Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 102 Ext 11

Academy Comforting Whip-Arc *Contains an Illustration-like thing

While strolling through the quiet campus in the afternoon, I suddenly wanted to go to the infirmary.

Taking out my phone, I confirmed whether or not this gimmick would work.

“Ah, say miss, are there any girls for me to treat?”

She responded saying that there was.

My mouth unintentionally slackened, but I couldn’t stay at ease until I get to the infirmary.

As my quick footsteps echoed in the hallway, I reached my destination.

“Excuse me.”

“Welcome. Although this is the case of the right person for the right job, don’t you think it’s pathetic for the teacher in charge of the infirmary to ask a student for help?”

“I don’t think so.”

The one who greeted me was the teacher in charge of the infirmary. She was a beauty who appeared calm, but actually talked a lot. Her conversations are so long.

She was sitting on the round chair, spinning a pen as she played with it in her spare time.

“The infirmary is surprisingly not free. There are so many serious students that there are few who feign illness, but that doesn’t affect the number of patients or how busy it gets here.”

“That must be hard. So, where’s the girl that I’m going to see today?”

I quickly ended the talk and inquired about my objective.

The infirmary teacher used the pen she held and pointed at a bed hidden behind the curtains.

Since it was almost like looking at a treasure chest before opening it, I was getting a little excited.

“Do your best, comforter. Come to think of it, when I was a student, there were times when I was often troubled with love. For example, I was confessed to when I was a freshman by a man whose eyes were a little narrow, which wasn’t really my type. But I also felt bad about forcibly rejecting him.”

“It must’ve been tough. Well then, I’ll be going.”

While suppressing my enthusiasm, I opened the curtain.

What was there was a considerably adorable girl.


On the surface the girl appeared timid and had long bangs, but the featuers that slightly peered out from beneath them were well-ordered, and she also had a large chest and good proportions.

She was probably a freshman. I could tell that, in a little while, she would learn how to be fashionable from the beauty lessons that I had made at this school, transforming her features into that which could be called a beautiful girl.

Upon thinking that I would be plucking the bud before that happened, delight naturally stirred within me.

“……are you the comforter?”

“Yeah, that’s right. May I ask your name?”

“It’s, Nino.”

The girl named Nino was squatting on the bed, retreating slowly as though wary of me.


I didn’t do something as dull as keeping my distance. I approached as though clinging to her and tried to touch Nino.

“……um, wait-“

“What, it’ll be fine since it’s only scary at the beginning. You need a comforter, right?”

“I know. [If your body is touched by a comforter and made to do perverted things, you will feel refreshed], right? But……”

Nino held her hands in front of her face, hesitating to be touched by me.

Naturally, although hypnosis makes people acknowledge sexual intercourse, this time the girl’s sense of ethics haven’t changed from normal.

In other words, even though she is doing something sexual, she has a normal person’s resistance towards it.

“But you’ll be relieved if you do it. Let’s see, is it alright if I ask about your troubles?”


It was a rather dull suggestion amongst the hypnosis I’ve implanted in her.

Sometimes this sort of thing is good too.

Nino retreated too much, hitting the edge of the bed.


Taking advantage of that opening to close the distance all at once, I first placed my finger against her chin.

Nino’s shoulders jumped with a *jerk*, seemingly about to let out a shout even now, but-

Illustration (By mitemin)

“……ih, hih……”

“Have you calmed down?”

As per the suggestion, happiness would spring forth inside of this girl from my touch.

Nino’s cheeks were dyed red, trembling from the gap between that feeling and her intent. 

“……uu……ah……actually, I have someone I like-“

“Yup, yup.”

“But that person I like already has someone that they’re dating.”

Nino confessed as though she had taken a truth serum. Her expression seemed somewhat dazed, as her consciousness became vacant.

I took advantage of her being in such a state as my finger that was against her chin traveled downwards.

“Ah, no……that’s-“

“How sad, even though you finally found someone you like.”

“Yes……I was always concerned about that person since I enrolled, after all.”

Nino’s expression became a little feverish. I lifted her chin, allowing me to see the lines of her collarbone.

