Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 101 Ext 10

Academy Reverse Rape-Arc *Contains an Illustration-like thing

Unable to control my delight, I snickered in the corner of the gymnasium.

In this season of May, where the freshness of having just become a second year remains, Friendship Ethics class began.

“Oohh, everyone’s here, huh? Good, good. Then Friendship Ethics will start.”

The teacher was the female P.E teacher who continued from last year.

While looking at the increased number of female students, she nodded several times.

“Because the number of students has also increased, I’ve borrowed the gymnasium especially for today. It’s so the first and second years can do a joint study. The first years will firmly watch the class so that they can learn what they will need to do.”

For the newly enrolled girls, we will do things on a large scale today.

Of course, I was the only male student, and so I was in a position where I was left with no choice but to help the first grade class.

“Then, first, let’s start off with having Shion speaking to us, the representative of the second years who has experience in giving birth.”


Shion, who was impregnated with my child and successfully delivered a girl, participated in class without any difficulties.

The first years gazed at Shion with respectful looks, causing her to proudly, yet shyly scratch her cheek.

“Erm, well, there were times where I was bewildered about my first childbirth. But my newborn [little sister] is really just so, so cute. When I first embraced her, she went ‘waaah’ and–“

It was decided that the birthed children would be raised by the parents of the girl who gave birth to them. Of course, it was arranged so that they would cooperate happily through the Hypnotic Test. There were a lot of complicated details, but it was a peaceful resolution.

Even right now, I’m full of hope as I wonder just how many of these new students will be impregnated from here on out.

“-welp, thanks Shion. Well, with that said, there might be a lot of unknown things you may be uneasy about, but that’s why the entire school will support you so that you don’t have any worries.”

Closing the talks in a nice manner, the P.E teacher started today’s lesson.

Incidentally, the content of today’s class has already been requested via hypnosis.

Today, under the pretext of training for rape countermeasures, it was planned for me to rape everyone in this gym.

I couldn’t help but look forward to it.


“Well then, today’s class is rape countermeasures training. We’re going to learn about countermeasures so that bad things won’t happen to you when push comes to shove.”

“Yup, yup.”

“Come, the one and only male.”


Incidentally, the girls were already in heat. The kind where they’d become bithces who’d immediately spread their legs the moment when I push them down. This will be an easy win.

“Well then, today you’ll play the role of the victim first.”


As I was leisurely walking to the center, a few doubts began to surface.

The P.E teacher largely heaved her chest and spat out a sigh without showing any particularly concerning behaviour.

“What is the victim role?”

“You, weren’t you listening to me? Today is rape countermeasure training.”

“I heard you. Am I the victim?”

“You’re the weakest amongst those in the same grade, right? What’s someone like you gonna do if you don’t take any countermeasures?”

“No, no, no.”

I admit that I’m weak.

Due to the training caused by the Hypnotic Test, everyone in this school has the basics of martial arts imprinted into their bodies. In other words, I, who wasn’t under its influence, was essentially the weakest.

But this is rape countemeasure training, you know? Certainly, it wasn’t decided who would do what, but it’s almost impossible for a man to be the victim.

“Book, good luck!!”

Mai from the same class cheered me on. Don’t wave your hands. 

Without caring about my furrowed brow, the conversation continued.

“Then is there any one who wants to play the role of assaulting this gu–“

About half of the girls in the class raised their hands.

These girls are underestimating me.

“How unpleasant. It looks like there’s a need to have them go through a painful experience, huh?”

“Oh, so you’re also motivated, huh? As a teacher, I’m really glad. Well then, you over there-“

“Anyone other than Rein.”

“Hmm, then Riho.”

A girl called Riho came forward. Although she looked a little mature, her expression was cold and dignified.

Flexing my shoulders lightly, I glared at her.

“Please take care of me.”

“Is it fine if I just run away?”

“Ah, you’re not allowed to get out of the gymnasium. Let’s see, if you get onto the stage, then we’ll say that you managed to escape.”

The female teacher explained the rules.

Incidentally, in between myself and the stage was Riho, so I have to pass through while somehow managing to avoid her.

The other female students were crowded around me as though not to interfere.

“You can’t exert violence against women!”

“What happened to gender equality?—is what I want to say here, but I get it.”

