Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 103 Ext 12

Minami Mai Lover?s Talk Intercourse-Arc

After arriving back home, I snorted and reclined onto the sofa. I was in a bit of a bad mood.

Perhaps having discerned as such from my attitude, Kokoro and Sunou approached as they called out to me.

“Master, what seems to be the matter?”

“I had a fight with Mai.”

“Oh dear……”

It’s not my fault. She’s the one who got angry of her own accord.

That’s right, I haven’t done anything wrong at all.

“Master, I believe it might be best for you to apologise first.”

“Why? You haven’t even asked what happened yet?”

“Would it perhaps be permissible for me to inquire?”

“It’s only a trivial matter.”

“Is that so?”

Kokoro tilted her head with a smile, as though troubled.

Perhaps having lost interest, Sunou went to go rummage through the refrigerator.

“Kokoro, don’t you trust me?”

“No, it’s because I understand Master and trust you more than anyone that I suggested for you to apologise.”

What’s with that? Oh, is that it? She’s saying that, even if I’m not in the wrong, I should do that because I’m a tolerant and broad-minded man.

I frowned.

Sunou carefreely brought an ice popsicle from the refrigerator and started nibbling it.

“The Demon’s at fault here, you Demon.”



“It’s fine. Isn’t there the true charm of being able to fuck that girl while being hated? In the first place, our current relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend is abnormal.”

“You say that, but it’s easy to make someone hate you. However, I believe that it is incredibly difficult to, without the use of your ability, create a relationship with the opposite sex where you can one-sidedly ravish her while she is in the close position of girlfriend without her being conscious of your sexual relations.”


“Upon thinking that you may seek such a person in the distant future, I judged that preserving that state with her would be beneficial for Master, or so is my opinion.”

“I see.”

Certainly, she has a point.

Personally, if I think about keeping that sort of card at hand, then I guess apologising would be a good plan, huh?

Either way, that girl is my girlfriend even when she doesn’t like me. I should probably use her all up until then, huh?

“Kokoro-nee-san sometimes becomes mother-like, huh?”

“T-That’s–I have yet to have a child with Master……I’ll replenish the popsicles again, ok?”


“I got it. I’ll be heading out for a bit. Just a bit.”

Standing up, I decided to go out even though it was almost night.

Kokoro happily waved her hand and saw me off.

Sunou was licking her popsicle while cackling. Speaking of which, that girl can see through lies, huh? I’ll slam her later. 

Waiting in front of someone else’s house at night is exceedingly lonely.

Pressing the intercom of Mai’s house, I waited.

This was already the third time.

I know that you’re in there.


With a *clank*, the door before me opened.

“[Over there is fun.]”

“……!! …………”

I recited the hypnotic key words without delay.

As Mai unexpectedly peeked one eye out and looked at me, she immediately fell into a hypnotic trance.

The door released from her hand slowly opened, greeting me.

“Well, since it was so hard for you to come out, I guess that means there’s no one else here other than Mai?”

“Yes……the only one in the house is……me.”

“And the reason why you didn’t come out right away is?”

“Because I knew……it was Book……through the camera……but……”

Still in casual clothes, Mai’s shoulders relaxed as both of her arms dangled downwards.

Entering inside the house without notice, I closed the door and locked it.

While holding the shoulders of this girl who was wobbling unsteadily, I walked her further inside.

It’s easy if I make her into a doll.

“I thought that……you’d apologise……so……”

“I see, I see. So you also think I’m in the wrong.”


You must have a lot of nerve, huh?

Coming up with something slightly nasty, I decided to implant a suggestion into her on the spot.

“Listen closely, I didn’t come here. The intercom also didn’t ring.”

“……Book……didn’t, come.”

“That’s why you need to treat me as though I’m not here. It’d be strange for me to be here if I didn’t come, after all.”

“Book isn’t here……he is not here, not at all.”

While tasting the feeling of being a transparent human, I decided to toy with her.

With her eyes still hollow, Mai accepted my words without question.

Although she was shaking slightly from the suggestion, it was probably because she was cold in her loungewear and not out of loneliness.

