Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 100 Ext 09

Minami Mai Toilet Demonstration-Arc

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It was around spring when the new semester began. Currently my relationship with Mai had continued without catastrophes.

Of course, since we didn’t want it to be found out by anyone at this school, there were no changes to our everyday school life.

“……I’m gonna go, kay?”

It was lunch break. Mai declined to eat lunch with her usual friends and left the classroom.

Upon turning my gaze in her direction, I could tell her hand was giving me a small wave.


Since there was no one for me to decline to eat with, I simply left the classroom.

Today we made a promise to have lunch together.

The secret relationship may have conversely acted as a stimulus for Mai. That’s possibly why she hasn’t shaken me off yet.

“She can always quit at any time anyways. Yeah, at any time.”

Saying this to myself, I participated in this troublesome secret rendezvous.

Amazingly, the place I headed to was the rooftop.

“Aah, Book! Hurry over here!”

Mai waved her hand from the top of the stairs. Her sidetail shook about with a bob, perhaps in good spirits.

“Ok, I get it already.”

“Somehow arriving quickly is one of Book’s few good points, after all.”

*shi shi*–while laughing, Mai joined me on the landing of the top floor.

Taking out the key I had from my pocket, I opened the rooftop door.

“To think that Book would have this kind of authority.”

“Don’t go tying up my hair with your spare hair tie while I’m unlocking a door.” 

I’m not sure if it was yesterday or the day before, but this girl would get touchy-feely and hug me from behind as though to surprise me.

At that time, I dropped this key and was unfortunately questioned about it.

Mai, who found a convenient place where we could be alone together, planned to make this rooftop our rendezvous point.

“Look, like this, you match with me–“

“It’s open now. Go in, go in.”

As for me, I wasn’t particularly interested, but I decided to obediently follow along as a penalty for my blunder. Like this, I will know the weight of my mistakes.


Upon entering the rooftop, Mai’s eyes shone at the scenery beyond the fence taller than her.

Certainly, it is unlikely that she would get the chance to see the school and town from this place, so it was quite a rare opportunity for her.

“The sun is strong. Let’s stop.”

Minami Mai: “It’s because the weather is so good that we’re here, right? You know, Book, it doesn’t feel like you have the guts to invite girls to this sort of place.”


“It’s because the weather is so good that we’re here, right? You know, Book, it doesn’t feel like you have the guts to invite girls to this sort of place.”

Can I even do anything once I invite them?

“That’s why I’ve thoughtfully become a girlfriend who will take such a Book and push you here. Aren’t you happy?”

“I’m about to burst into tears.”

Perhaps moved by the fact that we were alone in a school location, Mai was elated from beginning to end.

For girls, there are some who like night views and the like, so scenery could become a present to them.

“*rustle* *rustle*……tadaaaahh!!”

Mai took out two lunch boxes from inside of the bag she brought.

“Fufuuhn, they’re home cooked!”

“Can you hurry give it to me? I didn’t get a lunch box from Kokoro.”

“Of course she didn’t. I asked her not to, after all.”

Mai lightly spoke with a smiling face, but I think that she’s being a bit too whimsical.

Kokoro was also being Kokoro. Don’t go around pampering Mai with such a composed face.

Upon reaching with my hand as though it was my right to, Mai pulled her hands away to avoid it.

“You bastard……”

“Fufuun!! First, you get to look at it. Tadaaaaah!!”

Mai opened the lunch box in front of me, showing me a lunch tinted with adorableness.

Rather, I want to hurry up and eat it.

“I wanna eat it……it’s got such a cute colour to it, huh?”

“It’s good that you’re honest. Just wait a sec, kay.”

Mai placed the lunch box onto her lap, picking up its contents with chopsticks before turning them this way.

“Say aaahn.”


Although it was quite vexing, I probably won’t be able to eat any time soon unless I obey her.

Opening my mouth, and received the food and tasted it.



“I’m asking what you think of it.”

“Tasty. It has a good and strong flavour–just to my liking.”

“Right~? I heard it from Kokoro, after all.”

Endure it. Currently this girl is in control of my food.

The more we talk about needless things means it’ll just be that much slower for me to eat.

Although Mai was beaming with a lovestruck smile, she seemed a little nervous, fidgeting as she was unable to calm down.