“Yup, yup. Since you’re a man, make use of your advantages and properly escape. That’s all that teacher has to say.”

Since she’ll be the partner that I’ll be having fun with, there’s no way I could injure her.

“Well then, start!”

The exercise started with the female teacher’s voice, but I did not immediately move away from my spot.

While fixedly watching Riho or whatever her name was, I thought about how I would slip by her.

Once this is over, I’ll make the next victim a woman even if they don’t want to. Let’s quickly finish this.



It happened suddenly.

A cheerful girl appeared, jumping at me from behind.



“Nah, y’see, isn’t it boring to just have only one opponent? Rather, such bad guys usually come attacking with many people.”

“Wait, that’s got nothing to do with making countermeasures-“

“Then I’ll also do it!!”


Two female students came assaulting me from behind.

As expected, I wasn’t able to endure it and so fell to the floor.

“Bind his arms! Bind his arms!”

“S-Stop it! If it’s like this, then it won’t be training-“

“I’ll take his right hand, so you take his left.”

An unknown female student held down my right arm as though it were a body pillow. Not only was it really soft, but it was extremely humiliating.

Being held down by three people, my body was turned into a large version of the 大 character.

“Are you alright with this sort of thing happening, teacher!?”

“……well, aren’t there times when things develop like this?”

“Do your job properly!”

For some reason, the female teacher didn’t look over here, becoming a pain in my butt.

While that was happening, my pants and underwear had been thrown away somewhere. My lower body received the cold sensation of the floor.


“Well then, if you’ll excuse me.”

It was then that Riho, the one who was playing the role of the original perpetrator, approached.

They treated the rules as though they were worth less than shit, but I guess such a thing may have become irrelevant for the girls who were in heat.

“Don’t you guys just want to do it? Do you really think that would be forgiven-“

“The training must be done in earnest.”

Riho licked her tongue before the collapsed me, placing her hands under her skirt and lowering her panties.

“Fufuh……being this erect, don’t you also want to be ravaged? How lewd.”

“That’s wrong!”

Currently, each of my arms were wrapped in the soft flesh of a woman.

Upon trying to move just my fingers-

“Over here.”

“You have a flower in both arms, hm?”

My hands were forcibly sandwiched by the cleavage of their chests and made to grope them.

Riho rolled up her skirt, displaying to me her already wet crotch.

“Now, now, don’t struggle so. I’ll make sure to firmly violate you, after all.”

My soaring penis stiffened vigorously, almost as though it were a tongue trying to extend itself to a vagina.

As though to tease it, Riho slowly lowered her hips and made our genitals kiss each other.



The hooting female students who saw that leaked their voices.

Slowly, the tip of my penis entered inside of her vagina as though to cram it into the entrance.

I felt endless shame, but my body was honest.

“See, even you’re enjoying yourself, right? In that case, isn’t it fine?”

“T-That’s what the violator should be saying! Kuh!!”

My penis was enveloped in tender flesh, tightening around me as though to gently squeeze me dry.

I pathetically raised my hips.

“Well, look here. You really moved your hips. You actually like this, don’t you?”

“Say, Riho. Since we’re also playing an active part, I wanna put it in next.”

“I’ll use this–look, rub rub-“

The girls started using me as a tool and started to move intensely.

They rubbed my hands against their entire body, inserted my finger tips inside of them, and even went so far as to lick my nipples while still holding me down.

Riho, who was in front of me, lowered her hips countless times atop my aroused penis while pushing it at her own pace. It’s likely that she is someone who’s experienced being ravaged by me, even though I don’t remember it.

“Good! It feels soo good! Hey now, what’s wrong? If you don’t resist, then you’re gonna cum inside of me! It’s fine to impregnate me, right? It’s fine for me to be impregnated by this pathetic man’s seed, right!?”

Riho was completely devoted to her fever, pressing her waist against me like an animal.

The smell of three bitches drifted strongly, and the slimy sweat further transmitted the soft sensations of the girls’ skin to me with a wet sound.

Whilst still passive, I wasn’t even able to move as I was violated.


“Hyah, hey now, don’t hold back. You’re gonna make me pregnant anyways, so please make your child and spew your seed for this high achiever!”