“Also, you must put as much of your thoughts into words as you can. Since no one is listening, talk about even the embarrassing things. If you do so, then you can become happy.”

“My thoughts……into words……doing so……happy.”

Since it’d be boring to just watch her, I decided to play around like this.

That’s right. Mai is my play doll.

Her swaying body leaned against me. Can’t this doll stand up on her own?

“Now then, you will return to the real world from that place on the count of 10……1……”

I then released the suggestion and returned Mai to her normal self.


“……let’s go back to my room.”

After a while, Mai’s eyes blinked as she put her actions into words.

Perhaps because she didn’t seem as vigilant as usual, I could see her hips swaying.

“I guess I’ll follow her.”

“Argh, geez!!”

Mai was in an awfully bad mood. Upon sulkily entering her room, she immediately rolled onto her bed.

Her room was neat and tidy, but the girlish, adorable stuffed toys and the colourful curtains were too flagrant.

“I wonder why he said that sort of thing?”

Upon arbitrarily picking up a stuffed animal and laying on her back in bed, Mai lifted the stuffed toy with both hands.

“Geez, it would’ve been fine if he didn’t say that sort of thing. Even if that’s what he thinks, he could at least compliment me.”

“I guess this is about today’s fight, huh?”


Irritated, Mai threw the stuffed animal she was holding. The *pomf* of it falling to the floor could be heard.

Upon rolling over and facing down, she placed her chin onto her pillow and frowned discontentedly.

“Although she’s speaking from the heart, this girl’s a bit thorny when there’s no one around, huh?”

“I wonder if Book might really not be interested in me……but when we talk, he’s always looking at my legs or chest, and he’s looking at them in *that* way too……”

“This girl is also pretty sharp, huh?”

I guess my gaze had unconsciously become that way. I want to be careful, but that’s probably impossible.

Besides, I need to comfort this warped doll.

“Even for me, it’s not like I’m not interested in that sort of thing……but I’m really scared……”

While placing my hand under Mai’s skirt from behind, I pulled down only her underwear.

Mai’s feet swayed, but she didn’t notice me.

“Ok, now like this……uwoh……”

“Geez……really, just think about how I feel too.”

Mai abruptly turned sideways, bending her legs as she turned into a ball.

Upon wondering what she was going to do, Mai’s right hand fearfully stretched down towards her crotch.

“Mm……making that obvious stare……even though I gave him a bit of service, he said that horrible thing……”

Mai bashfully closed both eyes and placed her clasped left hand over her mouth as though to suppress her voice.

Moving the middle finger of her right hand as though to stroke her pubic mound, she began to fiddle with her body, as though toying with it.

She started masturbating.

“I know, you know? Looking constantly at my skirt, you want to touch this, right? It’s still scary, so you can’t, but even I’m resolved for you to at least touch it one day……”

Is this girl masturbating while thinking of me?

Even if I was chosen as her partner through the process of elimination, I’m happy to have had such libido directed towards me.

“You’ll definitely touch me lewdly, won’t you? Handle me more carefully. Say, am I really important to you?”

While murmuring to herself, Mai whispered to the empty space where I wasn’t present.

While strength gathered into the finger tip that was fiddling with her vagina, the sound of dripping water could be heard.

“Mm……as I thought, do you like girls who are more cute……like Rei-Rei–no. Maybe I just need to let him kiss me? Really, why am I worrying about this sort of thing……?”

Mai’s entire body trembled weakly. While longingly squinting with teary eyes, she looked downwards.

“What should I do if he doesn’t apologise tomorrow? Let’s pinch them……mmm……!! Or what if I’m hated and he leaves me……!?”

Mai’s body bounced up with a jump, seemingly cumming while holding her hand down as though to push down her vagina.

Although I was just watching, she really helped mw by conveniently making it easier for me to insert myself into her.

“Even though I tried to not fight with my friends so that they wouldn’t leave me, just why did I have to fight with Book of all people……?”

I removed my pants and took out my penis.

Mai’s breathing also became rougher, and she became completely limp in her relaxed state.

Pulling that delicate Mai’s body closer, I applied the tip of my penis against her.