I’ll hammer it into her later.

That thing that I prepared for when I finished eating.

“Ah, it’s really open~!”


“The setting came way too early, huh……?”

They’ve already arrived, huh?

Mikumo and Mana appeared on the rooftop. Their gazes moved restlessly from side to side, surveying the surroundings as though looking at something rare.

Incidentally, these two were the duo that Mai got along with in her friend group.

The other remaining member, Shion, had just finished giving birth and so was taking a break from school.

Mai opened her eyes in surprise, having already broken out into a cold sweat.

“This is the first time I’ve ever been on the rooftop. Really, what is this? It’s super duper wiiiide!”

“Oh, I can see my house from here!”


Mai grew flustered, perhaps looking for a place to hide in. She quickly grasped the danger that came with this duo’s arrival.

Using hypnosis, I set it up so that they would come here in advance.

I intended on enjoying myself after my meal, but I guess it can’t be helped.

“Aah!! Mai’s here! Why?”


“And even Book’s here too!!”

Mikumo vigorously attacked. It’s just like her to act on reflex.

As for Mana, she was giggling as though having perceived something. She had quite the good personality.

“Oh dear~……didn’t you say you had some business to attend to today, Mai?”

“E-Erm, y’see-“

“So Mai was meeting this guy!”

Mai shook both hands as though denying it. Perhaps eventually rendered unable to help but rely on others, she directed a troubled face at me.

In that case, allow me to follow up for you.

“Mai, hurry up and do it already. You’re my Libido Manager, right?”


For just an instant, Mai’s expression stiffened like a doll. Soon afterwards, as though realising something, she smiled as she approached me.

Minami Mai: “T-That’s right! I’m [Book’s Libido Manager]. I have the task of [being used by Book to relieve himself whenever he wants to do something perverted]. It’s because of this that I was called up to the roof to work during my precious lunch break!”


“T-That’s right! I’m [Book’s Libido Manager]. I have the task of [being used by Book to relieve himself whenever he wants to do something perverted]. It’s because of this that I was called up to the roof to work during my precious lunch break!”

Mai deliberately explained so that Mikumo and Mana could hear it.

I don’t remember when, but at some point in the past I instilled such a suggestion in Mai where she played such a role, and so I created this situation so that I could utilise it effectively after such a long time.

Mana’s expression appeared very disinterested as she looked at us.

Mikumo also frowned as though to say that it wasn’t interesting at all.

“Eeeeh, no waaaay.”

“It’s true, it’s true. Right?”

Mai would fulfil her role as my Libido Manager in order to prevent the fact that we were lovers to be revealed.

I stood up and approached Mai.

“Yeah, that’s right, come to think of it.”

“Don’t go playing dumb. You’ve been making a face as though you wanted me to manage you so bad since a while ago.”

Mai took a half-sitting posture while laughing, placing her hand upon my crotch and rubbing it. Of course, it was in order to show it off to the duo.

The two girls both made a bad face, as though to say that they had found a good toy.

“So it really isn’t a lie~?”

“Really, truly!”

“But which part is the truth~?”

While flustered, Mai continued to make slow-witted movements that was quite unlike herself.

Although it was nice seeing her panicked figure, I guess it’s fine if I start enjoying myself soon.

“Then gobble it all up. I took all the trouble to call you here, after all.”

“O-Ok! Well, then. Uwaah……muggh!!”

Upon removing my trousers, my already erect penis hit Mai’s cheeks.

While Mai’s eyes grew round as she stared at my penis, I crammed my member inside of that flabbergasted mouth.

“Mai’s mouth really is nice and warm.”

“Nggh, mhhh!!!”

“Uwaah, that disgusting thing was put inside Mai’s mouth!”

“If it was me, then I really wouldn’t want that to happen.”

Both Mana and Mikumo curiously gazed at our intercourse.

Well, I’ve used suggestions to make it so that this role was treated as an everyday job at this school, so, apart from slight disgust, my penis would probably be reflected as normal in their eyes.

My penis rampaged inside of Mai’s mouth. Her tongue traced my sensitive head, and my tip hit against the back of her throat many times.

“I guess to these guys, this would look something like her being in charge of cleaning the toilet.”

