the fact that she couldn’t recognise us through the suggestions hadn’t changed, Mai coincidentally turned this way.

Taking that as a signal, my penis and her vagina shook each other’s senses. Receiving pleasure to an extent that it seemed that it would steal away our consciousness, they each reached climax.


While pouring semen into the tank called Rein, I gathered power and strongly pushed Rein down without thinking.

Unable to resist that, Rein exhaled her desires in a thin voice.

In a better mood, I continued to fuck Rein many times during the class.

Rein had already fainted, completely exhausted as she laid naked with her stomach on top of her desk.

“Geez, you didn’t listen to anything from the lesson at all, did you?”

I poked Rein’s uterus countless times with my penis that had yet to settle down.

I found it fun that, when I ejaculated while making a vulgar *spewing* sound, Rein’s body shook with a *twitch* as though in accordance with that.


Perhaps finding that to be such a large shock, Rein woke up.

She was drooling saliva slovenly, and her lower body was filled with the scent of male.

Powerlessly staring at herself in such a state, Rein finally met my eyes.



“You fell asleep during class, right? Fortunately no one was in and you looked to be in pain, so I helped you get rid of it.”

I haphazardly made an excuse.

Well, she probably doesn’t want to believe that we did it during class, so there was no other interpretation other than that.

“Well, isn’t it already feeling easier for you? That’s why you shouldn’t hold it in……tcchhh……!!”

“Move it.”

“That’s not something you say *after* kicking me away.”

Even though she shouldn’t be able to take actions that she thinks will do me harm due to the hypnosis, that really hurt.

Rein staggered to her feet, reaching for the clothes that fell to the floor.

“You’re quite tough to be able to stand after doing it that much, huh?”

“So even you are able to give apologies.”

While wiping her crotch with a tissue, Rein glared at me.

Does she think I’ll be scared from that while she’s exposing such a miserable figure to me?

“I left the other clothes on top of your desk.”

“‘Kay……there’s not enough tissues, though.”

Maybe it’s just because it’s my semen, but Rein seemed to be feeling quite good just from wiping her genitals.

Rein frowned upon seeing the amount of semen coming out of her when she spread herself open with her fingers.

“Hey, you should also wipe……no, better not. Somehow, such an unnecessary thing—“

“Heeeey, Boooook!! The next class has moved elsewhere!!”

Both Rein and myself jumped as we were simultaneously startled.

Because leaving the classroom was a suggestion implanted by the hypnotic tone, Mai was an exception that was able to return to the classroom.

The naked Rein waved both of her hands as though trying to squirm out of this somehow.

“M-Mai……!! This, it isn’t what you——!!”

“Huh? I wonder where they went?”

Because only the suggestion that prevented her from recognising us took effect, she wasn’t able to recognise us.

When Mai looked around the classroom, she went somewhere else as though nothing had happened.

Of course, Rein didn’t grasp that situation.

“I-I’m sorry……Mai.”

Perhaps thinking that she had been ignored, Rein, who unusually seemed to be on the verge of crying, reached out her hand towards the outside of the classroom.

As clean up, it might be nice to make her go into heat again and have fun with her.

While snickering behind Rein, a disgusting grin surfaced upon my face.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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