Further training my finger from there, I placed my finger on the collar of her shirt.


“Haah……aah……just thinking about that person made me feel warm every day.”

“That’s not a bad feeling. It is very important to fall in love with someone.”

I removed the buttons of Nino’s shirt.

Nino’s consciousness was taken away by that comfort, and so didn’t even notice what I was doing.

Upon opening the front of her shirt, an adorable stripe-patterned bra appeared. I stretched my hands out as though to remove that bra that was wrapped around her large breasts.

“Ah, that’s……”

“Am I not allowed? But it feels this good, you’ll feel better, you know?”


I mercilessly wrapped my arms around her back and removed the hook of her bra.

Nino resisted with words, but she remained unable to fight against that pleasant comfort.

“The shape of your breasts are very beautiful. Have you ever played with it before?”

“Why are you, asking about such a-mm……nnmmm……”

“You’ve done it, haven’t you? Perhaps you thought about the person you like as you did so?”

“Stop……that person is……”

“You’re so sad that you can’t even say their name, right? That’s why I’ll play with them much better for you.”

Nino’s body trembled, eyes blurred with tears. It was likely that she was reminded of her broken heart, as well as feeling the fear of being touched by a stranger.

Pinching Nino’s nipples, I stroked her as though tracing the line of her chest.

Just from being touched, her fear turned into pleasure, and so I fiddled with her chest as though to overwrite the memories of masturbation she had up until now.


Nino pushed her index finger into her mouth to suppress her voice. She powerlessly turned her free hand this way as though to push me away.

I further bullied her breasts. Pushing my fingertips against her nipples, I pinched them strongly.

“Ah, stop, if you do it that strongly-igh……!! Hyah!!”

Nino was so embarrassed that she ended up shutting her eyes.

As though to finish her off, I removed my pants while her eyes were shut.

Placing my penis against the tip of her nose just like that, I called out to her.

“C’mon, try and open your eyes.”


When Nino opened her eyes, there was a penis right in front of them. Her entire body clumped together as the peculiar scent of male genitalia reached her.

In the present circumstances where physical contact and sexual intercourse had become a type of therapy, this girl should seek this independently of her own will.

In fact, she did not try to distance herself from it.

“U-Um, this is……”

“Have you never seen one?”

“……of course I haven’t. This sort of thing……”

She probably thought that this sort of thing was dirty, perhaps because she was still young. Even though our ages are only one year apart.

I removed my penis away from the tipe of her nose. And then, as it was, I moved it downwards.

Nino’s mouth said she hated it, but her eyes were unable to break away from my penis.


“I’m going to place this against Nino’s chest.”

“Stop, that’s……!! Hyaaaaah!! N-noo!!”

“If you don’t want it, then why not just run away? I’m gonna do much more stuff after this. Here.”


Nino didn’t run. She simply closed her eyes so as to not see anything.

I used my penis like a brush and stroked it against her breasts.


“Haha, if semen comes out, then it seems like I could start writing letters like this.”


“Isn’t it better to watch? Look, it feels good when I put it in between your breasts and sandwich it like this.”


“Your breath hits against it when you talk. It feels nice.”

I used her chest and moved my penis back and forth. Both of her breasts that hit my waist bounced and drew circles.

Moving as though to knead her breasts with both hands, I stimulated my penis that was right in between them.

“I-It’s shaking……no!”

“Even if your mouth says that, I’m gonna cum soon. You might get covered if you open your eyes this time.”

“No, nooooo!!”

While only rejecting it with her words, Nino’s torso drew nearer little by little.

While its tip slid on Nino’s skin, my penis was enveloped by the soft pressure of her breasts and began ejaculating.

“It’s shaking inside of my chest……AaaAAH!! O-On my face, something is……!!?”

“It’s gonna go in your mouth if you talk. Though it might be a little too late for that.”

While still holding both of her breasts down, I spurted semen onto Nino’s face.

As Nino shivered with a *twitch* every time her face was covered, I didn’t get tired of watching her.

“Now then……”


Upon separating my body, Nino collapsed onto the bed as though she had lost her energy.