“Ngggh, mmmm!!!”

“C’mon Mai, I’ll stop holding your head down, so do your best and move.”

When I said this, Mai wrapped her arms around my waist and hugged me. Her lips kissed my testicles, and vibrations were transmitted to my penis along with the sound of her slurping saliva.

Even though things became like this due to the course of events, she’s got a lot of experience with being my Libido Manager.

“Haha, you know, Mai. I’m happy that you’re so excellent, I really am.”

“Just Mai? No honorifics?”


Mai looked up at me with a dissatisfied face.

Incidentally, she was vigorously sucking my penis, her actions became so intense that it wouldn’t permit me to give a verbal response. She placed strength in both arms that were embracing me, not letting me go.

It’s not like I was using honorifics with her up until now.

“Don’t get angry.”


Her words didn’t come out, but I more or less understood what Mai was thinking.

“You’re face’s saying I should hurry up and let it out, right? Then you have to work harder.”

“……nnh, *slurp*, mmm!!”

The insides of Mai’s mouth desperately moved more intensely.

My penis was rubbed by Mai’s tongue as though it were being jerked off, and her hands that were hugging me dived below my crotch, holding my testicles in her palms and shacking them as though dandling a baby.

“I’m almost there.”

“Mm, mmmmmmmmh!!!”

Even as I said I was almost there, I ejaculated before I could finish saying it.

Mai was surprised by the sudden semen and strongly shut her eyes. Even while trembling in the face of the turbid liquid that flowed out with a *glug*, her body did not separate from me.

While my penis felt a sensation akin to that of the heat inside of my body being sucked out, it pulsated countless times while pouring semen into Mai’s mouth.

I involuntarily clutched Mai’s head with both hands and spit out everything that needed to be ‘managed’.


“……mmm, Boo’g, aren’t you done?”

“I’m still letting it out, so don’t talk. Drink it all. That being said, doing it on the roof is surprisingly not bad. I think I understand what you were saying earlier, Mai.”

“Ugeh……fue, ite-“

While being glared at by Mai’s disappointed eyes, my penis slipped out of Mai’s mouth.

As though to wipe off the filth around it, I traced my penis around Mai’s mouth.

No matter how many times I saw Mai’s bitter face after swallowing my semen, it was quite nice.

“Well, with this, the management is-“

“As I thought, isn’t this suspicious?”

“Yeah, yeah!”

Mana protested as though to say that this wasn’t interesting at all. That expression on her face was a bad one.

As Mikumo also rode along with that, it would seem that we wouldn’t be able to clear up their doubts with the current management intercourse.

Mai’s expression already began to panic, unsure of what to do now.

Of course, since this was within my assumptions, the kind-hearted me shall give a helping hand.

“That’s right, certainly I was a bit too kind to Mai just now, huh?”

“Eh, what’s that, Book?”

“The Libido Manager is pretty much like a toilet, see. I have to treat it a bit more crudely, right!?”


I held down Mai’s head while pushing her down on the spot.

What, since I had the students clean the floors before doing the deed, it’s not dirty at all.


“Come now, if you don’t, these two won’t be convinced.”

I whispered into Mai’s ears.

After turning her pushed-down face at the duo, Mai gave up her resistance.

“I’m Book’s Libido Management Tool……right?”

“With this, I’ve obtained approval to use this tool, right?”


I forcibly took off Mai’s skirt and panties. Her protruding vagina was wet, and readying itself to be used as a tool.

My penis soared, licking the love juice up with its tip as it was pushed into the entrance.

“Oh, what, are you resisting? You’re putting too much strength into your crotch. Don’t tell me you’re intending on pushing back?”

“Wait a sec……uh, guh!!”

“Aah, but this way also feels better. It’s nice and tight.”

While still pushing Mai down, I forcibly screwed my penis inside of her. 

My penis pleasantly entered like a kitchen knife piercing soft meat.

The moist insides of her vagina transmitted a lukewarm sensation to my lower half as my waist rose.

“Haha, it almost seems like my urine will come out if I lose focus. But, today-“

“Igh, aah……mmh!”

“Hey, I told you not to resist. I’m gonna move.”