Although it was truly regrettable, I couldn’t resist my desires.

My penis pulsated with a *throb*, heat gathering to my lower body contrary to my will.

“Aah……it’s coming……!!”

My entire body lost strength for a moment, and when I regained consciousness I had emitted semen. Like a dam being broken, I endlessly poured sperm into the girl’s womb, my waist rising from that momentum.

“Aah, AaAAAAAh, hyaaaah!!”

Riho bend her entire body backwards, seemingly about to collapse onto her back. However, she gathered strength into her lower body, desperately trying to have my semen poured into her vagina.

Perhaps having been infected by that passion, the other two girls’ bodies shook as though being bathed in electricity.


Perhaps satisfied, the three girls separated from me as though they had slipped away, sinking to the gymnasium floor.

I was then dragged back down upon trying to escape, perhaps because I was languid.

“Well, I guess this is just what happens when you get violated.”

I became slightly irritated at the female teacher’s haphazardous words.

I raised my face as though to complain.

“No, this is just a breach of……the rules……wait-“

Looking in the direction of the female teacher, I saw the female students in the surroundings.

Most of them were thoroughly studying this sexual intercourse, fixedly staring at me as though some switch had been flipped.

“Now then, what’s gonna happen next?”

“Well, then of course. It should be I, the man, who’ll rape—-“

“Yes, yes!! I’ll do it next!”

When the red-faced girl energetically raised her hand, the other girls raised their voices as though to imitate her.

The gazes of those energetic girls were turned to my lower body, which was still without its pants.


I didn’t have any inclinations towards this sort of humiliating intercourse.

Even so, my penis was erect and waiting for that humiliation, causing me to furrow my brow at my omnivorous libido for the first time.

The class had ended, and I was left alone in the gymnasium, lying on my back.

A clean mat was spread out, and I was violated inside of the flawless setup.

My four limbs were used like tools, and different female students would take turns receiving semen into their vagina. Some of them even pressed their crotches against my face.

As even the aggressive freshmen rushed in, I don’t even remember how many female students had violated me.

“Are you satisfied now……?”

Perhaps because I was tired, I ended up speaking to my penis.

Perhaps having done it so much that it was satisfied, my penis started slumping to the left.

There was no semen left in my lower body, it was licked up to the last drop.


I roused my body up all by my lonesome.

In doing so, I heard someone’s footsteps in the gymnasium.

“Master, are you ok!?”

“……Kokoro, huh?”

“I was worried since class hadn’t finished in a while.”

Although it was unknown how she found out about the situation, Kokoro seemed to have rushed here.

Personally, I’m saved because I felt a little dispirited.

“Help me up.”

“Yes! I also brought a new pair of pants, so I will touch your body.”

“Stop it.”

As expected, it was embarrassing to have this woman dress me while I’m standing in the gymnasium so I put on the pants myself.

Kokoro was obviously dejected. If she had a tail, then it would be drooping right now.

My tail would also be drooping right now if I had one.

“Geez, flexibility of interpretation is also something to think about, huh? To think that it would turn out like this-“

That just means that there’s much more to study, yes?”

“In the first place, it’s weird. Why would a man need to take countermeasures against rape…?”

And what’s with that female teacher’s indifference? Although she didn’t interject during the rape intercourse, to think that she would overlook my opponent’s rule-breaking.

Just thinking about it makes me nauseous with anger.

“I’m queasy. I’m gonna take the rest of the day off of school.”

“Yes, then will you not stop by my room for the time being? You seem to be very tired after exercising.”


Perhaps in return for having realised that she would be made to wait, Kokoro dryly stroked my legs.

I was in a bad mood from what had just happened earlier.

If it’s like this, maybe I’ll just thoroughly hurt her in revenge? 


“Yes! -aah!”

“Don’t give me orders. I decide what I’ll do, and that place is my room.”

Hitting her butt around eight times, I decided to go to the counselling room.

Perhaps finding unbearable happiness from that, Kokoro–‘ehehe’—showed me such a lax grin.



“Well, whatever.”

Even if this woman had manipulated the Hypnotic Test and things had gone according to her plan, what I had to do wouldn’t change.

After this, I grabbed Kokoro, who had become a tool for me to vent on, by the arm and walked with quick steps.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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