Reaching my hands out to her lower body, which was lying down in just the right way, I probed the insides of her skirt which I had never touched before.

“W-Wait……there is-“

“Did you really want to save it for the person you like? Well, don’t you have some cute parts?”


I didn’t stop. Placing my fingers on her skirt, I pulled them down together with her underwear.

Nino powerlessly grabbed my hand and took a pose as though to try and stop me, but she made no resistance whatsoever.

Her lower body that had yet to be touched by anyone was revealed. And so, at last, it was time for the real thing.

“D-Don’t look……”

“Come now, don’t you know what’ll happen if you close your legs?”

Nino fidgeted and crossed both her legs. It was a trivial token of resistance.

Spreading both her legs apart as though to pry open that intention of hers, I worshipped her pubic mound.

“Haha, aren’t you a little damp? You really *do* want to do this, don’t you?”

“Stop, don’t say it……”

“Isn’t it fine? Your crush has a lover, right? It can’t be helped, but you need to move forward and live your own life.”


“Ah, sorry. I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

While trying hard to suppress my smirk, I brought my face close to Nino’s crotch.

Nino placed her hands against my head and tried to push it away.

“S-Stop! I told you to stop!! Nnhh, hyaah!!”

In return, I made a vulgar sound as I sucked up the love juice coming from Nino’s crotch.

Perhaps being unable to endure the horny suggestion due to her higher sexual awareness, Nino’s hand that was trying to push me away moved to press me against her before I noticed it.

“Aah……ahah, kyaah…mm……AaaaaAAAhh…………ah, huh?”

After playing with her for some time, I separated my face from her.

Nino looked at me with feverish eyes, perhaps protesting because I stopped midway.

“You told me to stop, so I stopped for you.”


“Such an idea probably wouldn’t occur to you if you were to feel even better, though.”

I showed her my erect penis.

Nino opened her mouth as my penis was reflected within her pupils. It’s likely that her reason has already been blown away.

“You’re drooling, you know?”


“Oh wait, that’s my semen, huh?”

While evading the question, I glued myself to her body and placed my penis against the surface of her vagina.

Caught off guard, Nino opened her eyes, her mouth that was initially closed slowly faltering as she impatiently complained to me with her eyes.

“You’ll find another person to like.”

I dared to remind her of how she had been rejected, just barely leaving her with that last shred of reason which was about to collapse.

Nino was suffering from the gap between her body, which was drowning in pleasure, and the part of her which remained faithful to her crush.

“It’s ok, that person doesn’t know that you’re doing this. And even if he did know, he wouldn’t do it to you.”

“W-Why are you saying such a thing……I, igigH!! Aah AGGH Ah!!”

The tip of my penis gouged out the insides of Nino’s vagina, prying it open.

The pressure of the insides of her vagina that was trying to get rid of me was very weak, allowing the entire head of my penis to enter easily.


Nino stuck out her tongue, leaking out a hoarse cry. Even though she was trying to push me away with her hands, her body didn’t listen to her.


Steadily ramming my penis into her, I didn’t stop even when I entered all the way in.

“You should regain your mood like this. Even if you were rejected by your crush, you should go find yourself another good person.”

“No, stop, stop!! AaaAAAAGGGHAAAAAH!!”

“You can do a lot of good things with a man, the world is not that bad, right?”

I crammed my penis countless times into her, as though to gouge out her cervix. Shaving away the insides of her vagina with the head of my penis, I sweeped across her resisting folds.

While reminding Nino over and over about how she was rejected, I left her with her reason.

“That guy also has a woman that he likes. It can’t be helped that he wants to feel good like this, right? After all, it’s this fun.”

“That person……is, differ……!!”

“Then doesn’t he not suit you at all, Nino? You’re having fun right now, right? Perhaps you might be having more fun than when you’re with that guy?”

“N-No, don’t! Inside, me……don’t come inside meeeeee!!”

This was probably Nino’s last piece of resistance. She shook her head several times, denying my words.