While cutting off Mai’s contention, I pushed her against the floor. Shaking my hips, I began to pump her.

Like animals having intercourse, we forcibly touched our bodies against each other as I stirred the insides of her vagina.

“Aah, hyah.”

“Uwah, so Mai’s having stuff like that done to her……”

“As I thought, I really don’t want to do that.”

Our two fellow classmates drew back slightly at our conduct. That being said, on top of being students of this school, it would seem that they had interest in my sexual intercourse.

While being watched by the two of them, Mai had become a toilet that wasn’t even able to oppose this situation.

“E-Everyone……igigh, w-wait—-“

“How noisy. I don’t mind you resisting, but don’t speak up. That’s right, at least put enough strength to push back against me. And then here, firmly-“

“Agah, aaah!!”

My penis selfishly rampaged inside of Mai’s vagina. Thanks to this, Mai desperately resisted, her vagina tightening well as it stroked my entire rod as though to urge it to ejaculation.

“Don’t tell me, are you putting strength in so that I can ejaculate quicker?”

Minami Mai: “A-At least do it more gently—“

“Mai really is a good toilet. I can use you whenever I want to ejaculate.”


“Igh, no I’m noo-aaaaah!! A-At least do it more gently—“

“Mai really is a good toilet. I can use you whenever I want to ejaculate.”

I continued to talk so that our classmates could hear.

Placing my lips against Mai’s nape, I continued to have sex as though lying on top of her.

Mai also no longer resisted as she stopped moving. All she did was leak out a hoarse voice whenever my penis occasionally prodded against her deepest depths.

“I can’t stop laughing. It’s so much fun fucking Mai like this.”

“Gigh, ah……aaaaah!! Stahp, it’s cumming, it’s gonna cum so stahp!!”

“So Mai also noticed, huh? I’m gonna cum soon, so properly drink it up with your crotch.”

Since we’re already used to this, we both had a feeling that the other would soon cum.

In the moment after I thought so, my lower half was filled with enough heat to take away my consciousness.

Mai stiffened in that instant, beginning to shake a while after.

“I-It’s coming out-ah……ah, gigh……aaAAAAH, KyaaAAAaaAAAAAHHH!!!”

Cued by that shaking, my penis spat out semen.

Mai further pushed her thrust out butt against my lower body, unable to control the convulsions of her entire body.

Meanwhile, the male and female body fluids from each of our lower bodies flowed out, moistening us until we were soaked.

“You’re shaking as though to squeeze out my semen in a good way. It helps that you’re making it easier to come out.”

“Haa—aah……gih, eh……”

Mai’s body, which had arced backwards, stiffened, tightening around my penis several times.

After a while, strength left her entire body like a string had been cut as she seemed about to collapse.

Since the floor is hard, I’ll support her.

“Uheh……certainly, that’s a toilet.”

“Yes, she acted superbly as a man’s processing tool.”

Both of Mai’s friends smiled bitterly, apparently having acknowledged Mai’s act as a tool.

Perhaps because they were a little too ashamed to stay, they subduedly waved their hands before leaving the rooftop as though to escape.

I stroked the collapsed Mai’s head. It’s because of precisely this that she feels like a tool.

“Aren’t you glad? The two of them believed you.”

“…………you said Mai, y’know? Even though it was because of you that called me that earlier in front of everyone.”


So she has enough stamina to play strong when she stops moving, huh? Well, guess it’s because we’ve done a lot up until now, huh?

Thinking that I didn’t have to worry, I wiped the semen adhered to my penis against Mai’s underwear.

“I’m sure that’ll be good enough from now on, right?”

“I see. Well, while I’m worried that we’d be found out, I also want to keep calling you that.”

“……if we’re found out, I’m sure that they would hate our relationship, Book.”


Perhaps, this is only just a theory. But maybe this girl is keeping this secret because she doesn’t want to be rejected by me?

While sweat formed on her forehead, Mai turned this way and smiled happily.

“Yeah, no way.”

I’m just being conceited. Even her confession was something that was done in the moment, after all.

“……did I have a tissue in my bag?”

But, well, since her tool treatment is over, let’s at least do some more ‘management’.

Both of Mai’s legs are still convulsing even now, and I won’t be able to eat lunch if I don’t hurry up.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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