“That’s right, Mai fundamentally doesn’t get into fights with others.”

“Uuuh~ Really, what should I do? If it’s like this, then it’ll become even worse tomorrow.”

“For you, who are really good at living your life, this was a blunder very much unlike you, huh?”

This girl basically doesn’t let out her raw, unfiltered emotions. That’s why her current situation was one that Mai was the absolute worst at dealing with.

While a timid expression was still on her face, I had Mai straddle me.

Cramming the tip of my penis with a *jerk*, the head of my penis had already been buried inside of her.

“Normally, wouldn’t things end if you just give an earnest apology?”

“Even though I want to say I’m sorry. I really want to say it. Mm……aaah……!”

In other words, this girl also wants to make concessions with me to a certain extent. Her reasons for which, I have no clue.

I pushed my penis deep into Mai just like that, our compatible genitals which rubbed against each other.

“And then, after saying that I’m not angry anymore, we can put an end to all of this……hyah!”


Even when I continued to pump her, Mai didn’t notice me.

It’s just that her timid feelings subsided due to the hypnosis, her feverish body warmly wrapping aroud my penis.

Rejoicing in Mai’s soft, jelly-like texture, I came up with something.

I immediately took out my phone and called Mai.

“……it’s Book.”

“Oh, so she picked it up, huh?”


Due to the hypnosis, she couldn’t recognise my presence within this house.

However, calling her over the phone was an exception to this. Because Mai thinks I’m calling her from somewhere outside.

After placing the phone next to her bed against her ear, Mai’s expression became a little severe and-


-ended up letting loose slightly thorny words. Seeing how her face teared up immediately after she spoke as though to say she screwed up was quite interesting.

I wonder why this girl feels like she hates losing to me? Well, whatever.

“So you haven’t slept yet, huh?”

“There’s no way I’m sleeping. I’m gonna hang up.”

“Wait a sec.”


Every time I talked, I pushed my penis deep inside of Mai as though to scoop out her uterus.

Mai groaned and gasped as though being pressed by my words.

Thinking about the future, I’d like it if she forgives me for at least this much teasing.


“I already said I’m gonna hang–“

“Sorry. I was in the wrong.”

Mai’s expression hardened. Both of her eyes, which didn’t blink, expressed surprise.

In the next instant, her expression softened as she stifled a laugh.

As though betraying such a Mai, I continued to pump her several times.

I could feel the insides of her vagina slightly closing.



Mai’s expression immediately turned confused, flustered as though wondering what to say back to me.

You were simulating it a little while ago, right? Return back to not being angry.

“Convenience store snacks!”


“The crepe ones! I’ll go pick you up tomorrow morning, so-kyah, aaaaaahh!!”

Weren’t you gonna forgive me, damn it!?

With my frustrations still boiling, I made my pumps more intense.

I moved Mai’s entire body back and forth, drowning her in pleasure which she was unable to be aware of.

For some reason, the insides of her vagina tightened more than usual, showing that the compatibility of our genitals was even better than usual.

“I-If you dooh, zhen Ai’ll fohgith you, shoo……!! I-it’s decided, got it!?”

“……I got it!”

“Igh, aaagghaaaah!!”

My penis and lower body boiled to the limit.

The insides of Mai’s vagina also strongly tightened and trembled. Unconsciously wrapping her legs around me as though to not allow my genital to escape, accepting my penis that entered deep inside of her.

In the next moment, I ejaculated from the pleasure that felt so good that it would make my head tingle.


Mai’s body succumbed to pleasure, climaxing as she turned a limpy smile towards me.

“As expected……without me, Book is useless……aren’t you!?”

“I see, then I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.”


Since intercourse had ended, I hung up the call.

Holding the phone in her chest after the call finished, she let out a sigh in satisfaction.

“I’m useless without Book. Geez, I hate him……ehehe.”

So you hate me, huh? I really don’t get how this girl thinks sometimes.

Mai became slovenly as though her earlier melancholy was a lie, energetically rolling around in bed.


And then, upon noticing the drenched state of her bed, Mai ended up shouting.

Since I didn’t feel like cleaning things up, I immediately left the place to get back at her.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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