Nevertheless, both of her legs had become bow legged as they held onto my waist with. Her hands were wrapped around my back, her nails digging into me.

My penis and Nino’s body had long-since got along with each other as she fell.

I had kept Nino’s sanity in check because I was amused, though-

“Why not forget about that man for now and just enjoy yourself? In any case, I’m that sort of comforter, after all.”

“Eh……AaaaAAAH!! T-That’s……that’s!!”

“Isn’t it fine? See!!”

“AaaAAAGGHAAAAAAAAH!! T-Then-hyaah!! Just for now…!!”

“But, once it’s done, you should report it to him.”

Like a see-saw, I played around by alternating between pampering her and abusing her.

Perhaps because it was beyond what her heart could handle, Nino’s words gradually trambled. Her tear-smeared face and her expression that seemed about to die were also cute.

The good thing was, even though this body of hers was enjoying it this much, she herself couldn’t accept it.


“It’s about time to stop, huh? Just because I’m treating you, who knows what will happen if you overdo it. Here!”


Putting a stop to my bullying her with words, I concentrated on pumping her.

Nino slowly smiled with a tired expression. The wounds inflicted by words were probably being healed little by little due to the suggestion.

Being excited by that broken expression, my penis became further aroused.


Her vagina was still tight, and not loose. The sense of conquest that came from brushing aside that trivial resistance was irresistible.

“I’m gonna cum soon. Are you really not going to forget about the person you like?”


“As expected, you can’t hear me anymore, huh? Then just forget about him! C’mon, isn’t it fun? Such a thing like romance doesn’t matter, right!?”

Lifting up her waist, I used her weight to push my penis deep inside of her.

While leaking out a scream as though her stomach had been punched, Nino’s entire body arched back as she powerlessly climaxed.


We embraced each other strongly, and my penis which reached deep inside of her sent semen into her vagina.

My lower body pulsated with a *throb*, spitting out all of the excess black emotions.

Although I don’t know how long that lasted, I threw away Nino who had gradually lost her strength.


Without her consciousness returning to her, Nino collapsed on top of the bed.

Her vagina, which still retained its shape from being pried open by my penis and showed no signs of returning, displayed the semen accumulated inside of her.

Upon trying to insert my finger inside of it after being tempted by an evil spirit, I could see its trembling figure, akin to that of a frightened puppy.

Nino, who had woken up after a while, turned a bright smile towards me as though she had been reborn.

Saying goodbye in the hallway, she simply returned to her usual class.

“Thank you very much! I feel like I can do my best from here on!”

“I see, I see. That’s great.”

I felt a slight sense of accomplishment. I guess it’s something that happens from doing something good.

After doing something good, I want to bully Sunou.

Suddenly, upon seeing the students sparsely walking down the corridor, I noticed that class time had finished.

“Although my attendance is fine, my future grades are another matter……”

Although it’s a bit late to be saying this now, but the contents of the class won’t be coming back.

It’s not like my grades are bad. However, as a whole, the average academic achievement has risen due to the influence of the Hypnotic Test.



I raised my voice upon suddenly being hit from behind.

Upon turning around, I saw Mai grinning while showing her teeth.

“As I thought, you were here. You were acting as a comforter, huh? Even so, you need to treat lessons more importantly!”

“Oh, a notebook, huh?”

“This is also love.”

Mai triumphantly showed off her lesson notes. It’s a good thing to have a woman.

Upon trying to reach for it, Mai dodged to the side with good timing.

“Was that the comforted child? The one waving at you earlier……”

“Hm, ah, that’s right.”

Even as I tried to take the notebook, Mai skillfully evaded me.

While wearing an expression that made it difficult to know what she was thinking, Mai stared at Nino for a while. This girl, I guess she has no intention of giving me her notes until I properly go along with her conversation until its end.

Even while Nino gazed this way, as though reluctant to part, she disappeared around the corner of the corridor.

“Hey, isn’t it fine already?”

“Book is……”


“Book is mine!”

“Is that so?”

“That’s right. As long as you understand it.”

Perhaps satisfied because I said that, Mai humphed triumphantly as she handed me her notebook.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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